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Coin Bureau Says Kava and One ‘Seriously Impressive’ Altcoin Remain in Long Term Uptrends Despite Correction

A popular crypto analyst is weighing in on a pair of altcoins as the markets try to navigate out of a rocky month of trading. In a new strategy session, Coin Bureau host Guy tells his 2.05 million YouTube subscribers that he still anticipates cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol Kava will grow, noting that […]

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“Crypto Is Dead” Andre Cronje Says, Why Is He Asking For More Regulations

Crypto developer Andre Cronje popularized the motto “I test in prod”. He was involved in some of the most popular decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols in the space, such as Yearn Finance and Fantome. In March, Cronje announced his retirement sending a shockwave across the sector. Related Reading | Fantom Foundation Responds To Andre Conje’s Departure In […]

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DeFi ‘Godfather’ Cronje Says More Crypto Regulations Are Necessary To Protect Investors

Trailblazing Tezos ($XTZ) Sees Highest Gain On DeFi Red Day — Here's Why

DeFi architect Andre Cronje has called for additional regulations on the cryptocurrency industry so investors don’t get burned. Cronje Advocates For More Crypto Regulations Today, Andre Cronje published a Medium post entitled “The rise and fall of crypto culture” where he explained why crypto regulation is important as a means not to prevent fraudulence, but […]

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Fantom Announces 335M Incentive In FTM, Price Reacts To The Upside

The Fantom Foundation announced an extension of its Incentive Program. The initiative was successful, it received 100 applications to support the ecosystem and disbursed 35 million FTM. Thus, the organization is ready to increase it by ten-fold. Related Reading | Why Fantom Fell 22% Following Key Personnel Exit This extension will disburse 335 million in FTM to continue to provide financial aid to developers building “unstoppable applications on the most accessible and user-friendly blockchain”. The organization has partnered with Gitcoin Grants. Projects will be able to submit their applications and receive funds depending on the Fantom community. The users will decide the allocation, as the foundation clarified, projects with more support from the users will receive “greater FTM matching rewards”. The foundation aims at providing financial aid to a “wider variety of project types”. Therefore, anyone building on Fantom, regardless of their sector or use case, will be “treated equally and consistently”. In addition, the foundation attempts to provide its community with more power. As mentioned, they will take center stage when deciding the projects that will be rewarded. The foundation expects to encourage developers to create applications with users as a focus. Even projects with small total value locked (TVL) or low usage metrics will be allowed to participate and could receive part of the 335 million in FTM. The foundation claims that they will make this initiative “accessible to builders targeting smaller and more niche audiences”. The Fantom Foundation also announced that they will be participating in the upcoming Gitcoin Grants round. Expected for June 2022, the foundation will match user donations with 3 million in FTM during the first round. Subsequent rounds will be matched with 1.5 million in FTM. The foundation added the following: As of today and effective immediately, we’re sunsetting the previously announced incentive programs, both for DeFi and Games. We encourage current and pending applicants to apply for Gitcoin grants in the forthcoming rounds. Fantom After Andre Cronje’s Retirement From Crypto As NewsBTC reported, Fantom saw a negative impact when Andre Cronje announced its departure from the project. The price of its native token trended to the downside as pessimism grew amongst some holders. However, FTM’s price has recovered, and the project seems able to carry on without Cronje. At the time of writing, FTM trades at $1.56 with a 5% profit in the last hour and a 19% profit in the past week. As the foundation announces more initiatives aimed at supporting the Fantom ecosystem, the projects seem poised to continue on their current trajectory. Data from Material Indicators shows FTM’s price broke above a large wall of asks orders below its current levels. Related Reading | Yearn Finance Creator To Launch New AMM, What It’s All About? Still, there is some resistance at $1.6 with little support or bid orders below FTM’s current price. In case of further downside action, $1.50 will be critical support.

