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Binance obtains crypto license to operate in France

Binance, the popular crypto exchange & blockchain infrastructure company, confirmed earlier this month that Binance France SAS has been granted a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) registration to operate in France by Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) which regulate the French financial markets. The attainment for Binance represents its first DASP registration in the European […]

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Bitcoin Slips Below $40k After Hostile Statements From Fed

Bitcoin, the flagship crypto slipped below $40K after the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States made hostile comments. Powell stated on Thursday that at the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee meeting, the Federal Reserve will consider raising the benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points (0.5 percentage point). Bitcoin Slips Below $40K It was just a few days ago that the leading cryptocurrency hit a high of about $43,000, its highest level in over 10 days. This was an especially surprising price given that the asset had fallen to a monthly low of just $39,000 earlier this week. BTC, on the other hand, was roundly rejected at its local peak and quickly reversed course. The asset’s value plummeted to $40,000 in a matter of hours. As the bulls lose the $40,000 support level, a level that has yet to be established as a meaningful line this year, the most valuable coin has no shortage of negative mid-term predictions. Bitcoin’s price failed to retain the important levels of $41,500 and $40,000 despite a strong negative control. Bears are expected to aim for the $38,536 swing low from Monday, which is a clear objective for those still in the trade. If the swing low is breached, the BTC price may be disappointed and fall back to low $36,000. As a result, bitcoin’s market capitalization has dropped to $750 billion, after briefly surpassing $800 billion earlier this week. Related Reading | Why A “Boring” Bitcoin Could Be A Good Thing Buy Or Sell? BTC price has to open above $44,088.73 on Monday, as a Macron victory will cause the Greenback to fall further, allowing for further upside possibilities. Add to that the fact that news from Ukraine is becoming increasingly second-tier and receding into the background, indicating that talks are still ongoing and a solution might be reached at any time, as Russian military efforts are now focused solely on the west, rather than the entirety of Ukraine. The French election is the major event risk this weekend. If Le Pen, a far-right candidate, defeats Macron in the election, expect a huge market shift and shock on Sunday evening and Monday in the ASIA PAC session. Currently, investors are ‘waiting and watching’ to see how the supply-demand situation will react to the support area. Since late January, the BTC price has been trading in a ‘rising wedge pattern,’ as shown on the weekly chart. BTC/USD trades at $39k. Source: TradingView A bounce-back is expected at the price from the current level with the bulls targeting the 51,000 mark. However, in this course of the journey, the bulls must close above the 50-day EMA (Exponential Moving Average) at $43,071. Related Reading | Is Bitcoin Gonna See Another Big Drop Soon? Historical Trend May Say Yes Featured image from Pixabay, chart from

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Global Integration for Ukraine’s QMALL: Crypto License & Payment Gateway Authorized by EU Regulators

