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Blue Chip NFTs 101: The World Of Women Collection, Including And Conquering

The World Of Women NFT collection has great marketing, strong leadership, and first-mover advantage. Plus, a flourishing community. Also, behind the punks and the apes, these ladies seem to have the biggest celebrity support. From World of Women’s partner Reese Witherspoon to Eva Longoria, to Bryce Dallas Howard; from Snoop Dogg to Gary Vee, everyone wants to be a part of the club.  Launched in July 2021, the WoW digital collectibles are technically ERC-721 tokens. The collection lives in the Ethereum blockchain, and its high-quality images are hosted on IPFS. Like most successful NFT collections, the images aim at becoming profile pictures or PFPs. The World Of Women consists of 10,000 unique algorithmically generated pieces. The collection’s main artist is Yam Karkai. Among other things, World Of Women holders get immediate intellectual property rights over the piece they own. And they can download a high-resolution version with ease to use it as they please. They become automatic voting members of DAWOW, the DAO that controls the World Of Women community. And they’re part of a club that each month receives “ArtDrops,” free NFTs from interesting artists from around the world directly into their inbox. Plus, they also get members-only discounts, raffles, pre-sales, and mint passes.  So, utility is strong in this NFT collection. The main reward, though, is being part of an organization that’s a net positive for women and inclusion worldwide. So far, World Of Women has donated over $250K from the collection’s royalties to women-centric charities all over the world. They even have their own nonprofit, Too Young to Wed’s “mission is to empower girls and end child marriage globally.” World Of Women also commits a percentage of their royalties to buy 1/1 NFTs from women-centric artists. Recent World Of Women Projects According to World Of Women’s About Us, this is the organization’s vision: “WoW’s vision is to build an inclusive web3 through its collection and community. According to research published in Nov. 2021, female artists accounted for just 5% of all NFT art sales in the prior 21 months. WoW is on a mission to change this.” The original World Of Women collection is only available on the secondary market, the floor price at OpenSea is 4 ETH and the collection has a total transaction volume of 70.8 ETH. Recently, the organization sold out its second collection, World Of Women Galaxy. Holders of the originals got a free mint and retail customers could mint them for 0.3 ETH. The idea was to lower the entry price to get new people into the community. Currently, the secondary market values the WoWGalaxy collection at a 0.47 ETH floor price at OpenSea. So, the entry price is still low. Related Reading | Blue Chip NFTs 101 – How Did Moonbirds Conquer The World In A Bearish Market? More recently, in March this year, World Of Women announced a partnership with the Sandbox metaverse. Both organizations launched the WoW Foundation with the objective of promoting diversity both in the NFT world and the metaverse. WoW & WoWG holders, if you’re interested in hosting meet-ups in your city but don’t know where to start – tag me on our discord! let’s do more of these 🤩 upcoming meet-ups –#WoWToronto : june 4th @nft_leen #WoWNYC : june 7th @mebynetta rsvp in meet-up threads!!! 👋 — kashvi 🦉 (@kashviETH) May 29, 2022 The organization has also created derivative pieces, like the Mother Earth Muse collection. For these limited-edition NFTs, they gave eight photographers the task of recreating some of the classic original WoW pieces. With actresses, in the real world. All of the profits from this endeavor went to the artists, the WoW community, and charity organizations. ETH price chart for 07/01/2022 on Poloniex | Source: ETH/USD on WoW As Art Collectors The WoWFund curates the collection, places bids, and acquires. The fund announces all of its moves through the organization’s Twitter feed. The funding comes from 15% of the primary sale royalties. The WoWFund’s focus is 1/1 NFTs, as opposed to generative art collections like World of Women.  Welcome to the @worldofwomennft Museum! ♀ A breathtaking shrine that will highlight the work collected by the WoW Fund, which aims to bring visibility to outstanding artists in the #Web3 space. Created by @nabiya_creative. Discover more! ⤵️ — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) June 27, 2022 The organization recently unveiled the World of Women Museum in the metaverse. The Sandbox described it as “a breathtaking shrine that will highlight the work collected by the WoW Fund, which aims to bring visibility to outstanding artists in the Web3 space.” 🖼 WoWFund June curation 🖼 We placed a bid on "Veiled Beauty" by @wafudraws, an artist from India 🇮🇳 “Paying homage to the Kishangarh school of arts, the signature graceful features, including arched eyebrows, lotus-like elongated eyes and pointed chin have been maintained.” — World of Women (@worldofwomennft) June 29, 2022 World Of Women ’s Real-World Impact The organization is committed to bringing more women into DeFi and Web3. Reportedly, World of Women will create an academy geared toward educating women and guiding them through this wild-wild world. The academy will focus on minority and underrepresented groups.  Besides that, the organization recently held a meetup in meatspace, more specifically in Los Angeles. The event was such a success, that WoW’s community manager tweeted: “WoW & WoWG holders, if you’re interested in hosting meet-ups in your city but don’t know where to start – tag me on our discord! let’s do more of these.” And announced a meetup in NY and another in Toronto. Huge thanks to @nft_leen and @NiSangria for organizing the first (and hopefully more) #WOWToronto meet up! Great atmosphere and amazing commity. @worldofwomennft — Sal (@i_amSamm) June 5, 2022 Last but not least, World Of Women recently closed its participation in the NFT NYC conference with a performance by no other than Madonna. What an honour to host #WoWFinallyEnoughLove, a celebration of Pride, on the closing night of NFT NYC with queen @madonna! 💜✨ Thank you WoW family for being a part of this journey, we hope you had the experience of a lifetime 🌈 — World of Women (@worldofwomennft) June 28, 2022 On the left there, Yam Karkai, WoW’s main artist. Oh, and speaking about celebrities… What Does Reese Witherspoon Have To Do With It? The actress’ production company, Hello Sunshine, signed “a storytelling partnership” with World of Women. The idea is to create “entertainment properties” based on their IP and produce a “live event” in conjunction with other women-centric NFT projects. Variety quotes Reese Witherspoon detailing the plans: Related Reading | Blue Chip NFTs 101 – Let’s Travel To Space With The Doodles Collection “We’re proud to partner with WoW to expand their universe of characters and to develop innovative scripted and unscripted content. We look forward to engaging with the remarkable WoW community at every step of this partnership and creating opportunities for WoW holders to work collaboratively with Hello Sunshine on transforming the WoW art into powerful stories.” Will something come out of it? Will the public react favorably to it? Hollywood is a harsh mistress, nothing is guaranteed. If Reese and World of Women succeed, though, it could translate into big things for this collection’s holders. The WoW story is just beginning. Featured Image: Screenshot from WoW’s website| Charts by TradingView

