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How Metamask Gambling Is Decentralizing The Online Casino Industry

Metamask gambling has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. With the rise of the Web3 space and online crypto gambling, Metamask managed to fill in a gap that brings both sectors closer to one another. Crypto casinos are taking more to integrate the Metamask wallets on their websites for gambling activities. Using a decentralized Web3 wallet like this ensures that users of these gambling platforms are able to enjoy features that are not available on more conventional online casinos. Why Metamask Gambling Is Better One drawback of conventional casinos is the arduous sign-up processes that are usually associated with them. However, casinos had started to move towards accepting crypto deposits and withdrawals, which, over time, had required less stringent sign-up processes. But even this was not a seamless process. This is where Metamask gambling enters the picture. Metamask is a Web3 wallet that allows users to interact directly with cryptocurrency networks. It had started out on the Ethereum blockchain but had since expanded to include other blockchains such as BSC, Avalanche, etc. It comes in the form of a browser extension and mobile application from which users can directly connect to Web3 websites. It is also an easy-to-use hot wallet where users can receive coins by simply copying their addresses to forward to the sender. Given this, Metamask has found a natural home in the online gambling industry. Gambling websites are able to integrate the Metamask wallets directly on their platforms, making it possible for users to register or log into the website using the wallet, as well as processing faster deposits and withdrawals. Best Metamask Casinos Metamask gambling casinos have been known to provide some or all of the integrations mentioned above. In some cases, some casinos will offer the option to deposit with Metamask only or the option to use the hot wallet as a means of authorization. So, here are the top 3 Metamask gambling casinos that you should look at. Bitcasino Bitcasino is arguably one of the best Metamask gambling casinos in existence. It offers full functionality with Metamask, making it a one-stop shop for all things Metamask gambling. Users can register and log into the platform using their Metamask wallets. Bitcasino also takes this one step further by offering deposits and withdrawals using Metamask. Users can also use other tokens on the wallet, such as USDT, on the Bitcasino website. Players should, however, note that there are some things not offered by Bitcasino in this regard, such as a welcome bonus for ETH players. Users may also be required to complete a KYC verification when the casino requires it. Nevertheless, Bitcasino offers beloved slot games, as well as a wide variety of live casino games. The betting platform is also one of the few crypto casinos that offer betting on eSports. However, users cannot place crypto bets on games such as Crash or Dice. BC.GAME BC.Game has been pretty much the only Metamask gambling platform that supports the BSC network. This casino allows the direct integration of Metamask but for deposits. Users can also use the wallet to carry out authorizations on the platform. And unlike Bitcasino, BC.Game supports a much wider array of tokens, including ETH and MATIC. While it does have a welcome bonus, there is no stable welcome bonus on the platform. Also, similar to Bitcasino, BC.Game can also require users to go through KYC verifications. However, users get one free spin daily with a prize of up to 1 BTC. The third on the list is It is a Metamask gambling platform that allows a minimum deposit of 10 USDT and offers a stable welcome bonus, unlike the others. Users can get up to 2000 wager-free spins that are worth 200 USDT. Furthermore, users can use their Metamask wallets to authorize their accounts, as well as make deposits and withdrawals. It also accepts other tokens available on the hot wallet, such as ETH and SOC. Like the others, comes with its own disadvantages, such as KYC verification and the fact that there are no provably fair crypto games. However, the betting platform is extremely popular and is currently the principal sponsor of the English Premier League football club Watford FC. Conclusion Metaverse gambling platforms are still very new, but they have already proven their value to the online crypto gaming space. As more platforms innovate toward integrating Metamask gambling, these advantages are bound to become more apparent to the gambling community. But for now, the platforms offering Metamask gambling are a small pool and only support a handful of tokens at this time.   Image by Alexa from Pixabay

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Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Era7: Game of Truth, a BNB Chain TOP gamefi project, launched the first NFT TCG World Cup Tournament on September 11. The tournament has attracted continuous attention from partners in multiple fields of the blockchain industry. Fundamental Labs, a globally renowned crypto venture capital firm in the web3.0 field, and Element, the world’s first multi-chain […]

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Crypto Trader Predicts XRP Could Erupt by Over 80%, Updates Outlook on Bitcoin (BTC) and Two Altcoins

A widely followed crypto analyst is predicting a massive surge for Ethereum (ETH) competitor XRP while updating his outlook on Bitcoin (BTC) and two other altcoins. Pseudonymous trader Altcoin Sherpa tells his 183,000 Twitter followers that XRP should rise to $0.60 before ultimately shooting up to $0.87. “XRP: Go to $0.60 and then $0.87 if […]

