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Polkadot Price Drops On Chart With Resistance At $6.80, What’s Next?

Polkadot price had touched the $8 price level before the bulls lost steam and fell on the one-day chart. DOT travelled 3.6% lower in the last 24 hours on its chart. Over the past week, DOT had gained some value, but most of that was nullified at press time. The Polkadot price was making a recovery over the last two days as it had declined before that. Buyers had stepped in during the recovery period. At the time of writing, however, buyers had exited the market again. The technical outlook for the coin was bearish, with sellers taking over the market. The support zone for Polkadot price stood between $6.16 and $5.52. A fall below the $5.52 mark could bring DOT down below the $5 mark. As Bitcoin’s bulls fizzled out in the market, most altcoins that registered gains also started to lose their bullish momentum. If demand for DOT increases on its chart, the coin can attempt to revisit its immediate resistance mark. If buying power continues to fall, DOT will return to its local price support line. Polkadot Price Analysis: One Day Chart DOT was trading at $6.29 at the time of writing. The bulls tried hard to defend the price of the altcoin at $8, but buying strength fell, and it caused the altcoin to fall on its chart. The Polkadot price will witness a tough price ceiling at the $6.80 mark as the coin has been rejected at that level a couple of times in the past. A move past the $6.80 level will help DOT inch near the $7.73 price mark. On the flip side, the local support level for the coin stood at $6.17 and a fall from that mark would push Polkadot near the $5.52 level. Over the last trading session, the amount of Polkadot traded fell, signalling declining buying strength. Technical Analysis DOT was displaying that there was a fall in buying strength on the one-day chart. For most of this month, Polkadot price witnessed increased selling pressure, which has caused the bears to eventually gain more strength. The Relative Strength Index was below the half-line, and that meant sellers were out in force compared to buyers in the market. Polkadot was below the 20-SMA line, and that can be interpreted as less demand. It also meant that sellers were driving the price momentum on the one-day chart. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Crashes To $19,000, But Stays Strong Against Other Assets DOT’s technical indicators displayed that selling strength had taken over the chart. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicates the price momentum and overall price action of the coin. The MACD continued to display red signal bars, which were also sell signal for the coin. Bollinger Bands measure price volatility and price fluctuation. The bands had widened as they reflected incoming price fluctuations for the altcoin. Related Reading: Ethereum Price Broke Out Of Descending Channel, What’s Next? Featured image from Publish0x, Chart:

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Bitcoin Price Rejected $20,000, Have The Bulls Lost Steam Again?

The Bitcoin price surged over the last 24 hours. However, the bulls have lost steam on the chart. The coin gained nearly 4% in the last 24 hours, but most gains were reversed at press time. In the last week, BTC made no progress in terms of price movement. Technical indicators were yet to reflect the minor bullish spell as the indicators remained bearish at the time of writing. On one hand, sellers continue to dominate the market and, on the other hand, the bulls continue to defend the two crucial support levels of the coin. The current support zone lies between $19,000 and $18,600. If the bulls make a comeback, then the coin can again touch the $20,000 mark. A move above the $20,000 mark will help Bitcoin price propel above the $25,000 mark. The global cryptocurrency market cap today is $980 billion, with a 1.0% positive change in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin Price Analysis: One Day Chart BTC was trading at $19,044 at the time of writing. The bulls tried hard to take the Bitcoin price above the $20,000 mark, but they failed to. This also signified increased demand at the lower level for the coin. The overhead resistance for the coin stood at $19,600. If the coin manages to move above the $19,600 mark, it could move to trade at $20,000 again. For that to happen, the buyers need to assert dominance on the chart. The support level for the coin rested at $19,000. Falling through would bring BTC to $18,600. The bulls will then have to defend the coin at $17,600 in order for the coin to keep recovering. The amount of Bitcoin traded in the last session decreased, pointing toward a fall in buying strength. Technical Analysis BTC’s movement showed that the coin was being dominated by the sellers at press time. The $19,000 price zone remains a high-demand zone. This could make it harder for the bulls to climb back to the $20,000 price mark. The Relative Strength Index was below the half-line and that points towards a fall in buying strength and increased bearishness. The Bitcoin price was below the 20-SMA line, and that meant sellers were driving the price momentum in the market. Increased buying strength could help Bitcoin rise above the 20-SMA line, helping the bulls to take over. Related Reading: Investors Cash Out $5M From 7-Week Bull Run On Short Bitcoin BTC’s technical indicators depicted mixed signals on the one-day chart. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicated the price momentum and overall price action of the coin. MACD continued to flash bearish signals with red signal bars, which were sell signal for the coin. On the contrary, the Chaikin Money Flow measures capital inflows and outflows were positive. CMF continued to remain positive as capital inflows were higher as seen on the indicator. There was a drop in the CMF indicator, which indicates that bears are closing in on Bitcoin. Related Reading: Stellar Price Moves To A Lower Level, Can The Bulls Defeat This Resistance Mark? Featured image from Pexels , Chart:

