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Ethereum Co-Founder Reveals He Is Amassing Cardano, Polkadot and One Additional Smart Contract Altcoin – Here’s Why

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Anthony Di lorio says that besides Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum, he is also keeping his eyes on Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (ATOM). In a new interview on Kitco News, Di lorio says he is stocking up on the three smart contract altcoins because of the people working on these projects. […]

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Cardano Creator Charles Hoskinson Calls CBDCs the ‘Single Most Dangerous Innovation’ – Here’s Why

Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson is not a fan of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and even sees them as a threat. In a recent interview with Cheeky Crypto, Hoskinson argues that CBDCs are the “single-most dangerous innovation that we’ve ever seen in monetary policy.” “CBDCs… they’re not crypto. They can run on crypto rails […]

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Maker DAO Shows Bullish Sentiment After A While, Eyes $800?

MKR trades below 50 and 200 EMA on the daily timeframe.  Price breaks out of a falling wedge with eyes set on key resistance of $800. The price looks strong on low and high timeframes. Maker DAO (MKR) price has had a rough time recently as price beaks out of falling wedge on the daily timeframe against tether (USDT). Despite being a major player in the crypto industry, the price of Maker DAO (MKR) has struggled to replicate its run to a high of $8,000. (Data from Binance) Related Reading: Sandbox Struggles In A Bear Market, How Low Can Price Go? Maker DAO (MKR) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart  The price of MKR has had a fantastic run, with such movement from a low of $750 to a high of $8,000 in a matter of weeks, creating a sense of surrealism in the hearts of traders and major crypto players. Despite such a run, the bear market has had an impact on MKR’s price, which has fallen from $8,000 to $600, a drop of more than 70% from its all-time high. The price of MKR rallied from its weekly low of $600 to a high of $1,100 before failing to break above that region to higher heights and falling to a low of $650. MKR’s price must break and close above $1,100 in order to have a better chance of trading higher. The price of MKR has formed a downtrend line, which is acting as resistance; flipping the area of $1,100, which is acting as weekly resistance, into support will signal a more relief bounce for the price of MKR. If the price of MKR fails to break through this key resistance region, the price of MKR may retest the $600 support and demand zone for more buy orders. Weekly resistance for the price of MKR – $1,100 Weekly support for the price of MKR – $650. Price Analysis Of MKR On The Daily (1D) Chart The daily timeframe for MKR prices looks promising, as prices broke out of a falling wedge, indicating a shift from a downtrend to an uptrend. With this volume from MKR prices, we could see them retest their daily resistance of $800. On the 1D timeframe, MKR is currently trading at $681, below the 50 and 200 Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), which act as resistance. The resistance levels of the 50 and 200 EMAs are represented by the prices of $790 and $1,200, respectively. The price of MKR needs to flip the $1,000 resistance into support to signal a relief bounce as the price of MKR has kept trading at its daily low. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for MKR is above 40 on the daily chart, indicating low buy order volume.  Daily resistance for the MKR price – $800. Daily support for the MKR price – $600. Related Reading: U.S. Federal Reserve Set To Hike Rates Above 400 BPs – How Will Crypto Market React? Featured Image From Market Periodical, Charts From Tradingview

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Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Era7: Game of Truth, a BNB Chain TOP gamefi project, launched the first NFT TCG World Cup Tournament on September 11. The tournament has attracted continuous attention from partners in multiple fields of the blockchain industry. Fundamental Labs, a globally renowned crypto venture capital firm in the web3.0 field, and Element, the world’s first multi-chain […]

