Decentralized Data Warehouse Space and Time Raises $20 Million And Launches On Microsoft Azure Soon

Bridging the gap between real-world data and smart contracts remains an intriguing proposition. Space and Time, recently securing $20 million in funding from Microsoft’s M12 and investors such as Polygon, Fellows Fund, Mysten Labs, MarketAcross and others. The project aims to Bridge the gap between enterprise database data and smart contracts which can lead to […]

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Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Era7: Game of Truth, a BNB Chain TOP gamefi project, launched the first NFT TCG World Cup Tournament on September 11. The tournament has attracted continuous attention from partners in multiple fields of the blockchain industry. Fundamental Labs, a globally renowned crypto venture capital firm in the web3.0 field, and Element, the world’s first multi-chain […]

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Why Cradles: Origin of Species Will Change Your Mind About NFT Gaming

NFT gaming, while probably a novelty aspect in blockchain gaming, can no longer be considered a niche but an established part of games built on blockchain. With the ability to earn being a major pull for gamers, NFT gaming has attracted a large number of new players. At some point in 2021, there were game streamers who were posting earnings in the thousands of dollars every week due to their participation in these NFT games. Naturally, given that most of these games had been launched during the bull market, their token prices had soared, and so did the earnings of gamers. But these NFT games are now being put to the test as the crypto market has entered another inevitable bear market. As prices have collapsed, so has the interest from gamers. A large number of games that had been popular due to their growing token prices are now suffering in the bear market. Even large players such as Axie Infinity have seen interest plummet significantly during this time. This has called for more innovation and less focus on token prices when it comes to NFT gaming. That is if these games plan to survive the current bear market. Token Price Should Not Be The Focus A problem with existing blockchain games is the fact that the value of the entire gaming ecosystem depends solely on how their token prices are doing. When the price of their tokens is rising, they see a lot of interest, but any decline sees players leave in large numbers. It is evident that such a model is unsustainable, and some industry experts have even referred to the current models as being akin to Ponzi schemes that need a steady flow of new entrants to keep it going. Using such models only attract gamers who only care about the price of the tokens they earn. The result of this is the mass exodus that has taken place in the gaming sector as crypto has welcomed another bear market. A new entrant into the space has taken the initiative to tackle the problems that currently plague the NFT gaming space. Cradles: Origin of Species is a blockchain game that focuses on innovation and its community rather than on token price. This game promises to bring never-before-seen capabilities to NFT gaming in a bid to transcend beyond the questionable models employed by existing blockchain games. How Cradles Differentiates Itself Cradles: Origin of Species focuses on innovation to keep its community engaged and interested rather than token price. Taking a gamer-first approach, the creators introduce new metaverse gaming experiences. These range from popular aspects of the play-2-earn ecosystem to new metaverse features that make it more than just a virtual reality gaming experience. One of the innovations from the Cradles: Origin of Species team has been the introduction of the EIP-3664 proposal for a new type of NFT. It follows in the footsteps of the ERC-20 by introducing revolutionary features when it comes to how tokens are created. Unlike ERC-721 or other token standards currently used for NFTs, EIP-3664 contains several new attributes that permit various types of fungible and non-fungible aspects. Players can add and remove components to and from their NFTs, as well as give them new traits, which will enable continuous and dynamic gameplay, unlike traditional NFTs, whose traits are pre-set and unable to change. Props, characters and operation modes of games using EIP-3664 can be fully represented as smart contracts. This promotes different gameplay and expands the types of NFTs on the Ethereum network to bring about a stronger and more diverse gaming experience. Play And Earn, Not Play To Earn Cradles’ gamer-first strategy has seen it move away from the traditional play-to-earn model and bring players towards the new world of play and earn. This helps shift the focus of players from the price of the token being earned in the game to playing the game for pure enjoyment. This way, the tokens earned by gamers become just an added incentive for playing as they progress through the game, not the core motivator for playing. It is also the first subscription-based game to grace the blockchain gaming space. This allows all players to immediately access the game without having to purchase expensive NFTs upfront. By buying a monthly card, users can play and earn in Cradles for the whole of that month. The game also has zero transaction fees for small transactions. These are transactions that happen between players and peer-to-peer transactions. For transactions involving more valuable items, there is a small tax. Staking Into NFTs As mentioned already, Cradles: Origin of Species players do not have to make a significant initial investment before playing Cradles. Another invention that makes this possible is the Staking Into NFTs (SIN) feature in the game. This allows users to stake into the NFTs already held by their favorite steamer or professional player. So if a player does not have access to a powerful weapon in the game and a streamer does, they can stake their tokens into the streamer’s NFT to help boost the power of the weapon. This gives the streamer an edge over their opponents to help them claim victory and win the prizes, which are distributed between the streamer and those who staked into their NFT. All of the in-game items in Cradles: Origin of Species are also created by the players. There are no external NFTs being sold before entering the game, and players can freely move and trade items with each other thanks to a completely decentralized item supply. Cradles recently raised $5 million in a private funding round to build out its metaverse. The game is backed by some of the largest players in the space, including Animoca Brands, Signum Capital, and Huobi Global, among others. The innovation behind Cradles: Origin of Species is what puts it ahead of all other blockchain games. By successfully detaching the value of the game from the token price, it makes sure that its community is always involved regardless of whether the price of the token goes up or down. A complete game that kickstarts the evolution of the metaverse.    

