Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Explodes Over 82% After Binance Implements New Fee Burn System

Terra Classic (LUNC), the remnants of a former top 5 crypto project, is rallying hard on the news that Binance will be implementing a fee-burning mechanism in support of a LUNC community proposal. Terra Classic is the rebranded version of Terra (LUNA), the project that wiped out over $40 billion in market cap after essentially […]

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Crypto Strategist Predicts Big Bounces for Bitcoin and One Ethereum Rival – Here Are His Targets

The crypto analyst who called the end of the crypto bull market is now predicting big bounces for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) challenger Solana (SOL). Popular crypto strategist Pentoshi tells his 612,000 Twitter followers that after nearly a year, he’s no longer extremely bearish on Bitcoin. “Hard to switch bias after being a doomer […]

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Reserve Right Token Spikes Leaving Many In Euphoria, Eyes $0.01

RSR price holds above daily 50 EMA as price eyes $0.01  Price continues to look bullish, holding above key support areas RSR price breaks out of daily asymmetric triangle with high buy orders.  Reserve Right (RSR) token price has had a rough time in recent weeks breaking out of its range but could rally to $0.01 as price broke out with more buy orders against tether (USDT). Despite the crypto market facing so much uncertainty as to where the market is headed, the price of the Reserve Right (RSR) token has shown a tremendous amount of strength as the price cracks double-digit gains. (Data from Binance) Related Reading: Ripple Gains While Bitcoin Remains Below $20,000 Reserve Right (RSR) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart Despite a decline in its price from $0.1 to $0.0037, over 70% decline from its all-time high. The price of RSR showed great strength as the price bounced from its weekly low of $0.003, rallying to a high of $0.008 before facing a rejection to break above that region to higher heights. The price of RSR has continued to move in range as the price cannot break above a weekly resistance of $0.008 for the price of RSR to trend higher to a region of $0.01.  RSR price needs to break and close above $0.008 to have a better chance of trading higher. The Fibonacci retracement ratio shows the price of RSR is faced with resistance at 23.6%; flipping this area of resistance into support will signal a more relief bounce for the price of RSR.  If the price of RSR fails to break this key region acting as resistance, we could see the price of RSR retesting $0.0055, acting as a support and demand zone for more buy orders. Weekly resistance for the price of RSR – $0.008-$0.01. Weekly support for the price of RSR – $0.0055. Price Analysis Of RSR On The Daily (1D) Chart The daily timeframe for RSR prices continues to look strong as the price broke out of an asymmetric triangle with strong volume. Despite RSR being rejected from a high of $0.01, the price continued in a range forming an asymmetric triangle before breaking out with good buy volume. On the daily timeframe, the price of RSR is currently trading at $0.0074, holding its price above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA), acting as support for RSR price. The price of RSR is trading below 200 EMA as it eyes $0.01, being a major resistance. The price of $ and $0.0063 corresponds to the support at 50 EMA, and $0.01 correspond to the resistance at 200 EMA for the price of RSR.  The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for SOL is above 40 on the daily chart, indicating more sell order volume.  Daily resistance for the RSR price – $0.01. Daily support for the RSR price – $0.0063. Related Reading: Fall Of Crypto King, A Canadian Driven-Lambo Records $35M Losses Featured Image From zipmex, Charts From Tradingview 

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Pantera CEO Says NEAR and Two Ethereum-Based Projects Showing Strength, Predicts Billions of New Crypto Users Will Arrive

Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead says that three overlooked crypto projects are showing impressive strength in the face of an overall downtrend in the digital asset markets. In a new CNBC interview, Morehead says that he sees cryptocurrency as a disruptive technology that will see billions of new users arrive to regardless of short-term volatility […]

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XRP Sluggish In Last 7 Days As Ripple Vs. SEC Case Drags On

