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Greek Artist Sends Pro-Freedom Message with Assange NFT Drop

Esteemed artist Miltos Manetas will tokenise 50% of his Julian Assange portraits, with the goal of raising awareness for the imprisoned activist. To further cement the blockchain connection, proceeds of the NFT drop will enter a DAO that forms part of the Venice Biennale Festival’s Internet Pavilion, a tech tent founded by Manetas in 2009. Named This Cannot Be Erased, the special collection of 111 NFTs will grant buyers access to one-of-one digital versions of hand-painted portraits created by Manetas over the last two years. The collection will be divided into three phases during which 37 tokens are to be minted on the Materia blockchain, starting June 23. This year’s Venice Biennale, now in its 59th year, runs from April 23 to November 27. While the majority of tents at the festival are reserved for countries, the Internet Pavilion is dedicated to Assange under the theme “AIIA – Assange is Internet Internet is Assange.” Manetas Aims to Leverage #AssangePower This Cannot Be Erased was produced by Manetas with support from long-time collaborator Howie B, a British composer who scored the original Internet Pavilion event thirteen years ago. Back then, Manetas and curator Jan Aman stirred controversy by inviting a number of people involved with activist website The Pirate Bay to Venice to inaugurate the Embassy of Piracy. The latest collection develops Manetas’ interest in freedom in the internet age, with the artist having continually voiced his support for a man he regards as a close friend. The painter, whose digital works have previously appeared on VR platform Second Life, likens the silencing of the WikiLeaks founder to governments attempts to crush dissent on the World Wide Web, leading to the aforementioned theme for this year’s Internet Pavilion: Assange is Internet Internet is Assange. The 111 NFTs in the collection are curated digital versions of the Assange portraits the artist created as part of the #AssangePower social media campaign. That blitz led Manetas to showcase his creations at Rome’s Palazzo delle Esposizioni and later Belgium’s IKOB Museum with an exhibition entitled Assange Situation – Emergency. This year, the location of the Internet Pavilion is the vast, prison-like domain of The Gervasuti Foundation, which Manetas considers an appropriate setting given Assange’s ongoing incarceration. The Foundation is located at the north end of Via Garibaldi, on the site of the Gervasuti family artisan wood workshop. Holders of This Cannot Be Erased will not only own a piece of art history; they’ll also become Trustees of AIIA, with the NFT designated a “currency” of a new internet “country” unbound by borders or barriers. As mentioned, money raised from the sale will go into the Internet Pavilion DAO, meaning art collectors can help decide which art projects the Pavilion funds in the future. Assange in Limbo Miltos Manetas has said that his goal is to raise awareness of Assange’s treatment, believing that he has been unjustly demonised for his whistleblowing activities. This view is echoed by human rights organisation Amnesty International, which calls the UK’s decision to extradite Assange to the US a “travesty of justice.” NFT that make up the new collection last for a minute, during which time the holder sees the face of Assange, fracturing before rapidly coming back together, never to erase. Each artwork is accompanied by a musical theme composed by Howie B. Assange is currently appealing the UK government’s extradition ruling. If the appeal fails, the activist could face a 175-year prison sentence if convicted in a US court.  

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MoonXBT adds new USDT spot markets in DAI, ADA, AVAX,  LTC, FTT, LINK, and FTM

MoonXBT, a crypto derivatives & social trading platform, has now announced it has successfully launched new USDT spot trading pairs in the following markets: DAI/USDT, ADA/USDT, AVAX/USDT, LTC/USDT, FTT/USDT, LINK/USDT, and FTM/USDT. The crypto margin trading platform offers up to 150x leverage and recently integrated fiat-gateway XanPool, to allow for easy deposits.

