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Okse CEO Tobias Graf Reveals More Information About Company’s Crypto Visa Card

Okse CEO Tobias Graf Reveals More Information About Company’s Crypto Visa Card

Tobias Graf, CEO of Okse, has provided additional details regarding the business’s cryptocurrency Visa card. The creator of Okse has discussed his idea of a decentralized future where crypto and fiat are interchangeable without any issues. Graf established Okse to enable financial independence for millions of people. Dynamic co-founder and CMO Motaz (Eljaboom) and dependable […]

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Aave Price Action: Bearish Pull Forces AAVE To Resist Drop To $74 Level

AAVE has been showing hints of recovery today which is quite the opposite of its figures a few hours ago. AAVE shows signs of recovery as price climbs by 7.35% Coin generally bearish but the bulls are now attempting to take over AAVE breaches $77.53 level This could be due to the general crypto market recovering too as of press time. Will this be for long term? The coin has been generally bearish as it resist falling into the $74 level. Key support is now spotted at the $73.65 level and resistance is present at $77. 52. Evidently, AAVE is seen to be moving downhill earlier as it failed miserably in breaching the $77.53 level. At this point AAVE is treading the bearish route for short term. Judging by the 1-day price analysis, it is moving downwards as triggered by the uptick in selling pressure. If the selling pressure subsides, then AAVE price could shoot way up which is happening right now. Chart: AAVE Price Climbs By 7.35% According to CoinMarketCap, the coin’s price has skyrocketed by 7.35% or trading at $79.64 as of press time which means it has successfully breached the $77.53 level that it has been trying to do so for the past couple of days. The Bollinger Bands Indicator higher band is now seen at the $78.63 mark which is now the key resistance for AAVE while the lower band is seen at the $73.83 mark. More so, RSI has previously manifested a decline to 40 but has shown recovery and is now looking more balanced. The 4-hour price chart reveals that the bears have been dominant for many hours but the bulls are now taking over. Previously, the sharp decline of AAVE has caused a devaluation of price down to the $73.22 level which has been a good sign to the sellers. Related Reading: Polkadot Price Watch: What A Drop In This Key Area Can Mean For DOT? Price Likely To Build Momentum AAVE price is seen to be generally bearish due to its sideways consolidation but is seeing an uptick now and making some room for the bulls. The price has plummeted by $74.34 yesterday but it has now found its mojo and on its way to making more gains. Momentum will likely build up in the coming days. At this point, AAVE is expected to continue trading in its current range for the next 24 hours. However, the scenario with AAVE/USD still looks like a tug-of-war and anything can happen at this point as either the bears or the bulls can get exhausted and propel the coin to move either way in the coming days. Related Reading: Uniswap Price Watch: UNI Registers 16% Rally In Last 7 Days AAVE total market cap at $1.12 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from AMBCrypto, Chart:

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Tether Reveals USDT Stablecoin Is Now Supported by Polkadot


Tether is now live on 15 different blockchain networks, according to the company’s latest announcement on Friday as the firm detailed that it is now supported by the Polkadot blockchain system. The stablecoin’s new support follows the token being added to the Near Protocol 11 days ago. The news further follows Tether being ordered by More

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Algorand (ALGO) Undermines Crypto Bloodbath, Adds Over 27% In A Week

This week has been eventful in the crypto market. Many cryptocurrencies have recorded massive losses since Monday, September 19. The Merge on September 15 kickstarted another downtrend for crypto prices. Afterward, CPI data made the feds hike the interest rate by 75 basis points, sending assets price downwards.  Related Reading: Bitcoin aSOPR Profit-Loss Junction Continues To Act As Resistance But as these macroeconomic factors push many digital assets down, others resist the pressure and move forward instead.  Algorand ALGO is one of these assets, recording price gains in its 24 hours movements. But BTC and ETH haven’t fared well. For instance, on September 20 and 21, Bitcoin lost its grip on $19K, falling to $18K.  On September 22, BTC climbed again to $19K, an intraday high, and did not hold on to that level till press time. Currently, the BTC price is again bounced to $18,914, representing a 1.91% loss in 24 hours.  Algorand’s ALGO Not Affected By Macros While many cryptocurrencies bleed, ALGO is recording positive price movements. Currently, the ALGO price is $0.3761 on TradingView, and CoinMarketCap shows a 2.48% growth in 24 hours while 27.98% in the last week. So far, ALGO price movements are all green, as seen in the chart above. The coin started an upward climb since the close of the market on September 17. It jumped from $0.2973 to $0.3109 the same day.  On September 18, ALGO lost some of its gains to close the market at $0.2925. But a few hours later, the coin jumped again and closed the market at $0.3172 on September 19. Since then, to press time, ALGO has continued its upward movement.  It climbed to $0.698 on September 22 and is today trading at $0.3767. So far, the ALGO price movement shows a continuous price gain for three consecutive days.  Analysts have also pointed out that ALGO’s moving average convergence divergence is positive. Also, the coin’s RSI (Relative Strength Index) is at 58.18, showing that ALGO is closing to the overbought region.  Why Is ALGO Surging  Even though the crypto market is negative, a lot is happening in the ALGO ecosystem. Currently, the total volume locked on the ecosystem has grown considerably. The DeFi blockchain is recording massive interest, evidenced by the $244 million worth of TVL.  This figure was its data as of September 22 after adding 4.09% growth in its TVL. Data also reveals that $100 million out of this liquidity came from AlgoFi.  Apart from growing TVL, Algorand has made partnerships. The prominent one recently is the FIFA& Algorand partnership enabling the crypto network to FIFA+ Collect. This platform is where users will buy NFT items of many types.  Related Reading: Compound Prepares For A Major Rally To $80, Here Is Why According to the details of FIFA+ Connect, the platform will operate like NBA Top Shot. Its users can purchase artwork, highlights, images, etc., from prestigious soccer competitions. The platform will launch before the World Cup, slated for November.  Featured image from Pixabay and chart from