As new details of the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit emerged, the price of XRP felt sluggish in the last week. As of this writing, the price of XRP fluctuates at $0.32903, a 7.80 percent decrease from its latest high of $0.35874 on September 7. This price decrease is not surprising given the magnitude of the ongoing court showdown between Ripple and the SEC. Multiple exchanges have delisted the currency since 2021, further depressing its value. There has been $1.2 billion worth of XRP traded in the last 24 hours. Trading started at $0.3439 for the XRP/USD pair on Saturday, reaching a high of $0.3576 and a low of $0.3438. Related Reading: AVAX Price Rebound Fails To Breach $22 Resistance Due To High CPI Data XRP Future To Be Determined By Ongoing Court War Since its inception, Ripple Labs’ XRP has been the native coin of the XRP Ledger, and its market value has kept it in the top 10 of all cryptocurrencies almost every day. While the US Securities and Exchange Commission has been trying to exert its authority over the cryptocurrency market, Ripple has stated that the SEC is not being fair. Image: Coinpedia The SEC sued Ripple in December 2020 for more than US$1.38 billion, claiming that the issuance of XRP constituted an unregistered securities offering. The SEC also charged Chris Larsen, the executive chairman of Ripple, and Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO, with aiding and abetting the company’s infractions. Meanwhile, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a cryptocurrency industry association, has requested to join the case between Ripple Labs and the SEC as an amicus curiae (Latin for “friend of the court”). Chamber Of Digital Commerce To The Rescue? The CDC is a nonprofit group that campaigns for widespread use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the financial sector. It’s not the first time something like this has happened. In March of 2020, the chamber participated in the Telegram vs. SEC case. Telegram was also sued by the SEC for the same thing Ripple is now being sued for, and they prevailed despite the CDC getting involved. Telegram lost the case versus the SEC and was forced to pay back investors over $1.2 billion plus a penalty of $18.9 million. According to renowned attorney Jeremy Hogan, the XRP community could anticipate the same argument the Chamber used during the Telegram affair. The What Ifs And Buts Recent sources also indicate that the parties may reach a settlement later this month or year. This is considered as the strongest possible outcome for XRP holders. However, if Ripple loses the lawsuit, this might spell trouble for XRP holders. Using the U.S. Securities Act as a precedent, this litigation will define the crypto field over the next few years. A victory for Ripple might further legitimize cryptocurrency usage. Nonetheless, if the SEC wins, Ripple may be compelled to do the same as Telegram in 2021. Related Reading: Why Celsius Investors Don’t Seem Upbeat Despite CEL Rallying 30% XRP total market cap at $17.09 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image The Daily Hodl, Chart: (The analysis represents the author’s personal views and should not be construed as investment advice.)

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Bitcoin Loses $20,000 Grip, Extends Consolidation For 2nd Straight Day

As a result of last week’s remarkable surge, Bitcoin is now seeing one of its largest drops in recent months. After starting the week at $18,742, the coin’s price jumped to a staggering $22,537 on September 14, a gain of 15% over its September 7 low. Since the market bottomed in June, this rally has been its strongest. Bitcoin’s steep 14 percent correction during the crash almost entirely nullified this gain. Bitcoin’s value dropped from $22,536 to $19,735 in the space of just two days. Bitcoin’s link to the S&P 500 Index is blamed for the recent decline in its value. The Consumer Price Index report had been released by the US government a few days ago. The data indicated that year-over-year inflation increased from 8.1% to 8.3%. The global financial markets were rocked by this report. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Has Strong Potential To Hit $25,000, Weekly Analysis Suggests Bitcoin Shaken By CPI Data After the report was released, the stock and cryptocurrency markets both felt the pain. The overall financial market followed the S&P 500’s lead and dropped 200 points. After a drop in the index, crypto markets went into a tailspin as well. Similar to the drop of 2972 points in the index, the price of bitcoin fell. A sell-off in the cryptocurrency market was caused by this crash. The decline is the result of more than just this report, though. The US Federal Reserve is considering boosting interest rates by 1 percentage point due to higher-than-expected inflation causing concerns for the start of a recession. The Fed’s contemplation instills panic in the market, causing further declines in the value of both equities and cryptocurrencies. As of this writing, Bitcoin has surpassed the 78.60 Fib level. This downward trend has placed Bitcoin in a perilous situation. BTC Bulls Must Reclaim $20K Turf Losing the $20,000 psychological support can cause the price to collapse to levels prior to the September 9 surge. And access to real-time data makes this feasible. The current reading of the fear and greed index is 19, indicating extremely fearful market sentiment. Bulls must recover to the 78.60 Fib level if Bitcoin is to survive market worries. This prior support level can serve as the market’s catalyst for recovery. If the bears prevail over the bulls, the price might fall to roughly $18,000 on September 7. Depending on current market conditions, this may not be true. As the S&P 500 continues to lose ground, Bitcoin may follow suit. The correlation coefficient of 0.69 indicates that there is still a correlation between the two markets. The correlation coefficient fluctuates between 0.93 and 0.65 as a result of the historical market activity. If the crypto industry as a whole is to revive, market conditions must improve and bulls must strive for a sustained recovery. Related Reading: Why Celsius Investors Don’t Seem Upbeat Despite CEL Rallying 30% BTC total market cap at $384 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image Pixabay, Chart: (The analysis above represents the author’s personal views and should not be construed as investment advice.)

