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How VeChain Landed $100 Million UFC Marketing Deal

The VeChain Foundation and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced a multi-year marketing collaboration. The partners claim the deal is a “first of its kind” aimed at “breaking marketing ground” for the blockchain-based organization and the mixed martial arts organization. Related Reading | Why VeChain (VET) Could Be On The Verge Of A 40% Rally In that sense, the VeChain Foundation will have an “unprecedented level of integration into key UFC assets”. This will include live events, broadcast features, in-arena promotion, and original content reserved for UFC distribution alone. Data provided by the UFC claims there are over 900 million households in 175 countries with exposure to its mixed martial arts events. If only 1% of these numbers decide to enter the VeChain (VET) ecosystem, the network would see a huge spike in adoption levels. Co-Founder and CEO of VeChain, Sunny Lu, said the following about the partnership: It is a historical moment when VeChain, the Layer 1 public Blockchain with the most enterprise adoption, joins forces with the fastest growing sport to raise awareness that blockchain technology is critical in helping deliver major global objectives, such as sustainability. This is just the beginning of a multi-year relationship with UFC, and we really look forward to changing the world together. Paul Asencio, UFC Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships acknowledged VeChain’s role in the crypto space and expressed his excitement as they become a major UFC partner. Asencio added: VeChain’s expertise in using real-world blockchain applications to help the public and private sector achieve their carbon-neutral goals is an effort we are proud to support.  We’re looking forward to working with VeChain to leverage UFC’s worldwide popularity to promote a positive message that blockchain technology can be used to protect our environment for future generations. How VeChain Will Benefit From Its UFC Deal According to the release, VeChain will own UFC’s official fighter rankings titleship, this is designed to provide the blockchain with visibility and to attract more users to the network. The ranking will be titled “UFC Ranking Powered by VeChain”. The collaboration will also grant VeChain branded presence inside the UFC Octagon across all of its events. The visibility will extend to Pay-Per-View events, UFC digital, and its social media platform, and its in-venue events. UFC and the blockchain-based nonprofit organization will collaborate to create unique content and to develop corporate activities. UFC athletes will receive financial incentives to act as VeChain ambassadors and further strengthen the network’s visibility and potential adoption levels. The partnership will debut next Saturday, June 11 at the Teixeira vs. Prochazka at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. We look forward to working with @ufc in the years ahead & helping the world discover the power of public #blockchain for initiatives from #Carbon management, #Sustainability, #SDGs and much more.#VeChain will revolutionize the global economy. $VET — VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) June 9, 2022 Related Reading | Why VeChain May Run Out Of Fuel After 90% Rally At the time of writing, VET’s price seems to be slightly reacting to the news as it records a 3% profit on its 4-hour chart.

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Snoop & Gary Vee Got “Ownership” Of A Basketball Team With Ice Cube’s BIG3 NFTs

