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Here’s A List of Trusted Non-GamStop Casinos In The UK

The idea of GamStop was borne out of the need to help people who have trouble controlling their gambling impulses. It has a self-exclusion policy that gamblers can sign into that prevents them from using registered casinos and gambling sites to aid in kicking the habit. However, when it comes to GamStop, the problem starts when users wish to begin better again but circumventing GamStop can prove to be a hassle due to how long it takes to gamble. Given this, the need for registered and reputable casinos in the UK which are not registered for GamStop has grown. These casinos allow a user to continue to place bets while waiting for GamStop to remove the block after they ask for it. The GamStop block runs indefinitely until this block is requested and removed. So having other options to place wagers even with a self-exclusion block has become important. Non-GamStop Casinos There are top casinos in the UK that offer the same quality of online games that users have grown to love, but they do not appear under GamStop. These sites are usually very easy to access, and depositing funds into them is a smooth process. Casinos that do not appear under the not-for-profit GamStop will let you access your account even after applying for self-exclusion, while casinos under GamStop will not allow you to do so. These non-GamStop casinos are not worse in any way, nor do they provide lower-quality games. The games are just as good and even better in most cases for non-GamStop casinos. So here is a list of the top casinos in the UK that are non-GamStop to enjoy the betting experience. MyStake MyStake is an online casino that allows you to place wagers across a variety of games. These range from the beloved classic slots to e-sports betting; MyStake has it all. Every single online game that allows a user to play a wager is available on the platform. MyStake is a registered and reputable casino that has a gaming license from Curacao and operates from Cyprus. There are over 4,500 games to wager on, with hundreds of game titles available. MyStake has grown in popularity among gamblers as being a reliable, non-GamStop casino. BetNow Another good online casino not on GamStop is BetNow. This platform gives users a low rollover on their bonuses with a number of daily contests and bonuses to keep users engaged and entertained on the site. It carries very competitive odds for popular and lesser-known game titles, as well as slot games and futures betting. Another standout thing about BetNow is how it brings the casino table game experience to the online world. There is Blackjack, craps, roulette, and even Hoo Hey How, which caters to a variety of palettes. Card lovers will feel right at home with BetNow. Mr. Sloty Another reputable non-GamStop casino is the famous Mr. Sloty. It has grown in popularity among casino players due to its fast and accurate payouts. There are sports betting, modern slots, and other fun casino games available to place wagers on. Its user interface has also received a lot of praise from users, as it makes the process of getting higher deposit limits as easy as can be. Registration on Mr. Sloty is easy and straight to the point. They also offer a large number of deposit options, although it is worth noting that deposit limits are based on the method of deposits chosen. BetFlip BetFlip is a non-GamStop casino that draws a large user base of gamblers due to its high withdrawal limits. Unlike other casinos that usually limit users to the amount they can withdraw, BetFlip offers much higher withdrawal limits which are especially attractive for users who place large bets. The platform offers game titles from oldies to modern and popular. Users can easily move from playing Blackjack to the slot machines and then on to playing for a big win at its jackpot games. It also offers welcome bonuses to new users, such as free slot spins. It boasts more than 15 payment methods available for users. Tiger Gaming Tiger Gaming enters the list as a veteran in the space. It has been in operation for more than two decades, and it is one of the oldest non-GamStop casinos still in operation in the UK. It has a Curacao gaming license and boasts a much higher approval rating compared to most on this list. For many, it is a mystery how Tiger Gaming has remained relevant after all these years, but the platform looks to have user retention down to a science. It does this by allowing all users to be able to participate in bonuses, offering such a wide range of bonuses that even a full-time user would not be able to use all of the bonuses. It offers wagers on sports and virtual games. These range from in-play and live gaming options. Its daily, weekly, and monthly options allow players to easily curate their experience on the platform for an entertaining time all around. Conclusion These are just some of the casinos not on GamStop in the UK. The services that these casinos offer to users have been shown to be necessary, and the experiences have left users wanting even more. However, one thing to note is that cryptocurrencies have played a big role in the operations of these non-GamStop casinos. Since cryptocurrency transactions cannot be essentially stopped, a good number of these platforms have pivoted to crypto payments to provide faster and easier methods of deposits for their users. One thing to note is that when using such platforms, paying attention to detail is essential. This comes down to knowing the terms and conditions of all platforms before interacting with them. Last but not least, exercise extreme caution when depositing money into online casinos.   Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

