Citadel Capital CEO Ken Griffin Says Terra (LUNA) ‘Fiasco’ Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Regulators

Citadel Capital CEO Ken Griffin is arguing the collapse of Terra (LUNA) should serve as a wake-up call for regulators. In a new interview, Griffin says the Terra (LUNA) “catastrophe,” which also saw the de-pegging of the blockchain protocol’s flagship stablecoin TerraUSD (UST), should motivate the authorities to come up with the necessary regulation, especially […]

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The Popularity of Crypto Online Gambling in Canada

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity day by day. Nowadays, we see cryptocurrencies used in various industries with great success. It didn’t take long for the casino industry to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency at leading Canada online casino sites. However, you can also use altcoins like Ethereum Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. That said, Canada has a tech cluster with a pioneering research and application record. With the country at the cutting edge of technology, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are gaining popularity. Is there, however, more to it than that? Let’s look at some factors contributing to the popularity of online crypto gambling in Canada. Privacy and security First and foremost, we want to emphasize that you have the option of processing transactions in a safe manner. Cryptos use a cutting-edge technology called blockchain to secure every online transaction. To maintain the security of every transaction, blockchain technology requires certain complex phases in the process and advanced security measures. However, when it comes to traditional fiat currency given by credit cards, there are several situations when cyber-attacks take your funds. As a result, bettors were very apprehensive about losing their money. Cryptography has done an excellent job of resolving this problem. This is one of the primary reasons for Bitcoin’s appeal in Canada. It ensures that the deposits are protected to the fullest extent possible. Crypto has made it into the mainstream There has been a significant movement in how cryptocurrencies are seen in the last few years in Canada. It was once thought to be a transitory trend, something too hazardous and without practical application. That demonstrates how erroneous people may be. Not only have major corporations invested in cryptocurrency, but some have begun to accept it as a means of payment. The argument that cryptocurrency has no place in society because it cannot be utilized is no longer valid. One of the most significant trends has to be the rise of crypto-accepting online casinos. This demonstrates how technology has infiltrated every aspect of our life, from investments to leisure. As you can see, Canada is ideally positioned to take maximum advantage of this. Crypto’s popularity will only continue to rise as a result of this. The birth of crypto casinos Although it is still a relatively new trend, many online casinos are already embracing Crypto as a means of payment. Gamblers perceive cryptocurrency as the ideal solution for payment methods because of the security and anonymity it provides. Canada leads the way when it comes to Bitcoin casinos. There are several to pick from in the country, although such are still in their infancy in other countries. Many Canadian gamers choose Bitcoin as their preferred money at online casinos when given the option. Bitcoin gaming is growing so popular in Canada that online casinos that do not accept it are scrambling to catch up. Players in Canada are major lovers of online casino games, so anything that enhances the experience, like the ability to utilize cryptocurrency, would be warmly received. Elon Musk factor Elon Musk may not have been born in Canada, but his mother is Canadian. That means that when the man speaks, Canadians are all ears. After all, if one of the world’s wealthiest people has something to say, there’s a good chance you’ll learn something from it. Musk is more than a little outspoken when it pertains to cryptocurrency. This man’s speech of a few lines on a TV show or a Tweet can send cryptocurrency prices flying. Musk understands the long-term significance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Those who perceive him as an adopted son in Canada will concur with his assessment. Bitcoin is now being used for practical purposes, such as Bitcoin casinos. Canadians will be eager to hold it to watch the value rise and utilize it like any other currency. Decentralized nature Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. Those unfamiliar with the word indicate that cryptos are not linked to third-party institutions, such as banks or government agencies. As a result, you can accept payments without opening a bank account or complying with onerous banking requirements. Furthermore, keeping track of each transaction becomes a breeze. To maintain track of your payments, you do not need to furnish a bank statement. Therefore, cryptos were created specifically for you if you despise banks and all of their operations. Their decentralized nature is contributing immensely to their popularity in Canada. Anonymity Anonymity is another feature that contributes to the popularity of crypto gaming in Canada. When depositing on a Canadian casino website, you can remain anonymous. Also, when creating an online crypto wallet, you are not needed to provide any personal information or reveal your identity. Therefore, there is practically no method to identify your data when making payments on the platform. This is particularly useful for the bulk of Canadian gamers, who desire to remain anonymous for various reasons. For example, due to government prohibitions or any other reason. As a result, completing transactions with cryptocurrencies gives you a wonderful possibility to do so. Great bonus offers Players at Canadian casinos are frequently treated to fantastic bonuses. When you play at crypto casinos, these incentives are even much better. This has helped them gain a lot of popularity among Canadian gamers. By playing with Crypto on Canadian casino websites, you will find a plethora of lucrative bonuses and incentives. They use this to make you feel welcome when you arrive. This will urge you to keep gambling with Crypto for a long. Once you fund your account with Crypto for the first time, many casinos offer 100% welcome bonuses. More options open up as you continue to deposit funds with Crypto in the future. This is helping to fuel the expansion of cryptocurrency gaming in Canada. Conclusion Crypto online casinos are booming right now, especially in the last few years, with a 70 percent increase in revenue. The Canadian crypto gaming business has grown to become one of the most powerful in the world.


