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THORChain Deploys Mainnet After 4-Year Wait, RUNE Soars 13% In 24 Hours

THORChain has been trading in the green and recovering faster than larger cryptocurrencies. The development team behind this project, Nine Realms, announced the launch of their mainnet after 4 years of development and research. Related Reading | Cosmos (ATOM) Price Swells 12% – Can It Breach Resistance? At the time of writing, THORChain (RUNE) trades at $2.30 with a 14% and 35% profit in the last 24 hours and 7 days respectively. The market seems to be positively reacting to the announcement. As part of the announcement, crypto users on the Binance exchange will be able to participate in a promotional campaign and earn part of a total $1 million price. Via an official post, the team behind THORChain said the following celebrating the project’s major milestone: Mainnet marks the achievement of a fully functional, feature-rich protocol with a large ecosystem and strong community. It has been a long time coming and the community is very excited about this important milestone. Before mainnet, THORChain was operating with the Multichain Chaosnet (MCCN) to enable users to provide cross-chain liquidity. This allowed the project to battle-test its features and migrate from a centralized to a decentralized and community-driven platform, according to the official post. As part of this deployment, the project launched its native token RUNE and has called for all token holders to swap their non-native RUNE for the former asset. Once 67% of the network runs on native RUNE, the protocol will implement a “Killswitch” and “kill” the non-native asset under the BEP2 standard. As NewsBTC reported, 4 months ago THORChain released a highly expected feature, synthetics assets. This allowed users to gain exposure to the price of large cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), by trading with their THORChain versions called sBTC and sETH. This was just one of the milestones reached by the project on track to its mainnet launch. The aim is to make the platform a decentralized, secure, and liquidity-efficient protocol in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Who Is Buying The THORChain (RUNE) Rally? Data provided by the team behind the project claims THORChain has seen $9.2 billion in total trade volume, with a total of around 10 million transactions and around 72,000 unique swappers. The protocol has around $250 million in total value locked (TVL) making it one of the largest in the DeFi sector. In their next step of development, which includes making the platform more transparent and decentralized, the team behind the project said: Centralised points of failure must be removed as they are a risk to the future of the network. The largest remaining centralised point is Treasury management. Treasury plans to hand over full control to the community soon. Further data provided by Material Indicators (MI) records an increase in buying pressure from investors with over $1,000 to $10,000 bid orders (red and green on the chart below). Retail investors (yellow on the chart) have been selling into the current price action while whales (brown and purple) have been inactive. Related Reading | Top 5 Cryptos Taking A Major Beating In The Ongoing Market Mayhem If the crypto continues to rebound, RUNE could extend its gain. If large investors see bullish continuation, they might jump into the action and push RUNE into further gains.

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Bitcoin Perpetual Open Interest Suggests Short Squeeze Led To Crash

The Bitcoin crash of last week was a brutal one for the market. It saw the digital asset lose its footing from where it had been trending just below $30,000 to crash to the mid $17,000s before a recovery had begun. With the new week, the market had started to emerge into the green. But as bitcoin struggles to hold above $20,000, the question remains what had triggered such a crash. A Short Squeeze The bitcoin open interest in perps had been up over the last couple of weeks. This has continued to be the case through the market crash and the subsequent recovery. However, the open interest levels, mainly the rise and falls, leading up to and during the bitcoin crash have all of the makings of a short squeeze. Related Reading | By The Numbers: The Worst Bitcoin Bear Markets Ever On Wednesday, the open interest in bitcoin perps had eventually peaked at a new all-time high of 335,000 BTC after a week of unpredictable movements. This was when bitcoin had declined below $21,000. As the price of the digital asset had begun its recovery, the open interest in perps had quickly declined. Movements like these are associated with a short squeeze, which was the same in the case. One that preceded another crash during the weekend. Open interest remains elevated | Source: Arcane Research The same was the case over the weekend. The open interest in perps had once again surged, to 325,000 BTC this time, after erratic movement when the price declined to the mid $17,000s. Another decline in the open interest has since been recorded as the price of BTC has recovered, albeit slower this time around. Bitcoin Perps Trading At A Discount Bitcoin perps are still trading at a discount compared to the spot prices. This is no surprise given that the bitcoin funding rates have stayed neutral to below neutral even through the crash and the massive sell-offs. Additionally, there has been nothing significant that has happened in regards to the bitcoin perps through the crash and eventual recovery, Funding rates below neutral | Source: Arcane Research Interestingly, the funding rates have now remained below neutral with the price of BTC struggling above $20,000. One place where funding rates have had the most impact has been on Deribit. Since it is rumored to be closely intertwined with Three Arrows Capital (3AC), the decline in funding rates triggered insolvency fears and rumors tied to the crash of 3AC. Related Reading | Bitcoin Miner Liquidations Threaten Bitcoin’s Recovery However, it is important to note that Deribit has assured the public that it remains financially healthy even if the 3AC debts were forfeited. As the market has begun to move on from last week’s crash, the funding rates have begun to stabilize, although they remain slightly below neutral. BTC declines to mid-$20,000s | Source: BTCUSD on Featured image from CNN International, charts from Arcane Research and Follow Best Owie on Twitter for market insights, updates, and the occasional funny tweet…