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Man Utd Star Phil Jones Unveils Exclusive Metaverse Members Club

Manchester United defender Phil Jones has become the latest high-profile sportsperson to enter the metaverse. Jones, who has been on the club’s books since 2011, has joined forces with Web3 firm Antourage to develop an exclusive metaverse members project dubbed Red Lion Sports Club (RLSC). The venture will function as a kind of gated online community, where holders of special NFTs can congregate to play games and interact, view exclusive content, enter competitions and support worthy causes. Designed by noted augmented reality creator Doddz, only 4,000 algorithmically-generated Red Lion member NFTs will be released on the Solana blockchain, at a cost of two SOL (around $250 at current prices). A New Model for Fan Engagement Scheduled to launch in the coming month, , Red Lion Sports Club will focus on major sports events such as Premier League games, the NBA playoffs, Formula 1’s British Grand Prix and golf’s British Open, with fan-influenced content and mini-games devoted to the various sporting occasions. “Over the past six months I’ve been researching and learning about Web 3.0 and the potential of the metaverse,” revealed Jones, who has won Premier League, FA Cup and Europa League trophies while making over 100 appearances for United. “The idea behind the Red Lion Sports Club is to enable a new way of engaging with fans that promotes a genuine sense of community rooted in mutual respect for other members. RLSC will be a venue for fans of all sports that want to have a say in how a digital community grows and develops, interact with athletes, celebrities and other members, and influence the content that will be created around major events.” Red Lion Sports Club is the first metaverse project that Stockholm-based startup Antourage has been involved with, and co-founder Johan Junker said he was “thrilled to have Phil on board as the driving force behind RLSC.” He explained, “This project is at the heart of Antourage’s existence: to connect passion-driven fan communities with authentic content that is distributed across the latest social platforms. “We believe fans should be at the centre of the content ecosystem and be rewarded for their engagement. Red Lion Sports Club fully represents this philosophy and Web 3.0, driven by the metaverse, will expedite this change that will deliver greater value and a richer experience for fans and creators alike.” Jones and Junker aim to slot their exclusive sports-centric members club into a prominent metaverse, and to develop additional content and activations as its community develops. Premier League Stars Go Mad for Meta A number of metaverse enthusiasts now occupy the Old Trafford dressing room, with Jadon Sancho having recently partnered with Genies to release his own digital avatar and Luke Shaw launching his own NFT collection. Last week, Cristiano Ronaldo also participated in a $100 million funding round for FanCraze, which creates NFTs based on major cricket tournaments. Elsewhere in the English top flight, United’s cross-town rivals City have teamed up with Sony to reproduce their Etihad Stadium in virtual reality. The digitally mapped stadium could eventually ‘host’ live games, giving fans – or the digital avatars that represent them – the opportunity to enjoy a match day experience from the comfort of their own home.      

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Tether & The Swiss City Of Lugano Promise “Europe’s BTC Capital.” Is It, Though?