Ethereum-Based Altcoin Erupts As Coinbase and Binance Reveal Surprise Support

Top crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase are listing a brand-new altcoin focused on developing the Web3 space. The new altcoin, Project Galaxy (GAL), bills itself as the largest Web3 credential data network in the world with a native token that just went live on Thursday, trading for $18.07 at time of writing. Project Galaxy is […]

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Richest Ethereum Whales Favoring Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Two Metaverse Altcoins Over Rest of Market: On-Chain Data

Fresh data shows that the world’s biggest Ethereum (ETH) whales are hoarding meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) to the tune of nearly $10 million worth each, on average. The latest numbers from WhaleStats reveal the investment behavior of the 100 wealthiest non-exchange Ethereum addresses. The whale-monitoring website shows that the average Shiba Inu holdings are […]

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CyberCity game review: Fight for Crypto & Dominate the Cyberpunk Metaverse

Play2Earn games are the future of gamingб all because they completely turned the idea of ​​​​the mechanics of earning crypto and in-game assets ownership. Today you can earn cryptocurrencies just by playing games. One of the most promising P2E games is called CyberCity. We decided to go behind the scenes and find out what makes the game so remarkable and how users can earn money in it. The fight for resources and power: reveal the storyline of the game Cyber ​City Inc is a new game with an open Play-to-Earn economy, great gameplay,  tradable NFT assets, and sustainable tokenomics. The game takes place in the distant 2088 in a dystopian megapolis. Players can collect their unique scarce NFTs and fight fo resources to dominate the cityblocks. Their task is to get as many resources and lands as possible, which are necessary for the survival and progress. Some resources can be bought from other participants or created on your own, and some will have to be fought for in battles. The game is divided into two main parts of the gameplay: Cyber City map and Battles. CyberCity Map In fact, the Cybercity Inc map is the place where the events of the game unfold. Users can buy certain blocks of land and create their own sectors and buildings on them, as well as extract the necessary resources. There are 4 resource types: GOTA, MePa, BMass, and WJuice. Each resource can be earned or conquered in battles. When they are no longer enough, the player can decide to buy new lands with the help of NFT or try to win them back from opponents. In the future, users will be able to rent part of the land and receive rental payments in CYBR tokens. The better a piece of land is fortified and developed, the higher its value. CyberCity fights As mentioned above, the fight for resources can be not only economic but also physical. In fact, players can reclaim land and resources from their opponents using advanced warriors. Each character(Cyberian) has their own superpower and abilities, as well as weapons: from samurai blades to magic spells. Players can use the abilities of warriors, as well as upgrade them, increasing their strength and vitality. Each warrior has his own companion who helps in battles, gives buffs, or heals the owner in case of injury. Game characters and clans In total, the game provides 10 clans and 10 types of heroes and companions who have different skills and strengths. Here are the main heroes of CyberCity. Cyber Samurai and Armored Shiba Inu. He is the last stronghold of tradition and honor in the Dystopian World of Iniquity. His weapon is his soul, and it doesn’t have any room for mercy. Man’s best friend, Armored Shiba Inu, with heavy armor is ready to fight to the death alongside the owner. Hage and Cyber Spirit. Hage harnesses a new type of magic power using the laptome. With this tool, he can cast the spells and make his opponents tremble before the immeasurable power. He is accompanied by Cyber Spirit, some type of Spirit, which came from the Internet and got stuck in the mortal plane. Tech-Priest and Tech Octopus. The priest of the cult of the Machine long ago abandoned his humanity, becoming a Gear in the Construction and Plans of the cult. Strives for