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ApeCoin Climbs 4.3% In Last 7 Days – Where’s APE Getting All That Energy?

ApeCoin (APE), the Bored Ape Yacht Club token, has been rallying over the past week with gains registering at a peak of 4.3% and trading at the $5.12 level. APE shows energy, rallies 4.3% in the past seven days Coin impacted by general crypto slump US inflation also weighing down on crypto price APE is a busy bee and apparently, the recent uptick enjoyed by APE is said to have been ushered by current projects or developments in the network. The Ape Foundation has recently rolled out a couple of recommendations in line with the Decentralized Autonomous Structure (DAO) election procedure. In the event that these proposals are approved, there would be a rolling election instead with an election of council members every three months. Related Reading: NEAR Bulls Charge Their Way Past $4.7 Amid Lack Of Spike In Volume ApeCoin Recent Developments Contributed To Its Surge With the rest of the other altcoins having a hard time breaking through, quite the opposite is happening for ApeCoin. APE price has surged and looking bullish. However, the plunge in the value of crypto is dubbed to be of the reasons why APE isn’t gaining traction. ApeCoin has recently posted on Twitter stating that this provides an increasingly stable ecosystem to haul in new members and so far, ensures the consistency of the DAO to manage and transfer knowledge and expertise to the community. Community members have been recommending broader representation from individuals who do not have existing affiliations with crypto-backed organizations to avoid any conflict of interests. Currently, the Ape Foundation is composed of Amy Wu (FTX Ventures), Yat Siu (Animoca Brands), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Maaria Bajwa (Sound Ventures), and Dean Steinback (Horizon Labs). Crypto Market Experiencing Downtrend According to CoinMarketCap, ApeCoin’s price had nosedived by 4.05% or trading at $4.73 as of this writing. The crypto market has been experiencing a downtrend recently with the total market cap sliding to below $1 trillion as observed in the past 24 hours. Evidently, the king of crypto, Bitcoin, failed to climb or show any improvement as it trades at roughly $20,000 yesterday. U.S. inflation seems to be severely impacting crypto prices. So, it is indeed the crypto market’s overall dilemma that prevents ApeCoin from moving further up north. Another factor that is preventing the gains of ApeCoin is the current dollar strength. The U.S. dollar is on an upward trend since Thursday as it shoots through previous highs in line with the U.S. Federal Reserve trying to tame inflation. Related Reading: Why Celsius Investors Don’t Seem Upbeat Despite CEL Rallying 30% Their efforts are seen to work with the U.S. dollar remaining stable at 109.84. More so, the risk-off market sentiment has also helped the U.S. dollar, increasing the demand for fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar. Judging by the technical side, APE seems to have gained support at the $4.95 zone and a breach below this mark could allow the coin to capsize further until it touches the support zone of $4.35.  On the other hand, the daily timeframe revealing an upward trendline is beneficial to altcoins. On the flip side, a breach at the $4.35 level could trigger a downtrend for the APE/USD pair to funnel down to as low as $3.12. APE total market cap at $1.46 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from The VR Soldier, chart from

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Why Celsius Investors Don’t Seem Upbeat Despite CEL Rallying 30%

Celsius (CEL) has been on the headlines recently in line with hearing updates following its filing of bankruptcy and sale of stablecoins. CEL price spikes 30% as seen in the past 24 hours Price slumps 13.21% despite improvement in social media metrics ETH Merge to impact CEL performance Celsius Network has recently filed for bankruptcy in July and is now in Chapter 11 proceedings. More so, the network has also requested for court authorization on its plans to dispose its stablecoins to pump up liquidity needed for its operations. Once this is approved by Martin Glenn, the U.S. presiding judge, the money pooled from the sale of stablecoins would serve as funding for Celsius operations. The said hearing on the sale of stablecoins is set on October 6 in New York. Related Reading: Celsius Meeting Audio Leaked – Why Staffers Are Reacting With Mistrust Agreement To Appoint An Independent Examiner In September, The U.S. Trustee’s office together with Celsius’ committee consisting of creditors made an agreement to assign an independent examiner with the condition that they will restrict both the funding and time allotted to the examiner. More so, the United States Trustee’s Office will be in charge of choosing the examiner. The judge has approved this on Wednesday. In this connection, Celsius has recently posted a tweet on September 15 harping on their willingness to continue working with the U.S. Trustee and Unsecured Creditors Committee as well as their commitment to improve network efficiency in order to serve their customers better. Related Reading: Will Tron Tie-Up With Liquidity Provider Wintermute Boost TRX Price? CEL Price Down 13.21% Despite Increase In Metrics Triggered by the recent developments and hearing events, CEL price is observed to have spiked by 30% as seen in the past 24 hours. More so, CEL social media metrics has also accelerated. Social media engagement also peaked at 1.2 billion showing a remarkable growth of 32.26%.  Despite the boost in social media engagement as well as a price rally, there are still some nagging issues surrounding CEL that make investors apprehensive about the altcoin. According to CoinMarketCap, CEL price has nosedived by 13.21% or trading at $1.70 as of this writing.  The total market cap of CEL has slumped by 36.21% as seen in August. More so, market dominance also declined by as much as 41.25%. Uncertainty is creeping on the token, and investors are being extra cautious in making any move due to its high volatility. The Ethereum merge also has a great impact on CEL performance. In fact, Celsius has posted a tweet stating that they are tracking the merge. Investors also look at the short-squeeze movement as a warning because history shows that this movement can negatively impact investor portfolios. Crypto total market cap at $927 trillion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from LedgerInsights, Chart:

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Chainlink (LINK) Performs Well Amidst Market Turning To Red

