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CoinEx CEO: Breaking Financial Shackles & Making Crypto Trading Easier

CoinEx, a crypto exchange that serves more than 3 million registered users in over 200 countries and regions, has adopted a new brand slogan — Making Crypto Trading Easier. We interviewed Mr. Haipo Yang, CoinEx’s founder and CEO, and discussed topics concerning CoinEx and the future development of the crypto industry. Q: What are the considerations behind CoinEx’s new slogan — Making Crypto Trading Easier? A: Today’s crypto market has entered a new stage in terms of technological progress, market scale, and user base. At its height, the total market cap of cryptocurrency approached $3 trillion. Meanwhile, surpassing Facebook, Bitcoin has become one of the 10 most valuable assets globally. Cryptocurrency is now an integral part of global assets, and crypto technologies are also influencing more industries and users. At the same time, many are daunted by crypto technologies. In their view, the market is reserved for geeks and professional investors only. Such a stereotype is not wholly unfounded — many trading platforms out there are indeed designed for professionals. They just keep introducing new functions and pile up all features and products without considering user capabilities, which discourages many newcomers. Picture this: An average user visits a crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin. However, swamped by derivatives like delivery contracts and European options, he has no idea how to buy Bitcoin at all. Are such platforms really designed for the general public? They think users might need this or that but ignore the most important fact that for most users, it is not that easy to complete the very first crypto trade. Decentralized crypto technologies are created to serve the public in the first place. All crypto users deserve respect —not only just the professional, but also retail investors, deserve access to the crypto industry. The dismissal of beginners and retail users goes counter to the crypto sector’s original mission, which is to break the financial monopoly. As such, we work to remove users’ misgivings about the crypto industry and break financial shackles. We want to deliver a message that crypto trading is a level playing field and that finance is by no means the privilege of certain groups of people. We will build a bridge that connects users with the crypto space. As a gateway to the crypto market, CoinEx helps users complete each crypto transaction with ease. Q: The slogan upgrade of CoinEx involves strategic adjustments in terms of branding, product and technology. Could you shed light on the future vision and strategic plans of CoinEx? A: CoinEx will “make crypto trading easier” through product, token listing, and user services. First of all, when it comes to products, we exercise restraint and never pile functions upon functions. Instead, CoinEx promises to offer sufficient and satisfying functions. Unlike many exchanges that offer an excessive number of redundant functions, CoinEx pursues “EASIER”. This does not mean that there are fewer things you can do on CoinEx. On the contrary, we aim to turn sophistication into simplicity by building products that meet real demands. In addition, we also attach great importance to token-listing. CoinMarketCap shows nearly 20,000 types of crypto assets globally. However, many of them come with great risks. As we can see today, most trading platforms suffer from either a lack of diversity or garbage assets. This is why our research team spends plenty of time screening the cryptos available in the market. To a certain extent, CoinEx saves users the trouble of risk filtering, allowing them to invest easily in assets minimizing users’ workload. Last but not least, CoinEx emphasizes user service. Here at CoinEx, we offer professional, efficient and considerate user services. When beginners are confused with crypto-related products, which is frequently the case, they can always turn to our intuitive beginner guides, all-encompassing help documents and humanitarian user support. CoinEx respects