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Blue Chip NFTs 101: The World Of Women Collection, Including And Conquering

The World Of Women NFT collection has great marketing, strong leadership, and first-mover advantage. Plus, a flourishing community. Also, behind the punks and the apes, these ladies seem to have the biggest celebrity support. From World of Women’s partner Reese Witherspoon to Eva Longoria, to Bryce Dallas Howard; from Snoop Dogg to Gary Vee, everyone wants to be a part of the club.  Launched in July 2021, the WoW digital collectibles are technically ERC-721 tokens. The collection lives in the Ethereum blockchain, and its high-quality images are hosted on IPFS. Like most successful NFT collections, the images aim at becoming profile pictures or PFPs. The World Of Women consists of 10,000 unique algorithmically generated pieces. The collection’s main artist is Yam Karkai. Among other things, World Of Women holders get immediate intellectual property rights over the piece they own. And they can download a high-resolution version with ease to use it as they please. They become automatic voting members of DAWOW, the DAO that controls the World Of Women community. And they’re part of a club that each month receives “ArtDrops,” free NFTs from interesting artists from around the world directly into their inbox. Plus, they also get members-only discounts, raffles, pre-sales, and mint passes.  So, utility is strong in this NFT collection. The main reward, though, is being part of an organization that’s a net positive for women and inclusion worldwide. So far, World Of Women has donated over $250K from the collection’s royalties to women-centric charities all over the world. They even have their own nonprofit, Too Young to Wed’s “mission is to empower girls and end child marriage globally.” World Of Women also commits a percentage of their royalties to buy 1/1 NFTs from women-centric artists. Recent World Of Women Projects According to World Of Women’s About Us, this is the organization’s vision: “WoW’s vision is to build an inclusive web3 through its collection and community. According to research published in Nov. 2021, female artists accounted for just 5% of all NFT art sales in the prior 21 months. WoW is on a mission to change this.” The original World Of Women collection is only available on the secondary market, the floor price at OpenSea is 4 ETH and the collection has a total transaction volume of 70.8 ETH. Recently, the organization sold out its second collection, World Of Women Galaxy. Holders of the originals got a free mint and retail customers could mint them for 0.3 ETH. The idea was to lower the entry price to get new people into the community. Currently, the secondary market values the WoWGalaxy collection at a 0.47 ETH floor price at OpenSea. So, the entry price is still low. Related Reading | Blue Chip NFTs 101 – How Did Moonbirds Conquer The World In A Bearish Market? More recently, in March this year, World Of Women announced a partnership with the Sandbox metaverse. Both organizations launched the WoW Foundation with the objective of promoting diversity both in the NFT world and the metaverse. WoW & WoWG holders, if you’re interested in hosting meet-ups in your city but don’t know where to start – tag me on our discord! let’s do more of these 🤩 upcoming meet-ups –#WoWToronto : june 4th @nft_leen #WoWNYC : june 7th @mebynetta rsvp in meet-up threads!!! 