Here’s What’s Next for XRP, Binance Coin, Cosmos and One Low-Cap Altcoin, According to Popular Analyst

Popular crypto strategist Michaël van de Poppe is outlining what he thinks is in store for four altcoins including XRP, Binance Coin (BNB) and Cosmos (ATOM) after a weekend that witnessed a bounce across the crypto markets. Van de Poppe tells his 613,700 Twitter followers that he believes XRP appears poised for a brief pullback […]

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Crypto Payment Channel Banxa Reduces Its Staff By 30% To Survive Crypto Winter

The cryptocurrency market has been facing a second bloodbath without any gap for the first time in history, disrupting the blockchain industry to a vast extent. Consequently, crypto-oriented businesses, including exchanges and payment channels, reduce their workforce due to decreased crypto trading volume affecting the revenue. Similarly, the Australian crypto payment channel, Banxa, used to […]

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Top Analyst Says Altcoins Could Go ‘Ballistic’ This Week, Maps Out Path Ahead for Bitcoin (BTC)

A closely tracked crypto strategist is bullish on altcoins for the coming week and predicts that they sustain their current momentum. In a new strategy session, pseudonymous analyst DonAlt says that he’s closely watching the stock market because he believes crypto is still correlated to the S&P 500. According to the crypto analyst, the S&P […]

The post Top Analyst Says Altcoins Could Go ‘Ballistic’ This Week, Maps Out Path Ahead for Bitcoin (BTC) appeared first on The Daily Hodl.

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Why Solana Has Outperformed Ethereum, SOL Up 36% In One Week

Solana (SOL) is the best performing asset in the crypto top 10 by market cap. The market seems to be positively reacting to Solana Labs’ smartphone announcement as the cryptocurrency is surging faster than other assets in this tanking. Related Reading | Bitcoin Whale Presence On Derivatives Still High, More Volatility Ahead? At the time of writing, SOL’s price trades at $42 with a 12% and 36% profit in the last 24 hours and 7 days respectively. In the meantime, the second-best performing cryptocurrency is XRP with a 16% profit in the past week, followed by Polkadot (DOT) with 15%, and Ethereum with 14% profits. Solana has been recovering after experiencing massive selling pressure. In addition to trending in tandem with the crypto market, the cryptocurrency was impacted by negative news and a series of network outages that prevented users from transacting on it. This week’s bullish momentum could be related to yesterday’s announcement, but a pseudonym analyst believes Solana is playing the long game. In that sense, this network is posing a “large and growing threat to Ethereum”, currently, the most used blockchain across decentralized finances (DeFi). The analyst claims the team behind Solana is addressing the complexities and difficulties people have when using Ethereum. The network, its ecosystem, and products on it, the analyst claims, require users to have a degree of technical knowledge and allegedly have poor performance. In addition, Ethereum is an expensive network that prices out a lot of users from accessing its ecosystem. The analyst believes a blockchain should be built for the everyday user and thus claims the “Solana crowd is more in touch with reality”. This could work out for this network in the long run and potentially attract market share from Ethereum. The launch of its own native smartphone seems like the tip of the iceberg. The analyst said: is this very decentralized? no. is this ethically funded/monetized? probably not, lol. but could your grandma use this? YES. but projects in the ecosystem generally gravitate towards better usability, because solana builders generally focus on usability more than eth builders. Solana More Productive Than Ethereum? Furthermore, the analyst claims Solana developers are “more productive” and more “focused” than Ethereum developers. The analyst concluded: I strongly dislike Solana. but it is healthy to put Ethereum in the hot seat at times like these. if we feed ourselves isolated delusions of Ethereum being uncontested while relatively failing to serve the normal user, then Solana just might win. Related Reading | Is Bitcoin Like Buying Google Early? Check Out The Shocking Comparison At its peak, Ethereum DeFi protocols commanded over $100 billion in total value locked (TVL) while Solana reached over $12 billion. If the latter is capable of taking a portion of Ethereum’s TVL, Solana could return and surpass its all-time high and see unprecedented expansion.