Price fluctuations are a daily occurrence in the crypto markets now. Since the fight against inflation began, the overall financial markets have tanked. Nowadays, asset prices swing without warning, and the continuing crypto winter only heightened the volatility.  The recent event expected to boost market recovery has been completed. Ethereum is now operating on a proof-of-stake mechanism as planned. But after the successful launch, crypto asset prices dipped, and losses spilled over to the next 24 hours.  Related Reading: Valkyrie Crypto Trusts Gather Nearly $74 Million In Funding Amid Bear Market Currently, almost all the assets are red in price movements. The leading crypto Bitcoin has lost 2.95% in 24 hours. Ethereum, the center of attention during this period, has also lost 1.70% in 24 hours and 15.73% in 7 days. But not all hope is lost. Some cryptocurrencies are rallying impressively, and the top leader in this category is Chainlink LINK.  Chainlink LINK Gains 9.03% Amid Market Pullback  Chainlink LINK is one of the cryptocurrencies currently gaining each hour on September 16. As of the time of writing, the LINK price stands at $7.71, representing an 8.19% gain in 24 hours. The price movement on September 16 has been very encouraging. LINK recorded some dips in its 24 hours trading, but not the red lines. The coin saw an intraday high of $7.759 and an intraday low of $7.4948. The next low point during the day was a dip to $7.60 before regaining its upward momentum.  If the price continues upwards, LINK might grow considerably higher before the market closes. This gain is a welcome development for the crypto as its 7 days price growth sits at 2.23%. What Could Be Pushing Chainlink Post-Merge Chainlink has proven useful in the crypto space. The network has eliminated the struggle with oracles in smart contracts. It created a decentralized pool of oracles to provide real-time, accurate information for on-chain transactions. Smart contracts using Chainlink oracles can operate with reliable information.  A few months back, an analyst Austin Arnold, a crypto analyst, addressed some key factors capable of pushing a crypto project’s value. He aimed to help his 1.24 million YouTube subscribers pick the right crypto to invest in during the raging bearish trend.  The analysts picked four popular projects, of which Chainlink LINK was the first. According to Arnold, five factors will drive LINK’s future growth after the crypto winter.  The first is the right team with capable skills in controlling the network. Other factors include adequate funding, strategic partnerships, solutions for real-life problems in blockchains, and network positioning in verticals.  Related Reading: Bitcoin Whale Selling Pressure Continues As BTC Dips Under $20k Arnold pointed out that the Chainlink network has these five characteristics. He noted how the Oracle network had improved BNB Chain BNB and Polygon MATIC, showing developers’ adoption.  Even during the crypto winter bloodbath in the market, Chainlink LINK maintained its price range between $6+ and $8+. It recorded a spike to $9.28 on June 10 but later dipped to $8.05. The lowest price LINK recorded between May to September 16 was $5.97 on July 13 before bouncing back to $6.18 the next day.  Featured image from Pixabay and chart from

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ATOM Maintains “Market’s Biggest Mover” Tag, Sustains 4-Month High

Cosmos’ native crypto continues its bullish run up to a 40% bullish gain while other cryptos ebb and flow; NEAR follows with a multi-week high. The native coin of Cosmos protocol, ATOM continues to move upward, hitting new highs every day. At the time of writing, the crypto is trading at $14 after briefly hitting $16 earlier today. It had hit a 4-month high of $13.92 on Thursday amidst the broader crypto market bounce back. That was after the Wednesday dip when ATOM price dropped to just below $12. Ever since the $6 dip in the middle of June, Cosmos token (ATOM) has been on an upward gliding triangle. Notably, ATOM has broken the Relative Strength Index (RSI) barrier and briefly hit $16. Related Reading: TA: Bitcoin Price Trims Gains, Why $20K Is The Key To Fresh Increase As of Thursday, crypto sites were still speculating if ATOM would hit the $15 mark as it continued to rise. Most of these sites opined that it would have to break its Relative Strength Index (RSI) barrier to achieve that. According to them, this hurdle would appear as a ceiling at 63.30.  However, ATOM cleared the barrier early this morning, trading at $16 before dropping to its current price, $14. This bullish run makes it a 40% gain ($10) within the space of 3 months. Other Cryptos Rally in The Wake of Sell-odd On Wednesday Additionally, this event comes alongside the wider market rallying from the ongoing massive crypto sell-off. The increasing strength of the dollar impacted crypto values negatively, causing a considerable market sell-off. This drove the price of tokens, like Ethereum Classic and  Aave, to drop dangerously. ETC dipped by 12%, while Aave dropped by 7% on Tuesday. Another crypto Celsius fell by 11% as well. However, by Wednesday afternoon, the affected coins were on the rise once again. In fact, Aave was trading at a higher position than before the dip. Analysts traced this recovery to a sharp drop in the US dollar Index around the same time. NEAR Protocol Is Not Left Out In The Bullish Run Another remarkable protocol amid these market movements is the NEAR network which reached a multi-week high coinciding with ATOM’s surge. Still, the NEAR token didn’t break its own hurdle remaining in the same $5 range. The token is currently trading at $4.55, according to data from Tradingview.  Related Reading: Bitcoin Takes A Blow After It Falls Below $22,000, Any Chances For A Bull Run Nonetheless, COSMOS’ ATOM remains the “Biggest Mover” on the market at the moment. Amidst market volatility, the token continues to make significant headway. While other cryptos struggle with volatility from the rising US dollar index, the crypto has hit a 4-month high. As a result, ATOM has earned applause from numerous crypto sites. Featured image from Pixabay and chart from