👋 — kashvi 🦉 (@kashviETH) May 29, 2022 The organization has also created derivative pieces, like the Mother Earth Muse collection. For these limited-edition NFTs, they gave eight photographers the task of recreating some of the classic original WoW pieces. With actresses, in the real world. All of the profits from this endeavor went to the artists, the WoW community, and charity organizations. ETH price chart for 07/01/2022 on Poloniex | Source: ETH/USD on WoW As Art Collectors The WoWFund curates the collection, places bids, and acquires. The fund announces all of its moves through the organization’s Twitter feed. The funding comes from 15% of the primary sale royalties. The WoWFund’s focus is 1/1 NFTs, as opposed to generative art collections like World of Women.  Welcome to the @worldofwomennft Museum! ♀ A breathtaking shrine that will highlight the work collected by the WoW Fund, which aims to bring visibility to outstanding artists in the #Web3 space. Created by @nabiya_creative. Discover more! ⤵️ — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) June 27, 2022 The organization recently unveiled the World of Women Museum in the metaverse. The Sandbox described it as “a breathtaking shrine that will highlight the work collected by the WoW Fund, which aims to bring visibility to outstanding artists in the Web3 space.” 🖼 WoWFund June curation 🖼 We placed a bid on "Veiled Beauty" by @wafudraws, an artist from India 🇮🇳 “Paying homage to the Kishangarh school of arts, the signature graceful features, including arched eyebrows, lotus-like elongated eyes and pointed chin have been maintained.” — World of Women (@worldofwomennft) June 29, 2022 World Of Women ’s Real-World Impact The organization is committed to bringing more women into DeFi and Web3. Reportedly, World of Women will create an academy geared toward educating women and guiding them through this wild-wild world. The academy will focus on minority and underrepresented groups.  Besides that, the organization recently held a meetup in meatspace, more specifically in Los Angeles. The event was such a success, that WoW’s community manager tweeted: “WoW & WoWG holders, if you’re interested in hosting meet-ups in your city but don’t know where to start – tag me on our discord! let’s do more of these.” And announced a meetup in NY and another in Toronto. Huge thanks to @nft_leen and @NiSangria for organizing the first (and hopefully more) #WOWToronto meet up! Great atmosphere and amazing commity. @worldofwomennft — Sal (@i_amSamm) June 5, 2022 Last but not least, World Of Women recently closed its participation in the NFT NYC conference with a performance by no other than Madonna. What an honour to host #WoWFinallyEnoughLove, a celebration of Pride, on the closing night of NFT NYC with queen @madonna! 💜✨ Thank you WoW family for being a part of this journey, we hope you had the experience of a lifetime 🌈 — World of Women (@worldofwomennft) June 28, 2022 On the left there, Yam Karkai, WoW’s main artist. Oh, and speaking about celebrities… What Does Reese Witherspoon Have To Do With It? The actress’ production company, Hello Sunshine, signed “a storytelling partnership” with World of Women. The idea is to create “entertainment properties” based on their IP and produce a “live event” in conjunction with other women-centric NFT projects. Variety quotes Reese Witherspoon detailing the plans: Related Reading | Blue Chip NFTs 101 – Let’s Travel To Space With The Doodles Collection “We’re proud to partner with WoW to expand their universe of characters and to develop innovative scripted and unscripted content. We look forward to engaging with the remarkable WoW community at every step of this partnership and creating opportunities for WoW holders to work collaboratively with Hello Sunshine on transforming the WoW art into powerful stories.” Will something come out of it? Will the public react favorably to it? Hollywood is a harsh mistress, nothing is guaranteed. If Reese and World of Women succeed, though, it could translate into big things for this collection’s holders. The WoW story is just beginning. Featured Image: Screenshot from WoW’s website| Charts by TradingView


