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Trade Activity Shows Ethereum Whales Are Seeking Refuge In Stablecoins

For a while now, Ethereum whales have been moving their coins around. This has been a direct result of the bear market that has caused investors to lose a significant amount of their portfolios. Even now, the crypto market is still being ravaged by declining prices. The result of this has been investors seeking refuge in tokens that do not see a lot of volatility, and Ethereum whales have not been left out of this flight to safety. Stablecoins Gain Favor Over the last 24 hours, the trade activity of the top Ethereum whales has shown a big shift towards stablecoins. These whales, who have usually been known to trade across a number of digital assets regardless of their volatility, are taking less risk during this time. The USDT stablecoin has been the number 1 token by trade volume for these top Ethereum whales. The average volume transacted by the whales came out to $267,328, even higher than the volume for ETH, which was the second-highest by trading volume. USDC featured in third place on this list, with an average amount of $89,180 over this time.  Related Reading: Bitcoin Sees Massive Decline In On-Chain Activity In the same vein, the stablecoins were at the top of the most purchased tokens over this time. USDT naturally led the list, while USDC was in second place. Interestedly, ETH did not take 3rd place as expected because Ethereum whales bought more SRM than ETH over this time period.  ETH price settles above $1,300 | Source: ETHUSD on On the topic of sales, the whales continued the trend of moving toward stablecoins. ETH was the most sold token over the last 24 hours, most of which had gone to converting ETH holdings into the more stable USDT and USDC. Ethereum Whales Want Stability Over the course of 2022, Ethereum whales have moved towards more stable options. While ETH continues to top their holdings, the change in their token holdings shows that these whales are getting ready to weather another bear storm. The start of the year had seen tokens such as Shiba Inu and FTX Token topping the holdings of these large investors. However, the tide has shifted so much in this regard that the largest token holdings of these whales are now in stablecoins. Related Reading: Why Most Public Bitcoin Miners Have Performed Terribly In Their Lifetimes Presently, USDC is the largest token holder of the top 100 Ethereum whales at $653.3 million (26.09%). It is then followed by USDT with a cumulative holding value of $575.14 million (22.96%). Shiba Inu still features highly on this list but is a long way from being the largest token held by these large investors. Given that analysts continue to warn investors that the bottom of the crypto bear market is not in, it is no surprise that these investors are looking for safety. If the bottom happens to be lower than already recorded cycle lows, then there is more pain to come. Featured image from CryptoSlate, chart from Follow Best Owie on Twitter for market insights, updates, and the occasional funny tweet…

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Polkadot Price Drops On Chart With Resistance At $6.80, What’s Next?

Polkadot price had touched the $8 price level before the bulls lost steam and fell on the one-day chart. DOT travelled 3.6% lower in the last 24 hours on its chart. Over the past week, DOT had gained some value, but most of that was nullified at press time. The Polkadot price was making a recovery over the last two days as it had declined before that. Buyers had stepped in during the recovery period. At the time of writing, however, buyers had exited the market again. The technical outlook for the coin was bearish, with sellers taking over the market. The support zone for Polkadot price stood between $6.16 and $5.52. A fall below the $5.52 mark could bring DOT down below the $5 mark. As Bitcoin’s bulls fizzled out in the market, most altcoins that registered gains also started to lose their bullish momentum. If demand for DOT increases on its chart, the coin can attempt to revisit its immediate resistance mark. If buying power continues to fall, DOT will return to its local price support line. Polkadot Price Analysis: One Day Chart DOT was trading at $6.29 at the time of writing. The bulls tried hard to defend the price of the altcoin at $8, but buying strength fell, and it caused the altcoin to fall on its chart. The Polkadot price will witness a tough price ceiling at the $6.80 mark as the coin has been rejected at that level a couple of times in the past. A move past the $6.80 level will help DOT inch near the $7.73 price mark. On the flip side, the local support level for the coin stood at $6.17 and a fall from that mark would push Polkadot near the $5.52 level. Over the last trading session, the amount of Polkadot traded fell, signalling declining buying strength. Technical Analysis DOT was displaying that there was a fall in buying strength on the one-day chart. For most of this month, Polkadot price witnessed increased selling pressure, which has caused the bears to eventually gain more strength. The Relative Strength Index was below the half-line, and that meant sellers were out in force compared to buyers in the market. Polkadot was below the 20-SMA line, and that can be interpreted as less demand. It also meant that sellers were driving the price momentum on the one-day chart. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Crashes To $19,000, But Stays Strong Against Other Assets DOT’s technical indicators displayed that selling strength had taken over the chart. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicates the price momentum and overall price action of the coin. The MACD continued to display red signal bars, which were also sell signal for the coin. Bollinger Bands measure price volatility and price fluctuation. The bands had widened as they reflected incoming price fluctuations for the altcoin. Related Reading: Ethereum Price Broke Out Of Descending Channel, What’s Next? Featured image from Publish0x, Chart:

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