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How Big Eyes (BIG), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Uniswap (UNI) Strategically Brand their Blockchain Networks

How Big Eyes (BIG), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Uniswap (UNI) Strategically Brand their Blockchain Networks

With over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, it is difficult for blockchain networks to distinguish themselves. The market is in a state of oversaturation due to having a high amount of coins. However, this is also positive as buyers have a variety of tokens to choose from. Crypto has seen better days, with the past two […]

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REV3AL – NFT and Digital Asset Authentication Technology Launches on KuCoin June 30th

REV3AL, a new and innovative cryptocurrency project, comes at a critical time in the crypto sector when scams and fraud are on the rise. As a solution to the hindering growth of the digital media market, REV3AL offers digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeiting solutions for artists, creators, and intellectual property owners. With its multi-layer authentication and anti-counterfeiting protocol, REV3AL hopes to play a major role in protecting digital media, on platforms such as NFT market places, gaming platforms and the metaverse. Venture capital firms and private investors have invested in REV3AL, including Alphabit Fund, NFT Technologies, Uplift, IBC, Moonstarter, and Launchpool. NEAR Protocol & Hedera Hashgraph are just two of the industry’s leading blockchain & distributed ledger technology partners REV3AL is partnering with along with major metaverse and infrastructure partners such as MetaVRse, TCG World, Utherverse, Forward Protocol, and over 50 others. The REV3AL token will be listed on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange, one of a select few projects to launch directly on this top-tier exchange. Among the top three crypto exchanges in the world, KuCoin boasts over 10 million registered users as well as 24/7 world-class services in investors’ preferred languages and channels. The token will go live on the Kucoin platform on June 30th. The REV3AL technology ecosystem REV3AL uses multiple dynamic authentication levels on and off-chain to deter fraudsters and prevent digital assets from being counterfeited or abused. REV3AL`s technology strategy is to develop an agnostic ecosystem and product offering for the blockchain and metaverse space and its mission is threefold. To begin with, it aims to authenticate digital media assets both on and off the blockchain. Verifying assets in the digital world, preventing counterfeit attacks, and safeguarding intellectual property. By providing simple and intuitive methods of verification, it enables creators, collectors, and marketplaces to verify the authenticity and originality of their collections, and preserves the value of the original work. Secondly, REV3AL is working on developing a secure NFT marketplace to provide NFTS and digital assets in a curated experience that includes both established and new creators, brands, and partners. Finally, through a unique and easy-to-use API, REV3AL will integrate and provide authentication to 3rd party NFT or digital media marketplaces, gaming platforms, and the metaverse. REV3AL’s security protocols and best practices will be applied to Web3 and the metaverse in a standardized and interoperable manner. REV3AL tokenomics Through a sustainable model of digital asset protection, the project utilizes the token component as a foundation for establishing and verifying the REV3AL security layers. As a result, it has methodically arranged its token metrics to achieve this objective using a deflationary model. In addition, a portion of the token allocation will support charitable projects that support the environment, youth and our community. REV3AL maintains a one billion token hard cap and the ticker for the token will be $REV3L. The token will be listed on KuCoin on June 30th. About REV3AL REV3AL has received widespread support, with a strong organic following on Twitter and Telegram and the project aims to establish itself in the ecosystem as an industry standard for digital asset media authentication tools by quality and value. The team and advisory network comprise of a broad and deep range of experts in various disciplines, such as system architecture, visual arts, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, software engineering, anti-counterfeiting, and graphics security. Mo Kumarsi, the CEO of REV3AL, has been integral to some of crypto’s most successful projects, such as CoinPayments and Power Ledger. Adam Russell, the project’s CRO, has over 20 years of experience in cyber safety, blockchain and XR, CPO Eric Prouty specializes in producing and launching mobile and Internet-based technologies, including those in the Web3 space, CMO Georgina Woolams-Edwards is the founder of an international marketing and PR agency with offices in London and Dubai, and CTO Bernard O’Flynn has spent most of his 26 year career building and managing product and engineering teams in the tech/fintech space. Members of the advisory board include notable figures in the blockchain industry, such as Karnika E. Yashwant, the founder of Forward Protocol and Key Difference Media, Mario Nawfal who is the CEO of NFT Technologies. As well as Alan Smithson, known as the godfather of XR, founder of MetaVRse, and Liam Robertson, founder of Alphabit Fund, a premier blockchain fund. Bottom line REV3AL users and token holders can participate in building an ecosystem of complementary technologies and partners that will play a key role in the security, and success of the web3 economy. Addressing a clear market need, giving users confidence, and supporting the rights of creators to control and profit from their original work. REV3AL community members will also have access to exclusive content on the secure marketplace as well as in future metaverse environments. They will have the option of participating in staking and purchasing tokens that can be traded on KuCoin.


