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Should You Accumulate Persystic and Ethereum During The Dip?

Should You Accumulate Persystic and Ethereum During The Dip?

After roughly two months of liquidation in the crypto market, the digital currency space seems to have reached slight stability that started in the last week of June.

At moments like this, what traders do is accumulate coins that are already established with solid reputations, higher liquidity and sizable market caps, or venture into purchasing new digital currencies that have not only made it to the market but show great potentials, such as increased liquidity, a shorter time horizon and a clear direction for execution meaning that since it is a new token, you can evaluate its product-market more effectively.

There are some sold-off digital currencies which are worth accumulating before they rebound. These coins include Persystic (PSYS) and Ethereum’s (ETH) native token, Ether.

Persystic (PSYS)

Persystic is the world’s foremost decentralised social network whose primary goal is to help its community members generate income. The ideas of Swiss Democracy are the foundation for the system of government at Persystic. Persystic is a tokenised diverse social network that enables people to communicate with one another and form communities based on democratic principles and the right to express themselves freely. Naturally. Some boundaries should not be crossed, but Persystic would never demonetise or censor a user simply because they have a viewpoint that is contrary to theirs. Sadly, most major platforms have settled on this course of action as their preferred option-demonetisation.

The Persystic platform not only combines concepts from the most popular social networks but has also introduced a new business model and pioneering privacy policies in social networking. Furthermore, this is reinforced by Blockchain, which enables users to share and monetise their content in a transparent, secure, and verifiable way. The Persystic coin will be the primary driving force behind the Persystic ecosystem. Bonuses will also be available to users of the token. Buying Persystic tokens within the first 15 minutes of signing up on the platform earns you a 50% bonus. Since users can use these tokens to send and receive payments for the original content they have created, this is a token you should have your eyes on.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ether, the native coin of Ethereum (ETH) and belongs to the Ethereum Blockchain technology too, is the second largest coin after Bitcoin (BTC) and the largest in terms of the market cap according.

Although Ethereum’s (ETH) digital currency, Ether, has been off by around 68% from 1 January till date (26 July), Ethereum’s (ETH) digital currency, Ether, is expected to rebound as the time for Ethereum’s transition to a new validation system draws closer. Reasons why you should consider buying into Ethereum are:

  1. Ethereum (ETH) can become a world computer. The internet may connect the world, but Ethereum (ETH) shows improved levels of interconnection for both businesses and private individuals. Using Ethereum (ETH), foreign stakeholders would not need to go through the bureaucracy of the foreign nation to own an asset but would instead secure ownership through Ethereum’s smart contracts.
  1. Ethereum (ETH) can also help the world remain informed by storing information on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain that any agency cannot shut down.

These improvements coming into Ethereum (ETH) will significantly impact (positively) its token, Ether. If you have considered buying into Ethereum (ETH), using the dip to your advantage seems like a wise but time-conscious decision, so act fast.

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