What’s “Lugano’s Plan B”? The 9th biggest city in Switzerland plans to become Europe’s Bitcoin city. And Tether is there to help. How will the two entities accomplish that?  On March 3rd, Tether’s Paolo Ardoino and Michele Foletti, the Mayor of the city of Lugano, will unveil the plan at a live-streamed conference.  #bitcoin and stablecoins are revolutionizing the financial sector. #tether and The City of Lugano🇨🇭 @luganomycity are teaming up to transform Lugano into the European #bitcoin capital. Every city needs a plan. Join Lugano's Plan ₿ — Tether (@Tether_to) February 21, 2022 Announcing the event, Tether summarized the situation as follows: “bitcoin and stablecoins are revolutionizing the financial sector. Tether and The City of Lugano are teaming up to transform Lugano into the European bitcoin capital.” For their part, the city’s official Twitter said, “The journey of the City of Lugano continues to discover the innovative sector #blockchain #Bitcoin #StableCoin.” Continua il percorso della Città di #Lugano alla scoperta del settore innovativo #blockchain #Bitcoin #StableCoin👉Prossimo incontro il 3 marzo 2022, ore 17 al LAC, su iscrizione, oppure streaming @Tether_to @LuganoLivingLab — Lugano (@luganomycity) February 21, 2022 “We at Tether_to and the Administration of the City of Lugano have been tirelessly working together to prepare Lugano’s Plan ₿!,” completed Tether’s Paolo Ardoino. He was also bold enough to predict, “100% crypto will relocate to Lugano.” We at @Tether_to and the Administration of the City of Lugano 🇨🇭 have been tirelessly working together to prepare Lugano's Plan ₿! 3rd March 2022 , I'll join @MicheleLugano (mayor) in a live conference, to disclose the plan!100% #crypto will relocate to Lugano 🤯#Bitcoin🇨🇭⚡️ — Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) February 21, 2022 This all sounds wonderful, but, are they selling smoke? Even though bitcoin is prominently shown in all of the promotional material, a deeper look at the player’s words suggests the Lugano plan is to be a crypto city. Which is very different from a bitcoin city. Related Reading | USDC Leaves Tether Behind In Terms Of Market Cap And Becomes First On Ethereum How Much Bitcoin Will Lugano‘s Plan B Have? In a recent Twitter exchange, Michele Foletti responded to the worst question possible. Someone asked the Mayor of the city of Lugano about the usual bitcoin FUD, that it’s slow and expensive like the Lightning Network doesn’t exist. That it’s bad for the environment like that narrative didn’t collapse a while back. How did Foletti respond? “We focus on our 3Achain, more sustainable, public and open to all with limited costs Blockchain for us is an opportunity for all those who look to the future with curiosity.” Ma noi puntiamo sulla nostra 3Achain, più sostenibile, pubblica e aperta a tutti con costi limitati Blockchain per noi è un’opportunità per tutti coloro che guardano al futuro con curiosità — Michele Foletti (@MicheleLugano) February 21, 2022 He basically said “blockchain, not bitcoin.” Why name the program “Plan B” and promise a “European bitcoin capital,” then? And what’s all this about a Proof-of-Authority, completely centralized blockchain that describes itself as “the institutional blockchain platform promoted by the City of Lugano”?  BTC price chart for 02/22/2022 on Bittrex | Source: BTC/USD on Institutional Blockchain Platform Promoted By The City Of Lugano In an article about the recent Lugano NFT Week, an event that also points at crypto, the Europa Press agency quotes Michele Foletti saying:  “We have always followed the development of new technologies very closely and we have identified blockchain as a topic of great interest for both multinational and local companies, citizens and businesses. We believe that a city must be at the service of citizens and with these initiatives we intend to place Lugano as a top-level player on the international scene, for all applications related to this technology.” Does this man even know about bitcoin? Or is Lugano’s Plan B project using bitcoin in an affinity scam? Snow in #lugano — Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) February 15, 2022 Let’s go to 3Achain’s website to find out if “the institutional blockchain platform promoted by the City of Lugano” respects bitcoin. This quote summarizes it all: “It’s not about replacing public (so-called permissionless) blockchains, but about complementing them with a permissioned architecture that guarantees the parties involved not so much through the integrity of the algorithm that validates transactions through computing power, but through the validation of blocks by an independent authority.” What do they mean by “so-called permissionless”? And, in other words, they’re announcing they solved the blockchain trilemma by getting rid of decentralization. By adding a third party.  Have you heard anything more anti-bitcoin? Conclusion And Disappointment Bitcoin is a Proof-Of-Work system. To understand it, you have to put in the work. El Salvador was the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. It’s remarkable, almost a miracle, that President Bukele seems to understand the value proposition. Politicians don’t usually have the time for the necessary deep dive, so the world ends up disappointed. With disasters like MiamiCoin and the NY Mayor saying he’s pro bitcoin, but against bitcoin mining. Related Reading | Cryptocurrency Firms In Switzerland To Offer Tokenized Products On Tezos And here comes the Mayor of the city of Lugano and Tether to sing bitcoin’s praises. A “blockchain not bitcoin” guy and the organization behind the most controversial stablecoin. Even though it’s suspicious, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and hear what they have to say. They might surprise us at the March 3rd conference. Maybe Lugano has a Plan B after all. Featured Image: Snow In Lugano, By Paolo Ardoino. From this tweet. | Charts by TradingView