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A Fashion Show In The Metaverse?

What will hopefully be the first of many Metaverse Fashion Weeks will begin on March 24th, hosted on the popular meta gaming platform Decentraland. This is an exciting new opportunity for the fashion and tech world to witness and be a part of something never done or even seen before. It is apparent that Metaverse Fashion Week should not at all be a mere replication of real life fashion shows, but rather something entirely different. What is intriguing about this event is the possibility that the fashion industry enthusiasts who would normally attend runway shows looking their best, will now shift that creative effort into making their digital avatars look appealing instead. However, that doesn’t mean Metaverse Fashion Week is all about enjoying haute digital couture from the comfort of our homes, still wearing pyjamas while donning a VR headset (although, you could do that if you wanted). Outfits showcased at this innovative digital event may be available in the real world, too – and so Metaverse Fashion Week could become the catalyst for upping your style game in both the physical and digital worlds. Curating An Amazing Digital Atmosphere Fashion shows from dozens of brands from around the world will be presenting their finest digital offerings, and thousands will be able to experience it. Although the fun won’t stop at just shows – visitors will also be able to attend live music sessions at branded after parties and buy and wear digital clothing in Decentraland, directly from the catwalk. The four-day virtual event will also have an engaging array of showrooms, stores, and talks. MVFW is open to all, but purchases will be made via an Ethereum wallet. Certain brands may offer VIP access or front-row seats for holders of specific NFTs. But above all, it’s the atmosphere that will make MVFW what it will become. Luxury NFT marketplace UNXD who helped build Dolce & Gabbana’s NFT collection will contribute to the curation of the event’s programming. Opening New Doors for Fashion Brands More and more brands have been expressing interest in Metaverse Fashion Week since its announcement in December, and it’s not hard to see why. Having a spot within the very first MVFW will open new doors for fashion brands who are part of this historical moment in fashion tech. Many of the brands showcasing at MVFW could come out of it viewed as pioneers in the space. It also offers brands a safety net for trying out the tech behind a 3D virtual world platform for themselves on an open platform, before going all-in. Decentraland and the Sandbox are achieving notoriety as open metaverse platforms, providing plots of virtual land to investors who plan on building businesses within these worlds. Wear NFT Based Digital Clothing In The Real World Digital fashion brand Republique has recently deployed a team of designers who are helping a range of clothing brands digitize their items, a service that is now in high demand. Republique themselves will be selling NFT skins at MVFW, alongside other big brands. Hugo (part of Hugo Boss’ recent rebrand) recently signed with MVFW partner Boson Protocol. This will allow consumers to buy physical Hugo products inside of the metaverse, including at Metaverse Fashion Week. Another brand who are showcasing metaverse clothing that can also be bought physically is Faith Tribe, the decentralized NFT project of Parisian luxury Fashion Brand, Faith Connexion. Theirs is an open-source fashion design platform for the collaborative, decentralized production of fashion items. Through Faith Tribe, new and independent creatives can create designs that can be sold as the designer’s drop collection. These designs can then be minted as digital-only NFTs, or they can also have the physical version of their clothing item produced from quality materials. Faith Tribe wearable NFTs can therefore be showcased as a part of Metaverse Fashion Week, as well as in the real world – so if you wanted, you could wear the Faith Tribe jacket you brought at Metaverse Fashion Week to a party in the real world, and represent your style regardless of whichever world you’re spending time in. Many eyes are watching with interest at the phenomenon of blockchain intertwining itself with fashion to see where it’s headed next. Metaverse Fashion Week intends to establish itself as an official and recurring meta-fashion event creating extraordinary experiences. With the innovation of so many interesting brands contributing towards the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week, it looks like it’s on the right trajectory to fulfilling that legacy.  

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Next Earth Rises With $2.1 Million Raised From 3,100 Users

Traditional and digital asset markets alike have been rattled in recent weeks with steep downturns. But for Next Earth, this is a time of fast-paced growth. Next Earth’s NXTT token’s presale commenced on January 22 on Next Earth’s proprietary Launchpad platform, which provided a ticket-based system that the Next Earth community preferred for the token presale, in addition to the flexibility that enabled the most efficient and equitable distribution of tokens for the economy in the long-term. DEX trading started on January 27. In total, 3,100 users participated in the presale, raising $2.1 million. More than 400,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been minted, which will be used to reward users for creating content and engaging with the platform. Next Earth is the Earth’s original digital replica, which recently announced that its NXTT native token which is trading on Uniswap. After the initial trading on Uniswap, the plan is to list NXTT on multiple decentralized and centralized exchanges in the near future. Creating a more sustainable economy The crypto crash has actually been great for Next Earth. It’s shown that there is a real need for a platform like Next Earth that provides a more equitable and sustainable economy. 10% of the value of Next Earth transactions are donated to environmental initiatives such as The Ocean Cleanup, Kiss the Ground, SEE Turtles, and Amazon Watch. Next Earth has a strong focus on sustainability, and it’s one of the things that makes our platform so unique. We’re excited to see how the community grows and evolves, as they’re committed to doing everything they can to make sure that it’s a positive force for good. Beyond donating proceeds, Next Earth aims to ultimately evolve into a DAO-controlled, self-sustaining economy that gives back more than it takes. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is an organization that is controlled by smart contracts on the blockchain, rather than by people. Amidst a crypto crash, the metaverse stays strong As every crypto trader knows all too well, the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have plummeted, with some dropping by more than 50 percent. But while some investors are cashing out, others are looking to the metaverse for stability. The metaverse is a digital world that exists online and is populated by avatars representing real people. It is often compared to virtual reality, but the two are actually quite different. VR is a closed system that can be experienced only through a headset, while the metaverse is open to anyone with an internet connection. The metaverse has been around for over a decade, but it has only recently begun to gain mainstream attention. This is largely due to the arrival of blockchain technology, which has made it possible to create decentralized virtual worlds. Despite the crypto crash, Next Earth is still seeing strong growth, indicating that the metaverse offers more than just token prices. In a world where prices can swing wildly from one day to the next, the metaverse provides a safe and secure space where people can come together. So while some investors are cashing out, others are looking to the metaverse.   Photo credit: Tiny Wasteland

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No Point Separating the Virtual From The Real, Father Of Playstation Criticizes Metaverse Push

The creator of PlayStation is unimpressed by the metaverse. Ken Kutaragi, the father of Sony’s Playstation, has shared his thoughts on the metaverse narrative that is gaining traction. The former Sony executive believes the metaverse concept of dividing the real and virtual worlds is pointless. Playstation Inventor Unimpressed With The Metaverse In an interview with […]