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Aave Price Action: Bearish Pull Forces AAVE To Resist Drop To $74 Level

AAVE has been showing hints of recovery today which is quite the opposite of its figures a few hours ago. AAVE shows signs of recovery as price climbs by 7.35% Coin generally bearish but the bulls are now attempting to take over AAVE breaches $77.53 level This could be due to the general crypto market recovering too as of press time. Will this be for long term? The coin has been generally bearish as it resist falling into the $74 level. Key support is now spotted at the $73.65 level and resistance is present at $77. 52. Evidently, AAVE is seen to be moving downhill earlier as it failed miserably in breaching the $77.53 level. At this point AAVE is treading the bearish route for short term. Judging by the 1-day price analysis, it is moving downwards as triggered by the uptick in selling pressure. If the selling pressure subsides, then AAVE price could shoot way up which is happening right now. Chart: AAVE Price Climbs By 7.35% According to CoinMarketCap, the coin’s price has skyrocketed by 7.35% or trading at $79.64 as of press time which means it has successfully breached the $77.53 level that it has been trying to do so for the past couple of days. The Bollinger Bands Indicator higher band is now seen at the $78.63 mark which is now the key resistance for AAVE while the lower band is seen at the $73.83 mark. More so, RSI has previously manifested a decline to 40 but has shown recovery and is now looking more balanced. The 4-hour price chart reveals that the bears have been dominant for many hours but the bulls are now taking over. Previously, the sharp decline of AAVE has caused a devaluation of price down to the $73.22 level which has been a good sign to the sellers. Related Reading: Polkadot Price Watch: What A Drop In This Key Area Can Mean For DOT? Price Likely To Build Momentum AAVE price is seen to be generally bearish due to its sideways consolidation but is seeing an uptick now and making some room for the bulls. The price has plummeted by $74.34 yesterday but it has now found its mojo and on its way to making more gains. Momentum will likely build up in the coming days. At this point, AAVE is expected to continue trading in its current range for the next 24 hours. However, the scenario with AAVE/USD still looks like a tug-of-war and anything can happen at this point as either the bears or the bulls can get exhausted and propel the coin to move either way in the coming days. Related Reading: Uniswap Price Watch: UNI Registers 16% Rally In Last 7 Days AAVE total market cap at $1.12 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from AMBCrypto, Chart:

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PancakeSwap Watch: CAKE Trading Volume Spikes Over 50% In 24 Hours