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Sagaverse: Allowing Creators and Fans to Co-create and Co-monetize

It has never been easier to create — and this is reflected in 50 million creators trying to earn a living from their work — but the majority are struggling as only 2% of creators are earning income above minimum wages. What all creators have are their own superfans that create content. Yes, that’s right – The flip side of being a creator is what makes a creator in the first place: Their fans. Today, fan content already outnumbers original content. There are 75 million fans creating derivative works and fan art, creating a whopping 7.5 billion fan content consisting of images, videos, live streams, and comments. However, most generated content is trapped in dead ends. This content is ‘forgotten’, remains unmonetized, and is not used as a distribution driver. That is a massive missed opportunity. This is true for video, where even though video accounts for over 85% of internet traffic, video is still constrained to linear passive broadcasts and distribution models that lock out many creators and their fans. The Sagaverse project’s  founders spoke to content creators and communities to identify the best solutions to solve these problems. What’s needed now, is the ability to unleash new forms of video experiences, while fairly compensating for fandom, community, and participation. Let us show you how Sagaverse empowers ownership, attribution, and lifetime passive income. Key Points of Sagaverse Sagaverse, an engine and protocol for web3 social media, makes it easy for creators and fans to come together to co-create, co-monetize and co-distribute. Sagaverse is developing a cross-platform app that acts as a user-facing front-end for a rich media player and integrates a new approach to co-creation powered by derivative content monetization and various social features. Bringing creators and fans together, Sagaverse makes it possible for creators to activate fans and their content, bringing them limitless benefits. For creators, there’s nothing more powerful than a fan and what fans crave most is meaningful interaction and connection. Just imagine the greater network effects that could be realized if creators and fans were given the power to buy in. Blockchain Central to Sagaverse is its blockchain-powered manifest ensures attribution and licensing information is carried along and terms are always honored. The protocol consists of two main components: Rich Media Manifest for composing, distributing, and recomposing tokenized assets while retaining attribution, licensing information, and no duplication of assets Media Engine merging creation and consumption of interactive visual assets (2D, 3D, Programmable, Audio) Possibilities for Creators and Fans Content on Sagaverse is called a Saga. Sagas are all about collaborative play and creation. At the heart of Sagaverse is a rich media player designed for next-generation visual media including interactive and augmented video. We know that this is the next content format people will love and want in their lives. Combining this media player and manifest brings co-creation and attribution together, encouraging new rich media experiences through: Interactivity A 3D artist can create a 3D character and allow 3D animators to animate it, add video filters, AR games, custom emoji packs, etc. Every time the character is used by other artists or fans, the 3D artist who created the initial character receives rewards or royalties. Besides, creators can mint video NFTs and make them remixable by others, receiving royalties when consumed. Collaboration Creators and artists can unite and create ads, and then when advertisers use those ads, the co-creators receive royalties for their work Rich Media Besides, creators can cooperate with their fans; thus, they can make co-own augmented video NFTs, which Sagaverse calls Rich Media. A second, a like, a comment, a remix, a collaboration – everything counts and generates value. What Kind Of Content is Sagaverse Meant for? Current business models on Web2 platforms are unsuitable for the new expectations of creators, prosumers, and fans. Artists who focused on interactivity did not have a place in Web2, but now the world is asking for their content. Sagaverse developers created the platform for artists who create content that demands interactivity, such as video with fast-moving content (like sports), 3D artists, motion graphics artists, shader programmers, and developers that produce programmable content. And an open rich media format to describe the content like comments, likes, reaction videos, remixes, and related other content. Tokenomics Owning the Sagaverse token means owning the future of creation. The token is used in all platform transactions and is backed by partial DAO ownership of a growing content library. Token demand comes from staking and platform transactions. Monetizing is easy.  Mint, own, and get paid all from the Sagaverse mobile app. Creators always keep 95% of the revenue they generate. Every time anyone engages with a Saga, owners are rewarded through a Play to Earn model that continuously pays out over the lifespan of the content. Sagaverse’s blockchain protocol ensures attribution and licensing information is carried along and terms are always honored. Sagaverse allows anyone to support creators through content staking. Anyone can invest tokens earned or by purchasing additional Saga tokens. The more derivative works, engagement, and transactions a Saga has, the more tokens are distributed to its owners and stakers. This incentivizes and rewards creators and fans to build up the Sagaverse network through co-ownership, co-monetization, and co-distribution. The Sagaverse DAO retains a 5% fee from all transactions for maintaining and growing the platform, and some part is allocated among creators depending on how their content is consumed. Roadmap The first product launch of Sagaverse dApp is scheduled for a Q4 2022 release, targeting short-form video Creators, eSports players, 3D artists, 3D animators, developers, and fans of Sagaverse’s future is an open protocol for tokenized rich media. In late 2023 Sagaverse will open its protocol, allowing publishers to build creation and consumption experiences and enabling publishers to build and launch collaborative web3 media dApps. Wrapping up While Web2 is not enough for content creators to make a living, Web3 opens an extensive list of opportunities for both creators and fans, allowing both to cooperate, co-create and monetize. The Sagaverse platform brings together short-form video Creators, eSports players, 3D artists, 3D animators, developers, and fans who create interactive videos and want to monetize their work. Blockchain technology allows distributing and recomposing of tokenized assets while retaining attribution and licensing information. Mobilizing communities to create, remix and monetize interactive and AR video Bringing your digital assets to new audiences Enabling new revenue from your digital assets Creating with idols. Activate your community of fans to create, remix and monetize All this incentivizes and rewards creators and fans to build up the Sagaverse network through co-ownership, co-monetization, and co-distribution. Their Mission is bold: Empower 1 billion creators and fans to co-create,  generate income and thrive through creation and play with interactive visual content.  


