Twitter Added Ethereum Addresses To Tips Feature: Report

Twitter added Ethereum addresses to the tips feature a while after it introduced the Bitcoin option and was limited to BTC only so let’s read further in today’s Ethereum latest news.

Months after including Bitcoin in the tips feature, Twitter is branching out to ETH addresses and according to a company spokesperson we can see that:

“As of today, global Twitter users can add Ethereum Address to their Tips. We’ve continued adding to our list of payment providers to ensure that Tips offers options for as many people as possible, no matter where you are.”

Twitter added Ethereum addresses tips feature after adding the first one in September which allows users to link their payment details for third-party services such as Cash app or Venmo. Anyone inclined can pay a Twitter user for some insights. The account holders who want to tip in BTC directly can copy and paste other users’ BTC addresses into their own wallet service or tip via the Strike wallet. As we reported previously, hacker Jane Wong who found a way to add her ETH address to the feature, managed to do so when it was only limited to Bitcoin addresses so now the process is much easier with no coding skills required to incorporate an ETH address into the profile but the users can’t tip ETH as seamlessly as they can with BTC. They do however need to copy and paste the address:

“Like Twitter, digital currencies operate without global barriers. We’re excited to incorporate Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin payment in Tips, enabling more people to participate in the digital economy with as little friction as possible.”

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Jack Dorsey, Square’s CEO

The development comes a few months after former CEO Jack Dorsey departed the social media company. Dorsey is a well-known Bitcoin maximalist who doesn’t put a lot of stock in Ethereum. However, now he leads the payments company Block, formerly known as Square. Block in the last half-year revealed more plans to produce BTC mining rigs and decentralized exchange for sending BTC and fiat.

As recently reported, Social media giant Twitter released a verified NFT profile picture feature for users. In the past, anyone was able to right-click and copy an image with no proof of ownership and without digging into the history to check it. This feature, however, will be available to paid subscribers of Twitter’s Blue Service and the official NFTs will be highlighted by the hexagonal border rather than the traditional circular one used for the profile pictures.

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