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Solana (SOL) Holds Its Gains While Most Coins Bleed

Solana (SOL) has managed to keep most of its gains over the past 48 hours while most coins bled out. The token started yesterday, September 29th, at $33.25, going as high as $34.34 at midday. Solana (SOL) suffered a loss in value on September 28th, when it dropped from $32.85 to $31.74. However, it quickly recovered before the end of the trading day and has been steadily increasing since then. The Price of SOL currently sits at $33.72 at the time of writing. Related Reading: Trade Activity Shows Ethereum Whales Are Seeking Refuge In Stablecoins SOL Holding On For Dear Life The past few days have seen most coins in the top 100 drop in value by more than 10%. SOL is one of the few tokens that have held its ground during this time. The coin price was off to a rocky start, entering the new week at $32.1. At a point, it seemed like it would rally up to $40 when it reached $35.02 on Tuesday, the 27th. However, the run was short-lived as it fell to $31.77 the next day. Later, the token left investors smiling as it slowly galloped back up to $34.34 the next day, September 29th. So far, it has kept a decent amount of profit for itself and is currently sitting at $33.89. Gains Amidst Troubled Waters SOL’s performance is nothing short of impressive, considering how volatile the market has been for other tokens.  It seems like there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon, either, with the coin still holding strong at above $33. SOL’s price stays modestly above a crucial support level of $30, which serves as a good buying zone for traders. For SOL to trend upward, the price must break over $35, its weekly resistance. If the price of SOL breaks and remains over $35, it might significantly rise to the $45-$58 range. Historically, SOL pricing has found breaking out of this range tough. Based on its performance in the last three months, it’s likely that SOL will likely continue to climb higher. Some people are already predicting the token to go up to $41. An analyst on TradingView noted that a move in the US market could be a catalyst for SOL to reach the $35 mark. Social Engagement And NFTs Might Just Be What SOL Needs The past week has been an eventful one for Solana on social media. According to a recent tweet by PHOENIX, Solana was the best-performing project in terms of social activity. The token had a total of 35,100 mentions and 58.3 million engagements across social media platforms.  Related Reading: Uniswap Could Slide Below Support Zone – No Demand For UNI This Week? But that’s not all. Statistics from Delphi Digital show an increase in Solana’s share of NFT trading volume. According to the tweet, Solana’s NFT volume increased from 7% to 24% in the past six weeks. This gained traction in the NFT sector can help push SOL beyond its resistance and into new heights. Featured image from Pixabay and chart from

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Litecoin Price Recovers But The Bears Might Drag The Altcoin To $51

Litecoin price had been staggering too, just like other major altcoins in the market. Over the last 24 hours, however, LTC moved up on its chart by 2.4%. The bulls have yet to steady themselves on the one-day chart. Over the last week, LTC gained almost 3%. This indicated that the coin has not made any such considerable movement on its chart. The bears were in charge of the altcoin, as indicated by the technical indicators. There is a significant immediate resistance for the Litecoin price to overcome. The buyers were low in the market, and that has tired the bulls out consistently. At the moment, the coin has found support near the $51 price mark. Because selling strength was greater than buyer strength in the market, the Litecoin price may not stay above that level for long. On the other hand, if buying strength stabilises slightly, then there is a chance for LTC to move above $56. Broader market strength will be crucial for Litecoin over the next trading sessions. Litecoin Price Analysis: One Day Chart LTC was trading at $53 at the time of writing. Litecoin price will witness tough resistance at the $56 price mark. The bulls have moved closer to that price mark each time, but it has met with selling strength. Moving above the $56 price mark could help Litecoin price invalidate the bearish thesis. The coin could experience a price ceiling at the $61 price mark. On the other hand, the support line rested at $51 and then at $43, respectively. The amount of Litecoin traded in the last session declined, which indicated that buying strength remained low on the 24-hour chart. Technical Analysis LTC’s indicators continued to display that the coin was in a downtrend. The sellers remained in control of the charts, which could potentially bring the coin down to $51. If buying strength doesn’t recover soon, LTC could move to $51 before it recovers on the chart again. The Relative Strength Index was below the half-line, which meant that sellers were more compared to buyers. Litecoin price was below the half-line, which meant less demand for the coin. It also meant that sellers were driving the price momentum in the market. Related Reading: Bitcoin & The Global Currency Meltdown | BTCUSD September 28, 2022 The altcoin continued to paint a bearish picture, with sellers taking over on the one-day chart. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicates the price momentum and action. MACD displayed red histograms, which were a sell signal for the coin. The Chaikin Money Flow measures the capital inflows and outflows in the market. CMF was below the half-line, which meant that capital inflows were lower than outflows on the one-day chart. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Rejected $20,000, Have The Bulls Lost Steam Again? Featured image from Freepik, Charts from