PancakeSwap (CAKE), just like any other cryptocurrency, has had its share of ups and downs. PancakeSwap registers over 53% increase in 24-hour trading volume PancakeSwap among trending BNB projects today CAKE’s next resistance level could be at $5 Just two months after it was launched on September 2020, the token hit its all-time low to date. Back then, it was trading at just merely $0.19. Today, a quick glance of data provided by CoinGecko shows the 68th ranked crypto by market capitalization trading at $4.80. It is way below its $43.96-all-time high that was attained on April 30, 2021. CAKE might have lost 89% of that impressive trading value, but that does not necessarily mean the token is not commanding strong interest among traders. If anything, current data shows Christmas came early for the digital asset. PancakeSwap Outperforms Many Cryptocurrencies The crypto market is continuing to deal with bearish conditions, but CAKE was able to pull off an impressive feat – close the day and the week in green and outperform many of its competition. Over the last seven days, the governance token of PancakeSwap was able to increase its value by 9.4% and is one of the few digital assets to be “on the green” in today’s market. Related Reading: ETH Struggles To Break Past $1,300 Resistance – Back To $1K? Source: CoinGecko Its price recovery is not the only thing that is impressive about CAKE right now. Its 24-hour trading volume is also standing mighty strong. In fact, there was a 52% increase in the token’s trading volume, even reaching over $55 million before slightly reverting to above $51 million at the time of this writing. Even with that, PancakeSwap has shown some impressive leaps for the past week. Related Reading: Algorand: ALGO Price All Go With Nearly 30% Rally In Last 7 Days Will The Token Sell Like Real Pancakes? If its most recent trading volume is any kind of indication, the digital currency, by the looks of it, actually sold like pancakes. After all, high trade volumes often denote “high retail excitement” and in crypto space, this might work wonders for an asset’s price. Over the past week, CAKE placed high on the watch list of crypto investors and is among the trending BNB projects. The PancakeSwap bulls, though, needs to capitalize on this momentum in order to sustain price level of above $4.50 as this will lead to $5 as the next resistance level. If the pressure for buyers remains strong, CAKE’s short-term trajectory could be a sweet one. CAKE total market cap at $676 million on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from Cryptopolitan, Chart:

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Stellar Price Moves To A Lower Level, Can The Bulls Defeat This Resistance Mark?

Stellar price has continued to travel south over the last 24 hours. On the last day, XLM lost more than 6% of its market value. Stellar has recorded positive price sentiment recently, owing to an update that spread optimism across the XLM community. In the latest update, Stellar users can now transfer USDC and Stellar Lumens via email. Despite the update, technical indicators have sided with the bears on the one-day chart. The buying power has fallen considerably, even though the number of buyers is greater compared to the number of sellers. In the last week, Stellar price went up close to 7%. However, at press time, the bulls look exhausted. The present support zone for XLM stands between $0.111 and $0.106, respectively. A fall from the $0.106 mark will lead the Stellar price to touch the $0.99 price mark. Broader market support will be necessary for most altcoins to recover. If buyers don’t pick up momentum and XLM doesn’t topple above the 20-SMA, then the altcoin is in for a further drop in price. Stellar Price Analysis: One Day Chart XLM was trading at $0.112 at the time of writing. The coin could not hold onto its weekly gains and fell on its chart as a result of declining buying strength. It is important for the bulls to defend Stellar at the $0.111 level, else Stellar price could drop down to $0.106. Once the coin touches the $0.106 mark, it could also fall near the $0.99 level. Overhead resistance for the coin stood at $ 0.116. A move above that level could push the coin to $0.119. The amount of Stellar traded in the past trading session declined, indicating a fall in buying strength. Technical Analysis XLM was still not in the excess selling territory, but if buyers continue to decline, sellers will soon take over. Stellar has had a good past week, but the bulls failed to move past the $0.116 resistance mark, causing the coin to depreciate in price. The Relative Strength Index was right on the half-line, and that is an indication of an even number of buyers and sellers. A fall in demand will immediately push the price of Stellar below the 20-SMA line. This would mean that the sellers were driving the price momentum in the market. Related Reading: TA: Ethereum Price Needs To Clear $1,400 For Hopes of a Fresh Rally There could be a chance for Stellar to redeem its price given that XLM continued to display a buy signal on the one-day chart. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence measures the price momentum and the overall price direction of the altcoin. The MACD continued to form green signal bars that correlate with the buy signal for the coin. Although the green histograms were declining on the chart as a sign of increased selling strength, sellers had not taken over yet. The Parabolic SAR displays the price action of the altcoin. The dotted lines below the price candlestick mean that XLM could rise on its chart again with sustained demand. Related Reading: Cardano Price Surges, Will The Bulls Hold The Recovery? Featured image from Personal Financial, Chart:

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TA: Ethereum Price is Showing Early Signs of Fresh Rally, But $1,400 is the Key

Ethereum is gaining pace above $1,360 against the US Dollar. ETH could start a fresh rally if there is a clear move above the $1,400 resistance zone. Ethereum is showing positive signs above the $1,320 and $1,350 support levels. The price is now trading above $1,350 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance near $1,342 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair could extend its rally if it clears the key $1,400 resistance zone. Ethereum Price Aims Higher Ethereum was able to form a support base above the $1,260 level. ETH started a steady increase after it cleared the $1,300 resistance, similar to bitcoin. The price cleared the $1,330 and $1,350 resistance levels to enter a positive zone. Besides, there was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance near $1,342 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The pair is now trading above the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $1,419 swing high to $1,219 low. Ether price is also trading above $1,350 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. On the upside, the price is facing resistance near the $1,395 and $1,400 levels. The next major resistance is near $1,420 level. A clear break above $1,420 might start a decent increase towards the $1,465 level. It is near the 1.236 Fib extension level of the downward move from the $1,419 swing high to $1,219 low. Source: ETHUSD on Any more gains may perhaps open the doors for a move towards the $1,500 resistance, above which the bulls could aim $1,580 in the coming sessions. Dips Limited in ETH? If ethereum fails to climb above the $1,400 resistance, it could start a downside correction. An initial support on the downside is near the $1,350. The next major support is near the $1,320 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. A downside break below the $1,320 level might send the price towards the $1,250 support in the near term.  Any more losses could increase selling and the price might drop to $1,200. Technical Indicators Hourly MACD – The MACD for ETH/USD is now gaining momentum in the bullish zone. Hourly RSI – The RSI for ETH/USD is now above the 50 level. Major Support Level – $1,320 Major Resistance Level – $1,400

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TRON Showing Hints Of A Major Rebound After A Week Of Rout

Tron (TRX) holders have been on rough terrain since August with the bears dominating the market. The tables might be turning though in favor of the bulls as shown on the charts.  TRX bulls hint at a comeback after a long period of takeover by the bears TRX price down by 0.87% RSI divergence hints at increased investor optimism According to CoinMarketCap, TRX’s price has plunged by 0.87% or trading at $0.0596 as of this writing. Apparently, Tron is trying to bounce back from its weekly low that registered at $0.056. It seems that the token is still traversing in the same range which validates a strong rebound from that level.  Related Reading: Algorand: ALGO Price All Go With Nearly 30% Rally In Last 7 Days TRON Market Demand Waning? Hence, there is evidently poor demand for TRX in the market which is normal whenever crypto tries to switch lanes from bearish to bullish.  Whale activity looks to be insufficient at this point and not gaining enough traction. Regardless, the supply of TRX has increased for the whales. There is hope as investor optimism ought to be amplified with the recent developments happening for Tron.  Tron’s weighted sentiment index has shown no significant changes in the market. TRX is still stuck in its lower monthly range which explains the failed uptrend happening over the weekend. On the other hand, there are a couple of signals that promise the possibility of the bulls pivoting in the coming days.  TRX Bulls Waiting For The Next Big Wave TRX price might prevail and rebound from the support zone as further validated by its RSI. The RSI divergence shows increased optimism that the price may escalate in terms of buying pressure. On-chain metrics for Tron also feature the increase in demand over the derivatives markets as seen in the past couple of days.  Related Reading: Litecoin Price Watch: Why Only 15% of LTC Holders Are Making Profit Chart: Observation of the funding rates provides critical data because it validates the change in the derivatives market. These observations are usually tied up to the spot market.  While there are signals that hint at a bullish uptrend, the market sentiments reveal that the TRX bulls are on the sidelines and just waiting for the right timing to jump in when the crypto market improves.  On TRX price predictions, although the stablecoin is making progress, it still continues to drop which could go on for the next couple of trading sessions.  Tron’s price may hover below the $0.054 level before September ends. More so, there is also a possibility that TRX’s price could slide below the $0.045 range. With the crypto market currently struggling, TRX prices could also move in the same direction. The bearish thesis will only be proven wrong if and when the price shoot above the $0.066 mark.  TRX total market cap at $5.5 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from, Chart:

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Chainlink Price Spikes Above $7 While Bitcoin Sinks Below $20,000

Among other investment assets, cryptocurrency is prominent when it comes to volatility in prices, including altcoins such as Chainlink. While an uptrend matters a lot to daily traders, dipping could be favorable for accumulation for long-term investment. The crypto market over the weekend saw slight positive progress in the prices of most tokens. The past week was downward, but this week could bring more hope. General analysis on a 24-hour scale for most altcoins shows that last Sunday came with a commendable trend. The majority of the tokens displayed significant progress in an uptrend. Chainlink native token, LINK, was at the forefront, among others. Related Reading: Litecoin Price Watch: Why Only 15% of LTC Holders Are Making Profit But the story is quite different for the primary cryptocurrency. After moving to the $19,000 region, BTC stalled on the level through the weekend. Chainlink Leads As The Top Performer The crypto market witnessed a positive turnaround, especially with the price performance of the altcoins. The total market cap has stalled with the outcome without making another drop. The value is currently around the $950 billion level. LINK, the native coin of the leads as the best performer among the altcoins. The token increased by above 5% in the early hours of trading today with an approximate price of $8. For Ethereum, there is a progressive reclaiming from its 20% post-merger drop. ETH swung into the green as the price crossed the $1,300 level. Other altcoins increased in their values. These include Solana (SOL) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), which rose slightly. However, for Cardano (ADA), the price stalled on a particular level despite the recent launch of the Vasil Upgrade. Some crypto assets with a slight dip include Polkadot, Ripple, Polygon, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Tron, and Avalanche. BTC Stagnates At Around $19,000 The performance of Bitcoin over the past week has not been quite impressive. However, it is notable that before the US Federal Reserve’s rate increase, BTC made an upward jump. The token surged from $18,300 to around $20,000. However, its sustainability was short-lived. The announcement of the 75 bps rise in interest rates caused a drastic drop in the price of BTC. The primary crypto asset lost almost $2,000 in value within hours following the announcement. Bitcoin plummeted to a new 3-month low of $18,100. The crypto market was thrown into another panic as the selling pressure increased. But after a few days, the price of BTC reclaimed slightly and crawled to the $19,000 level. Then, as the market encountered more bulls, Bitcoin climbed up to $19,500 through the trading hours between last Sunday and today. Related Reading: Dogecoin (DOGE) Is On Top Of Whales’ Menu – Here’s Why At the time of writing, BTC is trading around $19,187, depicting a 0.71% increase over the past 24 hours. Its dominance over the altcoins has returned to 39%, while its market cap is almost about $365 billion. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart:

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Ethereum’s Buterin Seeks Dogecoin’s Switch to PoS as DOGE Becomes 2nd Largest PoW Coin

Ethereum's Buterin Seeks Dogecoin's Switch to PoS as DOGE Becomes 2nd Largest PoW Coin

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has hinted at his desire to welcome Dogecoin to the PoS community. This divulgence comes as the asset assumes the second position of the largest PoW network following Ethereum’s switch to PoS. Vitalik hopes Dogecoin and Zcash will switch to PoS soon Vitalik Buterin revealed the inclination while speaking […]