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Bored Ape Yacht Club Founders Speak Out Against Nazi Affiliation Rumors

The company behind the popular non-fungible token (NFT) collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs, addressed the rumors around the alleged connection with racist and Nazi affiliation. The company denied the rumors and called them “crazy disinformation” and “bullshit”. Related Reading | Ethereum Hashrate Plunges Over 10% As Mining Profitability Drops The company claims it has […]

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Bitcoin Whale Presence On Derivatives Still High, More Volatility Ahead?

On-chain data shows Bitcoin whales are transferring large amounts to derivatives exchanges right now, a signal that more volatility could be ahead for the crypto. Bitcoin All Exchanges To Derivatives Flow Continues To Show High Value As explained by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, BTC whale activity on derivatives exchanges still seems to be high. The relevant indicator here is the “all exchanges to derivatives exchanges flow,” which measures the total amount of Bitcoin moving from spot exchange wallets to derivatives. When the value of this metric spikes up, it means whales are currently moving a large number of coins to derivatives exchanges right now. Such a trend usually occurs around lows in the price of the crypto as whales look to get themselves long positions. Related Reading | Bitcoin Recovery Slows Down As Whale Inflows Remain Elevated On the other hand, low values of the indicator show whales aren’t moving much coins to derivatives at the moment. This kind of trend has historically lead to tops in the value of the coin. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin all exchanges to derivatives flow over the last couple of years: Looks like the value of the metric has been quite high recently | Source: CryptoQuant As you can see in the above graph, the Bitcoin spot to derivatives flow has spiked up recently, suggesting that whale activity is pretty high right now. In fact, the current value of the indicator is actually the highest ever in the history of the cryptocurrency, implying there is an all-time high rate of whales on derivatives currently. Related Reading | Bitcoin May Have Hit Bottom According to These Indicators, BTC Targets $23K? Historically, the price of the crypto has observed significant volatility whenever the metric’s value has been elevated. Based on this trend, the quant believes that the value of the coin could still see further fluctuations in the near future. The analyst also notes that a reduction in the all exchanges to derivatives flow will need to be there, for the volatility to die down. BTC Price At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price floats around $21.1k, up 4% in the last seven days. Over the past month, the crypto has lost 27% in value. The below chart shows the trend in the price of the coin over the last five days. The value of the crypto seems to have surged up over the last couple of days | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView After hitting a low of below $18k a week ago, Bitcoin has been trying to recover. So far, the crypto has managed to break above $21k again, but it’s yet unclear whether this recovery will last. Featured image from, charts from,

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Is Bitcoin Like Buying Google Early? Check Out The Shocking Comparison

Before the recent selloff, Bitcoin was positioned as the next big thing. Investing and trading legends like billionaire philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones say it is like investing in Steve Jobs’ Apple early, or like getting in on the ground floor on Google. A new comparison suggests that even the latest price action is very much like if you had bought Google early. Here is a closer look at the shocking comparison along with the happy ending that should give crypto holders feeling uneasy some comfort. Bitcoin Versus Google Comparison Predicts Bull Finale Ahead Of Recession Bitcoin is a hard subject for many to wrap their head around. The lack of a physical object associated with the asset makes it feel more akin to magic internet money. Related Reading | Bitcoin Weekly RSI Sets Record For Most Oversold In History, What Comes Next? Those who do properly comprehend the cryptocurrency’s potential, compare it to like investing in a piece of the internet. It has also been compared to investing in Apple or Google early.  However, a new comparison inspired by technical analyst Gert van Lagen shows just how accurate that statement might be. BTCUSD compared to Google during prior to The Great Recession | Source: BTCUSD on On the left, is the last decade plus of Bitcoin price action. On the right is Google just ahead of The Great Recession. With a recession possibly ahead of us, the comparison isn’t without merit. The Happy Ending For Google: A Search Engine Giant Emerges The above comparison has been changed from the analyst’s initial interpretation, but the comparison remains just as jarring. The example suggests that Bitcoin is nowhere near done with the current cycle. Although that provides hope for bulls, the same comparison does show the primary motive wave coming to a conclusion with wave 5, taking the price of Google back to below wave 4. Related Reading | Did A “Zig-Zag” Correction Shake Out The Crypto Market? If the same were to happen to Bitcoin, price could fall below the 2017 low eventually, reaching $2,000 per coin during any recession ahead – if it occurs. Many believe the recession is already here, which is why the recent crypto selloff has been so severe. If it isn’t, the market could recover to new highs and while the market is blind, the recession could finally creep in. Although the correction was especially severe, Google did just fine | Source: NASDAQ-GOOGL on Ultimately, the correction ended, and the primary uptrend continued higher. The technical analysis methods used in the above charts is referred to as Elliott Wave Theory. The study believes that all markets move in the same wave patterns based on human emotion cycles, hence why the same patterns could appear in two entirely different assets. INVITE: join @elliottwaveintl for a FREE live #crypto trading webinar on 6/28 @ 11am. 🌊 2 EW experts will give a 1-hr lesson on Elliott Wave setups in crypto – and explain what’s really going on with #Bitcoin You can sign up for free at this link 👉 — Tony "The Bull" Spilotro (@tonyspilotroBTC) June 17, 2022 Follow @TonySpilotroBTC on Twitter or join the TonyTradesBTC Telegram for exclusive daily market insights and technical analysis education. Please note: Content is educational and should not be considered investment advice. Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from