Many Crypto Traders Are About To Get ‘Torched’ and Completely Misjudge the Market, Warns Top Analyst

A top crypto analyst warns that many traders are about to pay heavily for misreading the current market meltdown. Pseudonymous trader Altcoin Psycho tells his 457,000 followers that trying to use 2018 models to predict the 2022 bottom is a flawed proposition. “Many traders who nailed the last bottom are going to get torched trying […]

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Colombia Launches National Land Registry on XRPL, How Ripple Made It Happen

Blockchain development company Peersyst worked with Ripple in the implementation of the Colombian National Land Registry on top of the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Part of a national initiative to improve the country’s blockchain capabilities, the announcement was made by high-ranking government officials. Related Reading | ‘Cryptoqueen’ Has A $100,000 Bounty On Her Head Offered By The […]

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Ethereum (ETH) Bends Toward $1,000 As Doubt Fills Crypto Markets

Ethereum (ETH) traded in tandem with risky assets on the final session of the first half of the year, due to persisting fears of greater inflation and rising interest rates. Some analysts say this might set the stage to more decreases heading into the third quarter. Following a four-day losing skid, ETH’s price fell roughly 6 percent to $1,044 on Thursday. The ETH/USD pair has also broken below its interim rising trendline support, creating an “ascending triangle” pattern in conjunction with a horizontal trendline resistance to the upside. The Ethereum (ETH) price graph displays a five-day losing run that contradicts the comeback rally from the previous week. In addition, the decreasing price may reach the psychological $1,000 mark, suggesting the sellers’ effort at a further decline. Source: Ethereum Breaches Vital Support Level Suggested Reading | Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shines Green In Pool Of Crimson – Who’s Buying? In the past several hours, the price of Ethereum has breached a crucial level of support, falling below $1,000. The Fibonacci retracement indicator suggests that there are no strong support levels for ETH that could maintain price stability. Consequently, any selling pressure may result in another decline to $900 or even lower. Ethereum is scheduled to receive the ‘Merge’ upgrade, a long-anticipated reformation that the global investment community has expected. The upgrade intends to transition the blockchain from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, a considerably more energy-efficient project that may also have an influence on transactions and crypto trading experiences, making it more effective. But the launch announcement has not had the same effect on the investing community. The price of Ethereum continued to retreat with Bitcoin. ETH total market cap at $127 billion on the daily chart | Source: To have a chance of refuting the bearish view, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap must recover $1,100 as support. Since middle of June, Ether had been running within an ascending triangle. On June 29, Ether broke below the triangle’s lower trendline, accompanied by a surge in trading volumes that confirmed traders’ certainty about a further downturn. Suggested Reading | Bitcoin Slides Under $20K – Another Collapse In The Offing? As a result, the downside goal for ETH for the third quarter, based on the ascending triangle formation, is about $835, which is almost 20% lower compared to the price on June 3. During the Asia-Pacific trading, the price of Ethereum surpassed the previous day’s peak. However, as soon as the European session began, the price plummeted below its opening level. Curiously, stocks declined in a similar manner. It is becoming increasingly evident that Europe and the United States are approaching the next phase of the global correction before entering recession, which is beginning to appear inevitable. Featured image from Crypto Basic, chart from

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Mark Cuban Claims Bear Market Will End After Crypto-Apps Become Handy

The declining crypto market has raised lots of concerns among investors. Through several analyses, this prevailing price fall seems to be the worst in history. The crisis keeps raging with numerous losses recorded and more panic sell-off from traders. As a result, many people present ideas that could yield solutions to the situation. One of the trending reports is the statement of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban concerning the bear market. Cuban, popularly known as the top investor in Shark Tank, a reality TV show, believes in the role of applications. He mentioned that proper focus on applications with utility is the solution. Related Reading | Extreme Fear Remains: Recapping What’s Behind The Crypto Market Panic The billionaire is convinced that applications with utility would create a turnaround in the prevailing market stance. Currently, most of the applications are geared toward collectibles and financial technology. But in Cuban’s opinion, the market needs a different spark that business-focused apps could bring. Cuban cited an instance with the decentralized brand of QuickBooks. According to him, such an accounting management software that is business based created a difference. Hence, he argued that a similar projection in the crypto market would lift the bearish trend. The Bankless Podcast episode on June 23 featured Cuban. While answering the question on the lasting period for the crypto bear market, the billionaire stated it would continue till the emergence of a catalyst. According to Cuban, that catalyst has to be an application; otherwise, prices would get even lower. In his past statement, Cuban had kept up to 80% of his non-Shark Tank funds in cryptocurrency. Cuban Said Crypto Market Is Still Not Cheap In Cuban’s opinion, the crypto market is yet to reach its low price. This contradicts most of the predictions for BTC and other crypto tokens. Many analysts have already concluded that digital assets have reached the bottom line. Cuban x-rays the high market cap for most crypto protocols while stating they are still not cheap. To him, having market caps worth billions of dollars is not cheap. He mentioned that during DeFi Summer, most protocols recorded market caps within the cycles of hundreds of millions of dollars. Related Reading | Mining Operators Fret As Bitcoin Looses Ground, What Lies Ahead For The Mining Community Also, their token prices were just around a few pennies. But he still complained about the lack of utility even with low market caps. In further explanation, Cuban anticipates a robust crypto industry through mergers of blockchains and protocols. To him, it’s a great consolidating move that could occur in any industry. When it comes to making a choice based on his optimism in different tokens, Cuban went for carbon offset DeFi tokens. According to him, it’s a measure to offset his carbon footprint when he burns them. Featured image from BBC, chart from

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Top Crypto Trader Warns Bitcoin Bottom Still Not In, Says One Ethereum Rival Could Crash by Nearly 40%

Crypto trader Justin Bennett warns two digital assets face further downward pressure as markets take a beating. Starting with Bitcoin (BTC), the analyst predicts the flagship crypto asset hasn’t bottomed out yet. According to Bennett, the S&P 500 stock index has not yet entered bear territory but will fall further if an economic recession materializes, potentially […]

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How Big Eyes (BIG), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Uniswap (UNI) Strategically Brand their Blockchain Networks

How Big Eyes (BIG), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Uniswap (UNI) Strategically Brand their Blockchain Networks