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Valkyrie Crypto Trusts Gather Nearly $74 Million In Funding Amid Bear Market

An alternative investment company, Valkyrie, has added $73.6 million in capital into two crypto-focused trust funds. Valkyrie initially had $1.2 billion in assets under management at the end of the second quarter. This information is in amended filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Over the years, crypto investments and Decentralized finance have proven to be a great alternative to the traditional finance system. It could be because DeFi has a way to boycott the bureaucracy in the financial system. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) allows the use of digital ledger technologies. Digital technology enables investors to access and control their assets and financial data in global financial transactions. Related Reading: WATCH: Ethereum Merge Sell The News Event | ETHUSD September 15, 2022 With DeFi, developers have created financial instruments that can operate digital assets without limitations. Loan collateral and debt obligations can all be tokenized with Decentralized Finance. Since blockchain technologies are transparent and accessible, many investors now channel their finance into the Crypto industry. As a result, traditional finance keeps flowing into the crypto industry, even with the bear market. Details Of The Valkyrie Tron Trust According to reports, the oldest fund was launched in 2021. The Valkyrie Tron Trust offers eligible investors access to the TRX cryptocurrency. According to the SEC filings, the trust has raised $50 million from a small sum of $57 in sales in July 2021. Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized digital platform with its cryptocurrency known as TRX. It aims to host entertainment applications and enable content creators to sell their work directly to consumers. Tron has been increasingly gaining recognition in the crypto market recently. A spokesman of Valkyrie noted that Investors are taking note of the continuous transaction growth recorded recently by the Tron network. Valkyrie Avalanche Trust Increased AVAX Exposure Meanwhile, the Valkyrie Avalanche Trust is bringing exposure to the AVAX token. The trust appeared in an SEC filing in January, but no sale has been recorded. The trust has raised $24 million out of the $25 million target mentioned by Valkyrie in May. Valkyrie’s Spokesperson commented that the Avalanche adoption rate is increasing significantly. He referred to KKR’s deal with Securitize for tokenization of a private equity fund on Avalanche blockchain announced earlier this week. A Brief On Valkyrie Valkyrie is a Tennessee-based investment company. The company offers trust funds based on eight protocols, three Nasdaq-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Decentralized finance (DeFi), and protocol treasury business management. The SEC approved Valkyries’ XBTO Bitcoin Futures Fund in May. The crypto investment firm announced plans to enter into venture capital with a $30 million fund two months after the approval. The fund’s targets are new start-up companies in Israel. Valkyrie’s customer base is mainly from the U.S, and this may help assist the Israeli teams. Related Reading: WATCH: Bitcoin Bear Market Corrective Patterns Examined | BTCUSD September 14, 2022 Valkyrie also closed a deal of an $11 million strategic funding round in July. Top traditional finance companies BNY Mellon and Wedbush are backing the fund. Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from

Altcoins Analysis Bitcoin Blockchain Set To Offer Tezos Art NFTs As The First Baltic NFT Marketplace Set To Offer Tezos Art NFTs As The First Baltic NFT Marketplace, an Estonian art startup, announced that it would offer art NFTs made on the Tezos blockchain and will be the first Baltic art NFT marketplace. With the help of the Tezos Foundation, the Estonian art startup provides a curated platform for art NFT collectors. The first art start-up in Estonia,, provides artists, collectors, […]

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Is the Rise of Digital Real Estate Worth the Hype? Insights into 3 of the biggest Metaverse Projects