Report: Bitcoin Mining Companies Spend Excessively On Administration Compared To Other Industries

Data shows the public Bitcoin mining companies have been spending more excessively on administration, compared to other industries like gold mining. Average Public Bitcoin Miner Spends 50% Revenues On Administrative Costs According to a new blog post by Arcane Research, most BTC miners have only focused on minimizing direct production costs, and neglected indirect expenses […]

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Chiliz Bulls Test $0.2505 Resistance – Can CHZ Reach Green Zone?

Increasing volume in Chiliz intraday trades pointed to a likely bullish comeback in the coin’s price. Since the start of trading today, the volume of Chiliz has increased from $395,564,490 to $694,854,345. Market capitalization rose from $1,203,242,510 to $1,222,317,487 as trading volume rose. Increases in both trading activity and market capitalization of this magnitude suggest that a turnaround may be in the works. This could be the case if we believe real-time data. A cup-and-handle pattern appears on the chart, suggesting a possible or current upswing. As a whole, the cryptocurrency market has been seeking to rebound from the unfavorable market conditions that have dominated the financial sphere, so the recovery should come as no surprise for Chiliz. Chart: Related Reading: AVAX Price Rebound Fails To Breach $22 Resistance Due To High CPI Data The ensuing crashes in April–August further reinforced the consensus that the crypto winter would last for some time. Chiliz Bulls Facing $0.2505 Resistance The bulls in this market are currently testing the $0.2505 resistance level. Resistance at the 38.20 Fibonacci level sits at $0.2615, thus this price range is below that. Any price action for Chiliz above these levels would signal a continuation of the bullish trend that began at $0.2505 and is currently in play. Indicators provide a similar positive rebound narrative. The momentum indicator maintains a V-shaped pattern, indicating that the present market trend is rising. The Awesome oscillator indicates a major bullish reversal at the 4-hour tick level. At the level of 5.78, the price oscillator indicates a strong buy signal for investors and traders. Related Reading: AVAX Price Rebound Fails To Breach $22 Resistance Due To High CPI Data The $0.2505 Barrier Poses Major Challenge To sustain current upward trend, it is necessary to overcome the barrier at $0.2505. This is the immediate resistance the bulls will encounter before a possible push towards the 38.20 Fibonacci level. Currently, though, the bulls may have overextended and lost some impetus. The price has failed to consolidate above the 50.00 Fib level, according to current data. This failure to surpass the 50.00 Fibonacci barrier and the following lack of momentum can transform the bullish price reversal into a bearish trend. A short examination of the 4-hour clock reveals the formation of a double triangular pattern that may influence the recovery of the coin. The base of the formation rests directly on the 78.60 Fib level. It is vital for bulls not to be swayed by this emerging pattern, as the CHZ coin’s recovery hinges on the larger price fluctuations at the 1-day tick mark. If the bulls maintain their pace, we may finally witness a net price increase in the coming days. CHZ total market cap at $1.4 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from Somag News, Chart:

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Stellar (XLM) Shows Strong Recovery From Recent Slide