With over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, it is difficult for blockchain networks to distinguish themselves. The market is in a state of oversaturation due to having a high amount of coins. However, this is also positive as buyers have a variety of tokens to choose from. Crypto has seen better days, with the past two […]

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Reports: FTX Targeting BlockFi Purchase At $25M

BlockFi, Celsius, Nexo, and more: tough times can lead to difficult measures, and this year’s bear market is showing no exception to some of these players. Look no further than the current state of affairs for centralized finance (CeFi) platforms, who have been facing substantial headwinds with no end in sight. Now, after days of rumors and reported exploratory deals, reports have emerged that powerhouse crypto exchange FTX is putting together the final ties around an acquisition deal of BlockFi at just a $25M valuation. The news comes after reports emerged that FTX passed on an acquisition deal for Celsius after seeing the CeFi firm’s balance sheet. BlockFi On The Block Should the purchase come to fruition at the reported valuation, it’ll be a major hit for BlockFi equity holders, following a nearly $5B valuation last year in the midst of bull market movement. However, that $25M number could move drastically between today’s reports and closing time – and a successful acquisition will of course take months to close. BlockFi CEO Zac Prince described the number as “market rumors” and outright denied the number, stating in a tweet that “we aren’t being sold for $25M.” FTX is on the shortlist of exchanges that have sought out opportunity in the midst of crypto market downturn, exploring buyouts or equity share purchases for both Celsius and BlockFi in recent weeks, according to a variety of reports. However, based on the hard facts available to the public, the viability and likelihood of a buyout for BlockFi is still difficult to measure. Celsius (CEL) has faced an uphill battle as the platform has still paused withdrawals for customers. | Source: CEL-USD on Related Reading | Ethereum Loses Steam As Exchange Supply Spikes State Of CeFi: Pulse Check How did we get here? Bear market downturn over the past month or two has caused major pain for CeFi platforms, in a flurry of madness that started with Celsius freezing withdrawals earlier this month amid worries of a bank run and lack of immediate liquidity within the platform’s holdings. BlockFi has undoubtedly faced the heat, too, as FTX provided the firm with a $250M emergency line of credit just last week. While reports across the market suggest that BlockFi has several options on the table, it seems that few will lead down a path that spares equity shareholders of value at present time. Nexo has largely stayed quiet during the chaos, but there’s various internet sleuths who have targeted Nexo with content campaigns around the company’s practices as well. Regardless of how you feel about CeFi, the decline of infrastructure in this bear market shouldn’t be celebrated – we’ll see how it all shakes out when the tides recover. Related Reading | USDC Exchange Reserves Rise As Investors Escape From Bitcoin Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from The writer of this content is not associated or affiliated with any of the parties mentioned in this article. This is not financial advice.

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Web3 Wallets Realize the Frontier Exploration of On-chain Addresses

