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Hammer Time: The Bullish Signal That Could Save Bitcoin

Bitcoin price is still struggling to hold onto support at $30,000 on high timeframes after smashing through it more than a week ago now. With buyers stepping in after the plunge, there is a chance for bulls to stop the downside with a bullish reversal candlestick setup. Learn more about the potential setup and find out if it’s “hammer time”. A Bullish Hammer Could Put A Stop To The Bear Market You wouldn’t necessarily know it by the ultra bearish sentiment or the recent plunge and resulting panic across the crypto market. But if you look at medium timeframe price charts, Bitcoin bulls could be preparing out a stop to the bleeding and stage a bullish hammer reversal. Related Reading | This Expanding Triangle Pattern Could Be The Last Hope For Bitcoin Bulls Japanese candlesticks are said to be developed by the so-called “God of Markets,” Honma Munehisa. Homna was a rice trader and wrote the first ever book in market psychology. Candlesticks are comprised of a body and shadow, often called a wick. They are typically depicted as red and green, or white and black (open and closed). Each candle includes information on the open, close, low, and high of the trading session it represents. How the candle opens, closes, and the highs and lows set during the session will shape the candle, and often provide information about what might be going on in the market — and what might come next. Could this hammer put a stop to bears? | Source: BTCUSD on The Technicals Supporting A Bitcoin Reversal Setup On BTCUSD weekly and 2-week timeframe charts, the top cryptocurrency is working on a bullish hammer. A bullish hammer is a characterized as having a long lower wick acting as the handle, a small upper body, and little to no upper shadow. Although the bullish signal only takes one candlestick to suggest a bottom is in, it is only confirmed with a strong follow through back to the upside. There are plenty of technicals supporting a reversal | Source: BTCUSD on Hammers are most effective when they follow a string of at least three down candles, and are supported by bullish technicals. The bullish hammer is happening at what could be the end of a wave 4 expanding triangle correction, according to Elliott Wave Principle. The MACD is retesting the zero line, much as it did during the wave 1 Black Thursday correction. Each bottom, also coincidentally touched the lower Bollinger Band before reversing to the upside. Related Reading | Bitcoin Bear Market Comparison Says It Is Almost Time For Bull Season Will this bullish hammer confirm, and stop the bloodbath from continuing? Here is a 🧵 on my full Elliott Wave analysis on #Bitcoin and why I don’t believe there is a bear market – and why I expect the last leg up any day now. — Tony "The Bull" Spilotro (@tonyspilotroBTC) May 15, 2022 Follow @TonySpilotroBTC on Twitter or join the TonyTradesBTC Telegram for exclusive daily market insights and technical analysis education. Please note: Content is educational and should not be considered investment advice. Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from

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Here’s What’s Next for Bitcoin and One Ethereum Competitor, According to Crypto Analyst Michaël van de Poppe

A popular crypto analyst is digging into the charts to see what’s next for Bitcoin (BTC) as well as one enterprise-grade blockchain platform. In a new post, Michaël van de Poppe alerts his 602,500 Twitter followers that he’s eyeing $29,300 as a key make-or-break indicator for Bitcoin. “Still watching the level at $29,300 for Bitcoin. […]

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NFT traders increasingly flocking to Solana


Solana NFTs saw $295 million in volume during April Integration with OpenSea has boosted entire ecosystem Near-zero gas fees and low barriers to entry mean new NFT traders increasingly flocking to Solana Not Okay Bears derivative on Ethereum highlights how far Solana has come NFTs exploded onto the scene in 2021, with $17 billion in… More

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Here’s How the Collapse of TerraUSD Will Impact Stablecoins, According to Bloomberg Strategist Mike McGlone

Senior Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone says algorithmic stablecoins relying on market growth may be done for the foreseeable future. In a new interview with Cointelegraph, the commodities strategist says that the recent collapse of Terra (LUNA) and its stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) taught the crypto community a lesson on the dangers of algorithmic stablecoins and helped […]

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Chainlink (LINK), VeChain (VET) and One More Altcoin Nearing Potential Trend Reversals, Says Top Crypto Analyst

Widely followed crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe says three popular altcoins are nearly ready to bounce back, starting with decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK). The crypto trader tells his 601,300 Twitter followers that while LINK’s price action has been worrisome, he’s predicting it finds support and ignites rallies in the near future. “Not the most […]

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TC Mediacoin: A Blockchain-based Crypto Economy Where Content Creators Are Offered Freedom, Control & Unlimited Earning Potential