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Cardano FOMO Could Return Quickly, According to Blockchain Analytics Firm Santiment – Here’s How

A leading crypto analytics firm says trader sentiment on Cardano (ADA) isn’t high right now, but that could quickly change. In a new analysis, Santiment notes Cardano is currently witnessing the highest amount of unique addresses interacting on its network in a year. “On top of this, sentiment on social platforms has fallen to a […]

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Web3 Wallets Realize the Frontier Exploration of On-chain Addresses

An Ethereum address is a complex 42-bit string starting with 0x. As the most basic part of the crypto infrastructure, addresses are the carriers of users’ assets, rights, and on-chain interactions. We often see people name their Twitter starting with 0x to indicate their identity as a blockchain player, which demonstrates the importance and representativeness of addresses to users on the chain. As the necessity for users to step into the on-chain world, there are more than 200 million unique addresses on the Ethereum chain alone. Over the past year, there have been an average of about 500,000 active addresses interacting on-chain every day. Users often use mainstream wallet products such as Metamask to manage addresses. However, the increasing Web3 protocols have opened rich usage scenarios for users, and also stimulated many users’ demands yet to be met, such as address co-management, private key recovery, address privacy and so on. On-chain developers are also actively proposing various innovative solutions based on these demands. In this article, people will learn about the ambitions of infrastructure developers to improve the security and usability of address management through the examples of Gnosis Safe and Argent Wallet. By looking into Blank Wallet, a project focusing on private transactions, and A3S Protocol, a pioneer in “transferable addresses”, having a glimpse of how the “careerists” bring revolutionary changes to this entrance-level field of the Web3 world. 1.   Dreamers who pursue security and usability 1.1 Security: A Multi-Signature Management Scheme for Addresses Gnosis Safe represents the multi-signature wallet solution in the context of implementing secure co-management of addresses. The multi-signature function simply means that the user needs to set up several owners or devices, and the transaction must be approved by a minimum number of roles before it can be carried out. Based on this, Gnosis Safe also provides users with more rights management functions, such as batch transactions and custom modules for authorization under certain conditions including social recovery modules and allowance modules. 1.2 Usability: mnemonic-free management of addresses In terms of usability, a representative project is Argent, featuring “no private key” and “no mnemonic”, thereby greatly reducing the user’s threshold. Argent allows users to set up several other accounts or devices as Guardians, to facilitate the recovery of accounts and assets through Guardian’s verification if the device is replaced or the address is stolen. The wallet owner can also grant the “keeper” several permissions, including locking and unlocking accounts, triggering account recovery procedures, and approving large transactions. At the same time, Argent also gives away 1 ENS domain per user, which allows users to convert a long list of complex addresses starting with 0x into easier-to-remember “URLs” ending with “.eth” to further improve the user experience. 2.   Strong Anonymity, Subversive SBT Careerist 2.1 Privacy: Privacy Protection for Addresses As a public ledger, users’ privacy is one of the weaknesses of Blockchains. When users try to conduct private transactions, they often need to go through a currency mixer such as Tornado Cash. Under the ambition of pursuing privacy and emphasizing anonymity, Blank is an address management protocol designed for private transactions. It adopts the method of currency mixing and zero-knowledge proof to realize private transactions. Specifically, whenever a user transfers funds, Blank will generate a password for the transaction and mix the funds, which will also become the proof of the payments sent; when a user accepts the transfer, Blank will create a brand-new address to receive the funds; also, the transaction will be mixed with Blank’s internal fund pool to conceal user’s financial information. Blank can provide users with wallet applications and be incorporated into other wallets and DeFi projects as extensions. 2.2 Liquidity: Control separation and transferability of addresses Due to the nature of the private key, the ownership of addresses can only be shared but is difficult to be transferred as it’s almost impossible to ensure one has completely forgotten or discarded its private key. A3S Protocol, trying to separate the control of the address from itself, endows the address with liquidity. Users discovered this pioneering idea from the much-anticipated Grants Round 14 of Gitcoin (GR14). The relevant information remains to be limited as people try to understand the project developer’s “ambition”. A3S Protocol is not a wallet and no longer uses private key signatures to control addresses. It is a protocol that uses NFT as the “controller” of the addresses. In simple terms, the protocol allows users to mint an address controlled by an NFT, and transfer control of the address through the circulation of the NFT. A3S Protocol also discards mnemonics, replacing the abstract mnemonics and private keys with more concrete NFTs. Just like a real key, whoever holds the “key” has control of the address. Due to the non-fungible nature of NFT, the “key” is also unique and there are no concerns of being copied. In addition, this “key” being an NFT can be easily adapted to the existing NFT infrastructure. According to the project conception, after such NFT-Gated Addresses open up the address liquidity, there will be more potential user demands being fulfilled in many ways: OTC transaction of non-transferable on-chain assets and interests: for example, non-transferable assets such as veCRV in the Curve protocol, or NFT whitelist qualification attached to addresses, can be transferred directly by transferring addresses. Temporary escrow of addresses: temporarily entrust others to operate your address, such as automatic investment, P2E on Gamefi, etc. After the end of the escrow period, the control of the address will be fully recovered through the return of NFT, and the continuation of the interaction record can be maintained. Addresses being the new collectibles: trading addresses of celebrities, such as auctioning addresses used by Elon Musk, Stephen Curry, Jay-Z, etc. Basic services on-chain: When users occasionally need a large number of addresses to interact with protocols, users can simply buy or rent the addresses with gas in bulk, thus eliminating the tedious and expensive operation of transferring small assets in and out. In other words, A3S Protocol realizes the capitalization of addresses and provides a new possibility for value transfer. Just like domain names, addresses can become the new subject matter for collectibles and leases, or become a unique on-chain service. At the same time, the “restrictions” and “privileges” for addresses will therefore no longer be exclusive. Although A3S has not yet launched its product, if the design of the project can be implemented, it might become the No. 1 public enemy of the anti-Sybil attack, SBT, and NFT communities. Conclusion With the development of the crypto market and Web 3, users have growing diversified needs for address management. The value of addresses has become increasingly prominent, and addresses are more than something that can be discarded carelessly. How to manage the “first stop” in the crypto journey and uncover more value embedded in addresses will certainly become the focus of more and more projects. Developers are continuing to design revolutionary solutions in the process as we keep paying attention to the progress and updates of address-related projects and sharing our research.

