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Web3 Wellness Platform Amino Celebrates Historic Career of Four-Time NBA Champion Klay Thompson in Inaugural Drop of the GRAILS NFT Collection

As the first drop in a series of NFT launches, the collection will be available on Binance NFT to celebrate the amazing careers and accomplishments of some of the world’s most recognizable athletes Amino, a new platform that is bringing health and fitness into Web3, has announced it is launching a new NFT collection to celebrate the incredible career of Klay Thompson, one of the famous “Splash Brothers” of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are the reigning champions of the NBA, and this collection features unique artworks from Klay Thompson’s 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022 championship runs with the Warriors. Andrew Shore, the CEO of Amino, said in a statement that the Binance NFT marketplace is the perfect choice for the launch of the GRAILS collection. “Klay Thompson is a globally-recognized and beloved NBA superstar, and we are extremely excited to be kicking off our partnership with Klay’s NFT collection on Binance NFT to allow fans to be part of and experience his most iconic career moments in new and innovative ways,” he said. Amino says it is bringing health and wellness into Web3 and user engagement via NFTs. That is why the recognition of successful superstars is an important part of the company’s vision, Shore explained. To meet consumer demand for exclusive, high-end NFT drops, Binance NFT uses Mystery Boxes as part of its drops. These drops go on sale exclusively on the Binance NFT marketplace. The drop for the Klay Thompson collection is set to go live on October 18, 2022. The drop includes 10,000 Mystery Boxes at $50 each. Depending on rarity and exclusivity, some of these NFTs will include exclusive Klay Thompson memorabilia, from autographed jerseys, basketballs, and photographs, to live experiences and in-person and online access to events and other in-demand offerings. Every one of the 30 NFT collections set to be launched by Amino as part of the GRAILS project will celebrate iconic athletes across a range of sports. All of the drops will include rare NFTs that unlock special experiences and memorabilia, thereby helping to connect users not just to online, Web3 experiences but to real-world, in-person, and physical items and assets. Users can follow news about the Klay Thompson GRAILS drop on Twitter at @aminorewards and @thebinanceNFT. Amino says that future drops and athletes will be announced as part of this exciting new collection. Amino positions itself as a health and fitness ecosystem that brings personal wellness into Web3.  It has a unique suite of personal fitness apps, premier athlete NFTs and Metaverse gaming for users to earn by staying active and “being the best version of themselves”.

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Cardano Founder And ETH Dev Get Into A Tussle of Word On Twitter