We all know that when it comes to freedom of expression, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and alike haven’t always lived up to their promises. The landscape for creators is constantly changing with regard to what can and can’t be expressed, monetizing their content, and adhering to guidelines and rules policed by, well, who really knows? Therefore, artists, vloggers, influencers and entertainers have much to consider before creating and publishing their work to avoid being demonetized at best, or at worst, banned from a platform altogether, and all that hard work is simply thrown in the trash. One company led by crypto visionary, Sergey Sevantsyan, believes it has created the perfect platform where creators and influencers are truly free, and able to combine traditional ways of publishing and generating income with new opportunities like earning income from NFTs and crypto investments. Empowering content creators TC Mediacoin is a blockchain-based platform that empowers content creators by offering them complete freedom of expression and providing a multitude of ways to earn income rather than trying to control content creators. Here creators choose which content they want to monetize, are free to sell files, videos, create and sell NFTs, earn through coin farming and learn to trade in cryptocurrency. If you don’t know anything about NFTs, no problem, the company offers a turnkey service to help you create your own and sell them. And, unlike mainstream platforms, here there are no community guidelines, no moderators, and for audiences and followers in particular, no annoying popups or advertising on the platform whatsoever. The mission According to the company’s CEO, TC Mediacoin wants to unite the real world with the crypto world and take the fear out of investing in cryptocurrency. To achieve this the company has created its own mini crypto economy based on the already established MC coin, which everything else revolves around. To ensure this happens it has developed a range of useful products and tools to power this crypto economy, including a debit card program with payment available in both fiat and crypto, a marketplace for products and services, an NFT marketplace, and a soon to be launched crypto exchange. Education and training Although content creators can earn on the platform by doing what they do best, the company wants them to maximize their earning potential and also explore new opportunities. So, to help with this, Mediacoin offers free masterclasses on the basics of crypto investing and how to effectively use the platform’s tools and features to their full potential. After learning the basics, individuals can choose to pay for more advanced lessons offered at the company’s crypto school, taught by industry professionals. In addition, the company offers open presentations and talks about crypto and TC Mediacoin between 2-6 times per week in English, Russian and Spanish languages. How investing works Unlike other cryptocurrencies, individuals cannot mine or mint Mediacoin. MC coins can only be obtained through “staking”, which means an individual buying a coin. However, it is possible to invest in the company’s coin farming process and be rewarded for your investment according to tokenomics. Investing in this process takes time, with it taking between 5-8 years to create a new coin. Remember, this is a long-term investment, you’re buying a stake in the business – therefore, if you want to withdraw your investment early, expect a penalty of around 28%. However, on the upside, investors in the mining process can expect to receive 10% interest per month on their investment until the mining period is over. And, over this time, the coin’s value should have increased considerably. The Mediaverse Mediacoin plans to launch its own web version metaverse by June 2022, where people can learn, earn money and generally hang out and relax. Stars, influencers and followers can all interact together offering creators the opportunity to show off and sell their NFTs. Although June’s version will be in 2D format, a virtual reality version where glasses can be used won’t be far behind. To help raise awareness and promote everything that’s happening within the platform, TC Mediacoin has introduced an ambassador program, in which individuals can apply to receive a budget for promotional activities. The company hopes to build on its growing community by harnessing the power of its celebrity and influencer investors to maximum effect. The future? TC Mediacoin has taken a different approach to build a crypto economy which seems to be gaining a lot of traction. As long as humans are on this planet there will always be demand for content, thus, the company has a firm foundation to build on, unlike many other crypto projects.  

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BiFarms Network Announced the Launch of the Decentralized Multichain Yield Optimizer Platform and Tier-less Launchpad Ecosystem

