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Shiba Inu Eternity Update Awaited – Will This Lift SHIB’s Price?

There may be a Shiba Inu (SHIB) rally coming soon. Recent events have sparked widespread interest in the Shiba Inu project and its native cryptocurrency. On Thursday, the company’s founder and chief programmer, Shytoshi Kusama, informed the SHIB Army that the company’s development team is working on a burn mechanism that will have implications for the entire Shiba Inu ecosystem. SHIB holders can’t help but be giddy about the future, what with the community’s official Twitter account teasing yet another major update. Related Reading: Will Polkadot Network Progress Give An Ailing DOT Renewed Vigor? Shiba Inu ‘Eternity’ Excitement   A lot has happened since the Australian release of Shiba Eternity. All of this excitement and eagerness is only heightened by the latest statement made by the official account tweet. Thank you to all the wonderful #SHIBARMY listeners, participants, and those who asked questions. You rock! See you on Download Day, October 1st/2nd!! 😍😍 #SHIB #Shiboshis #ShibaEternity #SHIBARMYSTRONG — SHIBQueenie (@SHIBQueenie) September 23, 2022 The Shiba Inu team just announced via the Twitter Space Event “Shiba Eternity Community Update” the official date for the global debut of the Shiba Inu Collectible Card Game. According to the announcement, Shiba Eternity will launch on October 1. The Shiba Inu Community will celebrate the release as “Download Day” while simultaneously breaking the Android and iOS App Stores. There was consequently a lot of excitement about the coin and the overall ecosystem. There is additional good news for the ecosystem. As of this writing, the development team is still putting the last touches to Shibarium, the upcoming update that is anticipated to debut on or about September 30. That Much-Needed Scalability Supposedly, this upgrade will provide scalability to the Shiba Inu ecosystem and cut gas expenses for everyone, particularly on the gaming side. Will this, however, be sufficient for the coin to rally? Currently, the coin’s value is between $0.000000957 and $0.00001230. This indicates that the currency is trading within its June price range, which is a less favorable period for cryptocurrencies. Chart: This decline in price, which followed a progressive climb from June to August, is the result of larger market factors. The recent 0.75 percent increase in interest rates and the news of worsening year-over-year inflation caused investors and traders to feel dread. The price decreased by a stunning 25.06 percent from its latest peak on September 10. SHIB Seen Rising To The Occasion Nevertheless, it has risen to the $0.00001038 price range from its bottom on September 21. This range of prices will support the token’s expected relief rally. The last decline at $0.00001192 represents the resistance. This level is critical since bulls can easily exploit any breakthroughs towards the 78.60 Fib level. Due to the fact that the SHIB token is based on Ethereum, its value might be affected by the Ethereum ecosystem. The current market conditions can magnify the coin’s volatility that may lead to a crash. If the larger financial markets rebound from the decline on September 13, we can anticipate SHIB to ride the tide of recovery. Related Reading: What Ethereum Can Bring On The Table For ETH Investors In Q4 SHIB total market cap at $5.8 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from Coin Culture, Chart:

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CropBytes Continues To Impress Despite Ongoing Bear Market

If there’s one name that should be on everyone’s radar right now, it’s CropBytes. As the crypto and blockchain sector continues to skyrocket in terms of both popularity and usage, viable projects like CropBytes have managed to not only maintain the consistency of providing new innovative features but have also sustained the quality of these services in an effective manner. Perhaps most importantly however, CropBytes has succeeded where many others have seemingly failed and that has to do with the simple fact that they have built for the community which has stayed close for over 4 years. The farming simulator game, which experienced a whopping 800% ROI during August to September, will soon be ‘Free-to-Play’. Also, the many markets in CropBytes, namely CAF, FRF, and Pro Mix, have increased by over three times which resulted in the aforementioned ROI for the players. What is CropBytes? CropBytes is a farming simulation game built on a real world economy. Starting a ‘cryptocurrency farm’ involves more than growing digital crops and rearing animals, the ultimate goal is for users to contribute to the economy while growing their own crypto farming business. Its primary objective is to offer its customers an efficient and high-quality platform for harnessing the benefits of crypto to both play and earn in a virtual environment. CropBytes is also fully interoperable with both Android and iOS compatible devices with over 4.3 / 5 ratings in app stores and #1 position in simulation genre games in The game features an in-game marketplace with over a million assets traded daily between players. Since 2018, CropBytes has over 600K signups which include Investors, Traders and Players. Mining Game Assets ‘Asset Mining’, one of CropBytes’ most anticipated features, is now available. This new feature allows players to generate new game assets which can be mined by burning CBX and Pro Mix. CropBytes’ economy is sustainable because of high liquidity assets that are easy to trade and have in-game utility. As a result, there are numerous layers to the gameplay in terms of asset mining as well as providing both value and utility. The process is simple; all users need to do is go to the CBX station, select the asset they want to mine, and then burn their CBX and Pro Mix to begin mining. Moreover, combining Pro Extracts and Fruit Feed yields Pro Mix which can be traded in the market. Asset Mining enables farmers to have access to a new source of valuable game assets in addition to also helping them prepare their businesses for the arrival of the service economy. Furthermore, it empowers the farmers to utilize their farm’s output to increase their asset inventory which will provide additional use-cases for extracts. Invite and Earn with CropBytes There is a new CropBytes referral program that has been performing very well. The ‘Invite & Earn’ program is designed to help users grow their farming business while being promotional ambassadors. Users can earn assets worth up to 80 CBX in rewards for each new player they bring on board. New players will also benefit from receiving a reward when they use a referral code to sign up. Users can also easily keep track of their invites, rewards, and earnings using their ‘Rewards Dashboard’. There are a number of ‘Terms and Conditions’ listed on the website that should be read before participating in the new program. There is also a useful ‘FAQ’ section available to answer some commonly asked questions. CropBytes’ future goals: As per the official roadmap, CropBytes supporters can look forward to some new features being introduced soon such as ‘CBX Mining V2’, and ‘Asset Tokenization’ (for which asset mining is essential although the assets shall be minted on-chain in a later version. This results in both greater transparency as well as true ownership for the users). Long term plans also include developing the metaverse, mini-games, the service economy, and so much more.    

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The interaction of two crucial elements of investment: risk and return

The interaction of two crucial elements of investment: risk and return

Chocodoge, an NFT gaming project created for Dogechain, is concerned with the surging rate of fraud and investment risks looting investors of their funds. Hence, according to a recent press release, Chocodoge is set to provide the industry with an innovative platform that guarantees security for investors. Naturally, it has been observed that risk and […]


Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Launches ‘Audacious’ Revival Plan for Bankrupt Crypto Firm: Report

The CEO of Celsius Network is reportedly discussing a new project that may help rebuild the bankrupt crypto lending platform. According to a new report from The New York Times, Alex Mashinsky presented the “audacious plan” called Kelvin to revive Celsius months after the troubled company filed for bankruptcy in July. Mashinsky and Celsius head […]

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