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India’s Federal Agency ED Froze Crypto Exchange Vauld’s Assets Worth $4.6 Million

India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) froze assets amounting to $46 Million belonging to Vauld which is a cryptocurrency exchange. In Vauld’s press release, the company stated that it disagreed with the claims made by ED on Vauld’s KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures. These assets seized by the ED were found stored in […]

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Decentraland Consolidates Near $1.05 – Can MANA Attract Buyers Now?

Decentraland (MANA) shows an uptick after it has successfully breached a critical supply level adjacent to $0.9405. Decentraland (MANA) on an uptrend following breach on critical supply mark near $0.9405. MANA price remains bullish with a daily candlestick hovering above $1.0605 hinting further gains. MANA price plunged for the second straight session spotted on Saturday. Current price analysis also shows a prolonged consolidation as a couple of candlesticks would need to close higher than its current level in order to sprint further. Related Reading: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Buildup At This Price Level Could Be Favorable MANA Trades At $1.07 According to CoinMarketCap, MANA/USD trades at $1.07 or up by 2.43% as of press time. The 24-hour trading volume improved a bit compared to a couple of hours ago and is currently riding at $148,165,816 or down by 13.47%. MANA price was down by 28% a couple of hours ago so this is definitely a huge improvement so far. A downtrend in price with a reduction in trading volume would usually hint a downside trend but so far the numbers are definitely improving by the hour. Judging by the daily chart, MANA price certainly looks bullish with established higher highs as well as higher lows. Interestingly, the MANA bulls are trying to shift the support into a resistance zone. More so, MANA price was able to break the important 50-day EMA seen at $0.947. Buying Pressure Can Trigger Uptick In MANA Prices It’s wise to note that Decentraland has been trading below the EMA since April. The chart also shows a Doji candlestick pattern indicating some form of indecisiveness or apprehension from investors. But, a reinvigorated buying pressure can surely trigger the prices to go higher. More so, a daily candlestick spotted well above the session’s high leaves a flicker of hope for the bulls. With that said, the bulls will definitely shoot next for the $1.20 level. Related Reading: Axie Infinity Under Bearish Grip, But AXS Investors Still Optimistic Generally, the total volume levels would usually go down following a price consolidation. More so, the volume may also pick up close to the highs as seen in the charts. Following the third session high, volume expansion becomes apparent after the downtrend. More so, the breach in the support will strengthen the validity of the pattern. Trading volumes for MANA is observed to be trading below its average numbers for the past few weeks; plus the price trading shooting for a slight uptrend. Now, if MANA price fails to close above the $1.05 mark in the next sessions, MANA might possibly slip into a downtrend. MANA total market cap at $1.98 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from Medium, Chart from

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Buildup At This Price Level Could Be Favorable

Shiba Inu (SHIB) price hovers above 20 EMA and 50 EMA with the bulls taking control of the pace. Shiba Inu showing an intense bullish trend SHIB trailing above 20 EMA and 50 EMA SHIB retests at the $0.0126 mark; hints at high volatility SHIB has seen a robust buying activity for the past month with the popular dog meme coin seen to be leveling off in the $0.01239 to $0.0126 range.  Related Reading: Axie Infinity Under Bearish Grip, But AXS Investors Still Optimistic SHIB Soars by 2.38% According to CoinMarketCap, Shiba Inu is soaring by 2.38% and trading at $0.00001259. At this point, if buying activity gets stronger to retest $0.0126, a bullish breach may be expected following a slow phase. Buyers are facing hurdles in the supply zone that attempt to prevent the dog meme coin’s recovery. On the other hand, the bulls are not letting their guard down and amplifying pressure that came in patterns of higher lows as seen in the past couple of weeks. The 20 EMA and 50 EMA are poised as support following the bull run. With the SHIB price hovering into the EMAs for quite some time, the coin is looking to breach the squeeze point and shift into high volatile waters in the next coming days.   More so, as seen on its four-hour chart, Shiba Inu revealed an ascending triangle pattern giving away a bullish streak. However, the trading volumes were greatly reduced and are hitting a downtrend. Related Reading: Sandbox (SAND) Price Up 76% Since June Courtesy Of Metaverse Hype SHIB To Retest $0.0126 Zone A close that hits above $0.0126 will validate the chances of a breach. When this happens, SHIB can recover and move towards the $0.0131 to $0.0133 zone. However, if SHIB can’t afford to close anywhere above this range, then this would precipitate a movement closer to the EMAs. RSI has also been soaring for the past two days. Now, the buyers should breach the 59-level limits to increase recovery. While DMI has been strong and supports the bullish movement of SHIB, the ADX or altcoin’s directional trend looks rather weak. With the bullish standpoint spotted close to the resistance level of $0.0126, the buyers are looking to intensify their activity in the next sessions. Now, reversals that occur from the burrowing resistance may imply a sluggish phase, and the targets may not move as intended. On the brighter side, SHIB shares an 88% 30-day spike with the king of crypto Bitcoin. With that in mind, Bitcoin’s movement will impact SHIB’s performance and overall market sentiment. SHIB total market cap at $6.8 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from The Motley Fool, Chart from


Under-the-Radar Altcoin Soars After Surprise Coinbase Roadmap Listing

A low-cap, decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoin is surging after top US-based crypto exchange Coinbase added it to its listing roadmap. Coinbase announced OOKI, the native asset of the Ooki Protocol, was added to the roadmap on Friday. The roadmap consists of crypto projects currently under consideration to be included on the exchange’s growing list of […]

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Axie Infinity Under Bearish Grip, But AXS Investors Still Optimistic

Axie Infinity (AXS) price has nosedived following a surprise entry by the bears as seen in the daily price chart.  AXS hovering above both the 20- and 50-day EMA Axie Infinity price dropped as the bears slammed investors shut after going all-in with the recent uptick. The AXS/BTC pair has nosedived by 1.66% or at 0.0007748 BTC If the bears can maintain this momentum, the bulls’ effort to recover will be put in vain. Now, to agitate and defeat the bears, the token will need to attract more buyers plus the bulls will need to get their heads together to boost AXS. To date, the trading volume has dropped which is making the investors anxious and poses  a bit of concern, especially for the bulls. Related Reading: Sandbox (SAND) Price Up 76% Since June Courtesy Of Metaverse Hype Axie Bearish Stride Short-Lived On the brighter side, crypto experts believe that this recent dip will be short-lived so investors should be ready to dive in once the green light is on. Chart from According to CoinMarketCap, AXS token trades at $18.06, or a dip of 4.29% as of this writing. AXS coin trading volume registered a drop of 0.4% or at 14 million. While the loss isn’t much, it still harbors the danger of eventually pulling the price further down. AXS’s market cap is at 0.09577. The bearish perspective of AXS seems to be nearing its exit as the daily price chats showed multiple EMAs or a successful crossover. MACD on the daily chart also exhibited that the buyer’s line is hovering over the signal line of the seller with a very little gap. Now, if the bulls can successfully contradict the bearish movement then immense growth is anticipated. RSI value is currently almost 59. AXS Profitability Surpasses 23% Loss After going with the upward flow of AXS, the price has dangerously plunged as the bears crashed the party. However, GameFi projects like Axie Infinity thrive amid market crashes and volatility compared to other digital assets. AXS is said to have dropped by as much as 90% after it has risen by 40% when it hit a low in June. Axie Infinity had its ATH in November at $160 but since then everything is just looking for the coin. The altcoin marked its all-time high of $160 back in November 2021. However, it has consistently been on a downtrend. But, one good thing with AXS investors is that they can roll with the punches because they were already raking in profit for the longest time. With this month’s 40% improvement on gains, AXS investors noted that only 22.29% have experienced losses which is very minimal compared to the profits which are said to spike way above its ATH. Related Reading: SOL Makes Another Shot At $44, After Two Failed Attempts This Week  AXS total market cap at $1.6 billion on the daily chart | Source: Featured image from BSC News, Chart from


