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What Is FLOW Blockchain And Why Is The Price Up 100% In The Last 24 Hours?

Anyone looking at the charts will have seen FLOW due to the incredible rally that its price has been on. The digital asset has gone from being in the shadows to be on the radar of crypto investors after growing more than 100% in a single. However, lesser known is the reason behind this rally. In this article, we take a look at FLOW and what has triggered such an increase in price over the past day. Meta News Is The Catalyst On Thursday, news broke that Meta (formerly known as Facebook) was moving forward with its NFT plans. It was implementing an NFT feature for its sister platform Instagram across 100 countries. The platform had been going deep into the metaverse and NFT space, and the announcement did not shock the market. However, the long-time coming news came with a new player that had previously not been named in the plan. Related Reading: Why Bitcoin Investors Should Pay Attention To The Macro Environment Naturally, as NFTs need a blockchain to run on, Meta had to announce the blockchain that it would be using. It went against everyone’s predictions that the social media giant would use one of the leading NFT networks to implement this feature. However, it announced that the FLOW Blockchain would be its official partner to host the NFTs on its blockchain. FLOW trading at $2.7 | Source: FLOWUSD on The news of the announcement quickly circulated, and FLOW blockchain gained more recognition as a result. By the time the day was over, its’ price had already risen more than 100% to be trading above $2.50  as investors flocked to capitalize on this newfound fame. FLOW Continues To Rise It has been a day since the Meta news broke, but FLOW has not declined in any way. The digital asset has risen quickly as it garners more support from the crypto community. At the time the news broke on Thursday, FLOW had been trading at around $1.85. At the time of this writing, it is trading as high as $2.74. This registers as a new two-month high for the digital asset. FLOW blockchain was built by Dapper Labs and launched in September 2019. It has a strong community of supporters, as Dapper Labs had been behind the creation of CryptoKitties back in 2017. When it launched the NBA Top Shot, FLOW blockchain had garnered more attention. Related Reading: Bitcoin Funding Rates Turn Positive, Why The Rally May Not Be Over Despite this, though, the blockchain has not been able to reach a point where it was competing with market leaders such as Ethereum and Solana. However, Instagram’s popularity may yet make it a top contender. FLOW’s rally has pushed it upwards in the market. It is currently the 29th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $2.8 billion. This puts it ahead of cryptocurrencies such as ApeCoin, Algorand, and Bitcoin Cash. Featured image from The Coin Republic, chart from Follow Best Owie on Twitter for market insights, updates, and the occasional funny tweet…

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“Traps for Investors” – Maxim Kurbangaleev on Crypto Projects

"Traps for Investors" - Maxim Kurbangaleev on Crypto Projects

Crypto expert Maxim Kurbangaleev spoke about the fraud and tricks that investors fall for. A high-profile scam project worth $20 million: the RAC (Raccoon Network) token collapsed to its minimum value, and investors could not sell their assets. How come? Jointly with Freedom Protocol, the Raccoon Network crypto platform transferred $20.8 million to a third-party […]

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MYSTHEREUM, A Cutting-Edge NFT Venture, Has Announced The Launching Of “Messages To The World”

MYSTHEREUM, A Cutting-Edge NFT Venture, Has Announced The Launching Of "Messages To The World"

Vienna, Austria / JULY 29, 2022 / MYSTHEREUM is bringing together 277 outstanding artists, writers, and poets to cooperate on creating a single breathtaking piece of art, “MESSAGES TO THE WORLD”. It will be a collaborative effort as the first NFT Art book of its kind, yet each contributor will retain individual ownership. The people […]

Crypto News tabs Kyle Klemmer to become COO

Kyle Klemmer joins as COO, bringing 15 years of growing and running startups to Fortune 500 companies. Kyle quickly made a name for himself in the crypto world by leading several projects to over a billion-dollar market cap. His experience in corporate operations combined with an unmatched marketing mind made him the perfect fit to join Mech as Trey’s second in command in December 2021. is changing the conversation about play-to-earn games. After pioneering casual mobile gaming, Trey Smith is out to dominate the metaverse with Kyle bringing that vision to life. By launching Mech in phases they’re able to continually offer something new and fun to keep players engaged and coming back for more. This strategy has caught the attention of many big names who have already invested in Mech. Kyle lead the $6 million fundraising round that brought on the likes Yida Gao and Shima Capital, Jake Paul, and many other big names in the industry.  His ability to develop relationships and create win-win situations for people has brought on strategic partnerships that still have Trey scratching his head. One notable advisor is Justin Kan, the co-founder of the top video game streaming platform Twitch. Having Justin in their corner gives make an unfair advantage for developing the next revolutionary play-to-earn game. Kyle’s ability to find incredibly talented people and empower them to new reach for new levels makes him truly unique. He’s not so much a manager or boss but a leader you want to follow because you know wherever he goes, great things will happen. This has helped build a team of 27 incredible developers and marketers that work around the clock making Mech the best game in crypto and ensuring everyone knows about it. What’s really incredible is the trust and respect Trey and Kyle have for each other. Spend any time talking with them and you’ll see the seamless give and take that’s only possible when two high-caliber individuals come together for a vision far greater and more important than themselves. It’s obvious their focus and priority is always on moving Mech forward and making it the best play-to-earn game in crypto. is shaping up to be the crypto game that we all desperately want. They’re gearing up for the first battle royale-style tournament and with thousands of Mech NFTs already sold, you can be sure it’s going to attract a lot of attention from gamers in and out of crypto. Each AI-generated Mech is completely unique with its own abilities so we’re sure to see some great battles. What really sets apart though is their creator tools, a no-code gaming engine that will allow the average play to create their own mini-game inside of Mech and earn money as a creator instead of just a player. This also creates unlimited possibilities of expansion and gives every type of player a reason to join the Mech revolution. Be sure to check out their next drop and grab your Mech while you can.  

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SandStorm Announces The Launch Of Its Proposal And Bid Platform For Builders

SandStorm Announces The Launch Of Its Proposal And Bid Platform For Builders

SandStorm, a leading metaverse builder community, is delighted to announce the release of its highly anticipated proposal and bid platform. According to the SandStorm team, the new platform highlights builders based on Skills, Communication, Quality, Availability, Team Cooperation, and Deadlines. The platform operated in the virtual world allows brands to select contractors based on their […]