These BIG3 NFTs might become one of this year’s most entertaining stories. The 3-on-3 basketball league created by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz offers utility beyond belief for its “BIG3 Ownership” NFT collection. The Fire tier NFTs holders will get to effectively affect the game and the league via video calls with the team and coaches. They’ll also get the chance to be Team CEO, which is what Snoop, Gary, and the other projects seem to be looking for. “A BIG3 NFT holder is effectively a part of the team from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep,” claims the league. These Ethereum-based NFTs come with “ownership-like benefits” in “two-tier options comprising 12,000 editions – 1,000 for each of the league’s twelve teams that include 25 Fire priced at $25,000 each and 975 Gold priced at $5,000 each.” From those 25 Fire ones, a Team CEO is selected. So, each of the prominent buyers got all of the available ones for particular teams. The BIG3 league’s season five starts on June 18th, and it will receive live coverage on CBS and Paramaunt+. Will the owners and their NFT collections receive some of that coverage? And will they bring their own particular audiences to the BIG3 basketball league? The BIG3 League Announces Its NFT Series Recently, “Ice Cube guaranteed on a recent Twitter space that the league will be around for 100 years”. Considering the BIG3 is going into its fifth year, what we have here is a low time preference situation. In the blog post announcing the superpowers that the BIG3 Ownership NFT collection contains, they presented the project comparing Web 2.0 to Web3. “You can read a blog, comment on a blog, or even start your own blog. You can follow your favorite players on Twitter or Instagram. All of that is fine, but none of it allows you to make an actual impact on your favorite players, team, or league. Web 2.0 provides engagement. Web 3.0, which the BIG3 is diving into with this NFT drop, takes you past engagement and into an empowering experience.” The NFT excels in utility, among many other things it guarantees: attendance to parties after gamedays and invites to practices. Reserved owner suites, backstage access area, player and coach meet-and-greets. Plus, a championship game experience and “even a championship ring if your team wins the whole thing.” Plus, because it’s the law for NFT projects, “a dedicated Discord page for BIG3 owners.” However, the killer app is ownership. How Do The BIG3 NFTs Guarantee Ownership The new Team CEO is chosen among the 25 Fire tier NFT holders. Besides that, every one of those 25 will have “a direct and tangible impact on the league” by: “Access to weekly calls with your team to talk strategy leading up to each game” “Weekly video calls with referees to discuss rules and how you think their calls impacted the last game” “The unique opportunity to connect with commissioner Clyde Drexler as well as league founders Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube three times a year to discuss fundamental strategy, changes, and ideas for the league” So yeah, owners will get to speak with Clyde the Glide and Ice Cube.  ETH price chart on Kraken | Source: ETH/USD on The New Owners: Snoop Dogg, Gary Vee, And More This is where it gets interesting. Since we’re talking about an NFT, members of the community came out in full force to support the idea. And to get into the conversation. So far, the celebrity owners that bought the 25 Fire tier NFTs from their respective teams are: Snoop Dogg and co-founder of PayPal Ken Howery got the 25 for team Bivouac. Gary Vaynerchuk and his VeeFriends NFT collection got the Triplets, who won the 2019 Championship. As referenced in our article about them, NFT community DeGods bought Killer 3. Bill Lee from MyDoge wallet brought the Dogecoin community by purchasing the 25 Fire-Tier for Aliens using DOGE. This was “the largest commercial transaction in history for the cryptocurrency.” Krause House, a basketball-focused Decentralized Autonomous Organization, got the Ball Hogs. Relevant Quotes From BIG3’s Site Speaking on the phenomenon, BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Snoop, Ken, and their communities on board with the BIG3. Having someone with Ken’s knowledge and experience wanting to be a part of our league demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction. Snoop is an undisputed legend who has jumped headfirst into the Web3 space and clearly understands the importance and the value of what we are trying to create. Together, I know they will take Bivouac to new heights and we can’t wait to get started.” For his part, GaryVee said: “I’ve been incredibly impressed with the pop culture relevance of the BIG3 league. Over the last several months I’ve been able to get closer with Cube and the rest of the team and I’m extremely excited about the impact of the Blockchain on professional sports. All of those ingredients create a scenario where I am excited to join this incredible league.” And BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz contributed:  “We are thrilled to partner up with Bill and have the MyDoge and Dogecoin communities be represented by the Aliens. We have made history with this transaction, and we hope it inspires others in the Doge world to support the team whether by purchasing the Gold-Tiers, by attending games, or by tuning in.” As you can see, everyone is focusing on communities and the merging of the audiences. This is a win-win situation if we ever saw one. There could very well be enough star power in this deal to take both the BIG3 League and the NFT community to new heights. Featured Image: BIG3 Ownership NFT promotional image from the site | Charts by TradingView

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Bring your inner Racing Passion to Life in the Metaverse Reality with Meta F1 Club NFTs. First Time ever in the NFT world

The NFTs, known as the best digital assets, have taken the world by storm in a very short time. The inception of the innovational NFT concept in the blockchain industry has started grabbing mainstream attention lately. According to several recent articles, giant conglomerates have actively entered or are ready to enter the NFT industry, preparing for the future i.e. Metaverse. The world has witnessed tons of NFTs but a brand new, world’s first sensational concept of Sports Car Racing in Metaverse is about to change the whole experience of the NFT market. Created by the great minds on earth, with an extreme desire and passionate hearts for racing. Our state-of-the-art open-wheel single-seater F1 auto racing cars are extraordinarily astonishing and introduced for the first time ever in the NFT industry. A collection of 10,250 ultra-unique racing masterpieces that are inspired by the world-famous Formula One. Get ready to experience different kinds of Metaverse realities at Meta F1 Club. Our holders can entertain themselves with spectacular multimap racing events in the Metaverse, compete with others, and win like a real-life championship. Meta F1 Club Presale Race starts on April 19th at 0.35 ETH followed by Public Sale on April 20th and 21st at 0.4 ETH. We highly encourage everyone to get whitelisted as spots are limited and will fill up quickly. Floor price expectations are around 16 ETH in a short time due to the uniqueness of this project. Meta F1 Club NFTs will be minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. This is known as the gold standard and most widely-supported format for digital collectibles. The devs have created two exceptional giveaway programs for the community and its holders that has never been seen in the industry. The giveaway programs details are as follow; 1st Giveaway: 50 Meta F1 Club NFTs Giveaway 30 NFTs will be awarded to community members through Daily Competition 20 NFTs will be awarded to Most Engaged Discord Members 2nd Giveaway: USDT 500,000 Giveaway – holding in a separate wallet and link is shared in the Discord server for tracing purposes. The USDT 500,000 Giveaway will be distributed as below; First Prize: $50,000 Second Prize: $25,000 Third Prize: $10,000 Fourth Prize: $10,000 Fifth Prize: $3,000 Sixth Prize: $2,000 400 Prizes: $1,000 each Meta F1 Club proudly confirms that the Meta F1 Racing Game’s BETA version will be immediately available for testing after the launch. So we call all the passionate racers in the NFT world to witness an entirely unique event and prepare yourselves to wake your inner racers on our Presale on April 19th  

