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Web3 Wellness Platform Amino Celebrates Historic Career of Four-Time NBA Champion Klay Thompson in Inaugural Drop of the GRAILS NFT Collection

As the first drop in a series of NFT launches, the collection will be available on Binance NFT to celebrate the amazing careers and accomplishments of some of the world’s most recognizable athletes Amino, a new platform that is bringing health and fitness into Web3, has announced it is launching a new NFT collection to celebrate the incredible career of Klay Thompson, one of the famous “Splash Brothers” of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are the reigning champions of the NBA, and this collection features unique artworks from Klay Thompson’s 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022 championship runs with the Warriors. Andrew Shore, the CEO of Amino, said in a statement that the Binance NFT marketplace is the perfect choice for the launch of the GRAILS collection. “Klay Thompson is a globally-recognized and beloved NBA superstar, and we are extremely excited to be kicking off our partnership with Klay’s NFT collection on Binance NFT to allow fans to be part of and experience his most iconic career moments in new and innovative ways,” he said. Amino says it is bringing health and wellness into Web3 and user engagement via NFTs. That is why the recognition of successful superstars is an important part of the company’s vision, Shore explained. To meet consumer demand for exclusive, high-end NFT drops, Binance NFT uses Mystery Boxes as part of its drops. These drops go on sale exclusively on the Binance NFT marketplace. The drop for the Klay Thompson collection is set to go live on October 18, 2022. The drop includes 10,000 Mystery Boxes at $50 each. Depending on rarity and exclusivity, some of these NFTs will include exclusive Klay Thompson memorabilia, from autographed jerseys, basketballs, and photographs, to live experiences and in-person and online access to events and other in-demand offerings. Every one of the 30 NFT collections set to be launched by Amino as part of the GRAILS project will celebrate iconic athletes across a range of sports. All of the drops will include rare NFTs that unlock special experiences and memorabilia, thereby helping to connect users not just to online, Web3 experiences but to real-world, in-person, and physical items and assets. Users can follow news about the Klay Thompson GRAILS drop on Twitter at @aminorewards and @thebinanceNFT. Amino says that future drops and athletes will be announced as part of this exciting new collection. Amino positions itself as a health and fitness ecosystem that brings personal wellness into Web3.  It has a unique suite of personal fitness apps, premier athlete NFTs and Metaverse gaming for users to earn by staying active and “being the best version of themselves”.

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5 Cryptocurrency that Might Succeed Despite the Current Market Conditions

