Coinbase Abruptly Adds Support for 70 New Altcoins to Global Custody Service

Coinbase continues to expand its crypto footprint by extending custodial services support to dozens of altcoins for international customers. In a new announcement, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange says it’s adding 70 cryptocurrencies to its roster of 150+ assets that are part of the Coinbase Custody International cold storage trust in Dublin, Ireland. “These new assets […]

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What Is Play-and-Earn by BeaRex and Why It Is Revolutionary for GameFi

BeaRex has kicked off a new era for GameFi fans: the Play-and-Earn era (P&E). This approach takes into account the interests of all participants in the blockchain gaming ecosystem: those who want to play for money, as well as those who just play for fun. After all, the cheerful 2D runner was primarily created so that players could enjoy themselves in its universe, and if they can earn money from their skills and acquire resources in the process, all the better! In this article, we explain why making money in games is a revolutionary concept, what obstacles Play-to-Earn players currently face, and why BeaRex is absolutely the last word in blockchain gaming. The secret to the success of the world’s most popular games is having simple rules and the ability to play on mobile devices. BeaRex combines both of these in a game with a plot that echoes the famous Mario. The game’s main character is a bear who runs along an endless obstacle course, collects berries and other resources, and tries to escape from a dinosaur. The berries are needed to make smoothies, and what happens after the bear drinks it is really worth seeing! Depending on the ingredients, the world around him changes in the most unexpected way, and to predict the metamorphosis is quite impossible. The Main Ingredient of Success: Play-and-Earn GameFi, or monetized blockchain games, can prove to be a constant source of income for players. It has evolved into a surging technological trend over the past year, just as fresh and booming as decentralized finance (DeFi) was a couple of years ago. And this is no surprise, as GameFi combines three key ingredients — game mechanics, NFT, and DeFi — to attract millions of potential users. The GameFi phenomenon appeared at the junction of gaming and cryptocurrencies. DappRadar, which tracks blockchain industry activity, reported in November 2021 that games are responsible for about half of blockchain use cases. At the same time, about 2.5 million unique active wallets (UAW) are connected to decentralized applications (DApps) daily! The essence of Play-and-Earn boils down to the following: users receive tangible, and not purely virtual, money for developing within the game. This is a huge step forward for the entire gaming industry, since now ordinary players can reap profits by taking part in gameplay, and not just celebrity streamers. This significantly increases the number of people who want to play. And it’s precisely thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies that all this has become possible. BeaRex Eliminates the High GameFi Entry Threshold Despite the abundance of incentives to enter GameFi, there are still restraining factors. The main obstacle is the cost of entry. In order to get on board, you need to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. It is clear that this isn’t affordable for everyone, especially considering that many of the players flocking to Play-to-Earn are from poorer countries. In fact, in some places, playing a P2E game can bring in more money than working! Many players with respectable incomes cannot afford the exorbitant start-up costs either, even if they know they’ll be able to earn back their investment in the future. Moreover, people usually want to try out a number of different games and aren’t ready to immediately slap down several thousand dollars to be able to play something once in a while that they may not even end up liking. BeaRex’s Solution: Combining Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Original It is precisely due to the demand for an easy and flexible way to enter GameFi that BeaRex has developed a new, more advanced version dubbed Play-and-Earn. P&E is a hybrid model that includes both Play2Earn and Free2Play capabilities. This combination allows gamers not only to earn money but also play for free while increasing their skills and having fun along the way. Players can try their hand at short tasks to earn ‘karma’ so that they can take on more profitable tasks and grow their income later. BeaRex solves the problems of GameFi participants’ two main groups: investors and players. Investors want to put money into GameFi but often don’t have the time to play. In fact, they may not be interested in gaming at all! Players have the opposite problem: they love games and want to play but often don’t have the money to buy expensive game NFTs. BeaRex offers a solution: a player who doesn’t want to play for some reason can pay an experienced player a fixed price in tokens to pass through the levels for them. Thus, the investor receives passive income, while the player can enter the game and start earning with the investor’s character without buying an expensive NFT, which they may not be able to afford. But that’s not all! BeaRex is first and foremost a universe created for the pure enjoyment of playing the game. The main philosophy of the project is that everyone should be able to play, and when players are ready to make money, they can buy NFT Bears and switch to Play-to-Earn mode. Four BeaRex Game Modes Play-for-Fun: A completely free mode in which you can train and enjoy the game on a smartphone. All game progress can be saved and used in Play-to-Earn mode later. In order to start earning, the player must buy an NFT bear. Investor Mode: This is ideal for people who want to earn money from P2E but don’t know how to play or don’t want to. With the help of the order board, you can rent your Bear out to a more experienced player who will play it to pass through levels, collect gaming resources, and earn profits, which can be split between you. Play-and-Earn: This regime is for gamers who want to play the game and pass through its levels with their own bear. Everything is simple here: all the profits of your hard labor are completely yours to keep. Order Execution Mode: This is for players that have their own bear but see the benefit of taking a more powerful animal from an investor to earn more. The greater the player’s skill, the cooler and more profitable the tasks they can take on. Animated Series and the BeaRex Metaverse BeaRex is not just a game, but also an animated series! Work on an animated series based on the game has already begun. The first episode will be released at the end of 2022, and the entire first season will be available in 2023. The series will follow the adventures of bears from the very first NFT collection, which will be sold in mid-July of this year. Owners of the bears portrayed in the cartoon will receive royalties from series rentals. BeaRex Beta Launch BeaRex has already launched a beta version in an Instagram mask. A bright and absolutely mind-blowing universe awaits you here: collect berries, prepare smoothies, and save the world from dinosaurs, while earning money along the way or just playing for fun. There is currently a special offer for all game participants on Instagram: play the game in an Insta mask and earn 500 TRIP tokens. And all players will participate in a $5,000 NFT draw. Good luck in the game!   Image: Original