It seems there’s hardly a month goes by when we don’t hear at least some exciting news about Ukraine’s QMALL crypto exchange. For example, the company recently announced plans to launch its own metaverse by the end of 2022, and if that weren’t significant enough, there will also be a QMALL crypto exchange within this metaverse. However, the news that EU regulators have just awarded QMALL a cryptocurrency license and payment gateway is the most exciting to date. In short, receiving the EU’s thumbs-up has just provided QMALL with an open door to the wider world, and for such a relatively young company, this is an impressive achievement. QMALL was founded in 2021 by Ukrainian blockchain and crypto visionaries Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa. The company’s resume was already pretty impressive, having managed to become Ukraine’s first government-regulated crypto exchange and gain a solid reputation for safety, ease of use and low commissions amongst the crypto community. Led by two of the most influential players in the industry, it’s no surprise that the company has big plans and dreams of becoming the world’s go-to cryptocurrency exchange. With a Eurozone trading license and payment gateway, QMALL’s dreams have just become one step closer to becoming a reality. Lithuania: a door to the Eurozone Harnessing plans to become not just another crypto exchange but the world’s number one exchange means QMALL needed to find a door to the world. The company found this door in the small Baltic nation of Lithuania. By registering as UAB QMALL in Lithuania, the company has now been officially recognized as a European entity and must comply with EU rules and regulations. QMALL has been officially registered as a “Virtual Currency Exchange Operator” and “Depository Virtual Currency Wallet Operator” by the “Financial Crime Investigation Service” under “The Ministry of the Interior of The Republic of Lithuania”. As a result of this registration, the company is legally required to adhere to the EU’s strict laws on transparency, data security and reporting of any suspected money laundering activities. Now legally bound to these regulations, this will undoubtedly boost overall confidence in QMALL as a brand people can trust. New trading strategies for QMALLERS An almost immediate benefit of QMALL’s registration will be its users having the ability to trade in Euro pairs. As soon as its European payment gateway is connected, traders can apply a variety of new strategies to improve their profit-making chances. Also, since most of the crypto-world will also soon have the ability to use the QMALL token, thousands of new users will no doubt be attracted to the service. As a result, it’s safe to say users of the service can shortly expect to see a significant increase in the tokens’ value. Opportunities everywhere at Sophia Antipolis Another boost for QMALL is the company teaming up with Sophia Antipolis. If you’ve never heard of Sophia Antipolis, it’s a place in southeastern France many refer to as the French Silicon Valley. Sophia Antipolis is home to more than 2,500 companies across 2400 hectares. It hosts numerous successful startups alongside many major global brands like IBM, Samsung and Cisco Systems. The opportunity to meet with and even cooperate with some of the world’s top tech companies is now within QMALL’s reach. To infinity, and beyond: Europe’s largest launchpad! QMALL is already making an impact at Sophia Antipolis, announcing the creation of Europe’s largest launchpad. For those that don’t know, a launchpad is a platform for launching cryptocurrency projects. Typically, people who invest in a project’s digital assets in its early stages experience the highest returns. And it isn’t uncommon to see life-changing returns of a hundredfold or more. The QMALL team is planning weekly or bi-weekly launches of new projects starting almost immediately. As a result of there being more projects available, many more people will have the opportunity to get involved in a project in the early stages. In addition, this massive project will help many startups gain the financing they need and provide more Ukrainian companies access to the European market. Looking good for QMALL Now with a gateway to the global crypto market, it seems like there’s no end to QMALL’s meteoric rise. The tokens’ value will continue to increase, and the founders’ dream of becoming the number one exchange looks likely to be realized sooner than we think. As a result of this news, we are likely to see thousands more traders attracted to the 100,00-plus already using QMALL’s services.  

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CELED by Stephen Vineburg as a symbol of NFT art revolution

Stephen Vineburg, an artist from the UK, launched his NFT artwork CELED as both a unique NFT and digital phone-based AR filter, that brought 3D life to a still image. CELED is an amalgam of elements of ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by Eugene Delacroix from 1830 and ‘The Wreck of the Medusa’ by Theodore Gericault from 1818. The main idea of the art piece is an observation on extant affairs, where despite all the chaos and distress that is being experienced by society, our leaders are perhaps more focused on their own vanity than providing leadership. About Stephen Vineburg Stephen Vineburg has developed a conceptual art practice with a focus on using AR to explore contemporary issues. In 2021 Stephen was the artistic partner for “Suspension”, a digital art project which addressed the digital paradox of the duality of isolation and connection. It was launched in partnership with the European Cultural Academy as a collateral event to the Venice Biennale. Stephen is an art historian with a multifaceted personality and has interests in art, film, music, and business. In 2018, Stephen was an Executive Producer of the award-winning, independent film, ‘Emu Runner’ which had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Stephen believes that the NFT market will soon move away from pieces that simply showcase the digital technology, to using the art form to make provocative artistic statements, and that CELED is a first mover in that direction. What makes CELED unique CELED is a result of Stephen’s interest in the exploration and re-interpretation of classic artistic images as a way of addressing contemporary issues. Stephen says the project is predominantly about a few things: developing a conceptual art practice with a focus on using AR to explore contemporary issues and experimenting with movement between the physical and digital worlds. A unique feature of the piece is that it uses the full range of the animation provided by the NFT and AR technology to make an engaging art piece, that is also making an artistic statement. In many cases, the NFT art space is either populated by cartoon characters or is merely showcasing the digital animation technology, but in both cases ultimately bereft of artistic statement or meaning. The NFT is an amalgam of elements of ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by Eugene Delacroix from 1830 and ‘The Wreck of the Medusa’ by Theodore Gericault from 1818. Hence the figure of ‘Liberty Leading the People’ with the French Tricolor has been replaced by ‘Celebrity’ and the Tricolor replaced by a selfie. CELED is a result of the evolution of Stephen’s art path starting from physical pieces all the way up to NFTs, which represents constant growth and transformation. Explore his artwork on Foundation.  