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Bitcoin Would Be Ready For $24,000 If This Happens; What Is That?

Bitcoin (BTC) despite showing bearish signs against tether (USDT) as the price plunged to $18,500 recently, with many traders and investors sweating on their long open position.  The price of Bitcoin (BTC) quickly bounced off from that region after forming a bullish divergence on the four-hour chart and has shown no intention of stopping. (Data from Binance) Related Reading: Cosmos Touches Highest Point Since May As ATOM Expands 25% Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The price of BTC has had a tough time maintaining the bullish momentum it has shown in recent weeks as the price was rejected from the $25,200 area acting supply zone for most sellers. BTC has struggled to trend higher after it saw its price drop from a rising wedge as this triggered most sell orders, leaving BTC’s price to retest its previous all-time high, leaving many worried as the price could go lower to $10,000. The price of BTC could face another scenario, but in this case, its trends are higher ahead of the weekly close. Haven bounced off pretty well from the last weekly low, and claiming the support at $20,700, BTC could be ready for a major run to $24,000-$25,000 if the weekly candle closes above $21,700. BTC’s price looks bullish ahead of the weekly close and could trend even higher as the market looks promising ahead of the new week. BTC has continued to respect the downtrend line acting as resistance for BTC price on the weekly timeframe; if BTC breaks above this trendline, we could see more bullish sentiments.  Weekly resistance for the price of BTC – $24,000. Weekly support for the price of BTC – $20,700. Price Analysis Of BTC On The Daily (1D) Chart The daily timeframe for BTC price looks bullish, with prices looking to close the day and week on a high. The price of BTC bounced off from a daily low of $19,000, and the price rallied to $21,600, where it is faced with resistance to breaking above this region. The price of BTC needs to break above $21,600 and close above it to have a good opportunity of rallying to the expected $24,000. If the price of BTC fails to break this region, we could see the price retesting the region of $20,700, which has been an area of good support for the daily timeframe. On the daily timeframe, the price of BTC is trading at $21,500, attempting to break and hold above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). The price of $21,600 corresponds to the 50 EMA, which is a resistance to the price of BTC. With BTC looking to break its major resistance on the daily timeframe, this corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement value of $22,000. The price of BTC holding above this region would lead to more bullish sentiments. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for BTC is above 50 on the daily chart, indicating high buy order volume. Daily resistance for the BTC price – $21,600. Daily support for the BTC price – $20,700. Related Reading: Kyber Network (KNC) Ticks All Bullish Sentiments, Can Price Go To $3? Featured Image From zipmex, Charts From 

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LUNA 2.0 Token Jumps 200% Higher Against the US Dollar in 24 Hours


While digital currencies jumped in value during the early morning trading sessions on Friday (ET), the new Terra token, LUNA 2.0, jumped more than 200% in value against the U.S. dollar. LUNA jumped from a low of $1.90 per unit to a high of $6.87, but the token’s value has slipped to the $5.41 per More

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Major Ethereum (ETH) Competitor Makes Cosmic Leap As Metaverse Tokens ApeCoin, Flow, and Axie Infinity Rally

Ethereum (ETH)-competitor Cosmos (ATOM) is surging as the crypto markets spark a comeback led by the leading digital asset Bitcoin (BTC) and a handful of metaverse tokens. Cosmos, which is a layer-1 blockchain, rose from a seven-day low of $11.67 on September 6th to $16.54, a staggering 41.7% increase. ATOM has since stabilized and is […]

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