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Capture the Latest Opportunity: How ViaBTC Capital Picks the Promising GameFi Projects

Lately, the crypto market has been hit by certain short-term impacts as a result of Anton Nell and Andre Cronje’s departure from crypto. As the market pins its hope on new projects, investors are also in an urgent search for promising projects. ViaBTC Capital, a rising star in crypto investment, has started to invest in new crypto categories starting from late 2021. It has focused on GameFi, a small category that may promise huge returns. Analyzing on-chain/off-chain indicators and the gaming fundamentals, ViaBTC Capital is looking for the next hit in GameFi. New opportunities amidst current tensions Although the market now remains sluggish, some promising GameFi projects are still emerging. Turning challenges into opportunities, ViaBTC Capital is exploring a new crypto category with great potential. At ViaBTC Capital, investment strategies are never confined to the immediate interest. Instead, the institution focuses on long-term development. For example, from a long-term perspective, it helps cryptocurrencies capture the spotlight in global finance, which brings both challenges and opportunities. The same also applies to the GameFi market. Though 2022 is still waiting for the appearance of phenomenal projects with worldwide impact, the GameFi category is merely a start from the viewpoint of the entire gaming market. Along with the progress of technologies such as blockchain, AR/VR, the Internet of Things, and the metaverse, GameFi mechanisms will grow more diversified in the future. This, coupled with the P2E model, allows GameFi to integrate life, entertainment, and work, which will broaden its growth prospect. Finding the next hit in GameFi Having noticed the potential of GameFi, ViaBTC Capital has made fast moves and invested in emerging projects, including four new GameFi projects (STEPN, Edenbrawl, Infinite launch, and AAG). STEPN Official website: STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements. Players will first need to purchase or rent NFT sneakers. In STEPN, you can make handsome earnings by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. STEPN is currently under the public beta phase. With Game-Fi, STEPN aims to nudge millions toward a healthier lifestyle, combat climate change, and connect the public to Web 3.0 while building a SocialFi platform that fosters user-generated Web 3.0 content and promotes the Web 3.0 lifestyle. STEPN’s One Page Infinite launch Official website: Focusing on GameFi and NFTs Infinite Launch will be the first launchpad to have its own blockchain games to help new crypto adopters get acquainted with NFTs and Play-to-Earn models. Right now, three GameFi projects plan to go through IDO on Infinite Launch. In addition, the platform has also launched the NFT Whale Club. Infinite’s One Page Edenbrawl Official website: Edenbrawl (formerly “Circuits and Shields”) combines the action combat of a brawler with the endless depth of a MOBA to create a “Mobrawler”. In Edenbrawl, players can kill or block their enemy or land the ball in the enemy’s “endzone” to win the 20-minute MOBA match. Edenbrawl’s One Page   AAG Official website: AAG, a one-stop platform for players, guilds, and investors, aims to create economic freedom for the unemployed worldwide through the metaverse economy. It is also one of the fastest-growing guilds in the P2E industry. As of 2021, AAG covered seven countries and created an environment where players, guilds, and investors could interact seamlessly and make earnings through the services it provides. Official website of AGG AAG is not just a platform. It has built an all-new model. It has partnered up with many guilds, games, and investors, including ViaBTC Capital. Such a powerful investment network provides AAG with a strong business foundation and empowers it in fields that include gaming, blockchain, DeFi, and community building. Institutional investors backing AAG  A time of both challenges and opportunities The GameFi market is shifting to second-generation and third-generation blockchain games. The market landscape of GameFi differs from that of other blockchain categories. Its relationship with the rest of the blockchain space resembles that between the metaverse and the Internet. GameFi successfully duplicates the financial sector, lending/borrowing system, and value-storing framework in the real world through its distributed structure and the confirmation of asset ownership via blockchain, which is also the reason behind its fast growth. First-generation blockchain NFT games like CryptoKitties diminished due to the lack of long-term players. Second-generation blockchain games (P2E games like Axie Infinity) run the assets on Layer 2 blockchain networks and operate the game itself off-chain, thereby enabling gameplay with few costs and fast results. In such games, players can earn and monetize in-game tokens by playing the game for minutes. However, they still lack the advantages of conventional AAA games in terms of gaming experiences, game designs, and graphics. As such, second-generation blockchain games failed to build a mature market. ViaBTC Capital has captured the exponential growth of the demand for third-generation blockchain games that stimulate users through paid entertainment such as superior gaming experiences and gameplay, rather than P2E alone. Having inherited all the advantages of blockchain technology, GameFi has brilliant prospects. In the future, ViaBTC Capital will continue to focus on the value-based investment of gaming ecosystems and engage in investment analysis and project empowerment according to the trend of game development. Meanwhile, it will push for the sound growth of GameFi and help build a prosperous ecosystem of third-generation blockchain games.   (The above content is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice) About ViaBTC Capital An investment platform integrating capital, resources, and post-investment services We believe that relying on the rich industry resources of ViaBTC Group and aggregating technologies, talents, projects, and capital in related industries around the world can accelerate the ecosystem development of the entire crypto industry. ViaBTC focuses on Web 3.0 and Layer 2 projects as well as DApps that feature DeFi, NFT, or DAO elements.  