Twitter threads from last week reveal a series of heated arguments between Cardano founder and Ethereum’s co-founder, and Vitalik Buterin. Amid several backlashes caused by lapses in the Ethereum Upgrade, the co-founders argue over the execution of the POS consensus mechanism. A lot has transpired within the past days after the Ethereum upgrade. Also, there are more like the Shanghai upgrade to come. On Saturday, 24 September, Evan Van Ness, a Web3 investor, expressed his opinion regarding the Ethereum merge. Van asserted that the last ten days after the merge are evidence the merge should have happened earlier. Related Reading: ETH Struggles To Break Past $1,300 Resistance – Back To $1K? Buterin seeing Van Ness’s tweet, agreed with him, saying they should have implemented an NXT-like chain based on POS. Charles Hoskinson Claims Ethereum POS Is a Bad Design Hoskinson joined the Buterin-Van Ness conversation, saying there should be a Snow White protocol to ensure faster POS migration. Hoskinson’s opinion didn’t go well with the others, which resulted in an argument between him, Van Ness, and other Ethereum developers. Snow White is a protocol that provides end-to-end proof of security for POS systems. Hoskinson has been an advocate of Snow White for many years. Hoskinson claimed his idea for the Ethereum network’s technical upgrade in 2014 was better than the present upgrade. Van Ness recalled that Hoskinson got removed from Ethereum due to his bad behavior and lack of notable technical contributions. Hoskinson accused Ethereum developers of ignoring Ouroboros in the last five years. Ouroboros is a secure proof-of-stake blockchain and the first peer-review researched based protocol. He also said the present version of the proof-of-stake upgrade is not well-designed. In their argument, Hudson Jameson, Ethereum’s core developer, responded to Hoskinson’s Ouroboros implementation claims. Jameson told Hoskinson that Ethereum developers hated Cardano because of his actions and behaviors. I guess Charles forgot about his Reddit history and how much he shit on Ethereum as he was building Cardano. Additionally, Vitalik did review Ouroboros a while ago. Ethereum devs aren't wanting to look at Cardano because of your attitude and actions as the face of Cardano. — Hudson Jameson (@hudsonjameson) September 26, 2022 The Ethereum developer also spoke of Hoskinson’s ill-treatment of Ethereum while he created Cardano. He also said Vatalik had reviewed Ouroboros. Charles Hoskinson On Success Of Cardano Hoskinson boasted that Cardano is not dependent on cryptocurrency to succeed and that they’ve grown to billions without mass adoption. Although similar arguments are not new between Hoskinson and the Ethereum developers, it shows how detached from each other the two blockchain’s have become. Both Ethereum network and Cardano are in the middle of intensive upgrades, but Hoskinson is known for his bullish opinions on his previous projects. Related Reading: Algorand: ALGO Price All Go With Nearly 30% Rally In Last 7 Days Cardano Vasil Upgrade and hard fork took place on Thursday, 23 September. Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the blockchain company behind Cardano, announced the successful upgrade via Twitter. IOHK stated the hard fork upgraded the network to block transmission without full validation to enable faster block creations. The Plutus smart contracts upgrade was for increased efficiency and a low-cost running of decentralized applications. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart:


Web3 Altcoin Inks Deal With New England Patriots and Jumps by 25% This Week, Thwarting Crypto Market Woes

A Web3 altcoin is surging this week amid news that it inked a sponsorship deal with the New England Patriots football team. Through a multi-year partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment, the blockchain infrastructure solution company Chain (XCN) is now the “official blockchain and Web3 sponsor” of the Patriots, the New England Revolution soccer team, […]

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Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Element and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, building the first EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

Era7: Game of Truth, a BNB Chain TOP gamefi project, launched the first NFT TCG World Cup Tournament on September 11. The tournament has attracted continuous attention from partners in multiple fields of the blockchain industry. Fundamental Labs, a globally renowned crypto venture capital firm in the web3.0 field, and Element, the world’s first multi-chain […]

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Fall Of Crypto King, A Canadian Driven-Lambo Records $35M Losses