Several cryptos have proven to be resilient during the recent market crash and show significant upside potential. The current crypto market has made many investors lose hope in numerous blockchain projects, but let’s explore the 5 cryptos that could prevail and set all-time highs. Cryptos That Could Set All-Time Highs 1. Tamadoge Tamadoge is an exciting new NFT crypto game that enables players to earn rewards while they feed and groom their virtual pets. Players who have done the best job at raising their pets are ranked the highest on the leaderboard, entitling them to the highest rewards. Players receive rewards in TAMA tokens, which they can exchange for other currencies. What sets the TAMA crypto apart from other Doge ecosystem coins such as Dogecoin is that it’s deflationary. The developers plan to burn 5% of all tokens spent on the platform. That will make it scarce and increase the demand. But what could also increase the demand for Tamadoge cryptocurrencies is listings on exchanges. So far, Tamadoge has been in a presale because the beta sale sold out so quickly. And in a few short weeks, Tamadoge has raised almost $7 million. This coin’s popularity is evident in the demand, and it will soon be listed on LBank. That will provide the coin with more exposure and could result in a significant increase in demand. Considering its use case, reward offering and extremely popular presale, Tamadoge has proven it should have staying power in the GameFi sector that not only includes play-to-earn but crypto casinos and metaverse real estate purchases. Investors who want to stay up to date with the latest developments can join the Tamadoge Telegram channel. 2. Battle Infinity Battle Infinity is a project that had an extremely successful presale, and it has shown to be among the best new cryptocurrencies after its decentralized exchange listing. The presale was supposed to last 90 days, but Battle Infinity’s use case and rewards prompted investors to sell it out within 25 days. The next step for Battle Infinity was the listing of its native token, IBAT, on PancakeSwap. Celebrities such as Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela and international cricketer Irfan Pathan attended the launch party of Battle Infinity. The result of the PancakeSwap listing was IBAT pumping 700% from its presale price. Getting involved with this NFT P2E game provides investors with several benefits. Besides the potential gains from IBAT, investors can also earn rewards by staking the coin on Battle Stake, one of six platforms offering entertainment and rewards. Players can choose between staking solo, duo and crates. Each method presents its own benefits and challenges. Battle Infinity enables players to battle it out for the highest rewards. But highly active players also get rewarded with IBAT tokens from the global staking pool. Staying in touch with the latest developments is best achieved by subscribing to the Battle Infinity Telegram channel. 3. Lucky Block The best way to benefit potentially from two ways with a crypto project is by using Lucky Block. One of the ways investors can receive rewards from this NFT competition platform is by holding LBLOCK and NFTs to enter draws. Some of the main prizes investors can win are a house worth $1 million, a Lamborghini and $1 million in Bitcoin. Lucky Block is already one of the best Bitcoin casino sites out there, but another way to benefit potentially from Lucky Block is by holding its native token, LBLOCK. The coin began trading in January 2022 on major exchanges and has provided investors with massive returns. One of the catalysts for the rallies was listings on exchanges. Although it’s listed on LBank and MEXC, LBLOCK will also be listed on on 1 September 2022. LBLOCK is an ERC-20 token and investors pay no tax when buying or selling it. Considering LBLOCK’s past performance during listings, which have already made it one of the top cryptos of 2022, it wouldn’t come as any surprise if it pumps once again after the listing. 4. XRP Investors wanting a coin that provides efficient cross-border payments and low transaction fees will find XRP to be one of the most attractive investments. Sending XRP across the world takes only a few seconds to reach its beneficiary. And the best part is that it costs mere pennies to do it from the comfort of one’s home. XRP is the only coin that hasn’t been on a massive bull run but has managed to stay in the top 10 coins by market capitalization. And that is while it has a pending lawsuit filed by the US SEC. What makes this coin even more special is that it rallied more than 600% from end-January 2021 to mid-April 2021. That happened during the lawsuit, which spooked most XRP investors. It’s clear that not even a regulatory body can prevent this coin from pumping. XRP’s price structure has revealed that the bottom is most likely in, and the only way for this coin is up. 5. Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash is a successful fork of Bitcoin. The reason that it was invented is that Bitcoin was deemed a store of value, a gold 2.0 if you will. Bitcoin developers wanted a coin that could be used for daily transacting, was affordable and extremely efficient. Those three factors perfectly sum up Bitcoin Cash. It costs a few pennies to send Bitcoin Cash to anywhere in the world, and it takes less than a minute. But investors always need to look at a coin’s fundamentals to determine its potential. Most exchanges have listed Bitcoin Cash and even Paypal has it on its platform. It’s one of the main coins among Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to feature as the main cryptos. Bitcoin Cash solves the problem that Bitcoin couldn’t, and it’s currently on strong support and has tremendous upside potential. Conclusion While most of the crypto market is down, we’ve identified cryptocurrencies that could explode. All five coins we mentioned could set new highs, but we see Tamadoge as the biggest prospect. Its presale has been so successful that TAMA will be listed on LBank and Uniswap soon. But so far, almost $7 million has been raised. So investors wanting the best TAMA prices should get in on the project now.  

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Bitcoin Price Drops 6% While Bond Yields Spike

The world’s top cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin, has hit the $18,000 mark and is still dropping. The crypto has dipped by 6% within the last 24 hours and more in the previous week. BTC/USD breached the $19,000 triple bottom support when it crashed from $20,000 to $18,000, signaling a major selling sentiment among Investors. Bitcoin Hits $18,000 There are several reasons for Bitcoin’s bearish run, but most refer back to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive approach to inflation.  Rising Bond Yields: the US 10-year bond yield has risen 3.25% since June, as sell-offs continue to increase. Investors are playing it safe as a result. Thus they are avoiding the more volatile assets like Bitcoin, which is putting more downward pressure on the digital asset’s price. Fed’s Hawkish Policies: Jerome Powell, head of the Federal Reserves, is staying true to his predecessor’s aggressive approach to inflation, raising interest rates. It appears he is not about to slack off as he reiterated his goal of strengthening the dollar to fight inflation. At writing, the dollar has hit a 20-year high, adversely affecting the price of Bitcoin as well. And finally: Nord Stream 1 Shutdown: Since Russia closed off the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, gas flow to Europe is on hold. This has scared the market and is causing Bitcoin trading to the tank. Tech Equities Are Equally Dropping As the Fed continues to increase interest rates in hopes of building the dollar’s strength, tech equities are equally affected.  Both NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 are dropping in this general bear market. All stock options and Bitcoin are becoming off-limits as investors prepare to weather the interest rate spike by opting out of riskier investments. Bitcoin’s Bearish Trend is likely to Continue There is a question of whether Bitcoin can recover to $20,000. At this rate, it would have to break across the $19,500 mark, which might be difficult. Analysts believe it is possible if demand for the coin soars. However, crypto influencer Richard Heart is of a different opinion. According to him, Bitcoin still has a long way to drop before rallying. He predicts that the top crypto will at least hit $11,000 before it begins to climb back. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is hovering around $19,000, up 1.31%.  Meanwhile, anticipation continues to increase from the inflation report scheduled for publication on September 13th and the Ethereum mainnet merge slated for the same day. Featured image from Pixabay and chart from