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Cardalonia Metaverse Project Integrates Adahandle Set To Release First Metaverse Trailer

Blockchain and metaverse gaming has become quite popular recently, and these games are gradually transforming the entire gaming industry with the introduction of non-fungible assets as tokens existing on the blockchain. Nowadays, gamers benefit from blockchain concepts such as NFTS to make games not only a source of entertainment but also a passive income stream. As metaverse games continue to explode, developers are constantly working on improving the utilities of the DAO tokens powering the metaverse games while also introducing more earning opportunities for players. Cardalonia is one such game built on the Cardano network. Cardalonia is a metaverse play-to-earn project being built on the Cardano blockchain. The Cardalonia metaverse is an engaging and fun virtual world where $LONIA DAO token holders can acquire 3D NFT avatars, land, socialize, play, trade, and participate in events to earn rewards. Cardalonia will allow players to build their own experiences on the metaverse. The project’s team intends to develop the platform into a decentralized, multi-player, and multi-chain ecosystem of multiple interconnected worlds. How Does It Work? $LONIA Token holders will be able to choose their fates in the Cardalonia ecosystem by purchasing a piece of land, which would determine the clan they belong to. There are four clans – the Originals, the Royals, the Lords and Knights, and the Peasants. It’s also important to note that you would need to possess some $LONIA tokens before you will be able to partake in the land pre-sale. Once users have acquired or rented a Land, players can start designing and building their experiences. Cardalonia makes it easier for players to build as each land will allow complete control of its play mechanics. ADAHandle Integration $LONIA Token Holders who have an active stake in the Cardalonia Staking Vault can choose to display their ADA handles on the Cardalonia Vault Leaderboard. Once the Cardalonia metaverse is fully launched, it intends to provide designated land on offer to serve the community for work, play, and wellness purposes. The in-game NFT assets are currently in development and will be released soon. Features of Cardalonia Cardalonia has several features on its metaverse platform to sustain the ecosystem’s utility and provide users value. Breeding Players can breed their current clan members to create new clans. These new clans possess unique and rare features that help increase players’ revenue. Cardalonia Marketplace This is an in-house NFT marketplace where users can list, buy, and sell their Cardalonia collectibles. In the marketplace, players can purchase land, buy and trade Avatars, as well as in-game power-ups and gems. The marketplace is currently under development. Staking Cardalonia recently launched its staking platform, allowing users to start staking their tokens immediately after acquiring them. Users can earn up to 25% APY on their staked tokens. The LONIA token LONIA is the native utility token that facilitates all transactions on the Cardalonia metaverse. There will be a total of 100 million LONIA tokens with a strong lock policy, meaning no further tokens will be created in the future. LONIA token holders will receive several benefits, including access to exclusive NFT drops, whitelist for clan drops, and access to exclusive experiences, perks, and items in the Cardalonia ecosystem. Holders can also vote on certain decisions that could affect the Cardalonia ecosystem. Staking rewards are distributed via the LONIA token. The token is also used to make purchases and pay land rent. How To Acquire $LONIA Tokens Interested early adopters can visit the token sale page to Acquire some Lonia tokens at the cheapest price before it gets listed on exchanges here Here are the token stats: 1 ADA = 13 $LONIA Tokens Sales duration= 6 Epochs Seed sales allocation: 15,000,000 tokens Minimum buy: 250 ADA    