Tether To Work With UK Regulators for Launch of New Stablecoin Pegged to British Pound

The creators of a popular crypto asset designed to keep a US dollar peg now plan to expand their roster into the United Kingdom. In a new announcement, Tether says it will work with UK authorities to create a new digital asset called GBPT that will seek 1-to-1 parity with the Pound Sterling. GBPT will […]

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Metaverse protocol OVER launches unique treasure hunt in partnership with the Sandbox

OVER, a decentralized metaverse platform that provides surreal AR/VR experiences, has revealed its partnership with The Sandbox to launch a unique reward program for their communities. This development continues the growing relationship between the two platforms. To recall OVER had enabled a cross-platform experience for its users on the Sandbox ecosystem in April. This update enabled Sandbox users to control their NFTs on OVER and invite their friends to partake in activities without having to leave the OVER app. This latest partnership takes this a step further as Sandbox users can participate in the Hunt by collecting digital assets around Manhattan, New York, from June 20-24. According to the terms of the treasure hunt program, interested participants have to download the OVER app and begin their quests of collecting the Sandbox around Manhattan for rewards. There’ll be a leaderboard that tracks participants’ activities, and the top 5 hunters are eligible for rewards. The rewards range from 2500 $SAND for the highest-paced hunter to 500 $SAND fo the fifth-placed hunter. Furthermore, participants can share their hunting experiences on Twitter and get rewarded via the video contest. The top 3 videos with the most likes will receive 1250, 750 and 500 worth of $SAND, respectively. NFT hunters need to follow OVER and The Sandbox on Twitter to be eligible to receive rewards from the video contest. OVER continues to make significant inroads OVER has become one of the fastest-growing blockchain projects since its launch in 2020. It is a community-owned blockchain ecosystem that allows users to delve into metaverse and experience VR and AR experiences through their smart glasses or mobile devices. What sets it apart from the rest is that it intends to build a new standard for augmented reality in the crypto ecosystem. To achieve this, it has adopted an open-source model where community members contribute to its growth, making it truly decentralized from its creators. Furthermore, OVER uses NFTs to create value for users and serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Since its launch, OVER has already provided users with immersive activities and treasure hunts for NFTs in unique locations and landmarks within its metaverse. OVER has also positioned itself strategically with its partnership with the Sandbox, one of the largest and most influential metaverses and NFT ecosystems.      

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The PIP Button Brings New Lifeblood To The Creator Economy With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can make a big difference for content creators globally. Anyone can benefit from integrating such solutions, preferably if they do not require coding knowledge. The PIP button may be the answer to many prayers, as it is compatible with any platform or website. The PIP Button Changes The Game Pip, but people behind the PIP button, have come up with a way to let anyone integrate crypto and blockchain payments. More importantly, it does not require any coding knowledge to make the most of this solution, which is compatible with any website or platform. The PIP button is compatible with WordPress, Instagram, HTML pages, Javascript, Wix, Squarespace, etc. In essence, it brings frictionless crypto payments to any content creator worldwide. For creators, it helps establish a new revenue stream for unique content or goods, removing the need for complex payment setups. Consumers benefit from the PIP button as well, as they can pay who they want, how they want, and from which device they want. Integrating the PIP button also means users do not need user accounts or signups, as the solution is frictionless. Combined with the customization options for this button, it changes the narrative of online payments in many ways. Content consumers have a new way of rewarding content creators with the help of blockchain technology and without requiring vast technical knowledge. A Strong Foundation For Global Payments In the current form, the PIP button supports Solana tokens and transactions. Supported assets include SOL. USDC on Solana, PIP, SERUM, RAY, etc. Users will need to set up a wallet through Phantom or Slope to generate their Solana blockchain wallet address, which can be connected to the PIP button to receive transactions. Support for blockchains beyond Solana will follow in future updates. Unlike networks like Ethereum, Solana is far more efficient for developers and users alike. It has a higher throughput and lower transaction fees, enabling solutions like the PIP button to come to fruition. Building a similar solution on Ethereum would be too expensive for all users involved, which is counterproductive to the idea of enabling smaller transactions globally. As the global focus shifts to Web3 and the creator economy, solutions like these highlight the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Millions of users can pay for creative content through a non-invasive means and without sharing sensitive personal or financial information. Moreover, it empowers the individual – both consumer and creator – at every turn.