Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Mike Novogratz Warns Crypto Traders, Says Altcoins at Risk of Another 70% Decline

Galaxy Digital CEO and Bitcoin (BTC) bull Mike Novogratz is issuing a warning to crypto traders, saying that altcoins could still see massive devaluations.  Novogratz tells his 463,600 Twitter followers that altcoins are at still risk of losing more than half of their value even if they are already down big from their all-time highs.  […]

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Billionaire Mike Novogratz Speaks Out on Terra (LUNA) Collapse, Says This Is What Caused $40,000,000,000 Wipeout

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz is breaking his silence more than a week after Terra (LUNA) collapsed wiping out billions of dollars. Novogratz says that the tightening of monetary policy by central banks contributed to the collapse of Terra (LUNA), a blockchain protocol focused on issuing algorithmic stablecoins. “This macro backdrop put pressure on Luna […]

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Here’s How the Collapse of TerraUSD Will Impact Stablecoins, According to Bloomberg Strategist Mike McGlone

Senior Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone says algorithmic stablecoins relying on market growth may be done for the foreseeable future. In a new interview with Cointelegraph, the commodities strategist says that the recent collapse of Terra (LUNA) and its stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) taught the crypto community a lesson on the dangers of algorithmic stablecoins and helped […]

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Blue Chip NFTs 101 – What Is The Proof Collective And Who’s Behind It?

The mysterious organization known as The Proof Collective defines itself as “a private members only collective of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists.” To join the Proof Collective someone would have to, you guessed it, own their NFT. So, in theory, anybody can be a part of it. In practice, though, the floor price for one of their passes is around 88 ETH at the time of writing. The size of the investment keeps the undesirables away. The Proof Collective is all about NFTs. Because it’s the law, they run a private Discord in which you can probably receive the biggest alpha available. The organization also provides NFT info via its social media, produces a podcast in which they interview the biggest names in the NFT world, and, reportedly, owns a huge NFT collection.  At least its members do. According to the website, those members own 153K NFTs, including 148 CryptoPunks and 817 Bored Apes. Who are those members?  We wouldn’t know for sure. Its founders are Kevin Rose, of Diggs fame, and illustrator Justin Mezzell. And it has been widely reported that the Proof Collective gave free memberships to digital artist Bleeple and motivational speaker and NFT millionaire Gary Vee.  Enter The Influencers In the following video, one of the Proof Collective founding members, Internet legend and Diggs co-founder Kevin Rose, says. “This is the very beginning of what’s going to be a multi-decade journey to build a new media company.”  He also promises that Proof will combat FUD that comes with success by constantly shipping product. Moonbirds holders can expect benefits, airdrops, and physical objects related to the nascent brand. What Is The Proof Collective? The Proof Collective NFTs’ main benefit is the world’s most valuable currency: information. Besides a social club of sorts, the organization believes in “group bottoms-up-driven research.” Plus, some members are early NFT adopters that own all of the projects you hear about on social media and are actively looking for the next one. If you play your cards right and the gods smile in your direction, that  Proof Collective NFT might pay for itself in a few months. The organization takes things one step further, though. As “a new media company,” The Proof Collective produces and releases its own NFT masterpieces. Their first product where the Grails, which mint was solely for the members of the organization and had the slogan, “20 artists. 20 unique pieces of art. Artist names revealed after the mint.” So far, they’ve unveiled art by Tyler Hobbs, Claire Silver, Mike Shinoda, Larva Labs, Rachel Ryle, and Gary Vaynerchuk among others. The Proof Collective’s second product was the incredibly successful Moonbirds, who conquered the world on a bearish market. “There are a total of 10K Moonbirds, they were issued under the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The mint price for each one was a whopping 2.5 ETH. That means that, at current prices, the Proof Collective made over $70M on that first day,” our report said. At the moment, the floor price for the Proof Collective NFT is 88 ETH, which at today’s exchange rate is more than $200K. And the prices of the listed for sale ones go up to a whopping 700 ETH. Currently, these NFT tickets sit at #17 in Cryptoslam’s “NFT Collection Rankings by Sales Volume” list. The project has sold more than $800K in the last 24 hours and more than $52M since the Proof Collective’s creation.  BTC price chart for 05/10/2022 on Gemini | Source: BTC/USD on We Need A Little Controversy Look, they don’t have any proof (no pun intended), but NFTethics suggests there’s something shady going on. “Some mentioned that we should check the purchases of proof collective, as many wallets only contains the proof collection and the floor is now 88 ETH. Wash trading is so common (…) these days that it’s not even noteworthy anymore.” 3/ Also nepotism is completely standard in the NFT space, so the fact that GaryVee (Gennady), his brother AJ, Beeple and some old friends received the Proof collective for free is standard. We saw quite a lot of other "old" friends that received the proof collective for free/$3. — NFT Ethics (@NFTethics) April 15, 2022 Wash Trading is the process of buying and selling an asset in order to increase its perceived price. “In some situations, wash trades are executed by a trader and a broker who are colluding with each other, and other times wash trades are executed by investors acting as both the buyer and the seller of the security,” according to Investopedia. Could the Proof Collective have done that? Maybe. But there’s no evidence, all of this is mere speculation. In Conclusion The Proof Collective entered the NFT space with a bang. The space has never seen an ascension this fast and a track record this clean. So far, they’ve done everything right. Does that guarantee future success? No, it doesn’t. But it certainly is impressive. Check the previous edition of the Blue Chips NFT 101 series, Solana’s “DeGods.” Featured Image: Proof Collective NFT, promotional image from their site | Charts by TradingView