Massive Cardano (ADA) Rally in Play Heading Into Vasil Upgrade, According to Analyst Michaël van de Poppe

A popular crypto analyst thinks there’s a gap between Cardano’s (ADA) struggling price performance and the project’s fundamentals. In a new YouTube video, crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe tells his 165,000 subscribers that there are “massive opportunities” surrounding Cardano’s Vasil hard fork, which is slated to occur on September 22nd. The upgrade aims to increase the […]

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Shiba Inu Burn Rate Accelerates By 3,000%, Will It Impact Price?

The meme coin currently under the spotlight for its token-burning campaign hit a new burn rate high this Monday. Shiba Inu, the dog crypto, burned close to 200 million coins within the last 24 hours. According to SHIB Burn data, the burn rate of Shib tokens has spiked by about 3000% in the space of 1 day.  Furthermore, most of the tokens sent to Shiba Inu’s burn wallet are from individual whale accounts. This burn initiative has taken off big since the beginning of this month. More than 500 million tokens went out of circulation in the first week. At this rate, it is possible the burn rate might hit 5000% in a few days.  Related Reading: Solana (SOL) Heats Up 7% In Last 24 Hours As Helium Eyes Merge Whale Accounts Invest Massively In Shiba Inu Even as the Shiba Inu tokens burn rate skyrockets, the token is drawing massive investments from individual whale accounts. Last weekend, two whales took up positions worth millions in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The first one bought 702 billion SHIB coins costing close to a whopping $8.7 million. Another whale, in a first-time transaction, purchased 541 billion tokens worth almost $7 million, according to data. Nonetheless, the newest whale on Shiba Inu continues to be anonymous, one of the benefits of decentralized finance. Will The Increased Burn Rate Have Any Effect On SHIB Price? As the number of tokens burned on the Shiba Inu protocol spikes, will it positively affect the price of SHIB tokens? This question remains on many minds as millions of SHIB tokens continue to go out of circulation. SHIB is currently trading at $0.00001233 after briefly dipping to 0.00001198 yesterday. The coin is doing quite well for itself amid the general crypto bear market, up about 93% in 1 year. It had hit an unprecedented all-time high of $0.00004217 close to the end of October 2021. However, it continued to drop amid general market volatility coming to rest at its current price. It is unclear if the increase in token burning will push the token any closer to its October 2021 peak.  Shiba Inu Grows Closer to Its Trillion Token Burn Benchmark This recent burn benchmark brings the meme coin protocol closer to its goal of burning trillions of tokens. It will be an integral part of the launch of ShibaSwap 2.0 and the anticipated Shibarium Layer 2. As it stands, Shiba Inu devs are continually seeking innovative options to burn the tokens.  Related Reading: NEAR Bulls Charge Their Way Past $4.7 Amid Lack Of Spike In Volume Finally, the dog token still has a lot of challenges to overcome in the coming days if its price is to climb. The soaring inflation, coupled with the scheduled CPI report release and next week’s FOMC meeting, is also part of it. In fact, SHIB’s price may plateau or even dip in the coming days despite the massive amount of coins burned. Featured image from Pixabay and chart from