Stellar (XLM) has seen a stunning turnaround after the recent market downturn. However, following the announcement of the CPI report and corresponding fears of an interest rate hike, a sell-off ensued. The Donchian channel indicates that the average price of XLM is $0.1076 as of this writing. After a drop, the Awesome Indicator also gives off very strong bullish signs. This could signal a rebound. The XLM market has showed a spectacular recovery from the September 13 catastrophe, with prices climbing back above the $0.1004 support line that sustained the downturn from August 14 to September 6. At the 4-hour time mark, the coin is following an uptrend. Looking at the wider picture, however, we see that the upturn may be short-lived. Related Reading: MANA Under Sideways Motion In The Last 4 Months Stellar Rally Gives Investors Some Confidence The XLM token closely tracks Bitcoin’s price movements because the whole cryptocurrency market is modeled after it. The downward pressure of the triangle indicates that the coin’s motion is heading in a downward direction. Price levels of support and resistance were calculated using the Fibonacci retracement tool. The bulls are attempting to leverage two supports located at $0.1023 and $0.1058. These two factors have bolstered traders’ and investors’ optimism, which has contributed to the price increase. The range of $0.1153 represents the resistance level. If price momentum overcomes this resistance, the price might rise to the $0.1234 region. This can be a strong purchase signal for investors and traders. Indicator of momentum also demonstrates bullishness. In addition to purchase signals, moving averages are currently sending buy signals. For the market to rebound, however, bulls must have sustained momentum in order to surpass the $0.1194 and $0.1234 resistance levels. Looming Interest Rate Hike To Determine XLM Price Even for the broader cryptocurrency market, this can be a challenging issue. As previously indicated, XLM and other cryptocurrencies on the market share a strong correlation with Bitcoin which, in contrast, tracks the S&P 500 Index. In light of this, XLM’s mini-rally could be imperiled if larger financial markets continue to fear an impending interest rate hike. The XLM price is already struggling to surpass the $0.1153 barrier level. From the 10th until the 13th of September, the coin has already tested the specified resistance level. The coin is trading close to the resistance level of $0.1153 at the time of writing. The presence of long candles on the charts may signal another attempt to break out of a trading range. If the price falls again, it should not breach the $0.1023 support level, since doing so could spark a bigger sell-off. Related Reading: Zcash Sheds 14% Last Week, But Analysis Reveals Buying Opportunity XLM total market cap at $2.8 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from Zipmex, Chart: (The analysis represents the author’s personal views and should not be construed as investment advice).

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MANA Under Sideways Motion In The Last 4 Months

The MANA relative strength index has shown growth which signals an increase in buying activity.         New developments, partnerships in Decentraland contribute to price spike         Decentraland social mentions amplified by 89.07%         MANA price up by 1.04% There are so many exciting developments happening for Decentraland (MANA), such as the partnership of StadioPlus with LaLiga, a Spanish football league giant. The partnership allows LaLiga to feature themed plots of virtual land starred in Vegas City, which happens to own the biggest entertainment, games, and sports areas of Decentraland. With that being said, a bullish reversal is possible, off-shooting the $0.84 barrier and peaking towards the $1.26 mark. According to CoinMarketCap, MANA price has skyrocketed by 0.15% or trading at $0.7431 as of this writing. Related Reading: Zcash Sheds 14% Last Week, But Analysis Reveals Buying Opportunity MANA/USDT Pair: Sideways Rally The MANA/USDT pair is observed on sideways motion in the last four months. With this rally trend, the $1.15 resistance is now a barrier to any bullish outbreak. However, the $0.756 to $0.74 support levels have set an accumulation of active bullish activity. Following the retracement that occurred in the second half of August plus the massive sell-off in light of the flush of high CPI data, Decentraland’s price has diminished to the key support of $0.71. On the flip side, MANA has retested the support level many times, triggering a recovery. At this point, the buyers can resuscitate the prices from the ground up and set a bull run at the key resistance of $0.756. But, in order to do, the buyer will need to snag the supply level of $0.84 to validate this rally. On the other hand, a breach below the mark of $0.71 signals a downtrend which could lead to MANA losing its $0.71 support. Decentraland Social Metrics Up  Decentraland is stirring up enormous social engagement following its development announcements with LaLiga. Stephen Ibbotson, Head of Franchises and Licensing CEP said, “This licensing agreement will allow us to reach a new and significant audience, like that of Decentraland.” The news has dramatically improved the numbers of Decentraland’s NFT. Decentraland social mentions were amplified by 89.07%.  Social engagement has also improved by 30.6%. More so, Decentraland’s NFT prices have also spiked to 1.66 ETH showing an increase of 9.42%. Miles Anthony, Decentraland Games’ CEO and Co-Founder tweeted the huge improvement seen in Decentraland towards the end of the Q4. “Yesterday, on day 2 of ICE Poker Flex being live, we hit all-time highs of 614 DAU (Daily Active Users) and 593 tournaments played”, Anthony said. Related Reading: Chiliz (CHZ) Could Be Set For A Hot Streak With This Data MANA total market cap at $1.37 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from Binance Academy, Chart: (The analysis represents the author’s personal views and should not be construed as investment advice).