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The Weird Relationship Between Ethereum’s Price And Vitalik Buterin

As Ethereum saw a 16% increase from a rally that took the coin to $3,000 on Monday, someone might have spotted an unusual link between Ether’s highs and times where the Ethereum Founder’s name, Vitalik Buterin, was trending on Google Searches worldwide. Ethereum And Google Trends “The last time Vitalik surged on Google Trends, $ETH pumped 2x from April-May,” a Twitter user noted while showing a recent surge of the founder’s name: To see if this could actually be taken into account as a possible indicator, we compared different moments in time in which Vitalik Buterin has surged on Google Trends and the price action that followed. In the following chart we can see the most relevant moments during 2022: And tracing back to 2021, we can further see this price action (yellow arrows still point at moments in which ‘Vitalik Buterin’ surged on Google Trends): But does it really mean the price has increased after people get interested in googling Vitalik? The trending searches most likely followed these news: Buterin revealing he has burnt 505 trillion SHIB tokens in January 2022; similar SHIBA related news in October 2021; earlier in the same month he trended after calling El Salvador’s decision of making Bitcoin a legal tender “reckless”; then on August of the same year, it was the five-year anniversary of Ethereum and he addressed several issues and the complexity of Ethereum 2.0; on May 2021 Vitalik became a billionaire as Ether hit $3k. The most recent spike in searches is most likely due to the article on Vitalik released by TIME Magazine, which features the Ethereum founder on the cover and is titled “The Prince of Crypto Has Concerns.” The article’s writer, Andre Chow, called him “one of the most fascinating and arguably important people on earth,” and on Vitalik’s side, he expressed several concerns about the decentralized finances (DeFi) and NFTs spaces. “Ultimately, the goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar pictures of monkeys, it’s to do things that accomplish meaningful effects in the real world.” After comments such as this one and the intriguing public figure of Vitalik (often portrayed as a myth of a modern genius), it is only natural for a spike on Google Searches. Related Reading | What This Pattern Spells For Ethereum In The Coming Weeks, Pullback In The Cards? However, going back to the possibility of this to push Ether’s price up 2x, we further noticed that for the mentioned April-May case there do not seem to be any big surges for Vitalik’s name until May 13th, which was already after Ether hit an all-time high of $3,456.57 around May 4. Alongside this uptrend of May 2021, it would be more relevant to take into account Bitcoin’s upward movement at the moment and a growing institutional interest in Ethereum. But Will ETH Go Up? As NewsBTC reported before, ETH is currently outperforming, and this is probably linked to the upcoming updates of the network as the Mainnet is ready to perform The Merge after it was recently deployed on the last testnet, meaning an official switch to proof-of-stake consensus. There has been a lot of excitement about reaching the final phase of these updates, and it is clear that as the final phase is set to begin around mid-2022, many people are paying attention to the network and its coin. Related Reading | Vitalik Buterin On How To Eliminate Ethereum Network Congestion And High Fees A pseudonymous trader noted that “ETH is currently at the resistance of $3040 which is an important level for ETH to break in order to rally higher. A rejection will drop the price back to $2.9k to $2.8k.” Moreover, there seems to be an inverse head and shoulders forming, and as the coin approaches the neckline, it will need an uptrend next week to trigger the bullish pattern. A downtrend remains possible. BTC Takes A Tumble? On a similar note, Blockware Solutions recently shared a chart that showed Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ taking a tumble and tweeted: “While the rest of the world ignores Bitcoin, hodlers continue to stack the most scarce asset on the planet.” However, if we search ‘Bitcoin’ (the red line below) on the Google Trends analyzer and compare it to ‘Ethereum’ (the blue line), we see the following action:   And even if we add in ‘Vitalik Buterin’, ‘Bitcoin’ searches still seem to remain higher than anything Ethereum-related. Here we can see ‘Bitcoin’ represented by the blue line, ‘Ethereum’ by the yellow line, and ‘Vitalik Buterin’ by the red line.