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Shiba Inu Hops By 45% In A Week – What Could Have Pushed SHIB Up?

Shiba Inu (SHIB) may not have been taken seriously as a crypto asset when it was first introduced, but the meme coin has steadily climbed the cryptocurrency rankings. The newest signals of relief in the crypto markets following a protracted volatility may come as a surprise to many, but the most intriguing aspect of this rebound is that meme tokens have emerged as the largest gainers. In the previous week or two, the majority of other coins have been bleeding from losses or barely able to stay afloat because of the ongoing crypto winter. Suggested Reading | ApeCoin Climbs 22% After Snoop Dogg-Eminem Bored Ape Video Launch Shiba Inu Continues To Defy The Trend However, Shiba Inu has been able to defy the odds and increase by 45 percent over the past week. Wednesday’s Coingecko stats show that SHIB is currently trading at $0.00000975, down 9.5% from the last 24 hours. Despite the profit-taking on Monday, the coin remained trading at the monthly highs near $0.00001196 on Tuesday. Nonetheless, it remains 85 percent below its all-time high of $0.00008, which was reached in October of last year. The dog-themed token briefly surpassed Tron as the 13th biggest cryptocurrency by market valuation. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum’s seven-day gains of 2% and 8%, respectively, were eclipsed by this rally. According to Yunometa’s founder, Arijit Mukherjee: “Shiba Inu appears to be benefiting from hints of bottom fishing and a larger mood comeback on the cryptocurrency market.” Yunometa noted that considering SHIB’s large social media presence and devoted fanbase, it’s not hard to understand why the coin’s price has risen in tandem with DOGE’s rally. SHIB total market cap at $5.3 billion on the daily chart | Source: Meme Token Takes Fed Stance Favorably Jerome Powell, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve in the United States, stated on June 23 that the Fed was committed to tackling historically high inflation. In addition, he agreed that a rapid rise in interest rates could lead to job cuts. The central bank’s more lenient position on interest rates looked to have a favorable effect on the equity and crypto markets. Meme coins outperformed the rest of the market following the Fed’s statement. Suggested Reading – Uniswap Slingshots 45% – Can UNI Blaze Past Its 7-Day Rally? Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that after rising as one of the leading meme-based cryptocurrencies over the past year, Shiba Inu’s prospects are deteriorating as a result of waning interest in the token as it continues to endure major price decline. According to data provided by Finbold, the popularity score for Google search queries including the keyword “Buy SHIB” dropped by 100 percent over the past year, from 8 in June 2021 to zero this month. Featured image, chart from