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TA: Bitcoin Price Resilience Suggests A Fresh Rally is Imminent: Here’s Why

Bitcoin found a strong buying interest near $18,500 against the US Dollar. BTC is recovering and there could be a fresh increase above the $20,000 resistance. Bitcoin remained stable and the bulls again protected the $18,500 support zone. The price is trading above $19,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a short-term channel forming with support near $19,280 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could start a fresh rally if there is a clear move above the $19,650 resistance zone. Bitcoin Price Holds Key Support Bitcoin price declined heavily from well above the $20,000 pivot level. BTC dropped below the $19,000 level, but the bulls were active near the $18,500 support zone. It seems like the price is well supported near the $18,500 zone and there are multiple rejections visible around the same area. The price is now rising and there was a move above the $19,000 resistance zone. The bulls pushed the price above the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $20,383 swing high to $18,487 low. Bitcoin price is now trading above $19,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is also a short-term channel forming with support near $19,280 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. On the upside, an immediate resistance is near the $19,600 level. The next major resistance sits near the $19,650 zone. It is close to the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $20,383 swing high to $18,487 low. Source: BTCUSD on A close above the $19,650 level might start a fresh increase. In the stated case, the price could rise towards $20,000. Any more gains might lead the price higher towards the $20,500 resistance zone. Another Decline in BTC? If bitcoin fails to recover above the $19,650 resistance zone, it could start a fresh decline. An immediate support on the downside is near the $19,280 zone and the channel trend line. The next major support is near the $19,200 zone and the 100 hourly SMA. The main support is near $19,000. Any more losses might call for a drop towards the $18,500 support zone in the coming sessions. Technical indicators: Hourly MACD – The MACD is now losing pace in the bullish zone. Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for BTC/USD is now above the 50 level. Major Support Levels – $19,200, followed by $19,000. Major Resistance Levels – $19,650, $20,000 and $20,500.

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BUSDVerse: How to Make Highest Yield Safely on Binance Smart Chain

As the cryptocurrency market grows, the demand for products offered by digital technologies rises too. Thanks to the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the existing financial system is changing and there are many new opportunities that were not there before. This is the reason for such a rapid growth of digital assets. Thanks to the decentralization of cryptocurrencies, DeFi projects appeared and Yield farming began to develop. The opportunity to receive passive income on Yield farming has attracted many users to cryptocurrencies. Yield farming and the possibility of getting passive income are becoming popular and attracting many users, increasing the liquidity of DeFi projects. , using all the advantages of DeFi and Yield farming, eliminates the existing disadvantages, making investing stable and profitable. Binance Smart Chain is a fast, secure, cheap blockchain, which expands its widespread use cases. That is why offers its users the most profitable earning opportunities and the best conditions for getting passive income. Working in the most progressive, rapidly developing industry, we give others the opportunity to earn. The higher the working capital is, the higher is our income and the income of our investors. Marketing presents plans lasting from 14 to 28 days. There are 6 types of investment: regular investment, random investment and locked investment. Plan 1 – 8% daily for 14 days. Total profit 112% Plan 2 – 7% daily for 28 days. Auto compounding. Total profit 564% Plan 3 – 12% daily for 14 days. Withdraw at the end. Total profit 168% Plan 4 – 4-12% daily for 14 days. Random plan. Total profit 56-168% Plan 5 – 4-9% daily for 28 days. Auto compounding. Total profit 200-1016% Plan 6 – 8-16% daily for 10-18 days. Withdraw at the end. Total profit 80-288% Profit growths +0.5% daily, only for new deposits Minimal deposit: 5 BUSD RESTAKE FUNCTION: User can choose a plan to restake withdrawable balance and get +0.2% daily profit bonusBonuses if user does it: RANDOM RESTAKE FUNCTION:User can click special button, contract randomly chooses plan and restakes withdrawable balance. For those who wish to promote the benefits of worldwide, a referral program is provided. The referral program consists of 3 levels – 5%-3%-1 BUSDVerse Features Simple User Interface There are a lot of platforms using Yield farming. However, in most cases, they are very difficult to use. Because of this, they are not available to most users. offers a simple and easy-to-use user interface, which makes the platform very user-friendly and intuitive. High Profit The high return of 525% in a random investment plan attracts many investors to BUSDVerse . Dapp offers from 4% to 16% per day depending on the investment period. Easy Deposit  provides a simple deposit function.  You don’t need to be a DApp expert. The presence of a crypto wallet is the main requirement. Safe Investment As mentioned earlier, DeFi protocols carry increased risks. However, the BUSDVerse protocol and smart contract are protected from any vulnerabilities, fraud, and errors. is fully transparent and secure. BUSDVerse successfully passed an audit from . No vulnerabilities, backdoors, or any scam scripts were found in this project. Around-the-Clock Support has a 24-hour customer support service, ready to answer any questions and solve all problems. Users can contact the support service of BUSDVerse in Telegram group and other social media accounts. Why it is necessary to invest in BUSDVerse Yield farming offers many opportunities and has excellent prospects. We created BUSDVerse to contribute to the development of blockchain technology and take advantage of all the opportunities that this technology offers. There are many good reasons why you should choose Yield farming from . But the biggest reason is that it safely provides the highest returns in the  Binance Smart Chain. It is a safe and reliable application with a guaranteed high return on investment.