Crypto News changes Play-to-Earn to Play-to-Win aims to bring in a new era for blockchain gaming by becoming the ultimate play-to-earn gaming infrastructure for Web3. Developers worldwide will soon have access to the Win SDK, an out-of-the-box solution that empowers their games to support NFTs and crypto rewards, alongside new game modes like PvP and tournaments, essentially transforming any mobile game into a competitive multiplayer experience for Web3. Revolutionizing play-to-earn with Win SDK The Win SDK was built with one main goal: to remove the hassle of monetization from the development process, allowing creators to focus on reaching their vision when creating the ultimate skill-based games. It packs in all the key features of the play-to-earn experience: A complete blockchain-powered crypto payments solution that uses non-custodial wallets and Win’s proprietary $FTW token as in-game currency; NFT-based leveling system and staking rewards, allowing for unlimited gamification opportunities; A complex match-making and player rating algorithm that enables PvP gameplay and ensures that players are always matched with players of similar skills for a fun and fair experience; Real-time analytics for tracking all critical data; 24/7 player support – players will always have access to a dedicated support team that can handle any issue; firmly believes that developers need to focus on their creativity and innovation, not on the monetization hassle. The Win Realm – real Heroes are made, not born The Win Realm is a component of the Win Ecosystem designed to highlight the potential of the Win SDK. It uses Heroes, unique Polygon-based NFTs (ERC-721) as player-owned characters, and features a fantastic journey encapsulating the adventures of three ancient tribes. Every action of a player directly affects these Heroes. In the Win Realm, one doesn’t simply level up; they get mightier. The mightier the Hero is, the more opportunities one has: access to special tournaments, increased staking rewards, one-of-a-kind NFT collectibles, and much more. More information on the Win Ecosystem is available on the Win Blog. About is a play-to-earn mobile gaming platform powered by the blockchain. The platform enables players to compete against each other in skill-based games and earn crypto rewards and NFTs. Through its Win SDK, it allows mobile game developers worldwide to seamlessly integrate the P2E model in their skill-based games with just two lines of code. Win’s core belief is that blockchain technology can change the world, and as such, it’s working tirelessly to be the driver of this change. They are redefining the concept of play-to-earn by rebuilding the P2E gaming infrastructure for Web3.

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Robinhood Lists USDC, It’s First Stablecoin

Robinhood hasn’t been shy about it’s desire to be a player in crypto. The platform has had a few years of ups and downs as it’s navigated it’s crypto offerings. This week, however, the platform secured a win on the crypto front by listing it’s first stablecoin, USDC. What We Know The news first came straight from the horses mouth, as Robinhood’s Twitter posted a tweet this morning sharing the news. The token is Robinhood’s 17th supported crypto, and third largest in market cap behind blue chips Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s the latest token addition since adding Cardano (ADA) at the beginning of the month. It is a growing list of crypto tokens for Robinhood, who also added Polygon in recent weeks. Additionally, the move shows more bolstering growth for Circle’s USDC, which has sought out the number one spot over Tether’s USDT – the longtime dominant stablecoin. The narrative has been driven by an ideology that Tether’s account management is less transparent and straightforward than USDCs. Robinhood (HOOD) has had a challenging year on the NASDAQ. | Source: NASDAQ: HOOD on Related Reading: Ripple (XRP) Adds Over 20% In A Week While Others Plunge Heavily The Stablecoin Battle In recent months, the good folks over at Arcane Research put together future growth projections based on USDC’s momentum this year, which shows USDC overtaking USDT’s number one spot as early as mid-October. The projected gap for today’s number is likely a bit closer than what we’ve seen in reality, however, signaling that a USDC takeover for the top spot could take another 4-6 months. That’s been exacerbated by USDC whale holdings percentage hitting a two-year low in recent weeks. As our team cited, that movement has been driven by broader market movement, as well as U.S. sanctions on Tornado Cash. Exchange deposits have been substantially low for USDC as well, but mean transaction volumes are still flying high in recent months. Tornado Cash and other external factors, such as threats of U.S. legislation on stablecoins and other crypto, have led to more negative sentiment around stables than positive. Robinhood’s adoption of USDC could help spur the growth in catching up with USDT’s lead. However, it remains to be seen how the more casual investor that typically frequents Robinhood will fare with a stablecoin asset, particularly one that doesn’t generate any interest. Related Reading: ApeCoin (APE) Sees Higher Prices Even In Bearish Market Conditions Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from The writer of this content is not associated or affiliated with any of the parties mentioned in this article. This is not financial advice. This op-ed represents the views of the author, and may not necessarily reflect the views of Bitcoinist. Bitcoinist is an advocate of creative and financial freedom alike.

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Analyst Says Solana (SOL) Has Potential for Explosive Gains Next Bull Run – Here Are His Price Targets

A popular crypto strategist is analyzing Solana’s (SOL) potential price path in relation to Bitcoin’s (BTC) possible explosion during the next bull market. In a new YouTube video, the anonymous host of InvestAnswers unveils to his 444,000 subscribers a strategy for predicting Solana’s value in the future. According to the anonymous crypto analyst, his Solana […]

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