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Finjuris Becomes The First Legal Consultancy Firm In The UAE Building In The Metaverse

Finjuris Becomes The First Legal Consultancy Firm In The UAE Building In The Metaverse

Finjuris Counsels, one of the UAE’s legal advisory firms, is launching its global presence in the metaverse. The company is looking to leverage the new technology to better achieve its goal of providing legal assistance to metaverse users.

Lately, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been seeing massive uptake of the metaverse among individuals and entities. In addition to Web 3.0, the technology promises to present a futuristic front for the country. Notable companies such as Emirates airline, and property development company Damac Group have already made considerable investments in the metaverse. Finjuris Counsels Adv P.M. Mishra says the fact that other companies are early players of the metaverse does not keep incoming “industries from exploiting the various opportunities metaverse has to offer.”

Finjuris legal consultancy firm, officially Finjuris Counsel FZ-LLC specifically deals with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, venture capital funds, crowdfunding, and fintech. Its latest move looks to add metaverse-related legal matters into its list of services. 

So far, Finjuris has built a great brand around being the legal firm of choice for companies operating in the crypto industry. The firm enables such players seamlessly acquire business licenses, in addition to other services. Through its associates, Finjuris has branches in the UAE, the US, the UK, India, Singapore, Spain, and Estonia.

Using the virtual reality technology of the metaverse, Finjuris plans on providing legal assistance to metaverse players with challenges in data privacy and the re-designing of data centers.

For a long time now, data privacy has been a point of concern even with laws and enforcement bodies in place. Maintaining data privacy would even be more challenging in a virtual world. For this reason, Finjuris has developed several metaverse parcels where users can consult on data privacy concerns. And for the first time in the UAE, the firm will provide advocacy to those whose data privacy rights are infringed by metaverse platforms.

As the metaverse gains mainstream adoption, there will be a greater need for data centers to perform data storage. Here, Finjuris comes in to provide clear guidelines regarding the management of data centers, specifically their data sharing practices. Just like in data privacy, the firm will offer expert consultancy in this area.

Notably, Finjuris’ virtual office is now available on Decentraland for users to access all the above legal services. The firm is the first in the UAE that is aiming to make the metaverse more satisfactory, responsible, and transparent – supporting the technology’s adoption across a host of sectors.

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