each ordinary user via first-rate services. Q: Compared with the past, many professional investors like VC firms, hedge funds, and asset managers have joined the crypto market. Will this lift up the investment threshold of the crypto space? Do retail investors still have a chance in such a market? A: Professional investors and retail investors are not in an antithesis relation. The fact that more investors have joined the industry comes as a recognition of the market and injects more liquidity into the crypto space. It is natural that an established market will attract various investors, but that does not mean there are no opportunities for retail investors. Here, we can compare the crypto market with conventional financial markets. In a conventional financial market, large investment banks are inherently centralized. A company needs to go through a complicated process before it can go public. As such, stocks can only be issued via big institutions, while primary markets are exclusive to professional investors. Retail investors, on the other hand, are kept out of this process. Such a centralized monopoly incurs expensive costs and creates a high threshold. Essentially, stock issuance offers funds to project teams and creates investment opportunities for investors. Meanwhile, intermediary players like investment banks and VC firms do not improve capital efficiency. Blockchain and crypto technologies have brought a new decentralized solution that allows retail investors to directly participate in primary markets through IDO and IEO, thereby breaking the monopoly of professional investors. Over the past few years, we have seen many new attempts in the crypto industry, covering DeFi, meme and Play-to-Earn. Many of these new categories are neither created by professional traders, nor are designed for big institutions. The crypto sector is now accessible to all, which means that every investor has the opportunity to profit from cryptos. Q: During the last two years of rapid growth, CoinEx has always prioritized user experiences and user demands. How do you put “EASIER” into practice during constant product iterations? In the future, what are your priorities for streamlining the trading experience? A: We have been focusing on mechanisms, interaction, and content-guided when upgrading CoinEx products. Users use a product to meet their intended goals. As such, “EASIER” means that we should help users meet such goals as quickly as possible. As for product mechanisms, we hope that users can meet their goals via the simplest operations. For instance, Swap, a new feature recently launched by CoinEx, helps users meet one simple goal, which is to swap one type of cryptocurrency for another. Unlike other swap products that often ask users to account for complicated terms such as slippage, market price, and limit price, CoinEx Swap is backed by a set of independently developed smart algorithms, which only requires users to enter the target cryptos and the swap amount, and everything else will be handled by CoinEx. With Swap, users benefit from fast conversions at excellent prices. Other than mechanisms, we also value interaction, which covers webpage interaction and visual guides. Instead of stacking up all the functions and information on one page, CoinEx strives for simple content that allows users to spot the function they need at the first glance. Moreover, we will keep improving our text introductions and product descriptions in content guidelines, helping all users get started with CoinEx right away through simple, intuitive expressions. During the interview, Haipo Yang also mentioned that the improvement of user experiences is a never-ending process. According to him, product development requires unremitting efforts. CoinEx insists that crypto assets should be made available to the general public. It aims to “break financial shackles” and strive for “EASIER” with user-centered design (UCD) or user-driven development (UDD) by improving its products. We have every reason to believe that driven by CoinEx’s efforts, the crypto trading sector will provide new opportunities for more retail investors.  

