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Ultron Foundation’s Diverse Ecosystem Retaining Users With The Help Of Its Native Layer 1 Coin

Ultron Foundation's Diverse Ecosystem Retaining Users With The Help Of Its Native Layer 1 Coin

Ultron Foundation, a blockchain-based project, has created a diverse ecosystem that has been fundamental in retaining a huge user base thanks to its native layer 1 coin.

The Ultron Foundation ecosystem provides diversity with multiple services and various dApps. The team behind the project had one mission in mind, to design a complete crypto ecosystem based on their native Layer 1 coin. By design, the Ultron Foundation ecosystem is simple to use, with each component being easy to grasp.

A representative of the project explains:

“We are striving to design an ecosystem that will be simple enough for your grandma to handle her savings and yet powerful enough for your hedge fund manager to maximize their portfolio potential.”

Launched in June 2022, Ultron Foundation’s Layer 1 blockchain technology has brought a new crypto era, providing a safe space for all users. Through a single native Layer 1 (L1) ULX coin, users can access a wide variety of decentralized digital asset management services. Users can also keep aligned with the ever-growing IT developing resources in a vital ecosystem. In the ecosystem, stakeholders receive a very appealing APR while at the same time becoming part of a revolutionary movement of inclusion in the fast-evolving and growing digital asset market.

The single native Layer 1 coin allows the Ultron ecosystem to work fast, securely, and cost-effectively. Users no longer need to swap their tokens to use different dApp. The native Layer one solution also allows users to put their assets to work when not in use. 

In addition, to creating a crypto-inclusive world, Ultron also offers excellent financial motivation to the developer community. Ultron plans to build a multi-million fund using up to 6% of its native currency ULX. This fund will promote and support the developer community’s interest. The grants will consist of ULX and stable cryptocurrencies such as USDT and USDC.

So far, the Ultron team has successfully deployed several bridges, and it’s working on building various native dApps such as DeFi applications, NFT marketplace, DEX, a metaverse, their proprietary staking hub NFT and more. Ultron is reportedly set to roll out the first of these dApps in the next two weeks, with more coming at the month’s end.

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