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Ethereum (ETH) Creator Vitalik Buterin Says Algorithmic Stablecoins Shouldn’t Be Dismissed

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Charles Stanton, CMO Bondly Finance on Rebranding to Forj Network

Bondly Finance and Animoca Brands have recently announced Bondly Finance’s rebrand to Forj. Previously the brand has led the way in the NFT space through several innovative partnerships and today we’re speaking directly to Charles Stanton, the Chief Marketing Office at Forj to learn more about the launch, what changes we can expect and how Forj is ultimately focusing on simplifying Web3 and forging strong fan and creator partnerships. Interestingly the launch is a result of an extensive rebrand undertaken over the course of the past six months led by leading brand design exports whose clients included Disney and Coca-Cola! Q: Can you please explain what Bondly Finance does? A: Bondly Finance is an end-to-end Web3 and NFT solutions provider, majority-owned by Animoca Brands, working with big brands and creators across a range of projects and campaigns leveraging our technology to meet their requirements. Q: What is the reason behind the rebranding exercise? A: Along with Animoca Brands we are committed to onboarding the next wave of consumers into Web3, and we knew Bondly Finance wasn’t the right brand for that in the long term. It’s far too centred on DeFi and the ‘finance’ angle doesn’t have broader appeal to the majority of creators and fans out there. For example, if you’re a top record label or a major entertainment brand, you are considering how your audience will respond to a partnership with us and it’s clear they will relate far better with a dynamic, energetic and adaptive brand like Forj than with Bondly Finance. Q: Will there be any difference in the goals of Forj, as compared to that of Bondly Finance? Absolutely, our focus is centred around fan and creator partnerships – the very epitome of ‘forging’ is the creation of something, whether a relationship or an experience. Through our growing number of brands (such as Metaprints and PolkaPet World) and partnerships with huge platforms like Spring and Bandsintown, we’ll be bringing fans closer than ever to the creators they love. Creators like Lewis Capaldi and many more are to be announced! Ultimately the goal is to be the leading gateway for broader audiences to experience Web3, whether through the metaverse or through ownership of an NFT that unlocks meaningful experiences. Q: How does Forj aim to help web3 adoption? A: We want to simplify Web3, and work with brands to unlock the potential to create incredible branded experiences in real life and in the metaverse. Adoption comes from simplification and focusing on what matters – the experience. The fact that the experience is powered by the blockchain shouldn’t matter, it’s how it can enable new and meaningful interactions between fans and creators, such as DAO governance, metaverse events, and exclusive access passes to meet the creators. Q: What are the immediate plans for Forj? A: We have a lot of big announcements coming, many centred around our relationship with Animoca Brands and our position in their group which is hugely exciting. Q: What will happen to $BONDLY and how will the holders benefit from this transition? A: The token, for now, remains unchanged and token holders should benefit from the impact of the string of announcements we have coming that will add utility to the token. Q: Are they any new products and partnerships planned under the Forj banner? would you like to give our readers a sneak peek into it? A: We’re working with Phantom Galaxies as their exclusive sales partner, which will be our first big exclusive announcement! We’ll also be launching a new product in the coming weeks which I’m super excited about. We also have some major new partnerships to be announced, it’s going to be a busy month… Q: Anything else you would like to convey to our readers? A: Only that this is just the start, Forj is a brand to meet the demands of the next wave of Web3 consumer and we’d love you to be a part of it. Check our new website for more