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Bitcoin May Have Hit Bottom According to These Indicators, BTC Targets $23K?

Bitcoin remains rangebound as most of the crypto market continues to trade in the red. The number one crypto has seen some profits on lower timeframes, but the general sentiment in the market still points to uncertainty. Related Reading | Bitcoin Miners Contributing To BTC Crash? New Report Sheds Light At the time of writing, BTC’s price trades at $20,800 with a 4% profit in the last 24 hours and an 8% loss in the past week. On lower timeframes, data from Material Indicators records an increase in bid orders for BTC’s price of around $18,000. There are over $49 million in bid orders. This stands as the most critical area of support for the cryptocurrency, at least in the short term, along with $20,000 due to its psychological importance in the market. Between $18,000 and current levels, Bitcoin has some bids orders which could prevent a fresh attack from the bears. Material Indicators, as seen below, show over $15 million in bids orders around those levels. If the price trends to the upside, there is some liquidity around $22,000 with around $8 million in asks orders for this level alone. There are more asked orders below which could suggest BTC’s price will remain rangebound and in a consolidation phase for the time being. A break above $22,000 or $24,000 could signal bullish continuation as those levels have important asks orders on lower timeframes. Despite BTC’s price consolidation of around $20,000 and its reaction to the downside pressure experienced during the past week, most inventors are bearish. Analyst Michaël van de Poppe believes BTC could target $23,000 in the coming weeks if the cryptocurrency is able to hold around its current levels. #Bitcoin ready for $23K. — Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) June 23, 2022 In that sense, the analyst added: The overall consensus is that we’ll be going way lower and people continue spreading that idea, as they’ve heard from strangers on the interwebs. Just like they have been heard from strangers on the interwebs that they should buy crypto, when it was peak 2021. Standard. New Bitcoin Whales Are Born From another perspective, CryptoQuant CEO Ki-Young Ju claims “most cycle indicators are saying the bottom” could be in for BTC’s price. After months of trending to the downside, the cryptocurrency has entered oversold territory and might see some relief from the macro-economic factors contributing to the selling pressure. Young Ju said: Not sure how long it would take for consolidation in this range though. Opening a big short position here sounds not a good idea unless you think that $BTC is going to zero. Related Reading | Low Bitcoin Prices Trigger Inflows, But Investor Sentiment Remains Weak Additional data provided by CryptoQuant’s CEO records an increase in the number of BTC outflows from centralized exchanges. While inflows remain high, this suggests new BTC whales could be buying the dip and accumulating around these levels.


Solana To Launch Crypto Smartphone, Says “Time To Go Mobile”

Solana Labs Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko announced a suite of products aimed at harvesting crypto’s potential to integrate with smartphones. According to an official post, the digital assets industry and this network have grown and support millions of users, but apparently, they rely on desktop applications. Related Reading | Bitcoin Trading Volume Nears One-Year Highs As Volatile […]

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CZ Comment On Crypto Bailouts, Why Some Projects Shouldn’t Be “Saved”

The CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance Changpeng “CZ” Zhao addressed the bailout happening in the industry. As a result of the recent downside trend across the market, the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, and high leverage positions, several companies need financial rescue. Related Reading | Bitcoin Trading Volume Nears One-Year Highs As Volatile […]