A self-acclaimed Crypto King has witnessed piles of demands from 140 of his investment clients. The 23-year-old tycoon runs a personal company known as AP Private Equity Limited. His investors want a part of his firm’s total of $35 million. The CBC report stated that the creditors claimed they gave their funds to Aiden Pleterski. The aim was for investment in cryptocurrency and foreign exchange on their behalf. Hence, they must uncover where the Crypto King has laid all their money. Related Reading: Polygon (MATIC) Downward Trajectory Faces Resistance At $0.94 Level Investigation Counsel PC has made a series of complaints regarding Pleterski. These include a bankruptcy trustee’s report, court filings, creditors meeting minutes, and other complaints. Investigation Uncovers Luxury Lifestyle Of Pleterski The investigation revealed that Pleterski has 11 vehicles and leased four luxury cars. Also, he resides in an expensive lakefront mansion rented for $45,000 per month. In addition, he frequently uses private jets to fly around without stress. The founder of Investigation Counsel PC, and the fraud recovery law company, Norman Groot, reacted to their discovery. He noted that Pleterski’s extravagant lifestyle does not provide the exact cumulative amount of missing money. Groot mentioned that the investors had warning signs of massive yields that could have cautioned them. He highlighted that the 5% weekly interest doesn’t exist in an open market. Also, a 23-year-old will not turn into the next Bill Gates. So, it is best to communicate with a conservative person while getting another opinion. Presently, some assets worth about $2 million has been confiscated from Pleterski. These include a Lamborghini, two BMWs, and two McLarens. The bank accounts and assets of Pleterski were frozen due to an initial lawsuit raised against him. The present bankruptcy proceedings have superseded the freeze. It serves as a suitable option for the investors for the recovery process. This is because bankruptcy proceedings are superior when it comes to civil claims. One of the creditors, Diane Moore, commented on her $60,000 investment contract. She stated that it would yield up to 10% – 20% fortnightly. Also, she was to receive a considerable share of a 70-30 split on all capital gains. She said the entire investment depends on trust and claimed to be about $50,000 pocket out. Pleterski Disputes Crypto Investment Claims Micheal Simaan, the lawyer for Pleterski, disputed the accusation against his client. Simaan stated that his client has fully cooperated with the bankruptcy proceedings. The lawyer reported that Pleterski’s into crypto began from his teenage age. By making massive success through the bull markets, many investors became interested and offered their money for investment to get rich. Related Reading: Aave (AAVE) Attracting Whales Over Past Few Months – Will It Spur Price Rally? On his part, Pleterski stated that the problem with his investment firm is bad trades and margin calls. The effect became intense due to the prevailing crypto winter and the price crash in the market. He reported that he lost all the money from his investors from late 2021 to the beginning of 2022. Featured image from Pixabay, Chart:

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“Finalized” EU MiCA Crypto Regulation Seeks To Police NFTs And Algorithmic Stablecoins

US Crypto Regulation: Hot Takes From Gensler's Response to Warren

A finalized text of the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) legislation now seeks to bring Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and algorithmic stablecoins under its regulatory purview. According to a bill draft dated September 20, EU authorities have been urged to take a “substance over form” approach to the law, suggesting that NFTs such as BAYC’s […]

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Bitcoin Reacts To 75 Basis Point Fed Rate Hike | BTCUSD September 21, 2022

In this episode of NewsBTC’s daily technical analysis videos, we look at the volatility in Bitcoin price action following the FOMC meeting today where the Federal Reserve announced a 75 bps rate increase. Take a look at the video below: VIDEO: Bitcoin Price Analysis (BTCUSD): September 21, 2022 Bitcoin price action has been ultra volatile before and after the United States Federal Reserve announced its decision to increase rates by 75 basis points. Although the market had been considering as much as a 100 basis points increase from the increasingly hawkish Fed, the central bank ultimately chose a slightly softer touch. Fed Chair Jerome Powell expects rate increase to continue well into next year, with inflation not returning to the normal 2% rate until at least 2025. Related Reading: When Will Crypto Winter Thaw Out? Total Crypto Market Cap (TOTAL) September 20, 2022 Crypto Market Gets Volatile Before & After Fed Rate Hike Decision To demonstrate the incredibly powerful volatile proper to the announcement, Bitcoin plunged by 6% in only one minute of trading. Less than an hour later, the top cryptocurrency retraced almost the entire move, yet is now struggling to keep its head above $19,000 support. Not just Bitcoin, but anything that trades against the dollar moved in a similar manner. Bitcoin price plunged 6% in a single minute of trading action today | Source: BTCUSD on TD9 Buy Signal Appears On Bitcoin, But Beware Of Another Low The Bitcoin daily is working on a TD9 buy setup. Beware of the series perfecting, which requires a lower low beyond $18,300 where bull staged a defensive move earlier this week. A TD9 buy setup has triggered on the daily, but another low makes perfect | Source: BTCUSD on Related Reading: WATCH: Bitcoin Bloody Monday Leads To Reversal Hammer | BTCUSD September 19, 2022 Tug-of-War On Weekly Timeframes Between Bears And Bulls Bitcoin briefly pushed back into bull territory on the weekly LMACD histogram. A bullish crossover at these levels on weekly timeframes has led to a bottom being put in in the past. Cyclically, it is clear that this is a level to watch for a bullish reversal. By the time we finished the video above, Bitcoin plunged back down to the below the $19,000 level and bears successfully uncrossed the LMACD crossover yet again. A tug of war is going on, and whoever wins will have the upper hand when it comes to momentum. Bears continue to prevent a bullish crossover, but bulls are trying | Source: BTCUSD on Learn crypto technical analysis yourself with the NewsBTC Trading Course. Click here to access the free educational program. Follow @TonySpilotroBTC on Twitter or join the TonyTradesBTC Telegram for exclusive daily market insights and technical analysis education. Please note: Content is educational and should not be considered investment advice. Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from