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Bloomberg Analyst Says Says One Ethereum Competitor To Outlast the Rest, Makes Huge Long Term Bitcoin

Senior Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone says that one prominent Ethereum (ETH) challenger is on its way to prevailing over other ETH competitors. In a new Crypto Outlook report, McGlone says that smart contract platform Solana (SOL) is outpacing other so-called “Ethereum killers,” which should result in SOL securing its spot in the top five […]

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana To Resume Uptrend by the End of the Year, Says Bloomberg Analyst – Here’s Why

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone says that the blue-chip crypto assets are set to outperform other commodities by the end of the year. In a new interview on the Scott Melker podcast, McGlone says that leading digital assets Bitcoin (BTC), top smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH), and ETH competitor Solana (SOL) will resume their uptrend […]

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Next Earth is unstoppable: 12.5M USD strategic investment in Limitless, plans the largest Metaverse Fund

With this groundbreaking move, Next Earth is transforming the industry. The strategic investment Next Earth announced a $12.5 million strategic investment in Limitless, a few days after the Limitless announcement of their new Metaverse integrator service for brands and businesses. According to David Taylor, one of the core members of Next Earth and the token […]

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Ethereum May Rally To $3k If Bulls Hold On To Long Position

The price of Ethereum (ETH) was in bad health on Tuesday, falling almost 6% to the south and breaking below $2,800. Bulls, on the other hand, were waiting to jump in and buy ETH at a steep discount. The price of Ethereum is up 2.5% in early trading and appears to be heading back to $3,018.55, recouping Tuesday’s losses. Ethereum May Recover The price of Ethereum was stung by dismal earnings from Alphabet, Wall Street’s favorite tech stock, with Youtube losing market share to Tik Tok. Investors quickly rebalanced and reevaluated the situation, eventually shrugging off the news this morning because earnings are still strong, and no substantial reports on future losses were released. As a result of the spillover fall from Alphabet’s disappointment, the price of Ethereum is ripe for the taking, trading in the ASIA PAC open at a juicy discount just below $2,800.00. Bulls swiftly snatched up pieces of the price action and are poised to recoup all of Tuesday’s losses, putting the price back to $3,018.55. From there, it’s only a short distance to $3,163.35. If earnings reflect excellent news in the coming days, predict a buy-side explosion to $3,391.52, resulting in a 20 percent profit. ETH/USD trades close to $3k. Source: TradingView With Facebook’s numbers expected to be released this evening, a turnaround is possible. Expect a huge decline in the Nasdaq, which will drive cryptocurrencies to new lows, if Facebook surprises on the downside with lower user counts and less income from its publicity earnings. The price of ETH will decrease to $2,695.70 and then $2,574, representing a 10% loss. Related Reading | Will The Ethereum Merge Skyrocket ETH? Ethereum Merge Is A Concern There are a few concerns to be aware of, one of which being the approaching ‘Merge,’ which will see Ethereum switch from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake paradigm, resulting in a 99.95 percent reduction in overall energy consumption. Mike McGlone of Bloomberg explained: “The Merge, shifting Ethereum from a proof-of-work model to proof-of-stake, will convert Ether into an equity-like instrument with elegant supply/demand dynamics that could drive significant interest in the asset. Stakers of Ether (owners that validate) will be entitled to a share of future revenue (fees) generated on the network, with EIP-1559 dictating a portion of the fees (about 70%) should be burnt (akin to a buyback) and the rest distributed as a reward (dividend)” But, as McGlone warned, there’s still a lot that may go wrong with the ‘Merge.’ Because of crypto’s present link to risk-on assets like tech stocks, which have been witnessing a major selloff in April, the price prognosis for the immediate term seems bleak. As a result, McGlone does not rule out Ethereum falling to $1,700, its low from last summer. If the stock market declines further and lowers the tide for risk assets, Ethereum could repeat last summer’s performance and revisit about $1,700. Once the weaker, leveraged long positions were purged, Ethereum hit a new high around $4,800 in November. Ethereum faces headwinds along with most risk assets as the Federal Reserve fights the highest inflation in 40 years. We see the potential for stock-market reversion as a primary headwind for Ethereum.” Related Reading | TA: Ethereum Revisits $2.8K, Why Upsides Might Be Limited Featured image from Shutterstock, chart from