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The Liquidifty Platform Breaks the Borders and Create New Opportunities for Creators

The rapid development of the cryptocurrency and NFT markets has given rise to classic problems, such as an oversupply of products and limited liquidity. This problem has created the prerequisites for a certain crisis in the discovery and improvement of projects that move the industry forward and become in demand in the global cryptocurrency market. In the digital age, dozens of NFTs and P2E projects are launched every day with gigantic value but limited opportunities. Every day, dozens of talented and inventive creators create unique and valuable NFTs but dissolve into the mass of a rapidly growing market. The NFT arena is becoming an analog of Hollywood, where a thousand actors apply for one role. The Liquidifty platform was created to solve these and many other problems that continue to arise in the NFT market. Liquidifty is an NFT marketplace based on the BNB Chain. The main objective of the project is to solve problems with the supply of liquidity to the NFT market. The Liquidifty team has been extremely successful in overcoming the liquidity crisis for NFT projects. The project also successfully interacts with promising teams, creating a bridge between successful and profit-hungry investors and cool NFT projects. Thanks to the active work on the Liquidifty platform, more than 60 thousand users are registered monthly, and the total trading volume has reached $12 million. Thanks to the unique customization and promotion features, over 75.5 thousand unique non-fungible tokens have been created on the Liquidifty platform. Why do top projects and authors choose the Liquidifty platform to sell their NFT products? The wide and useful media functionality of the Liquidifty marketplace allows projects to significantly increase their audience through cooperation and collaborations with other well-known and already successful projects. In addition, the Liquidifty NFT marketplace cooperates with large funds, which allows a friendly project to receive additional injections from such industry “whales” as AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, DEX Ventures, ZB Capital, and Polygon Studios. The Liquidifty team works closely with leading cryptocurrency platforms such as KuCoin,, Liquid, BitForex, MEXC, and ZB, which makes it easy to list project tokens. Now let’s go through the specific features that make the Liquidifty marketplace a special place for all NFT projects. The Liquidifty NFT marketplace team gives a project or author a unique opportunity to create a full-fledged store of his NFT collections and mint NFT in just one minute. At the same time, the Liquidifty team provides the author with services for customizing the store and determining a unique design that will be associated with the brand of the project or the author. The project team is also provided with round-the-clock technical support from the platform team to launch the store quickly and efficiently. Liquidifty marketers will expand the classic tools for project promotion in the crypto community and attract new investors. The unique mechanics of the Liquidifty marketplace is the Launchpad system. Investors can purchase three types of passes: Liquid, Gas, and Solid, and get access to all the events that are held on the platform. The main feature of buying such a pass is a discount on the purchase of NFT tokens during sales. The second advantage of Liquidifty passes is the opportunity to earn more. During the IDO P2E game “Drunk Robots” the maximum allocation was limited, but it was extended for Liquidifty pass holders, which allowed users to earn more on IDO. And yes, the IDO game “Drunk Robots” ended with a complete SOLD OUT. In addition, the Liquidifty project often holds contests and giveaways among pass holders, and also provides early access to rare events. The Liquidifty platform also works as a classic marketplace where users can create NFT and sell due the ranking NFT system. The team pays great attention to the preparation for IDO, INO, or Launchpad. First of all, each project that is going to hold events on Liquidifty undergoes a thorough check to protect potential investors-participants. For projects hosting events on Liquidifty, the platform team arranges a maximum marketing explosion to attract a new audience. Almost every project presented on Liquidifty holds AMA sessions and gleam campaigns. This allows you to increase audience engagement, as well as increase future sales during the event. Therefore, it is not surprising that projects on the Liquidifty NFT marketplace often get SOLD OUT. The Liquidifty marketplace continues to develop and will soon become a cross-chain platform where everyone can create NFT. The project plans to hold the first INO based on Polygon. Proven and profitable events allow the platform to grow its client base, as well as supply more and more Liquidity to the all NFT markets thanks to the BNB Chain , Polygon Network and soon on Ethereum, Avalanche and Fantom.  

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Snoop & Gary Vee Got “Ownership” Of A Basketball Team With Ice Cube’s BIG3 NFTs