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The Liquidifty Platform Breaks the Borders and Create New Opportunities for Creators

The rapid development of the cryptocurrency and NFT markets has given rise to classic problems, such as an oversupply of products and limited liquidity. This problem has created the prerequisites for a certain crisis in the discovery and improvement of projects that move the industry forward and become in demand in the global cryptocurrency market. In the digital age, dozens of NFTs and P2E projects are launched every day with gigantic value but limited opportunities. Every day, dozens of talented and inventive creators create unique and valuable NFTs but dissolve into the mass of a rapidly growing market. The NFT arena is becoming an analog of Hollywood, where a thousand actors apply for one role. The Liquidifty platform was created to solve these and many other problems that continue to arise in the NFT market. Liquidifty is an NFT marketplace based on the BNB Chain. The main objective of the project is to solve problems with the supply of liquidity to the NFT market. The Liquidifty team has been extremely successful in overcoming the liquidity crisis for NFT projects. The project also successfully interacts with promising teams, creating a bridge between successful and profit-hungry investors and cool NFT projects. Thanks to the active work on the Liquidifty platform, more than 60 thousand users are registered monthly, and the total trading volume has reached $12 million. Thanks to the unique customization and promotion features, over 75.5 thousand unique non-fungible tokens have been created on the Liquidifty platform. Why do top projects and authors choose the Liquidifty platform to sell their NFT products? The wide and useful media functionality of the Liquidifty marketplace allows projects to significantly increase their audience through cooperation and collaborations with other well-known and already successful projects. In addition, the Liquidifty NFT marketplace cooperates with large funds, which allows a friendly project to receive additional injections from such industry “whales” as AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, DEX Ventures, ZB Capital, and Polygon Studios. The Liquidifty team works closely with leading cryptocurrency platforms such as KuCoin,, Liquid, BitForex, MEXC, and ZB, which makes it easy to list project tokens. Now let’s go through the specific features that make the Liquidifty marketplace a special place for all NFT projects. The Liquidifty NFT marketplace team gives a project or author a unique opportunity to create a full-fledged store of his NFT collections and mint NFT in just one minute. At the same time, the Liquidifty team provides the author with services for customizing the store and determining a unique design that will be associated with the brand of the project or the author. The project team is also provided with round-the-clock technical support from the platform team to launch the store quickly and efficiently. Liquidifty marketers will expand the classic tools for project promotion in the crypto community and attract new investors. The unique mechanics of the Liquidifty marketplace is the Launchpad system. Investors can purchase three types of passes: Liquid, Gas, and Solid, and get access to all the events that are held on the platform. The main feature of buying such a pass is a discount on the purchase of NFT tokens during sales. The second advantage of Liquidifty passes is the opportunity to earn more. During the IDO P2E game “Drunk Robots” the maximum allocation was limited, but it was extended for Liquidifty pass holders, which allowed users to earn more on IDO. And yes, the IDO game “Drunk Robots” ended with a complete SOLD OUT. In addition, the Liquidifty project often holds contests and giveaways among pass holders, and also provides early access to rare events. The Liquidifty platform also works as a classic marketplace where users can create NFT and sell due the ranking NFT system. The team pays great attention to the preparation for IDO, INO, or Launchpad. First of all, each project that is going to hold events on Liquidifty undergoes a thorough check to protect potential investors-participants. For projects hosting events on Liquidifty, the platform team arranges a maximum marketing explosion to attract a new audience. Almost every project presented on Liquidifty holds AMA sessions and gleam campaigns. This allows you to increase audience engagement, as well as increase future sales during the event. Therefore, it is not surprising that projects on the Liquidifty NFT marketplace often get SOLD OUT. The Liquidifty marketplace continues to develop and will soon become a cross-chain platform where everyone can create NFT. The project plans to hold the first INO based on Polygon. Proven and profitable events allow the platform to grow its client base, as well as supply more and more Liquidity to the all NFT markets thanks to the BNB Chain , Polygon Network and soon on Ethereum, Avalanche and Fantom.