California Financial Regulator Slaps Crypto Lender Celsius With ‘Desist and Refrain’ Order Amid Bankruptcy

California’s financial services regulator is issuing a desist and refrain order to embattled crypto lender Celsius Network for violating state laws. The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation of California (DFPI) is ordering Celsius and its CEO, Alexander Mashinsky, to stop selling and marketing securities in the Golden State over claims that the company violated the […]

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Has Mark Cuban Changed His Mind on Cardano?

Billionaire entrepreneur, Shark Tank judge, and crypto investor Mark Cuban locked horns with World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins this week over the utility of projects built on Cardano. Cuban has historically been critical of Cardano and its utility and recently turned to Twitter to voice his skepticism around the potential for success of Cardano-based projects in Africa. The post led to Cardano advocates speaking out on Twitter. The community voiced their perspective on the blockchain’s ability to deliver real-world services. Cuban responded he had not seen much adoption of Cardano applications or demand for payments in $ADA. The discussion quickly moved on to the Cardano-based project, World Mobile Token (WMT), which powers the World Mobile network as an example of real-world utility and value. World Mobile delivers a sharing economy that allows anyone to own a part of a network built by the people and earn income for connecting people around the world. Cuban quickly came back, stating the World Mobile network and token needed “a real” business model to succeed, and asked whether it had even begun to earn revenue from users on its network. At this point, World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins entered the debate, responding with a tweet citing the company’s average revenue per unit (ARPU) in Tanzania of $3 per month. A Passionate and Public Debate This Tweet off a long and passionate debate between Watkins and Cuban, with Cuban grilling Watkins about World Mobile’s business model and Watkins responding with data-led arguments around utility, adoption, and scaling. Cuban was initially skeptical, but the conversation quickly turned technical, with Cuban asking Watkins about the type of mesh protocols World Mobile uses, customer bandwidth, and more. Cuban and Watkins also argued over feedback from end users, with Cuban stating: “I don’t see you retweeting anything from actual end users. Which is why I’m so cynical about this and all the cardano Africa project posts. They don’t come from end users. Every great product lets the users do the talking for them.” Watkins responded by linking to a series of testimonial videos from users connected to and using the World Mobile network in Zanzibar. The Change in Attitude Throughout this energetic debate, Watkins and World Mobile seemed to score a few points with Cuban, who commended the goals of the project and the idea of reducing capital expenditure by allowing users to build out the network and own infrastructure. Finally, after the lengthy discussion on how the network nodes work, Watkins signed off the Twitter debate with a friendly and open invitation for further discussion. Cuban’s debate with Watkins served to show that regardless of the scepticism surrounding the Cardano, all that matters are the solutions blockchain has to offer. The value of World Mobile and WMT lies in real-world utility and a sound business model that holds up under fire from the “shark” himself. Perhaps this is the project that makes Cuban fall in love with Cardano after all.   Image: Entrepreneur/Getty Images (Eric McCandless)

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Low-Cap Altcoin Explodes After Institutional Giant BlackRock Namedrops Crypto Asset

An environmentally conscious blockchain project is surging after the world’s largest asset management firm praised its efforts. According to a new press release announcing a spot-priced Bitcoin (BTC) private trust for investors, BlackRock says that Energy Web (EWT) is helping to lead the way when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint associated with cryptocurrency […]

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