These BIG3 NFTs might become one of this year’s most entertaining stories. The 3-on-3 basketball league created by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz offers utility beyond belief for its “BIG3 Ownership” NFT collection. The Fire tier NFTs holders will get to effectively affect the game and the league via video calls with the team and coaches. They’ll also get the chance to be Team CEO, which is what Snoop, Gary, and the other projects seem to be looking for. “A BIG3 NFT holder is effectively a part of the team from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep,” claims the league. These Ethereum-based NFTs come with “ownership-like benefits” in “two-tier options comprising 12,000 editions – 1,000 for each of the league’s twelve teams that include 25 Fire priced at $25,000 each and 975 Gold priced at $5,000 each.” From those 25 Fire ones, a Team CEO is selected. So, each of the prominent buyers got all of the available ones for particular teams. The BIG3 league’s season five starts on June 18th, and it will receive live coverage on CBS and Paramaunt+. Will the owners and their NFT collections receive some of that coverage? And will they bring their own particular audiences to the BIG3 basketball league? The BIG3 League Announces Its NFT Series Recently, “Ice Cube guaranteed on a recent Twitter space that the league will be around for 100 years”. Considering the BIG3 is going into its fifth year, what we have here is a low time preference situation. In the blog post announcing the superpowers that the BIG3 Ownership NFT collection contains, they presented the project comparing Web 2.0 to Web3. “You can read a blog, comment on a blog, or even start your own blog. You can follow your favorite players on Twitter or Instagram. All of that is fine, but none of it allows you to make an actual impact on your favorite players, team, or league. Web 2.0 provides engagement. Web 3.0, which the BIG3 is diving into with this NFT drop, takes you past engagement and into an empowering experience.” The NFT excels in utility, among many other things it guarantees: attendance to parties after gamedays and invites to practices. Reserved owner suites, backstage access area, player and coach meet-and-greets. Plus, a championship game experience and “even a championship ring if your team wins the whole thing.” Plus, because it’s the law for NFT projects, “a dedicated Discord page for BIG3 owners.” However, the killer app is ownership. How Do The BIG3 NFTs Guarantee Ownership The new Team CEO is chosen among the 25 Fire tier NFT holders. Besides that, every one of those 25 will have “a direct and tangible impact on the league” by: “Access to weekly calls with your team to talk strategy leading up to each game” “Weekly video calls with referees to discuss rules and how you think their calls impacted the last game” “The unique opportunity to connect with commissioner Clyde Drexler as well as league founders Jeff Kwatinetz and Ice Cube three times a year to discuss fundamental strategy, changes, and ideas for the league” So yeah, owners will get to speak with Clyde the Glide and Ice Cube.  ETH price chart on Kraken | Source: ETH/USD on The New Owners: Snoop Dogg, Gary Vee, And More This is where it gets interesting. Since we’re talking about an NFT, members of the community came out in full force to support the idea. And to get into the conversation. So far, the celebrity owners that bought the 25 Fire tier NFTs from their respective teams are: Snoop Dogg and co-founder of PayPal Ken Howery got the 25 for team Bivouac. Gary Vaynerchuk and his VeeFriends NFT collection got the Triplets, who won the 2019 Championship. As referenced in our article about them, NFT community DeGods bought Killer 3. Bill Lee from MyDoge wallet brought the Dogecoin community by purchasing the 25 Fire-Tier for Aliens using DOGE. This was “the largest commercial transaction in history for the cryptocurrency.” Krause House, a basketball-focused Decentralized Autonomous Organization, got the Ball Hogs. Relevant Quotes From BIG3’s Site Speaking on the phenomenon, BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Snoop, Ken, and their communities on board with the BIG3. Having someone with Ken’s knowledge and experience wanting to be a part of our league demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction. Snoop is an undisputed legend who has jumped headfirst into the Web3 space and clearly understands the importance and the value of what we are trying to create. Together, I know they will take Bivouac to new heights and we can’t wait to get started.” For his part, GaryVee said: “I’ve been incredibly impressed with the pop culture relevance of the BIG3 league. Over the last several months I’ve been able to get closer with Cube and the rest of the team and I’m extremely excited about the impact of the Blockchain on professional sports. All of those ingredients create a scenario where I am excited to join this incredible league.” And BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz contributed:  “We are thrilled to partner up with Bill and have the MyDoge and Dogecoin communities be represented by the Aliens. We have made history with this transaction, and we hope it inspires others in the Doge world to support the team whether by purchasing the Gold-Tiers, by attending games, or by tuning in.” As you can see, everyone is focusing on communities and the merging of the audiences. This is a win-win situation if we ever saw one. There could very well be enough star power in this deal to take both the BIG3 League and the NFT community to new heights. Featured Image: BIG3 Ownership NFT promotional image from the site | Charts by TradingView

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Tezos Asia entity TZ APAC teams up with NUS Computing to develop blockchain talent

TZ APAC, an Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem, today announced a partnership with the National University of Singapore School of Computing (NUS Computing) to set up the Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence. Led by Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck from NUS Computing, the new Centre will empower students to learn from industry […]

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Cardano Adoption Is Surging, According to Coin Bureau – Here’s Its Forecast on the Future of the Ethereum Competitor

The host of popular YouTube channel Coin Bureau is looking at the future of Cardano amid the Ethereum Rival’s recent lackluster performance. The pseudonymous crypto analyst known as Guy tells his 2.03 million subscribers that Cardano is witnessing a boom in adoption behind-the-scenes. “The number of unique Cardano wallets has increased by more than 50%. […]

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Retoken Announces its Upcoming IDO Launch

Retoken, the decentralized referral bonus system created for product and service providers, is thrilled to announce its upcoming IDO launch. Retoken is launching RETO – a new token model that stimulates new businesses to implement a blockchain referral model and discover untapped distribution channels. There will be a maximum supply of 550,000,000 RETO for sale […]

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Defi Platform ‘The Commission’ teams up with The Glimpse Group to develop augmented reality-based NFTs

Defi Platform 'The Commission' teams up with The Glimpse Group to develop augmented reality-based NFTs

The Commission announced its latest paid partnership with Glimpse group and its wholly-owned subsidiary company QReal, to expand its portfolio to offer augmented reality-based NFTs for cryptocurrency. The Glimpse Group is the perfect partner as it is a diversified platform with enterprise-focused VR and AR software and services solutions.  The Commission is a decentralized finance […]

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Manta Network Joins Forces With Web3 Consortium To Advance Zero-Knowledge Technology

Blockchain technology, albeit disruptive, has a few lingering problems that are holding it back from achieving mass adoption. Legacy blockchain networks often face criticism for their lack of scalability, interoperability, and slow throughput rates. While some progress has been made in these areas, a lack of privacy has emerged as another critical concern that needs to be addressed rapidly. Thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, Zero-Knowledge (ZK) has emerged as a potential solution to all the problems that currently inhibit the blockchain industry. Since ZK is a relatively recent introduction, most of the blockchain universe isn’t fully aware of its potential. Realizing this, 22 Web3 and ZK companies recently formed a coalition to advance zero-knowledge to support scalability and mainstream adoption of Web3 through the ZPrize competition. In this context, Manta Network, the Polkadot-based plug-and-play privacy protocol for Web3 and one of the core sponsors of the ZPrize competition, has announced that it is joining forces with Mina Protocol to sponsor ZPrize’s “Open Division” competition. Manta Network and Mina Protocol will award the prize to projects that focus on maximizing throughput and minimizing latency of operations on client-type devices and blockchain-based Virtual Machines (VMs), specifically the WebAssembly (WASM) runtime. Along with sponsoring the Open Division event, both Manta and Mina teams will collaborate to solve the multi-scalar multiplication (MSM) and number-theoretic transform (NTT) operations, which are prerequisites ZK computations. Shoumo Chu, a Manta Network Co-founder and Core Contributor, clarifies, “We have chosen to be the architect and sponsors in the open division because we truly care about WASM ZKP performance. We view the WASM ZKP performance as the ‘last mile problem’ for mass ZKP adoption. In order to get massive ZKP and privacy adoption, we have to get ZKP prover integration with popular wallets, and having improved WASM, prover performance is the way forward.” Competition To Accelerate Zero-Knowledge Development The ZPrize competition is an open-to-all competition with $7 million in awards to raise awareness and accelerate the advancement of Zero-Knowledge technology to facilitate a wide range of use cases. There are several categories in the ZPrize competition, each catering to different aspects of advancing Zero-Knowledge technology. Several companies, funds, and foundations are sponsoring the ZPrize competition. These organizations include 0xPARC, Aleo, The Algorand Foundation, Aztec Protocol, Anoma, CoreWeave, Celo, DZK, Ethereum Foundation, Espresso Systems, Findora, Harmony One, Manta Network, Kora, Mina Protocol, Polychain Capital, Polkadot Pioneers Prize, Polygon, RISC0, Trapdoor Tech, and Zero Knowledge Validator. In this competition, participants will build open-source projects that benefit the blockchain world as a whole while competing for cash prizes. The primary goal of the ZPrize competition is to increase awareness of zero-knowledge cryptography’s potential while improving the performance of key general algorithms and increasing the diversity and availability of low-level libraries for cryptographic proofs. According to Alex Pruden, the COO of Aleo & Founder of the ZPrize initiative, “The sponsors of ZPrize not only represent an industry but a united community of believers in this technology. We share a collective desire to turn these exciting academic ideas into a deployed reality. With the ZPrize, we’re advancing the state-of-the-art to form the bricks of the technological foundation that will scale and secure the next-generation web.”