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G-Link: GameFi Platform is Gateway to Web 3.0

To many, Web 3.0 can be intimidating to enter. G-Link makes blockchain mobile gaming accessible and brings Web 2.0 gamers into Web 3.0 through fun F2P P2E games. Nascent potential for P2E gaming Once a golden investment opportunity, the traditional gaming industry has slowed down and become crowded. Meanwhile, blockchain gaming is a sunrise industry with exponential growth potential. The revenue from gaming-related NFTs was US$4.8 billion in 2021, or around 20% of total NFT sales. In the same period, venture capital firms invested over US$4 billion in blockchain gaming to capture market share from traditional gaming, which is projected to have a value of US$268 billion by 2025. Accessible gateway to Web 3.0 games Designed to be beginner-friendly, G-Link’s mobile blockchain gaming platform will allow gamers, game developers and investors to interact directly, and together create a better Web 3.0 gaming community that surpasses the limits of traditional gaming. Newcomers need no knowledge of Web 3.0 and only have to register for a simple account like in Web 2.0, making it easy to get started in Web 3.0 and access any games on G-Link’s platform. To begin with, G-Link will be releasing 4 casual to mid-core mobile P2E games in 2022: Kartopia, a racing game; Card Master, a strategic collectible card game; SPE Colony, a simulation kingdom-building game; Coin Fishing Frenzy, an arcade-type fishing game. At the same time, G-Link is in talks with over 10 developers to onboard and publish more varieties of games on the platform. With an ever-expanding gameverse where mobile gamers will be spoilt for choice, the G-Link platform is designed to support exploring new games to enjoy. Activities on the G-Link platform are underpinned by the GLINK token, which functions as a layer 2 solution for overcoming low throughput and high gas fees. By handling the interfacing with ETH and BSC blockchains, GLINK tokens allow blockchain gameplay mechanics to improve to the level of traditional games, in terms of interactivity and fun. GLINK tokens also provide the platform liquidity to support interoperable cross-game asset trading. Through the GSwap feature, gamers can exchange between in-game currencies and securely transact items with others. Essentially, GSwap means that gamers are free to jump from game to game whenever they want, and still retain their earnings and effort. To empower smaller game developers to create their dream blockchain game, the G-Link platform includes a GameFi incubator that provides funds from community crowdfunding and G-Link’s own allocated funds for driving innovation. Through the incubator, gamers can be directly involved in making the games they want to play, while investors are immediately able to back diverse projects with assurance that the investments are used as intended. Chief Toad NFT: VIP perks on G-Link platform G-Link’s genesis NFT collection, Chief Toad, will allow holders to have VIP privileges on the gameverse platform. As a utility-first GameFi NFT, Chief Toad’s benefits include being able to create guilds in the gameverse, enjoy early access to games in beta and virtual land sales, and higher in-game earnings. The Chief Toad NFT collection will be minted from 5-7 July 2022. The total supply is 10,000, and the pricing will be 0.08-0.1ETH. Check for mint details through the official website: IDO for GLINK token G-Link will be holding the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of its GLINK platform token in August 2022. The GLINK token uses the ERC-20 standard, and the supply stands at a total of 1 billion tokens. Every transaction on the G-Link platform will be enabled by GLINK tokens: GSwap – Seamlessly trade between in-game currencies Provide seed investment to back your dream game DAO voting rights Staking in liquidity pool Purchase of in-game assets, NFTs and virtual lands Holders of the Chief Toad NFT can enjoy extra benefits leading up to the IDO, namely a higher percentage of airdrops and guaranteed whitelist for the pre-sale. For updates and announcements about the GLINK IDO:

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Do Guilds Hold the Future of Blockchain Gaming?

Many people believe that Web 3.0 and blockchain technology will be a revolutionary force that will change our lives forever. Technology has already made substantial advancements in various fields, including financial products and entertainment. Online gaming, in particular, has had a massive impact with digital assets being incorporated into traditional gaming. This market segment has established itself as GameFi and its popularity has spawned the rise of Web 3.0 gaming guilds. Guilds are not a new concept and have existed for decades. They are, at their core, groups of players who work together to obtain higher rewards by playing games in teams or sharing resources. Guilds offer a collaborative experience enjoyed by millions around the world via various online gaming communities. As the GameFi industry grows, guilds are creating remarkable value for their members and the industry as a whole. Introducing the Newest Addition to Blockchain Gaming Method MetaGuild is a blockchain gaming guild and a joint venture between Everyrealm and Scott McMillan from Method. Everyrealm is a well-known developer and investor in the metaverse real estate ecosystem while Method is one of the largest multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO and RPG) esports organisations. Using its following, Method aims to build a global community where gamers, creators, and players can maximise opportunities for growth while shaping a future where everyone in the metaverse is rewarded for their contributions. It aims to achieve this by focussing on providing education and competitive opportunities as well as providing a platform for members to create and collaborate with each other. While gaming guilds, like MMG, are not new, their presence has the potential to help blockchain games achieve greater adoption. Guilds provide all gamers with a way to feel rewarded and connected to other gamers. They can create more engaging experiences by interacting with other players than they might be playing alone. Guilds also allow enthusiasts to create opportunities from their gaming skills, which have previously been limited to professional gamers and esports. As a result, this might be a significant step forward for the entire ecosystem, as it offers rewards that were exclusive to a niche community in the industry. What does this signify for gaming in the future? Guilds will also benefit the blockchain gaming ecosystem by increasing player numbers and strengthening the social aspects of gaming. Furthermore, with more tools and resources at their disposal, both creators and players will be able to spend more time doing what they love: playing or creating video games. Increased player numbers will make it more likely for bigger and better games to be developed, which will in turn attract more players, who can also be rewarded for playing these games in addition to having fun. This virtuous cycle will help blockchain gaming as well as various gamers, creators, and contributors grow which then leads to better graphics and storylines, and thus leads to more players. Guilds will play a key role in the future of gaming and serve an integral role in GameFi as a whole. In the coming years, guilds will be at the centre of the Web 3.0 revolution of the gaming industry.

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Developers on Immutable X now ‘passwordless’ sign-in with Magic integration

The team of Magic, providers of an SDK that integrates with existing apps to enable passwordless web3 onboarding (no seed phrases), announced today that its passwordless email login has now been integrated for those looking to build with Immutable X, an L2 scaling solution for NFTs. By relying on Magic’s SDK a developer can integrate […]

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American Restaurant Chain Chipotle Starts Accepting Crypto Payments In The US

Uber Will Accept Bitcoin When It "Becomes More Environmental Friendly" – CEO Khosrowshahi

Merchants, corporations, and Fashion houses have decided to bet on crypto and innovation. Chipotle is the latest merchant to join this train as it now accepts crypto payments. Chipotle Now Accepts Crypto With The Help Of Flexa A leading restaurant chain renowned for its Mexican cuisine, Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), now accepts crypto payments for […]