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MEXC Lists Web 3.0 Infrastructure Project Point Network

MEXC Lists Web 3.0 Infrastructure Project Point Network

A recent announcement says that the top crypto trading platform, MEXC, is listing Point Network (POINT) on September 5. Point Network is a project aimed at decentralizing every significant internet component. It does not rely on any centralized infrastructure, such as storage, domain names, etc., and instead uses decentralized alternatives for each layer.

For example, the .point domains are on Point Chain, the storage is on Arweave, and the native access is achieved by having their own web3 Point Browser, with Point Wallet integrated. Developers can also use the network to build decentralized identity solutions, decentralized social networking, and many other applications, according to the “Roadmap to Web3” by the project. 

The project has support from top names in the crypto and blockchain space, such as Sino Global Capital, Arweave, FTX, Chorus Ventures,and Prycto, among others. 

POINT is the utility token of the project and is used primarily for gas fees on the network, but also has other web3 use cases, including but not limited to paying for native blockchain subscriptions to content creators, paid content on decentralized communities, as a micropayment for storage when uploading content, and so on.

The project’s mainnet launched on September 1 and was listed on MEXC on the 5th. Trading of the token on MEXC will commence on the same day and all users of the exchange can buy and sell the token right away.

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