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How Crypto is Evolving Luxury Real Estate in the USA

What if buying a piece of real estate wasn’t a complex and time-intensive process? Dealing in real estate typically involves interacting with an intermediary, swimming through paperwork, and paying steep fees and commissions. Even with the latest advancements in technology, many jurisdictions still require real estate buyers and sellers to show up in person to execute their documents. Most often, this is due to notaries being required to see people physically sign documents, and while some notaries can do this task virtually, not all have the same capabilities. Now, with the help of cryptocurrency (specifically NFTs and smart contracts), the trajectory of real estate transactions is rapidly changing. We’re talking about taking out the middleman and obtaining and transferring ownership with ease. Sales can even be made through sites similar to eBay, but with a new level of added security. In this writing, we will be specifically focusing on crypto’s effect on the luxury real estate market. But first, let’s start with the basics—how NFTs and smart contracts work. What is an NFT? NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic tokens that can come in the form of many things (e.g., music, drawings, videos).  Each NFT is 100% unique and cannot be replicated or replaced. Many times, NFTs represent digital ownership of something, such as a piece of digital art. In other instances, they can be representative of a physical item, such as real estate property and memberships. NFTs use blockchain technology to maintain their verifiability and proof of ownership. Theoretically, the actual digital file that an NFT lies on can, in fact, be copied, but this does not mean that someone has taken over ownership. The culprit would need access to the smart contract that’s attached to the NFT as well. Moreover, they would have to be able to alter the smart contract that has been recorded on the blockchain, which is virtually impossible to do. What is a smart contract? Smart contracts are self-executing pieces of code built to facilitate a transaction. The transaction automatically resolves after pre-defined conditions have been met. The contracts are coded into the blockchain and maintained by regulators after recording them. They are binding contracts that do not require the interference of a central authority or legal system. Because of this, they’re much more cost-efficient. After all, attorneys, realtors, and appraisers are never cheap. How are the two transforming luxury real estate? As previously mentioned, the two above elements are changing the luxury real estate industry by cutting out intermediaries, but another way is by innovating the use of memberships. If you’ve ever owned a timeshare or had a country club membership, you probably know that ownership is not easily transferred. Moreover, your package typically includes an annual renewal process and membership dues. Now, with promising memberships such as the Aspen Lakes Membership by RHUE Resorts, assets can be owned in perpetuity without the need for annual renewal. Said assets can even be passed down through family members and friends if desired. Conversely, memberships can be sold in secondary markets such as OpenSea, an NFT marketplace that’s similar to eBay. Through the NFT membership model, Aspen Lakes Membership purchasers can enjoy: Little to no application process or fees No annual recurring dues Transferability with ease (no middleman required) Existing amenities, such as the world-class 18-hole golf course, pro-shop, restaurant, wedding and event center. Most NFTs are restricted to being purchased with cryptocurrency only which can ostracize certain investors. RHUE Resorts is combating this by allowing the purchase of memberships through cryptocurrency or debit/credit cards. This allows them to appeal to the traditional market while also engaging crypto-enthusiasts. City DAO Another example is the crypto project City DAO. The idea here is that a person can purchase a piece of land in Wyoming and sell rights of governance to interested parties. Those who want to be a piece of the government structure must obtain a certificate of citizenship via NFT. It’s important to note that citizens are not the owners of the land. They only make decisions regarding it, which includes policy changes and regulations. Of course, in this kind of “government” structure, there are only so many memberships that can be purchased. FlyFish Club FlyFish Club (FFC) brings an interesting spin to the food industry. The private dining club hosts the world’s very first NFT restaurant that requires an NFT membership for dining access. Said restaurant will feature over 10,000 square feet and be in an “iconic location” in New York City. In addition, FFC NFT purchasers can enjoy “various culinary, cultural, and social experiences,” according to the FlyFish Club website. The project makes several big promises, however, it’s still in its infancy. Great offerings and optimistic ideas While NFTs and blockchain are opening doors in several industries, it’s still hard to tell which ventures are going to “stick.” Projects like City DAO have interesting ideas but have yet to provide anything concrete. On the other hand, companies such as RHUE Resorts are established and flourishing, providing luxury in real life immediately. The blockchain looks to revolutionize numerous industries with the many efficiencies and advantages it has over traditional alternatives. Real estate has shown that it’s ripe for improvement and looks to be the perfect candidate to enter the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs.