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New Yorkers Affected By The Cryptocurrency Crash Requested to Contact Attorney General’s Office

US Post Office Patents A Novel Blockchain-Backed Mail-In Voting System

In a press release dated August 1, 2022, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued an investor alert calling upon New Yorkers who have been deceived or affected by the cryptocurrency crash to contact her office. A statement from the NY Attorney General read: “The recent turbulence and significant losses in the cryptocurrency market are […]

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LongHash Ventures Rolls Out Web3 Investment Fund Platform Worth $100M

In a new development, LongHash Ventures will launch a $100 million investment fund for the decentralized Web3. With more innovative products, projects, and applications, the crypto space is growing in leaps and bounds. Furthermore, blockchain technology has created more opportunities for extraordinary accomplishments in the industry and other sectors. Yet more advancements and developments are […]

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Here’s A List of Trusted Non-GamStop Casinos In The UK

The idea of GamStop was borne out of the need to help people who have trouble controlling their gambling impulses. It has a self-exclusion policy that gamblers can sign into that prevents them from using registered casinos and gambling sites to aid in kicking the habit. However, when it comes to GamStop, the problem starts when users wish to begin better again but circumventing GamStop can prove to be a hassle due to how long it takes to gamble. Given this, the need for registered and reputable casinos in the UK which are not registered for GamStop has grown. These casinos allow a user to continue to place bets while waiting for GamStop to remove the block after they ask for it. The GamStop block runs indefinitely until this block is requested and removed. So having other options to place wagers even with a self-exclusion block has become important. Non-GamStop Casinos There are top casinos in the UK that offer the same quality of online games that users have grown to love, but they do not appear under GamStop. These sites are usually very easy to access, and depositing funds into them is a smooth process. Casinos that do not appear under the not-for-profit GamStop will let you access your account even after applying for self-exclusion, while casinos under GamStop will not allow you to do so. These non-GamStop casinos are not worse in any way, nor do they provide lower-quality games. The games are just as good and even better in most cases for non-GamStop casinos. So here is a list of the top casinos in the UK that are non-GamStop to enjoy the betting experience. MyStake MyStake is an online casino that allows you to place wagers across a variety of games. These range from the beloved classic slots to e-sports betting; MyStake has it all. Every single online game that allows a user to play a wager is available on the platform. MyStake is a registered and reputable casino that has a gaming license from Curacao and operates from Cyprus. There are over 4,500 games to wager on, with hundreds of game titles available. MyStake has grown in popularity among gamblers as being a reliable, non-GamStop casino. BetNow Another good online casino not on GamStop is BetNow. This platform gives users a low rollover on their bonuses with a number of daily contests and bonuses to keep users engaged and entertained on the site. It carries very competitive odds for popular and lesser-known game titles, as well as slot games and futures betting. Another standout thing about BetNow is how it brings the casino table game experience to the online world. There is Blackjack, craps, roulette, and even Hoo Hey How, which caters to a variety of palettes. Card lovers will feel right at home with BetNow. Mr. Sloty Another reputable non-GamStop casino is the famous Mr. Sloty. It has grown in popularity among casino players due to its fast and accurate payouts. There are sports betting, modern slots, and other fun casino games available to place wagers on. Its user interface has also received a lot of praise from users, as it makes the process of getting higher deposit limits as easy as can be. Registration on Mr. Sloty is easy and straight to the point. They also offer a large number of deposit options, although it is worth noting that deposit limits are based on the method of deposits chosen. BetFlip BetFlip is a non-GamStop casino that draws a large user base of gamblers due to its high withdrawal limits. Unlike other casinos that usually limit users to the amount they can withdraw, BetFlip offers much higher withdrawal limits which are especially attractive for users who place large bets. The platform offers game titles from oldies to modern and popular. Users can easily move from playing Blackjack to the slot machines and then on to playing for a big win at its jackpot games. It also offers welcome bonuses to new users, such as free slot spins. It boasts more than 15 payment methods available for users. Tiger Gaming Tiger Gaming enters the list as a veteran in the space. It has been in operation for more than two decades, and it is one of the oldest non-GamStop casinos still in operation in the UK. It has a Curacao gaming license and boasts a much higher approval rating compared to most on this list. For many, it is a mystery how Tiger Gaming has remained relevant after all these years, but the platform looks to have user retention down to a science. It does this by allowing all users to be able to participate in bonuses, offering such a wide range of bonuses that even a full-time user would not be able to use all of the bonuses. It offers wagers on sports and virtual games. These range from in-play and live gaming options. Its daily, weekly, and monthly options allow players to easily curate their experience on the platform for an entertaining time all around. Conclusion These are just some of the casinos not on GamStop in the UK. The services that these casinos offer to users have been shown to be necessary, and the experiences have left users wanting even more. However, one thing to note is that cryptocurrencies have played a big role in the operations of these non-GamStop casinos. Since cryptocurrency transactions cannot be essentially stopped, a good number of these platforms have pivoted to crypto payments to provide faster and easier methods of deposits for their users. One thing to note is that when using such platforms, paying attention to detail is essential. This comes down to knowing the terms and conditions of all platforms before interacting with them. Last but not least, exercise extreme caution when depositing money into online casinos.   Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

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Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon Breaking Out as One DeFi Altcoin Carves Bear Market Bottom: Top Crypto Analyst

The crypto analyst who accurately called the 2018 bear market bottom for Bitcoin (BTC) says a trio of altcoins is in the midst of a breakout. The pseudonymous analyst known in the industry as Smart Contracter tells his 210,500 Twitter followers that Ethereum (ETH) challenger Solana (SOL) has taken out the resistance of its symmetrical […]

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APECoin Retraces 2.5% In Last 7 Days – More Selloff In The Offing?

ApeCoin (APE) has been a high-performer with the price surge seen in the past couple of weeks. ApeCoin moving erratic in an ascending parallel channel. Price maintains to hold above the key support zone of $6.5. APE/USD pair gearing sideways spotted at 0.000286 Satoshis. The buying pressure has been impeccable pushing the prices way up. With the recent uptrend, APE registered a 9-week high peaking at $7.8 in the past week. On the other hand, buyers are trying to keep the coin soaring this week – and it seems like they’re facing hard times. The altcoin is seen to retrace by 2.5% as seen in the past seven days with increased selloffs looming in the next coming days. Related Reading: Polkadot (DOT) To Retest $9.88 Resistance – Can Bulls Regain Solid Footing? APECoin Price Trades at $6.83 According to CoinMarketCap, APE coin price has dropped by 1.39% and trading at $6.83 as of press time. A weekly price candle has shaped up in conformity with the past bullish candle. On the 4-hour timeline, the altcoin’s price action is observed to appear with a strong wave of higher-lows and higher-highs within the ascending parallel channel. At this point, buyers are trying to maintain APE as it hovers above the support line of $6.5. A bullish hurdle for the bulls is spotted right at $8.0. Now, if the bulls are able to breach this critical resistance zone, then $10 may be the next target. The RSI for APE has hovered downwards to revisit the semi-line as seen on the daily price timeline. Despite the MACD staying above the neutral zone, it still looks rather tepid or flat. More so, the histogram is also weakening. RSI Shows Retracement; Bears Trying To Claw Their Way In ApeCoin still managed to trade in an upward parallel channel despite the withdrawal in price seen close to the resistance level of $8.0. RSI shows a bit of retracement and in the event that RSI breaches below the half-line, the bears could potentially breach the parallel channel. On the daily chart, APE has dipped to 20 EMA or below 100 DMA but is trying to hold on positioning itself above 50 EMA. More so, APE coin price is seen to trade within an ascending parallel channel for over a month now or since July 13. The bears kept on clutching the token but the bulls are not taking it lightly and continuously trying to swing the token near the upper trendline. APE coin currently trades showing strong downward movement closing near the lower trendline of the ascending parallel channel. Now, APE coin must gain massive support from the bulls the soonest it gets into the trendline and hit reverse to prevent further dips below the channel.  Related Reading: Filecoin Cruises Near Resistance, Now Attempts For A Breakout APE total market cap at $2.09 billion on the weekend chart | Source: Featured image from AirdropAlert, Chart from

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Polkadot (DOT) To Retest $9.88 Resistance – Can Bulls Regain Solid Footing?

Polkadot (DOT) price reveals that the extreme bullish movement pumped the price reaching $9.54. DOT price extremely bullish; set to retest $9.88 key resistance level. Support spotted at the $9.29 zone. Polkadot pumped up its price to $9.54.  DOT’s price trendline has spiked for the past couple of weeks following the coin’s overwhelming gains over the past few days. Today, DOT/USD is trying to test the $9.87 key resistance level which is pretty strong. However, if the bulls continue to push further then DOT will have no problem breaching this critical resistance zone. Related Reading: Filecoin Cruises Near Resistance, Now Attempts For A Breakout DOT Price Pumped To $9.54 On the 24-hour timeframe, DOT price has shown a boost in price value as it pumped its price to $9.54 a few hours ago. According to CoinMarketCap, DOT is now trading at $9.49 or showing an impressive spike of 2.20% as of this writing. DOT price was down by a trickle in a few hours but is still on the green lane. The DOT/USD pair has shown a remarkable 10.05% gain in terms of value as seen in the past week which hints a continuation of the bull run. On the flip side, trading volume for DOT tremendously fell by 12.66% which shows some weak spots in terms of momentum. DOT/USD pair shows increased volatility as seen in the expansion of the Bollinger bands. The price is seen to be trading the upper limit with $9.99 as the current key resistance, and the lower band or $6.84 poised as the current support zone for the coin. More so, the EMA is spotted at $9.10 with RSI at 64 which is indicates strong buying pressure in the market. Polkadot Price Correction Anticipated The 4-hour timeframe shows that DOT price breached upwards which was observed at the onset of the trading session which prompted the price to spike to $9.58, but when the selling pressure resurfaced, the price also went down in the last few hours. The 4-hour chart for DOT shows a rather very mild volatility. The upper band is spotted at $9.84, while the lower band is found at $8.73. More so, the EMA trades at the $9.35 level with the RSI showing a mild downtrend as it continue to trade at index 62 propelled by the immense selling pressure. DOT price reveals that the coin is working extremely hard to override the key resistance found at $9.87, as the price is still seen trading on the green. A price correction is expected for short-term or in a just a few hours before the coin retests the key resistance zone again. On the other hand, if the bears manage to dominate the bulls, then DOT may hold on to $9.29 as its next support zone. Related Reading: Decentraland Consolidates Near $1.05 – Can MANA Attract Buyers Now? DOT total market cap at $10.3 billion on the weekend chart | Source: Featured image from Bitcoin Addict, Chart from

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India’s Federal Agency ED Froze Crypto Exchange Vauld’s Assets Worth $4.6 Million

India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) froze assets amounting to $46 Million belonging to Vauld which is a cryptocurrency exchange. In Vauld’s press release, the company stated that it disagreed with the claims made by ED on Vauld’s KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures. These assets seized by the ED were found stored in […]