complete augmentation of his body for unity with the Machine. His companion is an extinct marine animal called Tech Octopus. ShapeShifter and Nyanko. In the past, they were characters from extremely popular anime, but these beasts manifested into reality through the sheer willpower of their global fandom. Vampire and Cyber Bat. His digitized soul is ripe for picking the new nutrition. Cyber Bat outlived the creators and now runs freely and terrorizes the population of Cyber City. Because of their rebellious nature, they can only be tamed by someone truly terrifying. Street Fighter and Stray Cat. A man with armed hands whos accompanied by a Stray Cat. Unlike his ancestors, he’s way bigger than the ordinary cat with intellect and ferocity. Mercenaries and Iapetus. The brutal heroine of Cyber ​​City is accompanied by a flying war machine with artificial intelligence. Due to their advanced AI with basic emotes and the time spent with the owner, many veterans consider them to be some kind of pet, a very deadly pet. Buccaneers and Clockwork Parrot. This man looks like a modern-day pirate, along with the Clockwork Parrot, a faithful companion of those who chooses a life of adventure and robbery. Paladins and MechAngel. His blade has traveled into the future to bring order. Paladins is supported by MechAngel, which is an attempt to recreate the characters from the long perished religious texts. Scavengers and Multipurpose Drone Companion. Scavengers prowl the streets for spoils. Their companions, Multipurpose Drones, help to forget about the monolith solitude of modern existence. It is full of surprises since even its creators sometimes don’t know what it’s built from. To get a character, weapons, and companions, you need to purchase one of the three boxes. Each box contains one or more characters and weapons, companions, and a piece of land. NFT marketplace CyberCity NFT marketplace is live. Now players can buy, sell and trade valuable NFT assets. A small teaser here – players can unbox their NFTs to find their valuable Cyberians inside, but it’s better  to keep them as right after the IDO CyberCity will release new Secret Missions feature so players can earn CYBR token🚀 How to make money with CyberCity The game provides the mechanics of active and passive earnings, which are available to each user. Passive income is provided by several resources. Firstly, users can profit from owning virtual lands in the Cyber.City virtual city. To do this, it is enough to buy a certain piece of land. If the user upgrades his piece of land, that is, he builds some kind of building or increases its scale, then its cost increases, and therefore the income of the owner also grows. Secondly, the user can sell his site at any time and profit from the sale. Active income directly depends on the professionalism and level of the player. You can receive CYBR tokens from: Sale of resources inside the game for CYBR, namely the sale of in-game resources to other players for the CYBR token inside the game by mutual agreement between the players Selling NFTs for CYBR on the marketplace to other players Attacking the cells of other players in order to steal CYBR tokens. The player can form a detachment and send it to the enemy cell, if the strength of the attacking team of the player is greater, then he captures part of the CYBR tokens, if less, then he only spends energy. Battles with other players where the player can win back resources and CYBR currency in case of victory The CYBR token is used as a means of payment within the game. It is an in-game token that is used as an internal means of payment. In addition, users receive rewards for completing stages and completing missions in the CYBR token. Other types of earnings will also be available for players, such as farming and staking. Already in April, the developer company will hold a public CYBR token sale(IDO), where everyone can purchase crypto coins to buy NFTs and upgrade their heroes. Details here. Conclusion CyberCity presents a unique Play2Earn game with great gameplay & NFT characters with two types of earnings: active and passive, thanks to which any user can earn income from participating in the game, even if he is not an active gamer. The creators of the game promise to release it in the first half of 2022, and the full version of CyberCity will be available in 2022.