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Cardano (ADA) Founder Charles Hoskinson Addresses Congress, Argues for Real-World Uses of Crypto and Blockchain

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson is addressing Congress in an attempt to detail the real-world use cases of crypto assets. In a prepared testimony to Congress on the topic of digital asset regulation, Hoskinson says blockchain technology helps marketplaces thrive due to its decentralized and permissionless nature. “Distributed ledgers (i.e., blockchains) store information that needs […]

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Sandbox (SAND) Blows Up 20% Over Last 24 Hours Following ‘Takeover’ Rumors

Sandbox has become one of the most important Metaverse cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on this year. Sandbox (SAND) is currently selling at $1.31, an increase of 20% based on data from CoinMarketCap. The rally occurs just days after Microsoft and Meta, among other technology giants, announced the founding of the so-called “Metaverse Standards Forum.” Other facets of virtual reality are also being researched, as the Sandbox environment has expanded into much more than a gaming platform. Suggested Reading | Storj (STORJ) – A Relatively Unheard Crypto – Leads Gainers With 30% Rally Sandbox (SAND) Lights Up 7 Straight Green Candles As shown on the SAND chart, the daily time frame chart obtained seven consecutive green candles. Near the $1.11 mark, the SAND price confronts severe supply pressure, with intraday trading volume reaching $386 million, suggesting a 3.22 percent decline. Source: Tradingview Friday night’s bulls blasted over the 10-day horizontal boundary, propelling the price of SAND cryptocurrency well above the bearish’ critical hedging level of $0.90. The recent bottom of the SAND token, on the other hand, has served as a significant support level for the bulls. The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based game in which players can purchase parcels of virtual land. Occasionally, the value of these virtual properties may reach millions of dollars, and everyone could profit greatly if the metaverse becomes as successful as many anticipate. The ‘Metaverse Standards Forum’ Meanwhile, the Sandbox could be on the crosshair of an established tech company planning a takeover, based on rumors circulating on social media. The declared objective of the Metaverse Standards Forum, which was unveiled on Wednesday and is comprised of Sony and Alibaba, is to foster coordination and cooperation among the hundreds of enterprises competing for position on the enormous metaverse landscape. Suggested Reading | Top 5 Cryptos Taking A Major Beating In The Ongoing Market Mayhem Reuters quotes Nvidia executive Neil Trevett, who is chairing the MSF, as saying any company, including those in the crypto industry, can join the group. A property in Sandbox was recently acquired by HSBC, one of the world’s top banks. HSBC’s interest in Sandbox metaverse lands indicatesthat they appreciate its significance. SAND total market cap at $1.76 billion on the weekend chart | Source: Meta Eyeing Sandbox Buyout? On Sunday, The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget replied to Messari on Twitter if Meta purchasing a virtual world like The Sandbox Game makes him “bullish.” Borget’s response was brief and unequivocal: “This will never happen.” Many Web3 community members remain dubious. Animoca Brands’ founder and executive chairman, Yat Siu, has previously referred to Meta’s goals as “digital colonialism.” Animoca Brands is a $5 billion software and venture capital firm responsible for a variety of metaverse projects, including The Sandbox. Danny Greene, general manager of the Meebits DAO, stated to a crypto news outlet that customers will ultimately battle for a decentralized future and that “these are companies that represent shareholders.” Featured image from Smart Valor, chart from