Picture this! It’s the mid-1980s. The internet, which was going to connect everyone around the world and revolutionize how they communicated, had just started, and everyone wanted a part of it. Fast forward to the early-mid 2000s, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr had just arrived on the scene, and social media was born. Today, the Metaverse is the new kid on the block, and it just seems like people can’t stop talking about how it is redefining the digital real estate landscape and how it will change how we interact with the internet, and each other, forever. But wait, “Metaverse,” “Digital Estate”, what do those mean, and more importantly, what’s the hype all about? What Is Digital Real Estate, and How Does It Relate to the Metaverse? Digital real estate is, simply put, property that exists on the internet. Traditionally, this used to be in the form of websites, social media accounts, or even email lists. However, today, digital real estate includes virtual spaces and assets in the Metaverse which you can own, lease, or develop, just like in the physical world. The Metaverse is a term used to describe the virtual world where people can interact with each other and with digital content in an immersive experience. This virtual world can take many forms, but it typically includes some combination of 3D avatars, virtual spaces, and other virtual assets such as in-world tokens. So, from having meetings with employees in a virtual office to selling digital art or fashion in a virtual gallery to exploring exotic virtual worlds with fantastic avatars and breath-taking creatures, the Metaverse provides opportunities for businesses to do things that were once impossible, or at least impractical. Now that we know what digital real estate is and what the Metaverse is, let’s take a look at some specific Metaverse projects that are helping to shape the digital real estate landscape. Projects That Show Why Digital Real Estate is Worth the Hype There are many different Metaverse projects out there, but here are three that show the potential of digital real estate and the Metaverse. SIDUS HEROES A major upcoming project that is set to make waves and leverage digital real estate potential in Metaverse gaming is SIDUS HEROES. The brainchild of a massive collaboration between some of the best minds in blockchain tech and gaming, with a large supporter base, SIDUS HEROES is set in a virtual universe inhabited by NFT characters from twelve technological races with unique traits and features. The game is notably listed as one of New Zoo’s top 10 gaming projects to look out for and one of Coin Market Cap’s top NFT games for 2022. Conceived as a game where players can travel to all corners of the Metaverse and seek out various adventures, SIDUS HEROES has also forayed into adding digital real estate value into its gameplay. SIDUS HEROES metaverse apartments are the form of digital real estate in the game that can be bought, sold, or rented out to other players. The apartments are located in the capital city of the in-game universe and provide private space quarters where players can store virtual household items within the game. With only 6000 apartments of different rarity, i.e., Common, Epic, and Legendary, in the game, they have been designed with various features and amenities that make them worth investing in for players. These include robots, which provide bonuses for investment activities within the game; plants, which produce the fruits that upgrade the in-game heroes and pets; and workbenches, which are used to create new pharmaceutical items. Of course, players can use these assets to develop different industries within the game, which can translate into actual revenue for whoever is holding them. Apartments in the SIDUS HEROES metaverse will soon be out for sale, and early investors can start to get their hands on these valuable in-game assets. With the digital real estate landscape getting heated up and projects like SIDUS HEROES leading the charge, it’s advisable to keep your eyes peeled, follow updates on its Opensea, Twitter, and Discord channels,  watch out for its upcoming release, and keep your crypto wallet ready. The successful precedent set by similar projects with established communities, innovative gaming marketplace, and ecosystems like SIDUS HEROES highlights that players have every reason to invest in digital real estate for their game-play value and investment potential. Let’s check out two of these similar projects below. Otherside BAYC The Otherside BAYC is an offshoot of the successful Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project. Yuga Labs, BAYC Creator, announced the project in March 2022 and was launched on 30th April 2022. Although the Otherside Metaverse is currently in development, it is already one of the most talked about projects in the Metaverse space. The world will feature playable characters will feature up to 10,000 playable characters in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Its in-world natural voice chat also takes in-world communication to its next level. With the awe-inspiring tour that Bored Ape and Mutant Ape owners participated in during July, it’s easy to see why 55,000 Otherdeed–plots of land in the Otherside sales were sold for more than $300 million when the project’s first round of land selling concluded; and why the value of Otherdeeds has grown over time, enabling it to scale over $1 billion in sales in the secondary market, becoming the fastest NFT collection to do so. Illuvium Illuvium is another upcoming Ethereum-based MMORPG, set to be officially released in 2022 on Mac and PC. With 100,000 land plots available in the game, 22,000 were put up for sale for early investors and prospective sellers, making over $72 million in sales. Like in real life, the owners can use these plots in various ways to make money. These include mining fuel to sell to game players, generating NFT blueprints, renting space to other players, etc. These possibilities have made many enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the game’s official launch and a possible future land sale. Key Takeaway Digital real estate is worth the hype, and Metaverse projects are a big part of why. While the three projects discussed above lend credence to the explosive potential of digital real estate, it happens that SIDUS HEROES is the only one with a launch coming up soon for interested players. Although it is in its early adoption phase, placing a cap on how much it can multiply in value is impossible. Like NFTs and actual real estate, the primary driver of digital real estate’s value is scarcity. With a limited supply of apartments, coupled with an ever-growing demand for them, the value of digital real estate will only increase with time. For example, while the BAYC project minted at 0.08 ETH, just a little over a year later, its floor price on the Open Sea is 72.6 ETH. These projects are changing the way we think about virtual worlds and asset ownership, and they have the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. With so much potential, it’s no wonder that more value is increasingly being attached and generated by digital real estate.