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Charles Stanton, CMO Bondly Finance on Rebranding to Forj Network

Bondly Finance and Animoca Brands have recently announced Bondly Finance’s rebrand to Forj. Previously the brand has led the way in the NFT space through several innovative partnerships and today we’re speaking directly to Charles Stanton, the Chief Marketing Office at Forj to learn more about the launch, what changes we can expect and how Forj is ultimately focusing on simplifying Web3 and forging strong fan and creator partnerships. Interestingly the launch is a result of an extensive rebrand undertaken over the course of the past six months led by leading brand design exports whose clients included Disney and Coca-Cola! Q: Can you please explain what Bondly Finance does? A: Bondly Finance is an end-to-end Web3 and NFT solutions provider, majority-owned by Animoca Brands, working with big brands and creators across a range of projects and campaigns leveraging our technology to meet their requirements. Q: What is the reason behind the rebranding exercise? A: Along with Animoca Brands we are committed to onboarding the next wave of consumers into Web3, and we knew Bondly Finance wasn’t the right brand for that in the long term. It’s far too centred on DeFi and the ‘finance’ angle doesn’t have broader appeal to the majority of creators and fans out there. For example, if you’re a top record label or a major entertainment brand, you are considering how your audience will respond to a partnership with us and it’s clear they will relate far better with a dynamic, energetic and adaptive brand like Forj than with Bondly Finance. Q: Will there be any difference in the goals of Forj, as compared to that of Bondly Finance? Absolutely, our focus is centred around fan and creator partnerships – the very epitome of ‘forging’ is the creation of something, whether a relationship or an experience. Through our growing number of brands (such as Metaprints and PolkaPet World) and partnerships with huge platforms like Spring and Bandsintown, we’ll be bringing fans closer than ever to the creators they love. Creators like Lewis Capaldi and many more are to be announced! Ultimately the goal is to be the leading gateway for broader audiences to experience Web3, whether through the metaverse or through ownership of an NFT that unlocks meaningful experiences. Q: How does Forj aim to help web3 adoption? A: We want to simplify Web3, and work with brands to unlock the potential to create incredible branded experiences in real life and in the metaverse. Adoption comes from simplification and focusing on what matters – the experience. The fact that the experience is powered by the blockchain shouldn’t matter, it’s how it can enable new and meaningful interactions between fans and creators, such as DAO governance, metaverse events, and exclusive access passes to meet the creators. Q: What are the immediate plans for Forj? A: We have a lot of big announcements coming, many centred around our relationship with Animoca Brands and our position in their group which is hugely exciting. Q: What will happen to $BONDLY and how will the holders benefit from this transition? A: The token, for now, remains unchanged and token holders should benefit from the impact of the string of announcements we have coming that will add utility to the token. Q: Are they any new products and partnerships planned under the Forj banner? would you like to give our readers a sneak peek into it? A: We’re working with Phantom Galaxies as their exclusive sales partner, which will be our first big exclusive announcement! We’ll also be launching a new product in the coming weeks which I’m super excited about. We also have some major new partnerships to be announced, it’s going to be a busy month… Q: Anything else you would like to convey to our readers? A: Only that this is just the start, Forj is a brand to meet the demands of the next wave of Web3 consumer and we’d love you to be a part of it. Check our new website for more

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Crypto tech platform Fireblocks unveils new ‘Web3 Engine’ with suite of developer tools

Fireblocks, a blockchain infrastructure & crypto tech provider, announced today the launch of a new, dedicated ‘Web3 Engine’ with a suite of tools for developers to build DeFi, GameFi, and NFT products. Also, Fireblocks’ new web3 engine allows developers to easily build dApps on top of Fireblocks’ tech stack or securely access the full range […]

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CRO Coin Falls 19% After Announces Rewards Cut Down To Cardholders

On Monday,’s Cronos (CRO) slide followed suit with a sharp drop after the crypto exchange said it was reducing some staking and rewards tied to its popular pre-paid Visa cards.  According to, the coin dropped by 19% to $.265. On Sunday before the announcement, CRO was trading above $.33 per coin.  Related Reading | TA: Bitcoin Consolidates Below $39k: What Could Trigger Another Decline announced the changes in a blog post: To ensure long-term sustainability, we are introducing a number of changes to the CRO Card rewards programme, effective 1 June 2022 00:00 UTC. CRO Card Rewards Cut Down Next month, the company will reduce the usage rewards on four of the exchange’s card tiers.  The most premium tier, the Obsidian tier, will see a Cronos card reward reduction from 5% to 2%. In addition, the Icy White / Frosted Rose Gold tier reward will be pulled down from 3% to 1%. The top tier of the company’s card program, Obsidian carries a $400,000 staking requirement and offers up to 8% cashback at retailers. According to company policy, there will be a limit on how much a person can earn CRO card rewards for two tiers. For example, the Ruby Steel Card earns are limited to $25 or equivalent in other fiat currencies like Dollars and Euros. While for the Royal Indigo/Jade Green tier, the cap is set at $50. In Addition, is phasing out CRO staking rewards for cardholders. Cards include Jade Green, Royal Indigo, Frosted Rose Gold, Icy White, and Obsidian. Staking rewards involves coin owners “locking up” or delegating a portion of their crypto holdings to earn more interest on deposits. While explaining staking rewards, the exchange said; Cardholders with an active 6-month stake and who staked before 1 May 2022 13:00 UTC will continue to earn CRO Card rewards on spending at the current rate until their 180-day stake expires. Thereafter, the revised rates will apply. Cardholders who stake CRO after their 180-day lock expires will earn card spending rewards as per the schedule. Cronos Price Performance Since the start of January 2022, Cronos has been trading lower. The price of CRO was over $0.50 at the beginning of the year, but it has been retreating since then. At one point, CRO was close to sliding below $0.30. Cronos’ price skyrocketed during the NFL Super Bowl. But after that, there hasn’t been any sign of a recovery as the price of CRONOS crashed continuously. Related Reading | Analysts Predict ApeCoin To Hit $50 By End Of 2025 – And $100 By 2030 In the last 24 hours, CRO started the day in green, but after the company announcement price crashed below $0.30. Since then, the coin has lost 19% of its value and reached $0.26 lowest level.  Featured image from Flickr, chart from Tradingview

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Stripe Teams Up With Twitter To Allow Payments In Crypto

Stripe is pushing cryptocurrency to the forefront by allowing merchants who accept its payment processing service, StripsPayments™, to pay their users in USDC. Starting this Friday, Twitter will let certain creators receive payments for features on Ticketed Spaces, and Super Follows through the crypto wallet. In the Super Follows Twitter offer, individuals can earn monthly income […]

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MBC GROUP Releases Super Rare NFTs from its Fananees (NFT) Genesis Collection

MBC GROUP Releases Super Rare NFTs from its Fananees (NFT) Genesis Collection

Zurich, Switzerland, 22nd April 2022 – The MBC GROUP has released seven rare NFTs from its Fananees genesis NFT to auction them at OpenSea. The release of the seven characters comprises individual non-fungible Fananees featuring the top rarity ranging from 0.01 – 0.07%. The release of super rare Fananees aims to leverage contemporary technology such […]

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NFL’s First Crypto Partnership: Dallas Cowboys Partners With

The Dallas Cowboys strike the first crypto deal in NFL history with, becoming the team’s “exclusive digital asset partner.” Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, and Peter Smith, the CEO, and Co-founder of Blockchain.Com, emphasized the implementation of the cooperation, which might lead to being an “exclusive digital asset partner.” Relating Readings | […]