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Geeq granted a US patent for the protocol’s security and scalability features

Geeq, a Canada-based blockchain company, has been granted a patent in the United States for features of its multi-blockchain, layer-zero protocol’s security and scalability systems, according to a press release. Details found in the patent’s application describe a technology termed “Proof of Honesty,” which is Geeq’s alternative to predominant proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms. Additionally, Geeq alleges that its system of federated blockchains is able to ensure security and achieve “infinite scalability.” According to the patent application: “If there is at least one honest node, it will write an honest block to a valid chain. Users are able to discover honest chains and will always choose it for their transactions. Dishonest chains become orphaned.” Geeq also claims that having flexibility built into the protocol, which can create additional chains during periods of increased network activity and then merge chains when transaction volume decreases, keeps the cost of transactions more affordable as well as 99% Byzantine fault-tolerant. In the press release, Geeq CEO Ric Asselstine noted that gaining the approval of the patent “marks a critical point in time for Geeq as we push forward aggressively with the development of transformative solutions for previously intractable problems.” One of these “previously intractable problems” is the poor user experience when using blockchain technology due to the complexities of interacting with smart contracts. Geeq noted in the press release that instead of having users interact directly with smart contracts, a suite of applications that facilitate the most common types of transactions makes it so that “the end user is able to focus on what they gain rather than worry about potential exploits, complex coding dependencies, or the downstream effects of governance decisions.” In a company blog post, Geeq stated that its launch strategy would not include a private nor public beta but would instead consist of soft-launching features as they are developed and fixing bugs as they are found  — reminiscent of Telsa’s software updates that rollout new features over time or security fixes included in every iOS update. Geeq has also received funding from major players in the space such as GEM Capital, which committed $25 million in August 2022. Geeq CEO Asselstine said with this funding, the company/protocol is now “ready to bring enterprise and individuals into the metaverse and Web3.”    

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Aave Price Action: Bearish Pull Forces AAVE To Resist Drop To $74 Level

AAVE has been showing hints of recovery today which is quite the opposite of its figures a few hours ago. AAVE shows signs of recovery as price climbs by 7.35% Coin generally bearish but the bulls are now attempting to take over AAVE breaches $77.53 level This could be due to the general crypto market recovering too as of press time. Will this be for long term? The coin has been generally bearish as it resist falling into the $74 level. Key support is now spotted at the $73.65 level and resistance is present at $77. 52. Evidently, AAVE is seen to be moving downhill earlier as it failed miserably in breaching the $77.53 level. At this point AAVE is treading the bearish route for short term. Judging by the 1-day price analysis, it is moving downwards as triggered by the uptick in selling pressure. If the selling pressure subsides, then AAVE price could shoot way up which is happening right now. Chart: AAVE Price Climbs By 7.35% According to CoinMarketCap, the coin’s price has skyrocketed by 7.35% or trading at $79.64 as of press time which means it has successfully breached the $77.53 level that it has been trying to do so for the past couple of days. The Bollinger Bands Indicator higher band is now seen at the $78.63 mark which is now the key resistance for AAVE while the lower band is seen at the $73.83 mark. More so, RSI has previously manifested a decline to 40 but has shown recovery and is now looking more balanced. The 4-hour price chart reveals that the bears have been dominant for many hours but the bulls are now taking over. Previously, the sharp decline of AAVE has caused a devaluation of price down to the $73.22 level which has been a good sign to the sellers. Related Reading: Polkadot Price Watch: What A Drop In This Key Area Can Mean For DOT? Price Likely To Build Momentum AAVE price is seen to be generally bearish due to its sideways consolidation but is seeing an uptick now and making some room for the bulls. The price has plummeted by $74.34 yesterday but it has now found its mojo and on its way to making more gains. Momentum will likely build up in the coming days. At this point, AAVE is expected to continue trading in its current range for the next 24 hours. However, the scenario with AAVE/USD still looks like a tug-of-war and anything can happen at this point as either the bears or the bulls can get exhausted and propel the coin to move either way in the coming days. Related Reading: Uniswap Price Watch: UNI Registers 16% Rally In Last 7 Days AAVE total market cap at $1.12 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from AMBCrypto, Chart: