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Crypto exchange Coinhako secures license to offer token services from Singapore base

Coinhako, an Asia-Pacific-based crypto exchange company, today announced that it has been granted the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) official approval for a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license. Securing this MPI license means that Conhako will be able to legally operate as regulated providers of Digital Payment Token (DPT) Services under the Payment Services Act […]

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StreamCoin Secures 200M STRM Corporate ICO Investment from TNC IT Group

StreamCoin Secures 200M STRM Corporate ICO Investment from TNC IT Group

StreamCoin announced that it has obtained a corporate ICO investment from TNC IT Group, a blockchain consulting firm. TNC IT Group, in particular, acquired nearly 200 million STRM in the recently finished STRM public sale. The announcement comes after StreamCoin disclosed that it raised over $11.7 million over its three-month public sale, surpassing the STRM […]

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Retoken Announces Plans to Revolutionize Business Referral Systems

Retoken has unveiled its plans to revolutionize how businesses and individuals benefit from the manufacturer-buyer process. Using incentives, Retoken will attract sellers and consumers working in the market to promote your products and services. CEO of Retoken, Sanan Hasanov, said: “In order to bring measured results to these person-to-person recommendations, we decided to create Retoken. Retoken is a referral bonus system that motivates customers to recommend the products and services they use in their daily life and to get Retoken bonuses for that. This model is not new but by applying blockchain technology, we’ve made it automated, measurable, transparent, and with a limited number of Retokens, we made it profitable.” How the Referral System Works Retoken eliminates the uncertainty associated with unsynchronized bonus incentives through an automated decentralized platform that connects manufacturers and producers with buyers and consumers. Using the Retoken console, manufacturers can implement global, national, or local bonus programs. These can be linked with real business cases, systemizing the process. Buyers and sellers can participate in these bonus programs seamlessly and enjoy the benefits being pushed forth. As customers share feedback on the products they enjoy using the platform, producers can obtain real-time data on the number of products being sold by the number of incentive points contributed to each seller. Buyers who obtain loyalty tokens can also provide rich insights into user preferences as Retoken cultivates positive reinforcements to reward participants for reviewing their preferred products positively. Because of the use of blockchain technology, transactions are immutable and transparent. They also guarantee secure participation and the safety of data. Companies and producers will also benefit from Retoken’s global network. Also, they can form beneficial partnerships that’ll enable the companies to grow vertically. Invariably, this secures access to a new market while providing new business development opportunities. Retoken plans to be a global force operating from at least ten countries and serving over 1000 companies by 2025. To achieve this, it plans to form a transparent mechanism for referral bonuses while providing a simple and understandable service model. The company is also developing highly reliable mobile solutions while generating growing value for its token, Retoken (RETO). One of the colourful event happening soon is that Retoken is getting listed on MacaronSwap, 11th May 2022 and the token will be traded on both CEX and DEX. Get in early! About RETO RETO is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The token standard ensures quick transactions, interchain compatibility, attracts low fees, and makes it easy to list the token on decentralized exchanges. It can also be used on the Ethereum network and stored on the Retoken wallet or on any third-party wallet supporting Binance Smart Chain. According to the whitepaper, RETO will have a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. The limited supply will help the token value to grow in the future as demand for the token increases. Token allocation will be spread across technical development, business development, marketing and PR, finance and legal. Of these, 55% will be allocated to investors and the community, while the core team and advisors will get 20%. 10% will go to the Foundation, 5% to contractors and contingency reserves and 5% to the DEX liquidity pools. There may be plans for a staking pool in the future as 4% of the tokens have been allocated for staking. The remaining 1% is for security and bounty rewards. As it is a global project, RETO will soon be available on centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. Listing on these exchanges will make it possible to exchange the fiat of the respective countries directly with the token. The founder of Özbahçeci group, Turan Özbahçeci, noted: “A very high probability that the token will go up and become more profitable because of the limited supply of the token.”


Mastercard Files 15 Metaverse And NFT Trademark Applications – A ‘Priceless’ Move?

A prominent financial services institution has jumped on the cryptocurrency trademark bandwagon, filing fresh trademark rights for virtual worlds, nonfungible tokens, and more. Mastercard has filed 15 trademark applications for its brand name, the tagline “Priceless,” and its circles logo, all of which allude to metaverse and NFT objectives. This is a significant step for […]

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The NFL’s First Team To Accept Crypto? The Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans will be the first NFL team in the league to accept cryptocurrency payments, according to emerging reports. While details are limited, it’s now known that the club will utilize a third-party payments provider to allow for larger, recurring purchases via Bitcoin. It’s unknown who exactly that payment provider is, if other crypto token payments will be supported now or in the future, and a timeline for such support (as well as potential timelines for broader support for more simple transactions like one-game tickets). Nonetheless, it’s still substantial news for a league that has historically been hesitant in allowing crypto integration. The NFL’s Opening Up?  In recent weeks, new reports emerged that the NFL would lighten it’s restrictions around cryptocurrency deals for clubs, while still keeping some gates involved; while teams could now form cryptocurrency partners, there would still be restrictions around stadium signage and deal-length (capped at three years). Nonetheless, this still showed a signal that the league was warming up to crypto-related deals. To date, the NFL has sought out a stiffer stance on crypto deals, relative to most other leagues, that have engaged through a variety of sponsorship channels – from league-wide deals to individual team jersey sponsorships. For the Tennessee Titans, while the functionality of Bitcoin-supported payments will only be available for large and recurring payments, the team has expressed a desire to have payment support for everything from tickets to merchandise and in-game food and beverage. Nonetheless, the move still secures the Titans as the first team in the NFL to accept crypto payments in any capacity. In the near-term, expect major payments for things like season tickets, suites, etc. to be the major crypto-related revenue for the team. Adoption news has left BTC charts unbothered. | Source: BTC-USD on Related Reading | TA: Bitcoin Steadies Above $43K, Why BTC Could Recover Higher Tennessee Titans Joining The Short List The Tennessee Titans join an exceptionally short list of professional teams in the ‘big four’ of sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB) that accept crypto payments; the MLB’s Oakland Athletics and the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings are the only major league clubs in the U.S. to make active strides in accepting crypto payments. Expect this list to continue to grow, particularly as broader industry partnerships come to life – such as the recently announced Strike & Shopify deal. As crypto payments continue to see broader adoption, and as crypto exchange and blockchain technology sponsorship deals continue to grow and evolve, there be an increasing amount of clubs and even leagues that feel that there is a slice of the pie that they’re missing out on. Related Reading | Mike Novogratz Doubles Down On $500,000 Bitcoin Prediction Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from The writer of this content is not associated or affiliated with any of the parties mentioned in this article. This is not financial advice.

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Blockchain real estate platform Ubitquity secures investment from 44 Capital Management

Ubitquity, an enterprise blockchain-secured platform for real estate and title recordkeeping, announced today that it has secured a Reg D side-by-side investment from New York City-based 44 Capital Management, a multi-strategy venture fund investing in blockchain technologies. ”The Ubitquity team has been building a product that will sync blockchain technology with real-world utility, which will […]

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