The Top 5 Metaverses to Look Out for in 2022

Last year, Facebook rebranded to Meta and announced that they are ‘developing exciting new technologies to help people connect and explore in the metaverse.’ Ever since metaverses have been making mainstream headlines. If you’ve been watching from the sidelines, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re late to the party, but that couldn’t be further […]

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Here’s Why ADA Could Replicate Ethereum’s 2017 bullish break-out 

ADA has been reacting to the upside after its latest network upgrade. It recently went over its $1 hard-to-cross barrier to $1,191, but saw a retracement. A pattern that could mean an extremely bullish momentum for the coin could still play out. Related Reading | Cardano Completes Network Upgrade, ADA Reacts To The Upside ADA’s Up and Downs The seventh-largest cryptocurrency is trading at $1,09 at the moment of writing. A retracement from its near $1,2 mark. A pseudonym trader expects a mild bearish continuation during the weekend followed by a bullish rebound. They noted that Ada’s resistance levels are $1.150, $1.200, and $1.250, and support levels are $1.100, $1.050, and $1.000. “ADA has finally snapped the $1 barrier and has tapped the $1.191 top following a four-day parabolic bull run. However, the cryptocurrency has retraced to the $1.100 support area , as bulls ran out of steam near the $1.200 resistance.” The trader noted that ADA has put the 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) below it. “As we head into the weekend, I expect a mild bearish continuation towards the $1.050 support. After that, I expect to see a bullish rebound to the $1.200 – $1.250 range.” Moreover, the Coin’s RSI could be pointing at an oversold market, which might translate into a pullback or even a similar upside trend to previous upward movement scenarios: “The last 3 times ADA has hit 70 Stoch RSI and dipped back down on the daily chart – like it is today – it has exploded to the upside in days after,” a trader noted per TradingView. Break-Out Still To Come? Despite the retracement, a pattern that resemblances to a cycle Ethereum had back in 2017 could still play out, meaning a bullish momentum for ADA. Notice the comparison by a pseudonym trader below: If the coin sees a bounce, which is expected to happen if Bitcoin breaks its current resistance level, then ADA could follow the previous Ethereum movements to a very bullish uptrend. Earlier, the pseudonym trader who showed the resemblance was on the lookout for the 1D candle to close above the near $1.2 level ADA had moved upwards to, which did not happen because of the mentioned pull back. However, in their opinion, it already looked “as if ADA is replicating Ethereum’s (ETHUSD) bullish break-out in early January 2017.” “See how the price action that led to this since March 2016 is also quite similar to ADA’s price action since May 2021. Same Channel Down, followed by a Higher High, a near Support test and the start of the Lower Highs. Even the RSI fractals are similar.” Another trader believes that ADA is in a measured move nearing its target. “There we will have some trading range and possible 2nd leg… Watch closely,” they added. Related Reading |  ADA Surges 12% With Best Performance In Top 10, Will It Tackle $2?  

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Ethereum Heavyweights Are Accumulating Four Metaverse Altcoins As Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Hit Extreme Turbulence

As the overall markets and Bitcoin (BTC) try to recover from a volatile week of trading, big players in the crypto world are diving into the metaverse. Fresh data from whale-watching bot WhaleStats reveals that over the past 24 hours, the top 1,000 Ethereum whales are feasting on Decentraland (MANA), a 3D virtual reality video […]

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ERTHA One of the Most Searched Play-to-Earn Tokens

Following a series of record-breaking IDO’s and recent listings on two of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges Huobi Global and KuCoin, Ertha Metaverse has emerged as one of 2022’s highest trending Play-to-Earn games. According to CryptoRank, Ertha ranked 2nd in its list of the ‘Most Searched Play-to-Earn Tokens’ during a 30 day period. The project generated an incredible 52,290 page visits, a 58.2% increase on the previous 30 days, and currently holds a market cap of $21 million.  This can, in part, be attributed to its strong ties with some of the industry’s top launchpads such as Seedify, GameFi, and RedKite and its Prime Listing on Huobi. A hugely successful token launch, coupled with the fact that Ertha’s NFTs are getting snapped up almost as quickly as they can be released, means that prospective players shouldn’t wait long to get involved in one of blockchain gaming’s hottest properties. Sales of Ertha’s NFTs have greatly exceeded expectations. They recently passed the 20,000 milestone and show no sign of slowing down. 2022 is set to the year that blockchain gaming finally enters the mainstream and Ertha will have a large part to play. Introduction to Ertha In Ertha, mankind finds itself on the brink of extinction. World leaders failed with their last-ditch attempts at saving Earth, and in the years that followed untold natural disasters devastated the planet. Players are given the opportunity to right the wrongs of our past by building a new world, from the ground up. Extract resources, develop land, re-build economies, and re-form countries and their governments in the way they see fit. Each player’s actions can have lasting impacts within an ever-evolving metaverse. Ertha’s Gameplay Ertha’s world is a complex and intricately designed playspace ripe for the creation of new governments, economies, and shaky alliances between its player base. The Metaverse is divided into 350,000 land plots, each of which collects taxes, fees, and other forms of revenue from the transactions taking place on them. Players must balance production, trade, and financial budgets, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. For those looking for an introduction to Metaverses and Play-to-Earn gaming, Ertha represents an opportunity like no other. How does Play-to-Earn Work Player ownership is connected to unique NFTs called HEXs. Each HEX grants its owner complete control over their land within the Metaverse. Ertha has been designed to replicate a real-life environment with a player-driven economy. A Player’s actions, whether political or environmental, in times of conflict or peace, can create real change and have far-reaching consequences. Owners have a say in everything from international trade laws to taxes on the transactions being conducted in their territory. Just like in the real world, each HEX owner will profit from their real estate investment.


Ethereum Whales Are Jumping Into Several Altcoins As Bitcoin Fights To Break Above $40,000

New data reveals that the world’s biggest Ethereum (ETH) whales on record are gobbling up stablecoins and other altcoins as Bitcoin (BTC) struggles below $40,000. According to whale-monitoring bot WhaleStats, the top 1,000 non-exchange Ethereum wallets snapped hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stablecoins USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT) and Binance USD (BUSD) as […]

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