An Ethereum address is a complex 42-bit string starting with 0x. As the most basic part of the crypto infrastructure, addresses are the carriers of users’ assets, rights, and on-chain interactions. We often see people name their Twitter starting with 0x to indicate their identity as a blockchain player, which demonstrates the importance and representativeness of addresses to users on the chain. As the necessity for users to step into the on-chain world, there are more than 200 million unique addresses on the Ethereum chain alone. Over the past year, there have been an average of about 500,000 active addresses interacting on-chain every day. Users often use mainstream wallet products such as Metamask to manage addresses. However, the increasing Web3 protocols have opened rich usage scenarios for users, and also stimulated many users’ demands yet to be met, such as address co-management, private key recovery, address privacy and so on. On-chain developers are also actively proposing various innovative solutions based on these demands. In this article, people will learn about the ambitions of infrastructure developers to improve the security and usability of address management through the examples of Gnosis Safe and Argent Wallet. By looking into Blank Wallet, a project focusing on private transactions, and A3S Protocol, a pioneer in “transferable addresses”, having a glimpse of how the “careerists” bring revolutionary changes to this entrance-level field of the Web3 world. 1.   Dreamers who pursue security and usability 1.1 Security: A Multi-Signature Management Scheme for Addresses Gnosis Safe represents the multi-signature wallet solution in the context of implementing secure co-management of addresses. The multi-signature function simply means that the user needs to set up several owners or devices, and the transaction must be approved by a minimum number of roles before it can be carried out. Based on this, Gnosis Safe also provides users with more rights management functions, such as batch transactions and custom modules for authorization under certain conditions including social recovery modules and allowance modules. 1.2 Usability: mnemonic-free management of addresses In terms of usability, a representative project is Argent, featuring “no private key” and “no mnemonic”, thereby greatly reducing the user’s threshold. Argent allows users to set up several other accounts or devices as Guardians, to facilitate the recovery of accounts and assets through Guardian’s verification if the device is replaced or the address is stolen. The wallet owner can also grant the “keeper” several permissions, including locking and unlocking accounts, triggering account recovery procedures, and approving large transactions. At the same time, Argent also gives away 1 ENS domain per user, which allows users to convert a long list of complex addresses starting with 0x into easier-to-remember “URLs” ending with “.eth” to further improve the user experience. 2.   Strong Anonymity, Subversive SBT Careerist 2.1 Privacy: Privacy Protection for Addresses As a public ledger, users’ privacy is one of the weaknesses of Blockchains. When users try to conduct private transactions, they often need to go through a currency mixer such as Tornado Cash. Under the ambition of pursuing privacy and emphasizing anonymity, Blank is an address management protocol designed for private transactions. It adopts the method of currency mixing and zero-knowledge proof to realize private transactions. Specifically, whenever a user transfers funds, Blank will generate a password for the transaction and mix the funds, which will also become the proof of the payments sent; when a user accepts the transfer, Blank will create a brand-new address to receive the funds; also, the transaction will be mixed with Blank’s internal fund pool to conceal user’s financial information. Blank can provide users with wallet applications and be incorporated into other wallets and DeFi projects as extensions. 2.2 Liquidity: Control separation and transferability of addresses Due to the nature of the private key, the ownership of addresses can only be shared but is difficult to be transferred as it’s almost impossible to ensure one has completely forgotten or discarded its private key. A3S Protocol, trying to separate the control of the address from itself, endows the address with liquidity. Users discovered this pioneering idea from the much-anticipated Grants Round 14 of Gitcoin (GR14). The relevant information remains to be limited as people try to understand the project developer’s “ambition”. A3S Protocol is not a wallet and no longer uses private key signatures to control addresses. It is a protocol that uses NFT as the “controller” of the addresses. In simple terms, the protocol allows users to mint an address controlled by an NFT, and transfer control of the address through the circulation of the NFT. A3S Protocol also discards mnemonics, replacing the abstract mnemonics and private keys with more concrete NFTs. Just like a real key, whoever holds the “key” has control of the address. Due to the non-fungible nature of NFT, the “key” is also unique and there are no concerns of being copied. In addition, this “key” being an NFT can be easily adapted to the existing NFT infrastructure. According to the project conception, after such NFT-Gated Addresses open up the address liquidity, there will be more potential user demands being fulfilled in many ways: OTC transaction of non-transferable on-chain assets and interests: for example, non-transferable assets such as veCRV in the Curve protocol, or NFT whitelist qualification attached to addresses, can be transferred directly by transferring addresses. Temporary escrow of addresses: temporarily entrust others to operate your address, such as automatic investment, P2E on Gamefi, etc. After the end of the escrow period, the control of the address will be fully recovered through the return of NFT, and the continuation of the interaction record can be maintained. Addresses being the new collectibles: trading addresses of celebrities, such as auctioning addresses used by Elon Musk, Stephen Curry, Jay-Z, etc. Basic services on-chain: When users occasionally need a large number of addresses to interact with protocols, users can simply buy or rent the addresses with gas in bulk, thus eliminating the tedious and expensive operation of transferring small assets in and out. In other words, A3S Protocol realizes the capitalization of addresses and provides a new possibility for value transfer. Just like domain names, addresses can become the new subject matter for collectibles and leases, or become a unique on-chain service. At the same time, the “restrictions” and “privileges” for addresses will therefore no longer be exclusive. Although A3S has not yet launched its product, if the design of the project can be implemented, it might become the No. 1 public enemy of the anti-Sybil attack, SBT, and NFT communities. Conclusion With the development of the crypto market and Web 3, users have growing diversified needs for address management. The value of addresses has become increasingly prominent, and addresses are more than something that can be discarded carelessly. How to manage the “first stop” in the crypto journey and uncover more value embedded in addresses will certainly become the focus of more and more projects. Developers are continuing to design revolutionary solutions in the process as we keep paying attention to the progress and updates of address-related projects and sharing our research.