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The QMALL Crypto Exchange To Launch the Biggest Launchpad in EU and Add Euro Trading Pairs

QMALL keeps going strong and surprises its customers with a rather pleasant announcement as it’ll be soon receiving a license in Europe. The exchange created by Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa in 2021 has already proven itself as a top exchange worldwide with over 100k users already partaking in it. On top of its already crushing global success, by the end of March, QMALL will head to Sophia Antipolis, the French analogue of Silicon Valley, where the largest Launchpad for European projects will be set in place by QMALL. Launchpads are platforms for launching cryptocurrency projects and a trend that has been rather prominent in the crypto sphere recently. By purchasing the project’s digital assets at its earliest stages, investors can potentially earn tons of money. In this particular sphere, since earnings have no real limit, when a project is truly successful investors see their invested sum grow hundredfold. According to the QMALL team, new projects will see the light of day through this Launchpad every week. This process will effectively promote startups and business launching, because for once, people will have enough chances to get started and not be stuck in a loop of “apply but there’s not enough spots.” The launchpad is bound to bring with it a lot of growth potential and open up opportunities for those in need, it’s the key that many couldn’t previously afford but can now finally grasp. On top of that, since a European license will be given to QMALL and it’ll be moving to France, the team has also announced the launch of a trading pair with the euro. It’s quite safe to assume that there will be a significant increase in the price of the QMALL Token seeing how many things are about to come in place in the near future. QMALL and Its Products QMALL creates innovative products that make the process of paying and accounting for cash and non-cash payments simple and convenient. Thanks to its features and innovative ideas, QMALL has reached the top and became the first in its niche. Millions of users of the exchange are there for the convenience and reliability of its products. QMALL aims to become the very first cryptocurrency exchange to launch its own metaverse. The digital world knows no limits and the metaverse goes perfectly well with digital assets, it only makes sense doesn’t it? QMALL’s Benefits Low fees: the specific amount depends on a number of factors, in particular, on the trading pair, the volume of transactions, etc., and ranges from 0 to 0.5%. Depending on the currency, commissions for deposits and withdrawals can vary from 0 to 2%. Security:  QMALL uses automatic DDoS protection, creates daily backups, and makes it so that two-factor authentication (2FA) is a mandatory security requirement for clients. On top of that, 98% of the funds’ storage is carried out in a “cold” way. In other terms, QMALL keeps its customers’ assets offline. Modern trading tools: QMALL not only offers a wide range of tools that would typically be necessary for an experienced trader, such as advanced charts, but is also perfectly adapted to the needs of beginners by maximizing convenience, simplicity, and clarity.


Sanctions Bite – Netflix, American Express, 2 Major Accountancy Firms Reject Russia

As sanctions bite, Netflix – the world’s largest streaming entertainment provider, American Express, and prominent accountancy firms KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers – severed connections with Russia on Sunday, over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The statements on Sunday follow the closures or discontinuation of operations of a number of major Western companies, including Nike, Ikea, and French […]

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EU Vows To Stop Russia From Using Crypto To Avoid Sanctions

ECB Says Crypto Regulation Will Be The End Of Putin As Fears Persist On Russia Using Bitcoin To Bypass Penalties

The European Union and the United States are now turning to consider the possibility of preventing the Russian government from using crypto to evade financial sanctions. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Wednesday that the 27 EU countries were already taking those measures. “We are taking measures, in particular on cryptocurrencies or crypto […]