BiFARMS has announced the launch of the all in one decentralized finance yield optimizer platform that’s focused on providing high yields on crypto assets. BiFARMS aims to simplify this process by creating a seamless and streamlined process for users to earn a rewardingly high yet modest APR in the easiest and safest way while ensuring sustainable growth within the BiFARMS platform across multiple farming ecosystems. According to the research, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) crypto market cap is estimated at $122.40B, at the time of writing. Statistically, it’s crystal clear that the DeFi sector is gaining a lot of traction as it continues to offer decentralized financial services with high yields to crypto investors. The emergence of DeFi has not only provided crypto enthusiasts with a new way of investing and wealth management but also complete control of their finances thus eliminating intermediaries from the system. With peer-to-peer relationships and self-executing “smart contracts” on the blockchain network, DeFi democratizes finance and replaces traditional centralized institutions like banks, brokerages, and more. Decentralized Finance leverages decentralized networks to reshape old financial products into trustless and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries. DeFi projects on the blockchain network provide easy and cheaper access to financial services, from banking, loans and mortgages, to asset trading. There are also decentralized yield optimizer platforms that allow users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. They are an on-chain asset management protocol that leverages data analysis and optimization techniques to automatically compound rewards to earn the highest compound interest rate possible. One of such unique DeFi yield optimizer projects is BiFARMS. Through a set of investment strategies secured and implemented by smart contracts, BiFARMS network automatically maximizes the user rewards from different liquidity pools  (LPs),‌ ‌automated market making (AMM) projects,‌ ‌and‌ ‌other yield‌ farming ‌opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem. The investment strategy tied to the platform’s vault will automatically increase the deposited token amount by compounding arbitrary yield farm reward tokens back into a user’s initially deposited asset. Users can un-stake deposited digital assets from the vault at any time and also withdraw generated assets at their convenient time. Revolutionizing the DeFi space BiFARMS consists of a wide range of unique solutions such as decentralized exchange, multi-chain yield optimizer, liquidity providing pool, yield-farming protocol,  staking program and all in one tier-less launchpad. BiFARMS is a decentralized exchange that connects users to trade cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer marketplace. It enables users to swap their tokens with low token transaction fees, and users stay in control of their private key when transacting on a DEX platform. By utilizing the BiFARMS multi-chain liquidity protocol, users are allowed to swap different tokens across all networks, thus addressing the issues of liquidity fragmentation and poor user experience for DeFi and web3. It also provides liquidity to exchanges, loans, and other DEFI applications. The transaction fees are distributed proportionally to all the liquidity providers in the pool, so the more crypto assets users stake the more fees they will earn. The multi-chain yield optimizer enables users to receive high yields on their crypto holdings while eliminating the cost and inconveniences of daily harvest. By deploying data analysis, automation and optimization methods, yield optimizers are able to help users earn the highest compound interest rate possible. Users can leverage DeFi yield farming of stable coins and other crypto assets on BiFARMS to increase their crypto earnings with their assets. Through staking programs, the decentralized ecosystem offers users the opportunity to put their crypto to work and earn rewards on it. When users stake crypto, they are chosen to validate transactions, and in turn, they receive those crypto rewards. BiFARMS is a decentralized tier-less launchpad that works on a first come first serve system. The IDO launchpad will help to engage and empower new crypto projects by raising funds and ensuring authenticity to investors. The launchpad also provides investors with a good list of all the reliable crypto projects to be launched. Spearheaded by Rohit Diwan, CEO of BiFARMS, the all-in-one DeFi yield optimizer project comprises a team with an extensive background in crypto and finance, directly inspired by already existing yield optimization projects on the Ethereum network. This ‌team‌ ‌of‌ ‌developers‌ intends to‌ nourish ‌the‌ ‌long-term ‌DeFi ecosystem‌ ‌and‌ ‌make‌ ‌it‌ ‌easier‌ ‌for everyone to‌ ‌participate within it.‌ BiFARMS network is also actively encouraging developers to participate and engage in the development of the project to make BiFARMS an even better product. What makes BiFARMS different from existing yield optimizers? Unlike traditional yield optimizers, BiFARMS largely distributes revenue back to those who stake the native utility token – $BFS. $BFS tokens are ‘dividend-eligible’ revenue shares in BiFARMS, through which holders earn profits generated by BiFARMS network and are given the right to vote on key platform decisions. The platform revenue is generated from a little percentage of all the vault profits and distributed to those who stake $BFS. Token holders can stake $BFM to either earn more $BFS in a BFS vault, or earn $ETH, $BNB, $MATIC, $AVAX, $FTM, $HT, $CELO, $ONE, or $MOVR in the native staking pools. What’s more is that the project has expert smart contract developers and financial advisors who meticulously test and review the platform’s vaults, investment strategies, new platforms and smart contracts before releasing them to the public. BiFARMS is flexible and operates on more than one blockchain including BSC, HECO and Avalanche. Through this expansion, the unique project will be exploring new methods of optimizing automation to secure the highest yields available. Moreover, by making the source code widely available for public testing, scrutiny, and experimentation, all forms of bugs within the BiFARMS ecosystem will be discovered rapidly. BiFARMS offers unique strategies that are non-existent in other yield optimizers. This includes liquidity pool pairs that are available only on the BiFARMS platform. BiFarms is a decentralized, multi-chain yield optimizer that focuses high yield on crypto holdings. All in one tierless launchpad. The best is that the BiFarms BFM presale is happening right now.