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Binance-backed Mavia Teams Up With Tribe Gaming

Binance-backed Mavia Teams Up With Tribe Gaming

Binance-backed blockchain game Heroes of Mavia has announced its partnership with leading esports organization, Tribe gaming to bring blockchain games to the platform. The blockchain-based play-to-earn massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game developed by Skrice Studios is taking this step in line with Tribe’s expansion initiative. The esport platform currently has top mobile gaming creators […]

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Market Update: Cryptocurrencies Rebound After The Super Bowl

The top ten cryptos were all up yesterday after some crypto companies advertised during the pro football championship game. Yesterday’s market volatility continued with the SPX500 and DJ30 falling 0.29% and 0.44%, respectively, as well as NASDAQ100, rising marginally by 0.25%. Investors were again unnerved by geopolitical tensions throughout Europe to bring about a sell-off in their stocks on Friday evening; however, they seemed calmer today. Related Reading | Bitcoin Price: Research Group Sees Crypto Hitting $200,000 The UK100 fell 1.75% yesterday as broader market fears over the geopolitical situation in Ukraine sent stocks tumbling across Europe. On Monday night, the oil price nearly hit $94, increasing its previous high near 90 dollars. Top Cryptocurrencies Performance The price of Bitcoin briefly rose to  $43,500 today. Solana rose 8%, while Ethereum gained more than 7%. XRP and Cardano also saw increases with 3 percent each at their peak values throughout Tuesday’s trading session alone. The live price for Avalanche is $88.33, with a 24-hour trading volume that has increased by over a billion. Meanwhile, its token AVAX is up nearly 11% over the same time period. With a 24-hour trading volume of $1.12 billion, Polygon is currently up 10% from yesterday’s price action and market cap 15th most significant coins in terms of the total worth. Related Reading | Polygon Token Price Analysis – New All-Time High This Week For MATIC? Top Gainers Of The Day It’s a good day to be in the top 100. Today’s biggest winners of the top 100 are Kadena, Gala, Mina, and The Graph. Kadena is a blockchain ecosystem that makes crypto work for everyone! They provide the security of Bitcoin with virtually free gas and unparalleled throughput. Their smart contracts are more innovative than ever, too – they have almost raised their value today due in large part because it offers all this great technology at an affordable price point (and no lock-ups). With the recent announcement of Galaverse dates, Gala Games’ market value has increased by 18%. The Graph, an indexing protocol for querying data on networks like Ethereum and IPFS that powers many applications in DeFi (decentralized finance) and a broader Web3 ecosystem, is up 19% within 24 hours. Recently, Mina saw their value surge 17% as they continue on a path to make blockchain more efficient. Mina Protocol is making headway with its succinct blockchain to curb computational requirements for DApps transactions.  The last 24 hours have been fascinating for cryptocurrency traders, with many coins gaining significant value. One such example is Decentraland’s MANA token which saw its price increase by 9% in just one day. Other winners include Secret  at +14%, Helium (+12%), and Qtum(+11%). The most popular metaverse Fantom also did well; it went up 8%. Hedera Hashgraph, the newest blockchain technology based on directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), has seen an 11% increase in value over 24 hours. The live price is $0.25 with a trading volume of 180 million dollars for today’s session alone. Top Trending Market Update onLEXpa (Online Lex Partners) is specialized in developing online courses and projects. After migrating to their new BSC contract, this business aims to make education more accessible through blockchain technology, which gave them 2623% growth. The value of Dopex has shot up 25% today, following its successful launch. The protocol is designed to maximize liquidity and minimize losses for option writers while maximizing gains by buying the rights from those who want them at a low price – which it does through an innovative trading algorithm. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart from