Texas and Vermont State Regulators Object to Celsius Seeking Permission To Sell Stablecoin Holdings

Regulators from two states are objecting to bankrupt crypto lender Celsius seeking permission to sell their stablecoin holdings. According to recent court documents, the Vermont Department of Finance alongside two regulatory agencies from Texas are filing objections to Celsius asking the bankruptcy court if it can sell its remaining stablecoins. The Texas agencies say that […]

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Cardano Founder And ETH Dev Get Into A Tussle of Word On Twitter

Twitter threads from last week reveal a series of heated arguments between Cardano founder and Ethereum’s co-founder, and Vitalik Buterin. Amid several backlashes caused by lapses in the Ethereum Upgrade, the co-founders argue over the execution of the POS consensus mechanism. A lot has transpired within the past days after the Ethereum upgrade. Also, there are more like the Shanghai upgrade to come. On Saturday, 24 September, Evan Van Ness, a Web3 investor, expressed his opinion regarding the Ethereum merge. Van asserted that the last ten days after the merge are evidence the merge should have happened earlier. Related Reading: ETH Struggles To Break Past $1,300 Resistance – Back To $1K? Buterin seeing Van Ness’s tweet, agreed with him, saying they should have implemented an NXT-like chain based on POS. Charles Hoskinson Claims Ethereum POS Is a Bad Design Hoskinson joined the Buterin-Van Ness conversation, saying there should be a Snow White protocol to ensure faster POS migration. Hoskinson’s opinion didn’t go well with the others, which resulted in an argument between him, Van Ness, and other Ethereum developers. Snow White is a protocol that provides end-to-end proof of security for POS systems. Hoskinson has been an advocate of Snow White for many years. Hoskinson claimed his idea for the Ethereum network’s technical upgrade in 2014 was better than the present upgrade. Van Ness recalled that Hoskinson got removed from Ethereum due to his bad behavior and lack of notable technical contributions. Hoskinson accused Ethereum developers of ignoring Ouroboros in the last five years. Ouroboros is a secure proof-of-stake blockchain and the first peer-review researched based protocol. He also said the present version of the proof-of-stake upgrade is not well-designed. In their argument, Hudson Jameson, Ethereum’s core developer, responded to Hoskinson’s Ouroboros implementation claims. Jameson told Hoskinson that Ethereum developers hated Cardano because of his actions and behaviors. I guess Charles forgot about his Reddit history and how much he shit on Ethereum as he was building Cardano. Additionally, Vitalik did review Ouroboros a while ago. Ethereum devs aren't wanting to look at Cardano because of your attitude and actions as the face of Cardano. — Hudson Jameson (@hudsonjameson) September 26, 2022 The Ethereum developer also spoke of Hoskinson’s ill-treatment of Ethereum while he created Cardano. He also said Vatalik had reviewed Ouroboros. Charles Hoskinson On Success Of Cardano Hoskinson boasted that Cardano is not dependent on cryptocurrency to succeed and that they’ve grown to billions without mass adoption. Although similar arguments are not new between Hoskinson and the Ethereum developers, it shows how detached from each other the two blockchain’s have become. Both Ethereum network and Cardano are in the middle of intensive upgrades, but Hoskinson is known for his bullish opinions on his previous projects. Related Reading: Algorand: ALGO Price All Go With Nearly 30% Rally In Last 7 Days Cardano Vasil Upgrade and hard fork took place on Thursday, 23 September. Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the blockchain company behind Cardano, announced the successful upgrade via Twitter. IOHK stated the hard fork upgraded the network to block transmission without full validation to enable faster block creations. The Plutus smart contracts upgrade was for increased efficiency and a low-cost running of decentralized applications. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart:

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Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin Expects Dogecoin, Zcash To Switch To PoS

Ethereum Cofounder Vitalik Buterin feels that other blockchains, such as Dogecoin and Zcash should be following the same strategy now that the Ethereum merge has been completed. Ryan Selkis asked Buterin at the 2022 Messari Mainnet if all networks should shift to proof-of-stake (PoS) method. Buterin responded affirmatively. Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, the founder of Zcash, was […]

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Lido Gets All-Clear Signal From Blockchain Auditing Experts Statemind

The firm behind the recent success story, where $350M in damages were prevented from hitting the Avalanche blockchain, has released an in-depth audit report of the popular Ethereum liquidity staking solution, Lido.  The report has ultimately given Lido an all-clear signal, noting that no significant vulnerabilities were discovered. Here is what newcomer blockchain auditing firm Statemind did find in their Lido report.  Lido Tasks Statemind With Keeping Billions At Stake Secure Lido is designed to provide liquidity for staked assets with daily rewards and no lock up periods. Lido staking solutions are available for Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Terra, Kusama, and Polkadot. Without solutions like Lido, staking Ethereum, for example, requires locking up as much as 32 ETH for many years without being able to use or sell the tokens.  When staking Lido you mint staked tokens which are issued 1:1 to your initial stake. With Lido, your staked tokens can be used across the DeFi ecosystem as collateral, for lending, yield farming, and more. As Lido expands its stronghold over liquid crypto staking solutions, the need for the underlying code to be squeaky clean and without any potential complications becomes imperative. Billions of dollars in value are at stake across millions of users. Lido has tasked blockchain auditing firm Statemind with reviewing its code and ensuring no critical vulnerabilities exist — and if they do, snuff them out before they become an issue.  Statemind Makes Huge Splash At Launch, Saving Avalanche $350M Statemind did just this but outside of its regular clientele, while simultaneously making a huge splash across the cryptocurrency development community. A proactive review of several top blockchains revealed that Avalanche and associated chains were exposed to a critical vulnerability. Estimated damages top over $350M that Statemind was able to save.  In the more reactive Lido research prompted by the client themselves, Statemind, fortunately, discovered zero critical, high, or medium-severity bugs. Only informational bugs were found, which are easily patched and pose no threat, said Statemind.  The Results And Recommendations Of The Lido Audit Report Statemind further outlined the results of the MEV-Boost relay allowlist project and Lido audit in a nine-page report. According to the report, the on-chain relay allowlist is “used by Node Operators participating in the Lido protocol after the ETH Merge to extract MEV.” Node Operators use the contract to ensure up-to-date software configuration at all times.   “Key recommendations involve checking the number of relays right after the msg.sender check, removing the zero address check for msg.sender, checking if the token address is a contract in the function _safe_erc20_transfer, and utilizing mapping that maps URI to index of relay in the array,” Statemind explained in a blog post.  What You Need To Know About Statemind Blockchain Safety Audits  Lido is just one of many of Statemind’s clients, which also include 1INCH and Yearn.Finance. In addition to finding a critical vulnerability in Avalanche, Statemind also just announced the discovery of a two-year-old exploit in Andre Cronje’s latest project, Keep3r Network.  Statemind is a brand new blockchain security auditing firm with over 100,000 LoC of Solidity and Vyper experience combined. Thus far, Statemind audits have secured over $10B in TVL, and the examples above have only added to this rapidly-growing number. To learn more, visit