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XRP Outperforms Many By Adding Over 6% Daily In Bloodbath

The crypto market has recorded many devastating events in recent times. Since the market crash in May, crypto asset prices have behaved differently every week. Sometimes price outlook is positive, but other times, it is worse.  From September 15 to date, the volatility in the market has skyrocketed. Asset prices are more bearish than bullish. The merge brought a series of price fall starting from Bitcoin, which lost $1000 a few minutes after the upgrade.  Related Reading: Investors Withdraw ETH Holdings Despite Successful Ethereum Merge Ethereum and other altcoins also lost their price gains and have continued trading in red till September 21. But amid the bloodbath, Ripple has continued adding instead of losing.  Ripple’s XRP Price Keeps Appreciating Ripple XRP has continued adding at least 6% every day recently. XRP price history from the time of the market crash to date shows that the coin hasn’t recorded a terrible plunge yet. It has continued trading around a price range of $0.3733 and $0.3421 through the months after the crash.   Currently, Ripple XRP price stands at $0.3968, showing a price decrease of 5.20% in the last 24 hours, adding over 17% in the week. Early on September 21, the coin gained above 6% before settling down. This price gain is marking a continuous addition in three consecutive days.  On September 20, Ripple XRP gained more than 6.38%, pushing its price to $0.3788. On the same day, its 1-hour gain and 7 days price growth were all green, indicating a positive trend. Following the uptrend, experts predicted that XRP might climb above $0.40, which occurred today.  Ripple was also affected on the merge day as it dipped to $0.3256 at the close of the market. But a few days later, on September 20, ripple spiked to $0.38, kicking off a three-day price gain to September 21.  It is not surprising that Ripple is adding amid the bloodbath in the crypto market. The major event that could spike such positive sentiment remains the upcoming ruling on its case with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The battle that started in 2020 is seemingly coming to an end. Both Ripple and SEC have called on a Federal Judge for a ruling. The recent event has kicked off a positive market sentiment towards XRP.  How is The Rate Hike Expectation Affecting the Market?  Today is the long-awaited day for the Feds meeting. The market is anticipating a new interest rate increase after long deliberations. The fear of the outcome has kept many crypto asset prices in the red.   For instance, Bitcoin price continues to struggle around the $19k level. Currently, BTC is trading at around $19,263 on the TredingView price chart. The price has continued to fluctuate since the day broke on September 21.  Notably, the price started in red but has regained a little pushing its 1 hour and 24 hours gain to the green side. But bitcoin 7 days price is still in red, showing 5.17% losses.  Ethereum and other altcoins also started off in the red this morning. But at the time of writing, ETH has added 0.84% and 0.50% to its 1-hour and 24hrs gains, pushing them to the green side. But its 7 days price loss is still red at 15.35%, making it a leader amongst others.  Related Reading: Report Shows Ethereum Might Take Another Hit, Is It Possible? After the announcement today, crypto prices might plunge or start a slight recovery. If the Feds continue with the 75 bps, the sentiment might be positive.  But a hike to 100 basis points will send the market galloping downhill.  Featured image from Pixabay and chart from